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  2. Well I don't know why you fall... But I think you saw my posts of me sliding commuting home from work. It was a classic, I didn't anticipate it to be icy anywhere, but it just so happens ice on pedestrian road markings that Iam doing a L-turn to while braking. Yep I had an ordinance too, 2 women I were passing and trying to get in front of. Not an issue at all normally, but on icy white road markings, it was bound to happen as gravity always works here where I live. Wierd right? It is always about risk taking vs what you expect vs what happens you didn't expect or plan for. I always spend time to reflect once I get home. When I had a fall or incident, my first concern is to get back up, if possible. It is how I work to avoid fear of riding sets in. Like I rode to hospital with dislocated shoulder for like 800m. Not the smartest decision I admit. But I kept riding. I might not ride as fast anymore in general, which I am glad on the icy slip incident lately. So if this is the same for you @Mono I can't say. But I move up from my V8 as I didn't trust its power to be sufficient. I still fall but now for different reasons 😜🤪🤕
  3. It seems to no longer work after it is fully charged. Even though it is connected. I think it only turns on while connected if it isnt fully charged, but thats just my conclusion, because it no longer turns on despite it being connected to the charger. It shows the battery through its screen. It shows me the battery charged 2/3. I am only able to see it if the fastwheel is turned on, but my charger also had a LED that tells if it is fully charged. Red = not yet charged Green = fully charged
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  5. I finally researched why eucworld crash on my phone. When I use the programmable button on a ticwatch (is set for euworld shorcut). And euc world is not active(on phone /closed), the application crashes in endless loops until I stop eucworld manually.
  6. Hey Mono. Questions: Was there a second person filming you or was the camera statically mounted to your chest, helmet, wheel...etc? Any footage depicting your series of falls? We all fall but it appears your concerned about the undetermined circumstances which is understandable.
  7. @ZeroEmissions were you born yesterday? This video is old. Also Why post negative stuff on my thread, when I am trying to make a sale? Troll
  8. So power button seem to be fine. Also the connection from charge plug via battery to the mainboard. How does the battery report it's 2/3 charge state? Only once the charger is plugged in and then shown by the led stripes or somehow else reported by mainboard/app? Or did you measure with a multimeter?
  9. It’s not even close to as easy as the 16X to get up to 30 mph and stay there. At least mine isn’t. You have to constantly press forward and hard to get there and stay there. It not bad getting to 30MPH just maintaining it or going faster. Also its just not as comfortable as king song in that area. Same thing with the 18XL much easier to get to and stay at 30 mph. I don’t really see how “to each their own” makes any sense when describing my statement. I didn’t say I didn’t like the wheel I just said you have to press harder to get to and maintain speed. You disagree with me? I assure you if you rode my Nik+ you would have to press harder into it to get 35 mph then you would if you rode my 16X. That’s not to each their own/opinion that’s just a scientific and engineering fact. Perhaps your Nik+ is different? I would have to try it to verify that.
  10. maybe the system could be improved, but a lot of brand use it and it works, for sure. the giant tire of the monster needs more accurate check, starting from factory to end users
  11. Yep, been watching from the start. Great stuff!
  12. I left my fastwheel for a few months and now when I try to turn it on, it wont work. It turns on fine while its plugged on to the charger, but when I disconnect it, it just turns off. The battery says it is charged by about 2/3, so whu doesnt it work?
  13. Inmotion uses the same system as Gotway, and IIRC, so does Ninebot, and this is before we even get into the various off-brand wheels on the market. The only EUC manufacturers I've seen using the King Song pedal arm clamp system are King Song themselves and the Rockwheel (specifically the GT16).
  14. In that case, maybe trying to impress the audience. Or the person holding the camera!
  15. Arrived last Friday, just two days after my KS 16X. Great timing!
  16. Afair KS16S has correct speed and wrong distance... Would be easy to correct such mishaps with one of their firmware updates. I'd personally would be ashamed publishing such a fault...
  17. Was considering this wheel until this (although this is the Nikola not PLUS)... He openes it up and loves how the wheel rides but as an experienced rider, builder he wishes they would make it to KingSong standards
  18. Does it come in clan colors? I'd love a tartan neoprene skirt! And if the shape is right, it can double as a spray skirt for kayaking, like the guy in this pic! The possibilities are endless! Wind resistance though...
  19. Would be nice if sellers put the location in the main header so people would know not to bother clicking the ad thanks
  20. Cables indeed are not a problem. The problem is that there is a circuit on mainboard that routes charging current. It gets hot under high current. Constant flow of 10 A causes it to go above 100 °C, what could cause overheating in some cases. Keeping current at 9 A helps to keep its temp below 100°C which should provide enough safety margin.
  21. I recently heard of people hiring EUC's (I think it was Spain) for £50 a day so I dont think £100 a month would be financially viable. When you think of the scope for potential damage/cost when giving a newbie a £1000+ wheel, I think even £50 a day is pretty reasonable. Unless of course theres a sizable deposit to go with it.
  22. EUC World already has options to apply corrections to speed and distance. But I know only three modern EUCs that needs such correction - KS-16X (which needs -9% correction) and KS-18L/KS-18XL (which needs -18% correction). In this case I suggest to apply distance correction only and leave speed uncorrected (inflated). This will keep speed-related settings inline between KS app and EUC Wordl (mainly speed alarms and tiltback). All other EUCs report accurate speed (and probably distance).
  23. @Mike SacristanS @Aneta - we had the discussion about what determines the forward thrust ("zippiness") in regard to riders weight and wheel geometry: But afair no real idea how different riding modes/firmwares influece this basic geometry considerations.
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