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  2. Hey everyone . It' s been a while I have been offline, as you all may have noticed. I am so grateful this blog exhists, as it is one of the few places I can share the experience so far, apart from the emails I am sending to ninebot and Segway from weeks now. It appears there whereas for the same problem Gotway and Inmotion took only 3 weeks to repair my tyre, Segway is now keeping my wheel in hostage since October. The repair company that takes care of Segway Spain products is Sertec, and since the payment for the repair, that has been happening now 3 months ago, I keep calling them and the only answer I get is that they are waiting for the repair piece. Is this something that is happening only to me ? Is there a way I can get the money back, or at least another wheel and who shall I contact ? I don ' t know who to write to. I have been on Facebook and Twitter, writing on Segway page, but it seems to be abandoned there are only a few posts and nobody is replying to the many complains there are here and there . Any previous experience with this ?? Feeling so upset now . luckily I have the in motion v8 with me... but definitely not the same !
  3. Congrats on the Mten, if you're looking for grunt, grunt you'll get, the wheel is so small and light it's hard to believe something that small can squirt forward the way it does, the only thing to me about learning on the Mten is mounting it, I learned on a larger wheel that is easier to mount, this thing is small and takes some getting used to because it moves around easily, definitely hang onto something while mounting for a bit. I bought the same version as you and the first day I went out and played for a few hours and still had 30% battery remaining (started at 80%), very few hills however but I weigh 210 so no lightweight, I am happy with my choice and am sure you will be too. Happy wheeling!!
  4. Yay it works, cheers! I see. So the whole Gotway advertised top speed thing is a bit of a fib really isnt it?! Unless you fancy taking your chances with the beeps. Hit the nail on the head there! A totally unrealistic scenario.
  5. To me, EUCs are gadgets. In terms of cost, e-scooters, skateboards, bicycles...etc. are much more practical. EUCs, though not meant to be, are really for the "elites", those with disposal income, a little bit daring, enjoy solitary, free-spirited, don't mind a little notoriety, trailblazing, ... Not too many mainstream public nor children meet these characteristics. I think it is going to stay as a passionate hobby for the few likened to the sale of small 2-people car would never beat the sale of mainstream cars.
  6. I have not run out of gas or broke down in many many years but I am ready for it! .... ... Quick!, to the BAT WHEEL!
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  8. One thing that I am very tired of is the 360 camera distortion. A short artistic video with 360 distortion can be great but a longer video is annoying.
  9. Haha no worries man! I'm glad you think so. I like Chooch the most and I also like evx. Roberace has an attractive riding style. U-stride has a nice riding style too. I also like Robert Navarro on his Z10. I prefer watching vids with telemetry is possible unless it is more narrative based. I also like it when people do tricks on their wheels. So basically I like watching skilled riders because it is motivating for me. I also like informative videos but they are few and far between so I get most of that from reading the forums instead. So for instance range tests are interesting to watch as well as acceleration tests, hill climbing or even just ramblings about new stuff. My own production value is zero haha.. just a GoPro 6. I have some additional stuff for it, gimbal, etc but it just became terribly impractical. She will be in today's clip.
  10. Some Eucs are really "too difficult" for the average sedentary adult in overweight, very common in the western countries. And they should need dedicated/devoted and wide lane to use them safely in narrow urban spaces. Where I live it's a huge problem and it will worsen in the next future in the most crowded cities and towns. Only very skilled and experienced riders can afford regularly a similar situation, avoiding easily constant, sudden and dangerous obstacles(moving or not). Then there's also a clear PARADOX: the cheapest ones are also the Eucs toughest to learn at the beginning, and this is a big and "scaring" downside for people "euc-curious" or quite seriously interested about it.
  11. We've had the same law's for electric bikes and mopeds for years, but still at least half of all the e-bikes and mopeds are able to exceed 25 km/h. Most of the people who have gotten fines for this were usually stopped because they were violating other traffic laws, and then their vehicle was tested. The police have usually more important things to do than to stop those who follow the traffic flow and rides safe. When the new "Enforce Regulatory Compliance" update comes to the World of EUC app, I will feel completely safe.
  12. Yes, it will be added to both King Song and Inmotion wheels in next release. Inmotion support in EUC World is now being reworked.
  13. You don't need any document to change purpose of your car. You can even use a crane to make daily errands if you want to, as long as your driving license allows and vehicle doesn't exceed allowed load/traffic limits on roads you would like to drive on. And this doesn't change it's legal or tax situation. If you run business you can declare to tax office that you use car for exclusive company use or mixed, company/private use. And still, you don't need any document for that and you can do this with any vehicle, regarless of purpose. But we're going off topic. But you're right - finally, court will judge who is right and who is not And definitely insurance company will do what's their best to to refuse to pay compensation Rgardles what happened
  14. I've had so much enjoyment out of this I think in a few years, once we have a few more people doing it, it could develop into a full-on winter sport.
  15. To change a car's purpose I mean to change it from ?personal? (osobowy) to campervan (specjany kempingowy) or cargo (ciężarowy). You need to have a document from a company with a number in KRS. It's even possible to open a business for a month, create this document for yourself and close the business. That's how me and you interpret it... But you never know how stupid or prejudicious can a judge, a policeman or an insurer be.
  16. You have to press enter twice. Petra rides a Tesla. She weighs 55kg. According to the speed reduction thread it is rated at 50kmh / 5 beeps. She gets beeps at 47kmh when freshly charged. She has hit 50.1 kmh once and that was a few days ago. She is riding the beeps more and more lately. But... those numbers on the speed reduction thread might be relevant for the wheel being on a treadmill.
  17. Do you know what "speed limited by construction" means? It's a speed limit imposed by means provided by constructor on certain vehicle. As now almost every vehicle is electronically controlled, software limits are also a construction limits. We are in XXI century, Woodward or Watt speed limiters are no longer in use If you get stopped by the police and your EUC will be confiscated for investigation, if they will confirm with factory provided means (read: OEM app) that your EUC was at the time speed-limited to 25 km/h, you're safe. At least in Poland. And I don't know what you mean with changing the car's purpose by writing an appropriate document. I run business and have multiple cars in my company, but never heard about this.
  18. Active users ? It seems unbelievable, but it would be great to see several thousands people commuting with Eucs every single day in a capital city. About the "numbers" I only clarify that my european estimated "range" of active euc users/riders was only based on my own experience in the cities and countries I visited in the months of Spring and Autumn of the last year. If there are a LOT of Eucs more all around in other countries like France for my part I'm only super-happy and positively surprised about it. Really. I'd like to have the chance to strongly support (I mean also finance) the public "spreading" of Euc, particularly in urban environment
  19. My total respect and deepest congratulations to anybody commuting even in the full of winter riding a euc or a bike.
  20. PM me please so we can talk. Or check you FB chat
  21. I can send you a $1 invoice that says that I set up a limiter (with EUC.World) to the legal speed in a factory (my home). And almost certainly it would hold up in court. At least that's how it works in Poland with cars - if you have a business, you can easily change the car's purpose by writing an appropriate document. This is stupid, but nonetheless possible. Thankfully laws don't specify that it has to be Gotway's factory.
  22. What means "tilt to the right". Is it trying to make a right turn, or your weight is mostly on the left leg? Until now I didn't hear for problem with the pedals, but did you check are the both pedals with equal height and fixing the pedals to the column?
  23. Sounds correct to me, although the actual top speed on a Gotway is up to each rider’s personal risk levels. The battery voltage sags and fluctuates a lot while riding. This is normal, and every battery does that. What differs is that some wheels report an averaged, smoothed and/or otherwise compensated battery level reading, while others show the direct voltage at any specific time. Just keeping the rider upright at 50+km/h is a decent amount of work for the wheel, fighting the air and rolling resistances, which both vary significantly all the time. 100% battery at no load (58km/h) dipping momentarily below ~60% (53km/h) with a rider does sound reasonable to me, although I haven’t tested the drop very closely. Gotway has themselves told us that the beeps play at the purely battery voltage based speed limit curves. I have no reason to doubt that, as I have yet to see contradicting evidence. GW also still doesn’t report the battery current, only motor phase current, which is pointless for the alarms or rider’s data logs. Yet it’s all the firmware is able to report. I seriously don’t think the firmware even measures the actual battery current. The MSX is a raw but very narrowminded bare bones wheel, down to the firmware. The behaviour of the firmware also feels extremely simple in all situations. Unlike the KS fw 2.0 for example, which I can easily feel taking the environmental conditions and riding situations in account.
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