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  2. To change a car's purpose I mean to change it from ?personal? (osobowy) to campervan (specjany kempingowy) or cargo (ciężarowy). You need to have a document from a company with a number in KRS. It's even possible to open a business for a month, create this document for yourself and close the business. That's how me and you interpret it... But you never know how stupid or prejudicious can a judge, a policeman or an insurer be.
  3. You have to press enter twice. Petra rides a Tesla. She weighs 55kg. According to the speed reduction thread it is rated at 50kmh / 5 beeps. She gets beeps at 47kmh when freshly charged. She has hit 50.1 kmh once and that was a few days ago. She is riding the beeps more and more lately. But... those numbers on the speed reduction thread might be relevant for the wheel being on a treadmill.
  4. Do you know what "speed limited by construction" means? It's a speed limit imposed by means provided by constructor on certain vehicle. As now almost every vehicle is electronically controlled, software limits are also a construction limits. We are in XXI century, Woodward or Watt speed limiters are no longer in use If you get stopped by the police and your EUC will be confiscated for investigation, if they will confirm with factory provided means (read: OEM app) that your EUC was at the time speed-limited to 25 km/h, you're safe. At least in Poland. And I don't know what you mean with changing the car's purpose by writing an appropriate document. I run business and have multiple cars in my company, but never heard about this.
  5. Active users ? It seems unbelievable, but it would be great to see several thousands people commuting with Eucs every single day in a capital city. About the "numbers" I only clarify that my european estimated "range" of active euc users/riders was only based on my own experience in the cities and countries I visited in the months of Spring and Autumn of the last year. If there are a LOT of Eucs more all around in other countries like France for my part I'm only super-happy and positively surprised about it. Really. I'd like to have the chance to strongly support (I mean also finance) the public "spreading" of Euc, particularly in urban environment
  6. My total respect and deepest congratulations to anybody commuting even in the full of winter riding a euc or a bike.
  7. PM me please so we can talk. Or check you FB chat
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  9. I can send you a $1 invoice that says that I set up a limiter (with EUC.World) to the legal speed in a factory (my home). And almost certainly it would hold up in court. At least that's how it works in Poland with cars - if you have a business, you can easily change the car's purpose by writing an appropriate document. This is stupid, but nonetheless possible. Thankfully laws don't specify that it has to be Gotway's factory.
  10. What means "tilt to the right". Is it trying to make a right turn, or your weight is mostly on the left leg? Until now I didn't hear for problem with the pedals, but did you check are the both pedals with equal height and fixing the pedals to the column?
  11. Sounds correct to me, although the actual top speed on a Gotway is up to each rider’s personal risk levels. The battery voltage sags and fluctuates a lot while riding. This is normal, and every battery does that. What differs is that some wheels report an averaged, smoothed and/or otherwise compensated battery level reading, while others show the direct voltage at any specific time. Just keeping the rider upright at 50+km/h is a decent amount of work for the wheel, fighting the air and rolling resistances, which both vary significantly all the time. 100% battery at no load (58km/h) dipping momentarily below ~60% (53km/h) with a rider does sound reasonable to me, although I haven’t tested the drop very closely. Gotway has themselves told us that the beeps play at the purely battery voltage based speed limit curves. I have no reason to doubt that, as I have yet to see contradicting evidence. GW also still doesn’t report the battery current, only motor phase current, which is pointless for the alarms or rider’s data logs. Yet it’s all the firmware is able to report. I seriously don’t think the firmware even measures the actual battery current. The MSX is a raw but very narrowminded bare bones wheel, down to the firmware. The behaviour of the firmware also feels extremely simple in all situations. Unlike the KS fw 2.0 for example, which I can easily feel taking the environmental conditions and riding situations in account.
  12. Amusingly, another local station ran pretty much the same story today, guy commuting for two years to work, all weather including super cold conditions this week, but about a cyclist.
  13. Here's a pro tip for anyone here who might get interviewed: bring your own list of a few interesting questions along. In my case the reporter wasn't too sure what to ask so I handed him a little piece of paper and he used that as a starting point. I straight up said "I brought along some questions you can ask if you like." He asked a lot of other stuff as well of course, but I think that's why there's actually quite a bit of useful information in the written piece particularly. Also, some of the shots taken in the video, including the bridge shot, were actually suggested by me; he did his thing and then I gently inquired if it might be interesting to get some shots that included the bridge. I kept having to reassure him that it was no problem at all for me to go all the way to middle of the bridge for that long shot. The point of all this is not to toot my own horn, but to let anyone else who might be interviewed know that reporters are sometimes pretty open to getting help doing a story on a subject they know nothing about and that's an opportunity to guide the story in a positive direction.
  14. I was under the impression you personally delivered all of your products.
  15. Ex X for the slick production quality of everything he does U-Stride for his rambling dialogues on the EUC lifestyle Chooch Tech for his awesome riding footage Isthereanyfood because Monika is hot! (Hope you don’t mind @Mike Sacristan)
  16. Awesome article! Congratulations! Sorry but I needed to showcase your outstanding EUC ambassadorship!
  17. Well I was going to try and multiquote various bits of your reply Mike but I can't get it to work. I read that you just hit 'enter' at the end of the text you want to quote but all that does is add my text into your text. Oh well. So tbh I think I am now more confused than ever. The GW alarm either uses current readings as part of it's triggering or it doesn't. I am struggling to see why this has caused such confusion! If it doesn't, and it is purely speed against voltage, then the only answer I can come up with it that the battery sagged enough at high speed to trigger it waaay before I expected. Whether the amount of sag is 'normal' on my wheel is the unknown. Your quote regarding friends having beeps @ 53kmh or even earlier on a full battery makes me feel a little better about my wheel though. I assumed it was a 58kmh wheel at 100% and although I knew that was the lift speed alarm, I had not for one minute thought that the battery would sag enough to seriously reduce that down to 53kmh or less. From what you are saying, the 84v MSX is never going to be more than a 33mph/53kmh wheel (before beeps).
  18. But it remains to be seen what they'll deem max. speed to be. When you buy a KS, it is, in fact, limited to a legal speed. Thus the warning in the app about removing said limitation. But ultimately, it's up to how legislators interpret it...
  19. That can happen, yeah But off-topic discussions and side-tracking are an inherent (and inevitable) part of the experience. Sometimes it'll be "experts" and tech-talk, some-times it'll be riders who live near each other discussing cool routes (in a thread about technical issues), sometimes it'll be about the best foot-wear for riding (in a thread about firmware)... Don't let it put you off...it's a matter of going with the flow and being selective with what you read and what posts you follow. And when the new learner section is implemented, I think the compartmentalization will make things less daunting in that regard (although expect side-tracking...especially from me)
  20. 1 is also a good option to save face when you dismount in a hurry, going a bit faster than you thought you were; it looks like it was intentional 2 I hadn't thought of flipping up the pedal while dismounting: efficient and cool-looking! Although I bit tricky with the stiff pedals on the 18XL, I might practice that in privacy before I make a fool out of myself in public. Knowing myself, I'm also perfectly capable of forgetting I've folded it up and accidentally side-planting when trying to mount
  21. "This desire to move around on a single wheel is a desire for simplicity and impossibility at the same time. Perhaps that comes from defiance—a rejection of human limitations that drives us to transcend our bipedal existence." (Quoted from this article; thanks for sharing, @ZenRyder!)
  22. With the manufacturer's technical data sheet, they know maximum speed. That is why it will be necessary.
  23. A very interesting read indeed. Nice change from the usual sensationalist garbage written about us... I particularly enjoyed this paragraph: And I liked seeing the idea below (a sentiment I'm sure we all share) laid out so straight-forwardly: P.S.:
  24. without knowing exactly the 18 "linear travel, about 5 wheel turns per second, is approximately 25km / h. if they are able to lift the wheel, mark the tire, tilt the wheel and count more than 5 turns per second or find it impossible because of the speed ...
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