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  2. My daughter is 18 months. No no, she doesn't ride it herself... I pull the trolley handle up and she sits inside and straddles the wheel. I hold the straddle and wheel her around. She loves it. She's been off roading too! I hope she learns to ride an EUC before she rides a bike 😉
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  4. Kingsong 16s for sale. It comes with factory charger, Ewheels quick charger, I upgraded to the upgraded large pedals, they are tight, new unused side panels, and a spare tire and tube. Everything works it has 2008 km of riding on it, tire is worn but not bad enough for me to replace it yet. Normal scratches and scuffs. I am a fair weather rider, don’t remember ever riding it in the rain, I live in Florida so it’s never seen snow. Buy pays shipping. I expect shipping to be between $80 and $100. Local pickup is an option, or possible meet if nearby. I am 210lb and have ridden a hair over 30 miles on one charge in perfect conditions. It’s a great wheel that I planned on never selling but I just purchased an 18L and have not been riding the 16S.
  5. Nice! I dream the time when I will teach my grandson. May be after 5 years? Now he is 2yo.
  6. Lutalo

    Screws set for Inmotion v10

    If you know the size, www.laptopscrews.com can supply the screws. You can also order from other sellers on Amazon. My KS18L and 18XL take panhead type, Phillips slotted, M3 X 8mm machine screws. Screws are cheap and easy to come by if you know the size and are not shopping in stores for them. I attached a 100 count bag of screws I bought so that you can see what I am describing: panhead, phillips M3 X 8mm. The proper width, head type (flat or panhead), and stem spiral pattern is probably slightly more important than the length; a 2mm difference in length is approximately the thickness of a business card. However, 2mm longer than the original is probably better than 2mm shorter. My 18L outer shells take M3 X 10mm just fine even though it calls for 8mm. Notice the sort of 🍄 shape of the screw heads; this is a panhead type of screw.
  7. Clearly, you have not met our very own @winterwheel
  8. South Carolina and South California are similar in that they are areas with deeply entrenched pro-car cultures.
  9. Marty Backe

    Z10 strange behaviour after firmware update

    Every Z10 firmware upgrade that I've seen, you had the option to ignore it. They never force you to do a firmware update. Perhaps you misunderstood the application prompts? The last couple of firmware upgrades have been BMS firmware. The BMS affects how the batteries are managed, so it seems odd that this upgrade would have affected the ride characteristics. Do you know exactly what firmware version that you applied? Was it BMS or the control board firmware?
  10. Lukasz

    CNC Machined Z10 pedals

    It would be good idea to follow this way - please try to make pedals similar to the original design shown on CES. Top part can be 3d printed insert to stick skateboard grip on it - i can desing and print the top part... bottom has to be machined from aluminium. Let us know the price, I will consider getting one set...
  11. Peteshmete

    Screws set for Inmotion V10

    Did u order from Inmotion themselves?...i think eventhough Ewheels is great Inmotion (directly)may be a good option...they seem to have many websites in US(i am in canada so its a bit simpler).
  12. Smoother

    Z10 strange behaviour after firmware update

    I don't have a Z10 but I've heard of the brake assist function. Is it possible this got turned on during the upgrade?
  13. Smoother

    So my Glide 3 cracked today

    Yeah, that's a bit too fragile. I've tossed both my King Songs around more that I carer to admit, but nothing that serious has happened. A 2mph fall like that is nothing.
  14. Smoother

    Screws set for Inmotion v10

    The screws don't have to match exactly if they are screwing into plastic, as close as possible should do. Try and find a specialty shop for fasteners (nuts bolts screws,etc), and see what they have. They should have a much greater selection.
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  16. Jerome

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    For now it is okay. I wouldn't be telling people it goes 30+ mph! If that sinks in they will be banned or restricted to 12.5 mph. Your full size scooter is probably not faster than the Tesla, yet you can't ride that anywhere you want. We have no special rights as EUC rider's just because we loved them. Whenever I talk about my EUC with curious bystanders I always call it a one wheel Segway. As to top speed, I say it is around Segway speed, about equal to a casual bicycle rider.
  17. JCBen

    Screws set for Inmotion v10

    Hi Rehab & Smoother, I've tried my best but I had to choose between running over someone or hitting a red light... I was safe but as resistant as an Inmotion can be, the front is totally destroyed... I found out, on YouTube, that it was a peace of cake to open up the damn thing... which is not at all, at least for me... I've ordered inside out of it and many screws are missing... as Rehab adviced I'll have to go to a hardware store... hopefully I'll be able to put it back together... Thanks JC
  18. Planemo

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    Not £1500 then? Doh. Ok I will take your £11.99 and raise you £1488.01 for a pancreas. Seriously, this Gotway case is somewhat of a landmark achievement. I would guess that the police are unlikely to tug an EUC'er in the first place, and I suspect the officer did so only becuse they were being observed and felt they had to do something, but the end result is good news for sure. Long may it continue (until someone gets hurt, at which point we are knackered).
  19. The 14D got picked up and got a replacement fuse and all is well.
  20. edwin_rm

    WTB: EUC In Washington DC / MD /VA

    I have an old King Song 16B (840wh battery) that I am looking to get rid of. Can let you have it for that, if you're still in the market. The wheel is kinda banged up! Perfect for your purposes.
  21. Ilya Shkolnik

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    What's new in beta 5.1-210: - Added new Siri Shortcuts (Settings / Integration / Siri Shortcuts) - Fixed speed settings alarms for Metric system - Improved Ukrainian localization
  22. Hi guys... just resurrecting this thread as I got distracted and never fully fixed this issue. If anyone has some spare control boards - working or not - or I/O boards (with the "spring" antennas and photoresistor), and/or schematics, I would appreciate it! Or else maybe this will be the one I use as a donor for my "new control board to fix all the stupid things China does with control boards" project, haha. But you know the old saying, change only one variable at a time. So would like to get it working confidently before I start mucking around. Thanks for any leads!!
  23. Smoother

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    Kidney, definitely, kidney. I can go as high as £11.99
  24. Darn. Haha. I was hoping it was a typo and auto correct made Los Angeles, CA into Paris, France.
  25. Right, thanks. I'm not in France and I'm not in the market for a 18L so I didn't read to the bottom. My bad.
  26. Smoother

    Blown mosfet?

    I'm old, my memory's not what it used to be. Been reading too many Z10 threads. Also, I'm old and my memory's not what it used to be.
  27. A post has already been made on Esprit Roue by Lutalo's son as stated in op.
  28. "Esprit Roue" is the French forum. maybe @Vanzen can provide help accessing it.
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