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  2. When I'll return from my cross-country one-wheel trip, I'll make few video tutorials about WheelLog and euc.world features & how to use it.
  3. Thank you, I'll send you PM with my address details. If it's not a problem for you and you won't use it anymore, it will greatly help me to fully test and maintain Pebble compatibility with each new WheelLog version. From what I know, Zanata doesn't support translation of Android XML files
  4. One plus to that, great work @Seba! Really enjoying the Bluetooth reports, and with the new (I think?) setting of only playing voice reports over Bluetooth it's a no-brainer to have it turn on automatically. Sounds like there's even more great features in the future, so please keep it up if you can.
  5. @Seba I don't know if you missed my post. Tried to send you a message, but I'm not able to do that. If you message me your address I'll send you my Pebble.I have two, but can't find the charger for my Pebble Steel so it will have to be the original from Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for the info about Google Drive. I have read the whole tread but missed that info. Lastly, I'm working on a Norwegian translation. Maybe create a account at Zanata or set the server software on you own server. That way it would be easier to translate WheelLog. Keep up the good work and good luck on your challenge!
  6. Yeah but also a bit slimmer ,, I had to Google a Postpartum Belly Wrap! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. @SebaWheellog has never been so good ,big THANKS for keeping this alive and updated, excellent work and has listened to users requests๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Euc world a big bonus to I'm really loving it ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Ok, seems that Pebble is fixed now So Pebble users can download 2.0.31 from https://euc.world/getwheellog and have fun!
  9. Got your pm @Seba version 2.0.31 works with pebble watch everything fine ๐Ÿ‘
  10. Exactly. I hope to finish works on this feature in next month. Hahaha Last weeks I've been very busy, because this Saturday I'm going for a 800 km+ ride on my KS-18XL. I'll be riding for seven days from north to south of Poland, so I had to prepare for this challenge This is main reason for having less time for WheelLog and euc.world development.
  11. That's awaiting implementation on the server side, if I remember correctly Seba is playing find-the-updates/changes
  12. Iโ€™ve just ordered one of these. seems like a great great compromise between safety and weight / airflow. multiple impact was definitely on my list - seems to tick every box. if Iโ€™m wearing a full face helmet, it canโ€™t sacrifice safety in any way. I donโ€™t see it being any more annoying to wear than a purely enduro lid, either. certainly an upgrade from the shred ready super scrappy Iโ€™ve been wearing.
  13. Today
  14. BTW, I know this thread had been dormant for some time, but thought it might be worth tagging @US69 to request that in the future, hex bolts be used to hold the shell in place, as opposed to Philips screws. Upvote or comment if you agree
  15. hahahahaaa Lol, do you still remember? https://youtu.be/F1cNW7IxcEU
  16. I trust KS on the hardware & manufacturing front too, although there have been some QC issues with the latest batch of 18XL's in the form of misaligned tires, uncentered shells and stripped screws: They could also improve the cooling systems used in their larger wheels (although there have been no instances of fried boards or MOSFETs; sorry Nikola fans ) In my case, it's the software-related stuff that I've encountered issues with. Having said that, I love my 18XL and think that despite a few minor hiccups (which are annoying particularly because they could be easily addressed but are being ignored), it's an excellent, tough and very well built wheel. Excluding a few very rare cases, the issues users have encountered aren't deal breakers and IMO, KS continues to make solid wheels.
  17. If it's for safety reasons, a helmet or wheel mount are probably the simplest options (and a good sturdy case for the GoPro)
  18. But on the other hand you have more traction... In the wet and winter conditions. And looses on acceleration ๐Ÿ˜‹
  19. Just ordered on RED ... I just make a big mistake....What do you think ? my style it's in safe side, mostly town (Bucharest) around city parks or pedestrian pathways ... but also sometimes on the street among cars. I have knee, wrist and elbow protection / and I just passed my fist ever 220KM on my KS18XL. 46yrs/80kg/181cm fox_dropframe_helmet.tif
  20. As I wrote sometime ago, Google Drive support that is present in WheelLog is being deprecated by Google (https://developers.google.com/drive/android/deprecation). I decided to create similar, but EUC-centric service at euc.world. So you will be able to send your logs to euc.world account. You will be able to download them anytime or view online with log viewer/analyzer (my existing http://wheellogviewer.net service will be improved and integrated with euc.world).
  21. LucasD

    My new Mten3!

    I guess shipment.
  22. Shit ๐Ÿ˜ฌ i updated to 2.0.30 and i have a pebble, i got the link from whatapp group and didn't see the pebble qoute, i can't live without pebble and I'm sure many more have pebble, it's information on your hand I absolutely love what you have done with wheelog it's amazing looks like I'll have to downgrade to lower version UPDATE SEBA UPDATED TO 2.0.31 NOW EVERYTHING WORKS OK๐Ÿ‘
  23. Thank you for the compliment, but I survived. I used to keep blasting this song out loud before I ride though... To be honest, it's all part of survival of the fittest anyway. Law of the jungle does apply here in third world countries.
  24. You might get a (better) feeling with the msx,18xl or Nikola but you won't ever ever get the feeling of a Z10 till you have one which makes this wheel unique to any other wheel ,it's amazing how it handles slow or fast.
  25. Hi, Same problem here and the scooter is stuck on brake mode now event if its powered off. I was going to work this morning as usual and then when walking on the pedestrian place, i decided to power it off, when i powered it off, it seems like the wheel was stuck on brake mode, i couldnt roll it, so i tried to power it on again to see what happen and it didnt worked. Not sure but maybe could it be since an update ? Did someone experienced a powered off scooter that is always braking ? If anyone have any idea on how to reset the es2... Thanks,
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