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  2. That's interesting! Russia is a pretty off - roady place, seems like the place that an off-road dirt bike is pretty popular, so I can see how the S18 is appealing. That's a good point, this will be an upgrade for some people with smaller wheel. Guess it's all these people on this forum who are gotway or high end kingsong riders, that I'm a little skeptical about them adopting this as a daily EUC.
  3. Here's a photo It looks like every other V8 in the world. Minimal scratches, due to the protective cover https://photos.app.goo.gl/LvBPSo7BBdBUixoy6
  4. Yes, but too expensive.
  5. I saw many to be sold for 600usd, so it in usd$
  6. Bose electromagnetic suspension demonstration was very impressive.
  7. I’m impressed. You must have been able to pick up EUC riding skills very quickly. Have you done anything similar before? I have been told that the V8 & V8f are good wheels to learn on. .....Ps..You are a lucky guy living in Norway, I was based in Stavanger in the 1970’s and 80’s. Working for Sub Sea Dilphin on the oil fields.
  8. There is a lot of people who own smaller wheels like 16S or V10F or even 18L. Range and power did not motivate them enough to upgrade before, but active suspension might. That is all theorycrafting. Others do that, so i might as well craft smth up. Anyway, Ecodrift told us that there are 3+ times more S18 preorders than V11's. And S18 even surpassed the previous champion - 18L. Wondering what numbers the other dealers have.
  9. Electromagnetic shocks are very new, but would be interesting for EUCs. They can have programmable force-displacement profiles, be electronically adjusted (user input or through some kind of control algorithm), and can regenerate power (instead of wasting it as heat).
  10. Sorry, just saw this post now... Yes, still available. When can you come pick it up? PM me your contact info.
  11. For safe measure you could always spray dielectric spray on the power button, charging port, and inside, on all connectors that could potentially be exposed to moisture. Hope you have no more issues! Happy riding guys!
  12. So happy to hear that! Am really enjoying following your tour, great descriptions and pics! What a blast to be able to go on such an adventure together, how I envy you! Keep the posts and pictures coming!
  13. I’ll bet the shocks turn out to be no big deal in the end. On all EUCs.
  14. x2. Any experienced rider looking dorky on a modern wheel is doing it wrong. Or on purpose.
  15. xorbe

    MSS vs MSP

    The best you can hope for, is the same person doing the same test on each wheel, and then having a relative set of results from the same person.
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  17. Impressive riding for such a heavy wheel! There's no way I could pull that off on the Sherman (and I'm not even counting the jumps) 😅 The only thing the video is lacking is more uphill sections to get an idea of the torque. He does mention at 7:34 that you have to hit obstacles straight on, with the wheel upright, since if you hit them at an angle, it's easy to scrape the tubing. Not the kind of consideration I'd want to have on the back of my mind while riding a "19-inch" wheel. Then again, this wheel is still ridiculously alluring, I want it anyway 😅 BTW, I noticed right away, from his accent, that he was from southern France (I lived in Narbonne for a year), then saw he's from Montpellier. It's quite noticeable in the words that end with "-oin" (loin, coin, etc) hehe
  18. The battery seems fine - it charges OK as far as I can tell. When I took it off the mini, all the cabling looked nice and tucked away where it should be. I agree - I wish I had a battery to swap with so I could isolate the issue to either the battery or the main board..
  19. Yep, i have come to the same conclusion as well
  20. Put it this way, people will definitely attempt to prove me wrong because I made this statement, but in the reality I'm almost certain those who Fe buying an S18, will immediately sell all their other EUC and use the S18 exclusively. I don't see it as a complete package, I can't see how a gotway rider is willing to abandon all the thrills and danger for the S18. Nor do I believe an 16X rider will abandon the torque and range just for the S18. Of course there will always be exceptions and that's fine. I'll be interested to see how those few examples makes the S18, the perfect EUC for them.
  21. Hello. I just took the pedal hangers off my Tesla 84 volt and wasn't paying attention to what order the washers went back on. When I tried to reinstall the shell it didnt fit. It would not close around the motor. I think I may have put washers from the old motor on as well. Does anyone have a vid or pics on how the pedal hangers and washers go back on?
  22. Ian goes for long rides in the woods and Marty goes for long rides in the Californian desert. I'm not sure that quite qualifies them for a comparison with Chuck Yeager. Kuji certainly gets closer. If you're into heroic test pilots then it's worth watching the BBC documentary on Eric Brown. I think their end comment was he made James Bond look like a bit of a slacker.
  23. Last night a friend of mine and myself changed the shell and replaced the motor of my GotWay. While put the pedals back on, we noticed that we have additional washers left over. We think they fit behind the pedals but just want to be sure. Does anyone know where we can get a video or diagram that shows how to replace pedals, shims, etc?
  24. You are on 1.4.3, I believe 1.4.3 gives slightly less voltage readouts than 1.4.0, so 61.9 volts whould look like a good battery pack. You also have the p firmware with hi-speed on, there is a bug where the tiltback is lost if an app connects to the bluetooth of the wheel. Do this test, first after a power on, then after a power on with the phone connected and check if there is different behaivour. This video demonstrates the bug, the tiltback should have kicked in, it does not.
  25. valid points.. I was more just leaning into the point of that the innovation is in the design element.. not in the technology element.. I guess i didnt word it exactly the proper way! I also just wanted to point out that.. mostly hype is driving some of these convos.. People are hyped and rightfully so, but nobody should feel bad about purchasing the wheel they want. I have a feeling all three of these new wheels will sell and review pretty good..
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