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  2. What if they are updating the 18S model or making at least something similar? The most likely option is 18X, something similar to 16X but with 18x3" tire and maybe (hopefully) some kind of suspension.
  3. I did take a boring ride around a shut down school parking lot. If I could figure out a way to safely wear VR goggles while riding I could then change the scenery.
  4. This could need a sticky.. Kingsong pulled their old app in order to post a new one, but the new got rejected from both android and Apple app stores. Do there is no official app right now. You can however use euc world for Android or darknessbot for iOS. Good luck.
  5. @Unventor Is "out queue" a code word for layoffs? If not I didn't understand you. British Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) is on oxygen.
  6. Rehab1


    Wow mother nature does behave differently in your region. As you were enjoying a ride in the snow I was outside raking, picking up sticks and dog poop.
  7. Nic

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    You could look at this as an investment for when you open up your 'History of Electric Unicycles' museum to the public.
  8. Shouldn't we have some wild guessing as to what's going to appear??? My random guess would be a new version of the KS18XL with suspension but with the mechanism not wrapped around the outside of the case. Then add 21700 batteries and the headlamp from the 16X. Same speed and range as before. Price a slightly higher than before.
  9. Hi, just got a Kingsong 18XL delivered today in Kyoto. When I search for the app (IOS) in the App Store I get a message saying it is not available your region. I notice there are Kingsong users in Japan. Where did you get the app? Thanks John
  10. Exciting! The more companies that introduce suspension systems the better. I wonder how China protects intellectual property patents? I would assume if IP patents do apply in China and Kingsong does introduce a new suspension system it would need to be a totally different design. Next up......Gotway.
  11. that wheel was never to trust from the day one ...... I wonder why you bought it since 18XL was available (and still available) let's imagine for a moment you change all inner parts in a new shell do you still want to ride that thing above 37kmh ? or sell it and get a proper one for your advanced skill.
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  13. I remember some mod which disables the battery draining connection once the Z10 is turned off - unfortionately could not find it with a quick scan through the forums... ... but it is somewhere described here...
  14. Thank you. I will do it and reply back. In the meantime, does this photo help at all?
  15. Unless you are going to start drilling holes to fit an accessible switch in the beautiful and largely waterproof Z, why wouldnt you just use the 'side panel off and unplug' method? That said, personally I have never bothered even unplugging. At 1% loss per day I usually charge to around 50~55% once per month over the winter months. I guess maybe you dont have access to the wheel and/or charger to do this though.
  16. hopefully it helps.. a board change would be a last resort but again, i dont think its a problem.. if the board were damaged in some way it would very likely either be visible, or it would exhibit other symptoms of being damaged.... and you wouldnt want to find out what those are lol. i dont know how much you ride you know if you ride every single day and then charge the battery to 100% w/e but you know youve said you had it one year.. its not out of the ordinary that you would lose 15% or more range capacity in that amount of time... very regular charging and bad charging habits could shorten the lifespan by quite a bit over time.... perhaps it is just this event that had this brought to your attention.... i know if i had a bad crash like that i would be extremely paranoid that something could be wrong
  17. OK I'll do more testing. Thanks for all the technical feedback @Rywokast and @alcatraz!
  18. because im not kidding, optimal conditions no wind summer day i can do 105 km on my KS18 before i get to the point i dont want to ride any more (10% battery) for safety reasons... there is a huuuuge difference that nature can make, wind resistance, inclines, temperature.. any season that isnt summer here the temperature is drastically lower and its very often quite windy.. that can cut my range in half from the summer lol
  19. yea see im 120 and average the same though i do ride quite a bit at the top end 30 mph on my 18XL, but thats obviously not my average speed.. i really dont think thats unusual i would do some more tests without replacing the board...
  20. if cells were bad you would not be able to achieve 84V (i think your charger exaggerates the cells shouldnt go over 4.2V each.. if you turn it on and check the app it should reflect this, 20 x 4.2 = 84) so you can rule that out.. which is good.. if you are absolutely positive that both packs are working as in with only one at a time connected the wheel operates and both can charge to 84V then you can move on to the next thing... i would be looking at replacing the board, im not sure how that can relate tbh, but thats really the only other aspect of the wheel that it could possibly be lol
  21. I'll do another more in depth test with each pack individually in the coming days and see what happens. Supposed to warm up to 70 degrees so that would be a good time to see if it's still weather related. I weigh 205 pounds and average around 25mph when riding.
  22. you know honestly that doesnt sound that off to me.... if i do the conversion because i dont speak your language haha thats about 50f outside and i have a regular route that is 25 miles, now on that i will get home and it will be at the same, within 72-74V which is like 40% ish for a KS18XL.. so you know what for an MSX depending on your weight thats actually not really outside the norm... i do ride hard though and if you say its normally twice as much and youre taking it easy then something is fishy
  23. Yeah just the range being about half of what it used to be. This was just a theory that some cells went bad or were disconnected somehow. Previously I thought it was just the cold weather affecting the range but it's warming up now and not improving. 50-60f for recent tests. If I ride until 25% or so it's around 72-74v on the ewheels charger. I didn't ride that long today so I can't give you an exact number.
  24. well thats probably the bms heating up lol.. wait both packs are charging to 84V? so whats the issue then.. just the range is noticeable less?? did you check the voltage after that range test? if both packs can be charged to 84V then it seems your issue is elsewhere.. can you describe any behaviors outside of the norm exhibited? because while i dont know your personal situation a heavier rider, going hard in cold weather 20 miles is feasible for an MSX to start getting speed warnings.. but if this is totally out of the ordinary for you say you normally can do twice that range then theres a problem for sure, but it doesnt seem to be the batteries themselves, which would be good because they cost far more than anything else to replace.. however im not sure how something on the main board could cause that? i mean i guess its possible i just have no clue what it could be you could only replace it to see... but you did firstly try with only one pack and then with only the other to make sure all connections are good and its actually registering them both fine?
  25. There are tags about EUC so its definitely an EUC. Possibly with suspension, too.
  26. What about the fact that the one pack only is warm in the very middle after charging for 6 hours? I'm pretty sure the other pack was warm all around but I need to verify this. I also could ride with only the suspected damaged pack plugged in to verify it is indeed much weaker. Both packs are indeed hooked up. Tested charging with both the stock charger and ewheels quick charger. Both packs show ability to charge up to 84.5v (testing voltage with ewheels charger charging each pack individually)
  27. Well, how about taking the panels off and checking that both packs are still hooked up. You can power the wheel up (not ride it) with one pack connected and check its voltage in the wheellog app. Then power off and swap to only the other pack. If they both show 84V (100%) or thereabout the packs are probably fine. If you can't get over 79-80V lets say after charging there's a problem. Also don't forget that the charger could be malfunctioning.
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