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  2. That was quite an explanation for a game of detectives!! Still, I do not know all the wheels out there. I understand that sharing such information is of a privacy concern, but at the same time we are talking about an app that basically shares GPS coordinates. Today we are doing a demonstration in Barcelona in favor of PMVs and AVAS is going to be there!! Cheers!
  3. BTW I love KS. I own (2) KS16S’s, the 18XL and 16X. I don’t own a Inmotion yet so that is what is making me lean in that direction. I honestly think the shock system on the S18 looks better and probably functions better the the V11.
  4. Lukasz

    Gotway Suspension

    GW claims that the wheel is larger than in MSX - I have asked for the exact type of the tire - maybe we will have finally some real data. 3500W motor with 2170 24s6p on only slightly larger dia. wheel than MSX should give us plenty of acceleration ;-)
  5. I probably should have added.. As long as your significant other is ok with it :-) My wife luckily has been ok with my euc purchases.. But i haven't exactly gone overboard just yet!
  6. Someone I don't know, who knows someone, who knows someone else, and who thinks he believes someone else said that the 16X already throttles at 60%. If you don't know about the 16X and you don't know anybody who knows anybody....... has no idea either, you shouldn't make a calculation with such values and compare it with other wheels in a negative sense, just to make your V11/S18 world look the way you want it to look.
  7. It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
  8. I wont speak on much of what you're talking about because folks in here are blowing gaskets already, lmao. But. Military? Really? No. Just stop right there. I understand that you dont have a wheel yet and cant get one for your reasons, but, its a bad/stupid idea. And on top of it, no. I would rather not have the military invest in our mainly peaceful hobby and make it tactical and useful in ways for killing people at the will of leaders. Im not gonna dive much deeper as this isnt a political forum, but that idea just irks me so badly. About the dorky thing, for me, when im tearing around at 45km/h and carving or riding down stairs, or going off jumps at the skatepark, no one thinks its dorky. I only have one friend who says she thinks it looks that way, but shes more the type to follow the herd and shys away from her own opinions or anything that stands out. If this became mainstream, she'd be first in line to try it and wouldnt call it nerdy anymore. Everyone else i know loses their mind when they see it. And kids always ask me if im from the future. I think the "dork" factor really comes down to the individual. How you ride, your personal style WHEN you ride. I think most people would think someone like Mickey from evX looks pretty damn cool when he rolls up. Although, it could also be culture in your specific area.
  9. this is the angular monentum of the wheel resisting change of direction ( turns ). This effect appears to be amplified at higher psi because of less tire surface area in contact with the roadway. This gyro effect applies to all euc ( or any spinning disc) but i imagine will vary due to speed, psi, wheel size, and tire width... some peculiar/interesting demonstrations of how angular momentum produces surprising effects can be seen here: scroll frwd to arnd 14min to get to the good stuff.
  10. Got it and I agree. I see your point on the expense! also I have a feeling the Sherman’s weight makes it act like it has suspension in a sense. Not as responsive but it will take a bump much better than a lighter wheel (excluding the size is the tire which helps too obviously)
  11. Can I give you my wifes phone number so you can call her and repeat this to her? She does not believe me when I try to say the exact same thing..
  12. The light breaking off in a major crash it’s not a problem. It’s a crash. Kuji putting a non-stock tire on it and having it fail in 5 miles it’s not a problem either. It’s an install problem. The only problem I see with the Sherman is the plastic screen and the lack of a mudflap both of which can be fixed. This discussion started when I said I was considering dropping my pre-order of the S 18 because of the V11 would fill the shock wanting itch and all the reviews I’ve watched it seems the Sherman is definitely the wheel to have this year. Those two are 5K in wheels. Lol. I pointed out the S18 has the same motor as my 16X and KS18XL (upgraded motor) so nothing new other then the bad ass suspension.
  13. Today
  14. I wonder if the "white panels" are easily replaceable and buyable. If the cost isn't too hight one could change color from time to time
  15. I agree about the 16X. It’s one of my favorites that I own. It’s pretty durable and most definitely more durable then my Nik+.
  16. When I watched this I literally see an entire factory of white wheels - black wheels must be kept in the VIP section in the back for the elite 1% 🤪
  17. @evX_Mick I enjoyed your review. Nothing wrong with a great machine being boring. Your review helped my 69 yr old father decide that is the wheel for him. Excitement at his age brings more risk and you showcased the parts that matter about the V11 very well. I think once people align with a certain product they just don't want to hear any negatives. It's like my motorcycle. I have a street triple RS, it gets great reviews and it's an amazing machine. It is also boring in the sense that it just does everything so well, it's very easy to ride at a quick pace and some review outlets chose other bikes, mainly the new KTM 890 Duke over it since that bike is more exciting to ride. I'm out in CA also so you do have more fans out here!
  18. The rider has skills. You would never know that was a 77 pound wheel.
  19. I cant speak about the monster since i dont have one. but i have crashed the 16x at speed a few times.. It is pretty durable.. lets be fair.. I get that it doesn't have steel rollcage, and may not be able to handle a 40mph crash.. but it doesnt have to.. it cant go 40mph ;-). Also before i purchased it, i watched the reviews.. Kuji specifically had tossed that thing around pretty hard.. Its not like the sherman.. but it can hold its own in durability for the speed it can handle.. which in all fairness is all that is needed.. The sherman is literally a tank.. and i agree it is probably the most durable out there.. but it better well be considering its weight and how fast it can go. The lights breaking and things.. well its a double edged sword.. They are modular which makes it great.. but they are also a little more delicate since they are exposed.. Personally i think it is a very well thought out wheel.. which is what makes it so appealing to me..
  20. I’m in the Sherman thread and watching the videos and I see a bunch of early problems just like the S18 experienced. You must have missed them. I watched a video of the headlight braking off clean, Kuji’s tire blowing in under 5 miles, getting the tire pump on the valve sucks, etc. And I’m sure they will work on fixing these things and I can’t wait to get one! But you can’t compare these two wheels at all, they aren’t even in the same universe for utilities sake. Not sure how we got here, I imagine it was because of debating what “new” means lol
  21. I think it is the same as all vehicels. Lets have a look on motorbikes. Some hate them, some don´t care about them and some couldn´t live without riding every day. Humans are different and that´s good. The point is if it would be good for us to have more popularity. I guess some people would probably know more about eucs and the riders and for sure there would be some more riders around. But there would be although a biger demand for regulations. And I fear such a regulation by the law would not be as we wish it to be. It is more likely that eucs would be forbidden at all, only allowed on areas nobody wants to ride and / or a speed limit to something you rather would walk than have fun on a euc. So, it would be great to be more popular and have regulations to finally drive legaly. But I don´t think this will get real satisfying for us riders. For that reason I rather ride illegal than absolutely illegal ^^.
  22. I agree but think you dodged a point with semantics. “New” technology to electric unicycles. No one is claiming the tech itself is new. Just new to this application. And the design of the tech is absolutely new since you can’t just shove a shock into the wheel without designing it that way. And like I said the Sherman seems awesome...but it doesn’t do anything “new” minus a roll cage, which should be standard on all wheels to some degree. It just does older tech very, very well.
  23. What IS dorky are scooters. No grown man should be seen riding any scooter ever. Nothing better than whizzing buy a group of lame scooters on a power wheel, makes my day every time it happens. Perhaps we could agree on that.
  24. Yeah the brand loyalty is unfortunately a thing.. There is also a lot of bandwagon/fomo going on around here since the announcements of all of these wheels. hehehe I just want to point out.. that none of the things coming out is actually "new" technology.. Suspension on things with tires has been around along time.. The way these wheels are being suspended are not re-inventing the wheel (yes pun intended). Its just fitting existing tech to the EUC form factor.. Which is great.. dont get me wrong.. but lets not make believe KS or IM have come up with this amazing new technology here.. As far as the sherman.. I will just say... "greatest wheel ever made" can be attached to many different wheels over the past few years... That is until then next best thing comes out.. Which will always happen.. I still say.. purchase what you want, feel good about it.. and enjoy it.. Justification is not needed! Also i respect all these reviewers and youtubers.. but please remember they mostly all get sponsored, and they all have opinions like you and I... Take their info to make informed decisions.. but don't get caught up in the hype..
  25. Not really man. I own all of them and I’m getting all three of these new wheels. All I’m saying is from the reviews I’ve watched the veteran appears to be by far the most impressive and made the most impact on these highly experienced EUC riders/ reviewers. Apparently some of the guys here aren’t watching the same videos/ reviews I’m watching. Oh and I have absolutely no brand loyalty.
  26. I watched the New York boys bounce it down the street at 40 mph. Try that with a gotway monster or a 16X and get back to me. Gezzz. Lol
  27. I agree but for the sake of the poll I wanted to see which tire most will be going for. Same! With the stock tyre receiving such praise I can't help but wonder how a road tyre will fare in comparison. I do hope Kuji can get his road tyre issue sorted and give us a comparison.
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