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On 5/21/2017 at 4:34 PM, Sketch said:

I've got 3 of my kids riding electric unicycle now

Awesome! Slowly more kids are getting into EUCs! The kids/family angle could be another promotion for the store!

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Hey let me be among the many to wish you Congratulations and good luck!

Your location is in an ideal spot for Louisville, St. louis, Memphis, Little Rock and the others. Plenty of people would make the drive in those areas to your store. I am from there, and I can tell you we ache to leave during the summer months no matter where we go. I went so far I wound up in Los Angeles. Ha! You should also contact your local Chamber of Commerce and get listed as one of the unique Points of Interest for locals to visit or get excited about. They usually have visitor resources for corporations and other businesses and local conventions.

There are so many local festivals in all the towns listed above as well as the fair at the end of the summer in Evanstown Indiana, that you could really get a lot of bang for your promotions in those areas. There are state fairs as well. I will check out your protective gear, now that I saw some cool pics.

Once again, Congrats!

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