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  2. I don’t no how long ago u posted this let me kno unless u sold it. Thanks
  3. I learned to ride an EUC on grass, not even the smooth gold course grass but field grass. I didn't want to scratch up my EUC. In retrospect, the grass helped a lot because from the get go I learned a body position that allows for dropping a wheel into unseen and unseeable holes. And I crashed a lot, but grass is the best place to crash. I wonder if most people should simply ride a lot on grass while expecting to crash. Most of the time you ride not to crash, so perhaps that's the wrong attitude to take; instead seek to crash often, crash softly, and at low speeds, so that prepares you for the terrible high speed concrete crashes you are sure to eventually have.
  4. I figured I would get some real miles on both wheels before I post any thoughts on either. Nikola has 680 miles, Monster has 420. Find myself riding the Monster for longer distances but less frequently, Nikola for shorter, multiple distances. I did have a seat on the Nikola for a while, but with the Monster, it became redundant to use it. Riding weight 185 lbs, 177 lbs naked. Intro: Consider me one of the lucky Nikola 100V owners. Have not had a single issue since I received this wheel, rides perfectly, never had to open this wheel up for any reason. Got this wheel as fast as 39 MPH before the 5-beeps kicked in, and contrary to popular belief, I can hear them just fine even at that speed. Range figures constantly pushing 30+ mph with hard acceleration and cruising will be around 35-40 miles down to 20% battery. Nikola Plus 100V 1845Wh PROs: - Acceleration is sublime. There is nothing quite like it on the market. - Very durable shell. By many accounts, that shell has been proven to take a beating without cracking in most cases. - Cushioning for a 16 inch wheel is impressive. I would say it isn't much of a difference from my old KS18S that I sold. - Extremely nimble wheel, can turn 90 degrees on a dime and do tiny circles with no effort while waiting for cars to pass at intersections. - Stock paper speakers extremely loud, albeit of poor quality. For my needs (listening to sports radio, GPS directions) it is absolutely perfect. Nikola CONs: - Feels unbalanced. There is always a sense of myself wanting to compensate to my right a bit, but I've gotten used to it. Compared to wheels such as KS with their flat pedals, there will be somewhat of an adjustment period. - This unbalanced feeling will also lead to brake wobbles for the inexperienced. I find myself one-foot braking or going into a full on squat if an emergency braking maneuver is needed. The standard lean-back stopping method will undoubtedly lead to wobbling. - Starts feeling a bit unstable at speeds over 35 MPH. It's nothing you can't adjust for, but out of the box, you will notice this and lack a bit of confidence in your riding. - Trolley handle. Would it have killed Gotway to have a locking mechanism? Need to velcro strip the inside of the trolley so it won't go flying when you undoubtedly drop your wheel. - Angled pedals. This is a pro or con depending on your preferences, but I find my flat feet in constant pain when I ride this wheel for extended periods of time. I have to carve just to keep the pressure off my feet with a pigeon toed stance. - For as durable the outer shell is, it is also a scratch magnet. Anyone who makes custom wraps for these wheels will make a lot of money. (hint hint) - The tire could be a pro AND a con. For as soft and cushiony it is, it also has very poor tread life (estimated around 1500 miles) and replacing the tire is not exactly user friendly. Intro: I had the DOA Monster V3 2460Wh burnt in transit. I finally got it up and running, and it's had a fair share of issues even after the fact. 3D printed fan bracket broke (used gorilla glue and foam to secure it), axle nut came loose (used loctite red to secure it), pedal nuts becoming loose (used loctite blue). Mechanically it rides fine and has been reasonably reliable otherwise. Fastest speed recorded, 39.1 MPH, afraid to push the 5 beeps for any reason; although I'd love to join the 40 MPH club! Range figures are about 50-55 miles down to 20%, hard acceleration high cruising speeds. Just this weekend I did a 42 mile ride with 30% battery remaining. Monster V3 100V 2460Wh PROs: - EXTREMELY stable wheel. Although it is of a narrower width than the Nikola 16x3, the contact patch is much larger, which will help the wheel track straight with greater stability at higher speeds. It is amazing how you're going faster than you're feeling, almost car-like in that sense. - Best seated wheel on the market. I can easily stop the wheel seated in comparison to my 18S which wasn't nearly as easy to stop while seated. - Although it has the exact same pedals as my Nikola, the pedal angle is flatter which means greater comfort. It is an absolute pleasure to ride this wheel long distances with no fatigue. - Really eats up uneven roads and smoothens them out (very important in NYC). - Same speakers as the Nikola, my opinion of these are the same. Monster CONs: - Maneuverability. Given the size and weight of this wheel, quickly maneuvering it in tight spaces and even simply carving can be a high effort task; you really need to put your body into some of those turns. Maybe it's for the best, I can stand to lose some weight! - Dead stop acceleration. Anyone coming from a quick and nimble 14 or 16" wheel will quickly dislike the Monster and the effort it takes to torque this wheel. It is very possible to move the Monster quickly (both seated and standing) but it is something you will really have to dedicate yourself to learning. The key is to really bend into the wheel instead of doing the moonwalker lean (which won't end well). - Shell durability. Although from multiple user accounts, the materials used on the Monster V3 shell are significantly improved over the V2, there are still some weak points that need to be reinforced and protected. The plastic housing that is connected to the outer shell by a single Philips-head screw is brittle plastic, and if the wheel is dropped on its front, that is the first component that will snap. Inner shell corners, especially at the top need to be reinforced to prevent cracking if and when the wheel is dropped. Given I have dropped this wheel while handling (not riding) the contact points mentioned are what took the impact, and with the proper cushioning at those points, no damage occurred. - No trolley handle. Perhaps next year? - Useless rear taillight. Easy to miss for other motorists. Needs to be more obvious and brighter. - Poor fan placement on V3. Not sure how well it will dissipate heat in the worst summer days. Summary: With these two wheels, I'd say they are on opposite ends of the EUC spectrum. One accelerates quick, can turn on a dime with no effort but twitchy (like a sports car). Another is heavy, stable and comfortable (like an SUV). They are two different wheels for two different purposes, and the reason I own both is one wheel can compensate for the deficiencies in the other. If I HAD to choose one wheel over the other? It will depend on your priorities. For me, I'd take the Nikola if I could ONLY have one wheel. However, read through my thoughts on both wheels and decide which would work best for you!
  5. Trying to buy a used euc but I’m in calif near Hollywood . Can meet anywhere around the San Fernando Valley Must be working of course have charger .. the inmotion V3 because of double wheel I’ve heard they are good for starters .. but I guess a mono wheel would be ok to ? I have lots of protective gear (rode motorcycle) only have couple hundred so please any one out there can help .. tried e-bay but everyone beats by 🤑100’s more than I have .. any one have a spare or extra they don’t use any more It will go to a nice home .. thanks and hope to hear from someone 😊 soon ...
  6. It's not the only top-heavy wheel on the market; the InMotion V5f and V8 are also top-heavy due to battery placement.
  7. The problem with a helmet mirror for us older riders is the difficulty/inability focusing at that close distance. I got a wrist mirror so I can hold it at a distance that I can focus at.
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  9. My grandson ran into my Insta360 One X invisible selfie stick on Saturday. I guess he couldn't see it.
  10. At first, these models had firmware of different versions but compatible. Some versions for the Mini Pro were for Europe, South Korea, the United States, and other versions were used only in China. In June 2016, segway ninebot started to generalize the versions, the updates became uniform from the Chinese servers.
  11. None, (i have one N3M240/ Ninebot S with range of 22km/13miles) except that you will have a real autonomy of 17Km/10-11 miles they came out at the same time in 2015. They come out of the same factory, the same base, the same chassis, the same materials, the same firmware, battery capacity and steering bar and hubcaps are the only differences.(weight too) Mini S is not a lower end model, his design is identical and he is at the origin of the mini pro, In 2015, it was planned to be sold in the USA... But you're right, Segway should not have sent you a less powerful model, maybe they dont have any mini pro in stock for replacement Stay the 320 device without the battery is right ? Maybe you can try to test the N3M240 battery on your Mini Pro Mini Motherboard is the same than Mini pro motherboard Try first to mount the Mini Pro battery into the N3M240, charge the battery, and see if it's working fine, this n3m240 is new, connectors, plug are new, if Mini pro 's battery is charging fine, (use other charger too), you have only to remove the steering bar from the Mini Pro and mount it on the Mini Vice Versa, check all your Mini Pro connectors and plug, charger with mounting Mini N3M240's battery on Like that, you will know if the issue comes from : either the battery, either bodyframe connectors, or either the load
  12. Oh my gosh I am terror on this thing. Today I spent the whole morning riding up behind people at the beach and honking the horn from the app. Man, that cracked me up to no end, lol.
  13. For those who have it, or who intends to acquire it, here is a small summary of my 5 220 Mi / 8,400 kilometers, (I'm the n ° 2 in the world ranking for this modelgreat...) I also have a Mini N3M240 ("Ninebot S"/ Ninebot Xiaomi Mini) with 4132 km / 2567 miles... My rating for S Plus/Mini Plus : 8/10 Design : 10/10 for having the admiration of all people crossed and mine first - Headlight is perfect ! "Follow-me mode" : 10/10 for its precision, its customizable setting, its usefulness in everyday life Battery quality : 10/10 to have cells in very good health after 8,000 Km Autonomy : 9/10 for taking pounds, enough to not have too much pain in the feet Quality-Strength : 9/10 for having a serious accident and that he escaped unscathed Waterproofing : 8/10 to have rainwater introduced in the cover camera and in the speaker of the steering Firmware :8/10 for some instabilities, bugs, and speed limitation (Please 20 ~ 22 Km/h) Screws : 5/10 for having broken screws (steering shaft & hubcap), poor quality Weight : 5/10 for having had three tendonitis in the arms, by dint of carrying his 16 kg on several meters, every day Tires : 5/10 for having had to change the original tires after 1,000 km, but they are easy to remove Feel free to ask me questions !
  14. Cannot, and even Jason would have to do a bit of work to get this info together. There's a lot going on besides just sales. I'm also not sure if the manufacturers would appreciate this info going out. I can tell you that scooter sales have surpassed EUCs to be 70% of the sales.
  15. Nic

    v10F Range

    Some more bicycle numbers and quite an interesting graph.
  16. That said it is different from wheel to wheel even on same model (I have seen pictures of wheels looking pristine inside, despite used heavy off road, and others that are filled with dirt from one ride).
  17. The wheel sold in July, but we can keep this thread alive forever (or until Jambo changes title to include "SOLD"...)
  18. Thanks for sharing, these are perfect for me! My other knee pads are always so bulky they take up half the space in my bag.
  19. I know what you mean. I am a bit shocked myself when I see myself smoking. Totally out of place considering everything else. Maybe that's what makes it work.
  20. So today I got an update on my wheel after riding it in light rain (like 2-3mm/hour) for 1 hour and about 10km, I never considered it to become an issue. But..... As promised @Marty Backehere is my initial status, still waiting for answers to follow up questions after reviewing the pictures I got.
  21. I can't see the first image link, but imagine is shows shell scratches. I only have a couple small scratches after a year of use...not sure why you guys are running yours into the ground.
  22. So today I got a status update on the investigation on my oddly behaviour KS16X after light rain ride. Somehow water got into the power button. Excatly how I am waiting for a reply. Got a few pictures of it. But it is clearly water damage as I expected. 😕 So the second part is a bit disturbing. The wrapping cracked on one of the battery packs. But no water damage to the battery. I am still a bit puzzled how this happened as I never opened the wheel. 🤔 Both issues are fixed and control board looks fine, not signs of water near it. As the testing and repair is completed, now is just a matter of time before my baby is home. I hope... 😔
  23. Cant pm u so.....email me at peteshmete@hotmail.ca thx
  24. Yeah, my only speed fall (~15 to 20mph) was on a road to grass transition. There was a surprise hole in the grass right as I entered it. Luckily I suffered no injury, as my knee pads did their job as I skidded across the grass. I still ride across that same grass almost every day though and have not hit that hole again! Not sure if I am lucky or paying more attention to my ride helps. Either way...I'm gonna keep doing it.
  25. No, I wish at times I did, I live in urban to rural Tennessee, there are folks all around here that have way longer driveways than mine, it's nice but can get spooky.
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