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  2. Gave you your first react, welcome to the forums! The bluetooth cutout is still occuring - I just play music if I need to navigate. This keeps the bluetooth stream on and steady. I haven't been riding the 16X as much since I just got the Nikola 100V+ in, and I want to give it a fair 300 mile evaluation as soon as possible (at 120 miles now). It's definitely helped me appreciate the finer points of the 16X though
  3. 8:57 For me e-skateboards are not as practical because their small wheels limit where they can go. EUCs have a huge wheel in comparison, allowing them to easily roll over rocks, cracks, broken concrete, grass, etc.
  4. I figured it out accidentally lol
  5. I'm surprised the MSuper cut out at 19mph - isn't it a 30 mph wheel? All wheels have a cut out point, it's up to you to set the tiltback speed. I think what you're asking for is voltage based tiltback. I don't think any wheel has that feature yet.
  6. As far as I know the US grouped tariffed items into 4 list so far.. List 1 (25%): https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/2018-13248.pdf List 2 (25%): https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/enforcement/301Investigations/Final Second Tranche.pdf List 3 (25%): https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/enforcement/301Investigations/Tariff List (83 FR 47974%2C as amended and modified by 83 FR 49153).pdf List 4 (Not yet): https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/enforcement/301Investigations/List_4A_(Effective_September_1%2C_2019).pdf List 3 is the one that will be increased from 25% to 30% this October and list 4 will be split into September and December and will be imposed 15% tariff . The list is too long for me to read them all but I'm guessing our EUC already got tariffed 25% so EUC is listed somehow in list 3 and will be increased by 5 more percent As for parts & protective gears I don't know.. Maybe someone that have free time can find it on the list?? Here for more light reading: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/08/23/trade-war-tariffs-chinese-made-products-could-soon-cost-more/2091709001/ December 15% tariff (List 4 2nd part): Tech gear: Telephones for cellular networks, video game consoles, LED lamps, instant print cameras, cameras, and microwave ovens. Baby gear: Strollers, infant nursery monitor systems, infant walkers, booster seats, play yards and swings. Personal care: Shaving brushes, hair brushes, nail brushes, combs, hair accessories, electrothermic hair dryers and electric flatirons. Miscellaneous: Fireworks, curtains, photo albums, children's picture, drawing or coloring books, printed cards, household- or laundry-type washing machines, ceiling fans, electric blankets, bedspreads, toys for pets, camping goods, umbrellas, music boxes, string musical instruments, cigarette lighters, scales, sleeping bags, toys, magic tricks, confetti, roller skates and fishing rods.
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  8. Btw,the Gotway Msuper I have is old,first gen,so I know the cut off is awfully close to the beep and,there's no tilt back on mine,so even if there is no wheel without a cut off,even a good distance from beep to cut off will suffice.
  9. Hi! Just read your entire journal. Congrats on hitting 1000km! Very grateful for your public journey with the 16x. I just put in my eWheels deposit for one. Is the Bluetooth audio cutoff still happening? I was really hoping to use GPS directions for my rides. Any updates/changes since your milestone? Thanks, -Nye
  10. So,I'm new to this forum,I was looking for a new wheel and wanted to seek out advice and opinions on other wheels etc. I've recieved a lot of insight that's been tremendously helpful. I'm still new to EUC's,but I've got around 1,400 miles between my 2 wheels,so I figured it's time to level up. I have a ninebot one E+,and an old Gotway Msuper. Long story short,I was having issues connecting the old gotway app Marty Backe posted( my old phone died),but finally got it to connect. I reset the speed,and like a dummy I jumped on it without the protective gear I usually always wear just to see how much speed I gained. I was only gonna go out my drive way and go a few hundred feet and come back. There is a radar and speed sign about 200 ft from my mailbox and I wanted to push it it hard for a second and see what my mph was. You all know where this is going.. It really started beeping at 18 mph,I pushed it until the sign read 19mph and wanted to see if i could get 20....and,it oversurged and it cut out. Sooo,I'm bandaged up right now pretty good,and have a new criteria for my next wheel! Obviously I can't be trusted to respect the beeps on my own like a grown up,so I'm wondering what wheels just will simply limit the speed before it gets to a cut off point and not just cut off to prove I'm a dum dum for pushing it. My top picks up till today are the new KS18S,the new MSX or the monster 22 inch( many of you have changed my mind about the monster,so it's less likely), all of these are significantly faster and more powerful than anything I own currently. I was pretty much settled on the MSX,but I thought I remember reading a review somewhere that the KS18S doesn't cut off,am I remembering that correctly? If not, is there a wheel like that doesn't . I don't remember where I read or saw that,and I've been reading and watching revues pretty obsessively the last few weeks,so I don't know if I'd be able to find that revue if it did exist. I know some of you have these wheels,maybe you might have those answers. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Is that documented somewhere that I missed, or did you just figure it out?
  12. Entertaining as ever @chrisjunlee . 65 Km/h! You'll need to watch out for the popo.
  13. A star is born! Like speech, skills learned at that age become amazing by the time of teens!
  14. == Day 4.2 - Sat 8/24/2019 == The Butchering of the Thicc™ pads took so long, the Nikola was charged up 100%. Decided to take it around Lake Sammamish. The speed limit is 35 mph, so I wasn't able to comfortably keep up with speeding traffic, but boy it was a zippy ride. Quick notes: no longer using pads - just the adhesive left behind. But I'm still using a wide stance. However, it feels much natural being able to bring my knees in. the top of the Nikola really digs into my forward left knee - it's a pain point I need to figure out tire pressure: 28 PSI Notable moment: I my way up through traffic to the front of the light. I'm blasting Rank1 - Airwave on max volume, so on green, I just take off. There was a white car next to me flooring, trying to outpace me, and I just shifted harder and flew, just flew. The car did a wtf-deceleration in defeat. But it was really more abrupt than the usual giving up, and I distinctly felt all the cars around me were surprised. Odd I thought - maybe it's a Redmond thing? The next light, I took a break and checked my wheelog read out. And jfc, this here is why: Yes, I had effortlessly smoked everything at 41.1 mph. [reminder: dig up insta360 clip] And the crazy part? No beep - this was still within the 80% limit of this motor. I was trembling in awe - I had never thought I would get anywhere close to hitting 40 mph. The way kinetic energy works, 40 mph is 16x the energy of 10 mph. Let that sink in for a bit. And just to drive this point home, here's my Strava report (strava has always under-reported speed for me on the 16X): Sometime after this, I heard the beeps for the first time going 37 mph. So, it is possible I didn't hear the beeps before due to wind noise + Airwave. Riding back home, battery ~43%, I started getting beeps at 31 mph. == Datapoint for range people == 43% battery left for 28 miles trip, at 28 PSI for a 140 lb rider, riding aggressively. If we extrapolate that, we get 65 miles of range for fast riding.
  15. == Day 4.1 - Sat 8/24/2019 == I guess today marks the 2 month anniversary since I hopped on my first EUC! 🥳🥳 Took the Nikola out at 35 PSI, and 5 wobbly miles later, dropped it back to 28 PSI. I also figured out why the Nikola felt like this: It was due to my wheel being calibrated with a forward droop - only figured that out after I accidentally got on backwards and it felt like I had strong tilt back. Regarding the Gotway Thicc™ Pads, @Mike Sacristansuggested I shave them down, and he cautioned me to not botch it up. Psh, how hard could it be? Before: . . . . . After: I botched it up so hard, had to throw everything away.
  16. I just received my 16X yesterday. I’ve only ridden it 8km so far, but have attempted high speed braking... what i I realised is that the wobbles tend to occur if the space between your calf’s and side pads are visible. However, when I really tuck my calf’s in and lightly grip the wheel, there is no wobble.
  17. No they don't extend battery life. The only difference with fast chargers is that they charge faster. This one seems to be a charger that doesn't charge to 100% (the final voltage is lower). It would only make a difference (but certainly not a 4x difference, not even close) if you kept the wheel at 100% for weeks at a time (which is bad for battery life). Simply charging to 100% alone isn't a problem if you use the wheel soon, with any charger. Not fully charging your wheel to 100% does nothing but deny you range. Also, a wheel should be charged to 100% once in a while to allow balancing, so if you were to only charge with this non-100% charger, that would actually be bad for the battery. Looks to me like someone is selling subpar/defective chargers with at best dishonest (but really simply false) arguments (aka lies). Don't buy a charger that can't even fully charge your wheel. And buy any charger from a less sketchy seller.
  18. == Day 3 - Fri 8/23/2019 == I need to live out of airbnb's for a bit. I packed a 30 lb windsail black duffel bag on my back, bumped the pressure to 35 PSI, and precariously rolled 30 exhausting miles - in the dark. For you 200 lb folks, the equivalent would be a 50 lb bag! My god that was tiring. Halfway through the ride, I realize the duffle bag is so tall, it's completely covering my helmet, making my red blinkie useless. From the perspective of drivers on the road behind me, I was a long black potato flying around. The Nikola handled it well - it felt so good going 25+ mph, knowing I was well within the limits of the motor.
  19. Wow, so sad for you to loose a wheel like that (doing what didn't seem to much stress). Please update us what happened to it (inside). God bless your repairs! As for me learning to pendulum, I will definately only do it on my old/cheaper wheel. Thanks for sharing!
  20. @Flyboy10 Could you post the video of you riding to here?
  21. I was reading about a fast charger sold by a dealer and the item description says it extends the life of the battery by 4x . How does this work? Should I not then use the one that comes with the wheel? It's a 5A charger that has a battery lifespan extending mode of 64.8v instead of 67.2v
  22. Harden up already... Anything above 3oC is tee-shirt weather!!!
  23. @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" do you have a link for these cool flag shoes?
  24. Welcome to the forum @GoldenOne! FW version 1.13 is more responsive... Better acceleration and braking... Very smooth to ride.
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