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  2. For some background: My state has no motorcycle helmet law. If you want to ride a 1000cc sportbike in flip flops & shorts you can (legally). The first thing people ask me about my wheel is how much protection I use & what type. If I tell them I wear motorcycle helmet, knee/leg/shin pads ,chest armor (still need to get elbow stuff) they approve. If I tell them I just go slow but don't wear anything people scold me or disapprove. Scary to people here seems to be: not enough armor rather than too much. They are used to seeing "idiots" ride motorcycles unprotected so look for people doing "dangerous" hobbies to be responsible & protect themselves.
  3. Exciting times if there's more suspension euc's 😁
  4. Unventor


    I guess it help to break the sensation of a ghost town. And create a unity between people. All in the same boat.
  5. You really need to update your settings then, at the moment it just shows the V8.
  6. @Eric plam I do like you post above a lot. It is about each wheel have its merits and seeing/riding them accordingly. Personal preference is hard to argue about as we all have different uses and needs. What you like about the Z10 is why I hold my KS16X high too. And since I don't ride for speed it works really well for me. My V10f on the other hand is my "smallest" wheel. Since it is light compared to my KS16X and KS18L it is easier to go for that short shopping ride. Plus it stores a little easier as it is slimmer (like under a seat in the cinema or hockey arena).
  7. I do think this is a fair point. On the other hand @Marty Backe didn't say it was junk just that it didn't have his interest and after all there is a cost too to consider. Now @Marty Backe have tested Inmotion before and the V10F just didn't do well enough to buy one. We all have different things we want. I like my V10f (nov2019 build) a lot. But it serves a different purpose than my KS16X that I find to have the most fun on. The only major issue here is again as usual weatherproofing. It simply have go be better with an actual rating so as a customer you can claim warranty if it doesn't hold up. Especially in a price range of $2000+ mark. Imho. It is 2020 after all.
  8. yup my thoughts exactly.. some minor oversights but absolutely nothing dangerous or damaging... and 1.13 is the best I have been using it since they released it and have like 4k km on it
  9. There is conflicting information about the reasons why King Song removed 2.01 for KS-16S. To date, there is no information that would indicate that 2.01 firmware is dangerous. Yes, it contains errors that need to be corrected. However, the same applies to 2.00 firmware for the KS-18L/XL that has not been withdrawn and is still available for update. It's similar to situation with software 1.13 for KS-18L/XL. It was removed some time after publication. As a result, some people had version 1.13 (which clearly improved riding experience), while others had to stay with version 1.12 (but 1.13 was still available through KS SoftApp).
  10. I'm quite a newcomer to EUC (started only last spring) but it got me like a virus. Now my wheels are spreading and multiply! I have like 8 of them and I must say that I do recognize that my Nikola is the overall best I have. The 18xl is fine too, but I might part with it because it is redundant and doesn't have the wow factor that the z10 and 18s offer. Those last two, even if they are limited in many ways, are just my favorites. The z10 for obvious reasons, so different to ride. But the 18S, wow. I know the size is weird, not good looking, but the pleasure just to drive seated, wow. Just perfectly fits my size. Perfect for a lasy ride! A new iteration of the 18s would be sooooo nice
  11. So now you have to build a test rig for reviewing suspension wheel. Oh this is going super fantastic to watch....just be careful. I can see a new unit named rehab 4.0 or 5.0 as ncap. 😉
  12. nobodies asking anybody to treat them with kid gloves, i think his point was you as a well respected member of this community and reviewer you should try be unbiased instead of slagging off a machine you'd never even seen ridden nevermind tested yourself.. your already dismissing it off as junk so why would anybody send you a wheel to review when you'd just most likely trash it because you'd already made your mind up about it...
  13. The 18S is an old build now. For it to sell better it need an update modern standards. I think KS talked about looking into suspension too. But they have been quiet about it. In a few days we will hopefully know more.
  14. It's available via KS SoftApp and EUC World. No, fortunately no.
  15. fyi the soft tuner app for me had access to 2.X FW for both my 16S and 18XL at a time when their official app did not.. i dont know what this means for right now, but just to let you know, it being on there does not necessarily indicate that its currently "supported"
  16. I don't have a correct word for it in English. But it is a short term layoff but you still have your job. You are sent "home" as you have a day off/holiday. Since you don't work you would normally take a hit on your pay slip hour to hour you are sent home. But these are special circumstances so government have installed aid packages to business to help with salaries to avoid permanent job losses. So you can see companies using this from two angels. Either there is nothing/to little to do. Or economics are bad and company must make cost saving to maintain liquidity to pay bills. At my company we have taken a big sale hit so income is not matching costs. But since I work with aftersale support we still have lots to do, since customers now have time to ask us and have nothing better to (sometimes 😉) due being home most of the time.
  17. Normally that'd be us too, weather's been a bit freaky this year. We expect to get back up to normal on Thursday.
  18. Seems as KS-16S FW 2.01 is officially available again!? @Seba - do you have an idea if it is still the same FW 2.01 that was revoked by KS before. I hope they do not publish a new FW with the same number! Edit: Or is this just the softtuner app having acces to 2.01?
  19. This issue was caused by different bootloader used in some of KS-16S wheels. Latest EUC World is compatible with this bootloader. So I strongly advise to always use most up-to-date EUC World version (or just enable automatic updates in Google Play settings).
  20. Today
  21. From an engineering standpoint it would make sense to add suspension to the 18S as there's lot's of space available for the hardware. Folk also use that wheel for seated riding and the suspension would be great for that. The huge downside though is that no-one seems to buy the 18S and you very rarely see ii appear in peoples list of wheels they own. The 18X would be a great idea and also wouldn't step on the toes of their current 16X.
  22. What if they are updating the 18S model or making at least something similar? The most likely option is 18X, something similar to 16X but with 18x3" tire and maybe (hopefully) some kind of suspension.
  23. I did take a boring ride around a shut down school parking lot. If I could figure out a way to safely wear VR goggles while riding I could then change the scenery.
  24. This could need a sticky.. Kingsong pulled their old app in order to post a new one, but the new got rejected from both android and Apple app stores. Do there is no official app right now. You can however use euc world for Android or darknessbot for iOS. Good luck.
  25. @Unventor Is "out queue" a code word for layoffs? If not I didn't understand you. British Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) is on oxygen.
  26. Rehab1


    Wow mother nature does behave differently in your region. As you were enjoying a ride in the snow I was outside raking, picking up sticks and dog poop.
  27. Nic

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    You could look at this as an investment for when you open up your 'History of Electric Unicycles' museum to the public.
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