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  2. hahahahaaa Lol, do you still remember? https://youtu.be/F1cNW7IxcEU
  3. I trust KS on the hardware front too (although they could improve the cooling systems used in their larger wheels); it's the software-related stuff that I (and many others) have encountered issues with (including firmware)
  4. If it's for safety reasons, a helmet or wheel mount are probably the simplest options (and a good sturdy case for the GoPro)
  5. But on the other hand you have more traction... In the wet and winter conditions. And looses on acceleration 😋
  6. Just ordered on RED ... I just make a big mistake....What do you think ? my style it's in safe side, mostly town (Bucharest) around city parks or pedestrian pathways ... but also sometimes on the street among cars. I have knee, wrist and elbow protection / and I just passed my fist ever 220KM on my KS18XL. 46yrs/80kg/181cm fox_dropframe_helmet.tif
  7. As I wrote sometime ago, Google Drive support that is present in WheelLog is being deprecated by Google (https://developers.google.com/drive/android/deprecation). I decided to create similar, but EUC-centric service at euc.world. So you will be able to send your logs to euc.world account. You will be able to download them anytime or view online with log viewer/analyzer (my existing http://wheellogviewer.net service will be improved and integrated with euc.world).
  8. LucasD

    My new Mten3!

    I guess shipment.
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  10. Shit đŸ˜Ŧ i updated to 2.0.30 and i have a pebble, i got the link from whatapp group and didn't see the pebble qoute, i can't live without pebble and I'm sure many more have pebble, it's information on your hand I absolutely love what you have done with wheelog it's amazing looks like I'll have to downgrade to lower version
  11. Thank you for the compliment, but I survived. I used to keep blasting this song out loud before I ride though... To be honest, it's all part of survival of the fittest anyway. Law of the jungle does apply here in third world countries.
  12. You might get a (better) feeling with the msx,18xl or Nikola but you won't ever ever get the feeling of a Z10 till you have one which makes this wheel unique to any other wheel ,it's amazing how it handles slow or fast.
  13. Hi, Same problem here and the scooter is stuck on brake mode now event if its powered off. I was going to work this morning as usual and then when walking on the pedestrian place, i decided to power it off, when i powered it off, it seems like the wheel was stuck on brake mode, i couldnt roll it, so i tried to power it on again to see what happen and it didnt worked. Not sure but maybe could it be since an update ? Did someone experienced a powered off scooter that is always braking ? If anyone have any idea on how to reset the es2... Thanks,
  14. If alll KS wheels you have are bound to a user with same account then it should be already unlocked you should only have to do it once , you should only have the restriction if you make new account ie (beginner) then it makes a bit more sense , but you shouldn't have to do it with every wheel As for the tyre been hard it's ok for us with a bit more weight 😊 ,,, wait! But i lose out on range ☚ī¸
  15. You better believe it if you ever visit here! Never trust a driver in Malaysia to yield to pedestrians. Just visited Sydney and, damn, it was refreshing to be able to cross roads without feeling like Frogger 😂
  16. I just downloaded WheelLog 2.0.30 and tried to activate backup of log to my Google Drive. When I select the option an popup asks me to select Google account and the box goes away and nothing more happens. I thought that I was suppose to see a screen asking to allow WheelLog to write to my Drive. I have a Huawei Mate 20 PRO with Android with security patch 5 May 2019.
  17. Enjoy more of what? Running over tourists that silly enough to trust crosswalks?
  18. @z3n Hello and thank you. If you are riding through the streets of Jakarta, then I tip my hat at you! You have more intimidating traffic than we do over here. I think I'd struggle even on a scooter there, haha!
  19. @Seba Send me a private message with your address and I'll send you mine. I don't us it anymore. Hopefully you could look at making an Fitbit app for Fitbit watches that support apps.
  20. I was tempted to get one too but didn't like how it looks in the recorded video. It makes you look like you are wearing a Postpartum Belly Wrap!
  21. Stroh recently had a bad fall. He tore his ACL and meniscus and is having surgery soon. He will not be on his Onewheel for a while but he is rocking an electric bike these days. I'll miss his Onewheel videos but I look forward to seeing what he plans on doing in the future.
  22. Here is an article about Chinese are doing on wheels, with poems http://www.wenxuecity.com/news/2019/06/18/8421933.html
  23. A long time ago when I went shopping for full face motorcycle helmets, it took a bizarrely long time to find one that fit my roundish, squarish head (ended up buying a medium size Arai Quantum II). Anyone know where around Los Angeles I can try on full face bicycle helmets? The Arai Quantum II would work I suppose but it's pretty heavy.
  24. Welcome fellow neighbor @Fidgety Spinner! I believe we have similar conditions if not worse than you here in Indonesia, but at least I have been managed to keep riding and commuting on EUC here for the past 3 years. Hope you will enjoy it more than I do!
  25. Your footage gave us a glimpse of the excitement at this event! Very enjoyable!
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