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  2. Marty Backe

    Anyone looking for a brand new ninebot Z10?

    Great price for a fantastic wheel. I can't imagine that you'll be holding them for very long.
  3. stephen

    Z10 in the UK

    Ps! Did you have to pay anything for pre-order
  4. stephen

    Z10 in the UK

    Ah that sounds ok then I'll see if they reply to my email I've asked them when in stock before i pre-order ,, i didn't even know they wasn't in stock lol ,, thanks though , I'll keep updating if i hear anything
  5. As I have said many times, We usually ride with bicycles and they crash much more often than the EUCs. The latest example was last weekend. One of the trails we ride is mostly shaded wooden walkways. The wood has been wet for several months and is growing slippery algae. The bicycles crashed twice before having to walk for 1/2 a mile. The three EUCs made it through without any problems.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hello EUC riders how is it going..., this time ill like to discuss what you people think GW will come next for 2019/20... (sorry if my focus goes to the Tesla but is the wheel i own and im in love with that wheel(anyone who owns a Tesla knows the feeling : ) ), but i thing the topic will be general for news upcoming GW... from the top of my head -the first thing that comes to my head is that the v2 will go with the same egg shape (some people dont like it but in the personal i like it..), cuz if we look back a bit AcM & Acm2 is about the (look/shape, but not the same internal...) the same with the MSuper, so i really think a T. v2 will go with the same as well, -next thing a v2 will have will be a tail light, and i thing i know exactly where they will put it... -next i think they will squizz some cell somewhere to have a bit bigger battery. -next will be they will start incorporating smart-charge feature the new wheels (i think the MSX already have that but not sure...), and the next thing that comes to my mine will be some lift button/sensor for new upcoming wheels... what you people think is coming next?
  8. KevinvdV

    Are the Inmotion wheels sold by Gearbest now legit?

    I am borrowing a wheel from someone while waiting for my own, so I can practice daily already. Hopefully my own wheel will stay scratch free for a few weeks at least 😅
  9. You don't need to even touch the EUC with your calfs, so it doesn't really matter, but relaxing and looking up and forward, not downward, is usually quite helpful. Then try the active swiveling approach.
  10. Marty Backe

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    I'm pretty sure that Gotway doesn't know that I exist No matter. Glad that my mountain stress test videos were useful to you. The MCM5 really surprised me when I climbed those hills. Looking forward to your feedback
  11. Fredda66

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    I've got the exact same problem. Bought from Gearbest, but to above solution hasn't fixed it for me. The charger just keeps a solid green light going... Any more suggestions?
  12. Boubalou

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Thank you Marty, I’m sure to be impressed ! And yes, I will do a new post to help at my turn the EUC community giving my feedback. Edit : Gotway must to thank you to have a free ambassador like you. Your mountain stress tests finished to convinces me.
  13. Nic

    Z10 in the UK

    I pre-ordered a Z10 from this website ... they seem legit as they have been around a few years. I am still waiting for my Z10 since June, so hopefully I'll hear something soon and I'll get the latest CE certified version with all the issues fixed that were discovered after release (e.g. improved headlamp). It is a risk, but fingers-crossed they are good on their promise.
  14. mezzanine

    How do you survive the winter?

    I'm always surprised when I read about people in colder climates not wanting to ride once it gets cold. Temperature has very little impact on my riding. Maybe it's because I am suited up like a snowmobiler? I have a Canada Goose Expedition parka and ski pants that keeps me toasty. I actually have come to believe that EUCs are especially valuable for people in cold weather. The fact you bring your wheel inside with you when you're done riding means you avoid the problem of having batteries in the cold that plagues other battery-operated vehicles. It was a major factor in my decision to get a EUC. I find I enjoy riding in cold weather even more because there aren't other people on bicycles/e-bikes/scooters sharing the road. The only thing that stops me is rain and road conditions. Icy roads are far rarer than people seem to think. There was only a few weeks last winter that I didn't ride, max. Maybe two weeks.
  15. stephen

    Z10 in the UK

    Hi guys I'm looking to buy a Z10 as my second wheel but can't find a seller in the UK , speedyfeet is not stocking them as yet does anyone know where to buy one in UK as i would like the warranty , does anyone know if this is officially the ninebot uk website as I've emailed and no reply but the price seems good also 🤔, I'm sure speedyfeet would be stocking them if it was https://www.theninebot.co.uk/product/ninebot-one-z6-z8-z10/
  16. I bet you'll be fine with temperature. Those mesh-based tops look a lot hotter than they turn out to be once you are moving and you get some air circulation. Just don't wear anything underneath and you'll be fine.
  17. Fredda66

    Z10 need help for the first start.

    So since I'm in Sweden I have no other choice but to buy from these "scumsites". I've got the Z10 from Gearbest, took approximatly 40 days, shipment was from China like everything else these days. The only upside is that I will with 99% likeliness not find any one else going around on one here. Anyways, the battery deep sleep problem seems to be an issue with my wheel also. I've tried all the above and more, but nothing gets the charger light to blink red. It's just a solid green all the time. Also the two LED-indicators on the actual battery are blinking red once every second or so. This is independant of which cords being connected or not connected. Any ideas or different approaches that you could recommend here? The wheel seems great from the reviews and it looks fu*king awsome, but it's suppose to carry me around not the opposite way around. Please help :-)
  18. Marty Backe

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    I don't mind scaring people Regarding the heat, these are supposed to be very breathable. I know a couple of local people who ride with similar gear and they are always telling me that it's not hot because of all the mesh.
  19. RockyTop

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    YES!! The new 2019 Marty action figure is going to be AWESOME!!!
  20. Every device that moves faster than your legs can carry you is dangerous when it fails, but hella fun when it works. I hate flying for two reasons: 1. My life is entirely in the hands of a stranger. 2. If the plane fails while I am in the sky I will most likely die. This is true for everyone who fly's. Yet we do it all the time. With the wheel: 1. a FP and a fatality have yet to correlate. 2. Since I will usually get back up from an FP, I may as well get back up and keep riding. 3. Your plane crashes, you probably won't fly again.
  21. You will scare the bejesus out of anyone in your path ... and sweat buckets in the summer heat. I'm looking forward to your review.
  22. Marty Backe

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Congrat's I think you are going to be very impressed with the MCM5. It's going to be an amazing change from the Solowheel. Please let me know what you think of it after you get it and ride for a bit.
  23. I can’t imagine what kind of ointment you use.
  24. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Why I won't be buying another Electric Unicycle.

    I think there may be a topical ointment for that.
  25. Lutalo


    You hit the nail on the head bredren. It's just that I wanted to get some early impressions because I knew that I wouldn't have time to ride today. It was an impulsive, fleeting moment of generosity to share my wheel. Maybe because he had a tough final exam today and I felt for him I have returned to my senses.
  26. Marty Backe

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    I finally bought my new riding gear. They should arrive in a couple of days, just in time for the arrival of the KS18XL. Leatt 5.5 Body Protector (Black, Large/X-Large) Leatt Black Large/X-Large Knee & Shin Guard Dual Axis Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet And a new pair of Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards
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