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Msuper3, wheel for a starter?

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2 hours ago, kour said:

last night after work i trolleyed my wheel up to a cul de sac in my neighborhood - it's all hills where i live... not good! but that area is relatively flat in comparison. was able to cruise a few times ranging from around 20 feet to 60 feet. it seems it's key to have a lot of space so one doesn't have to worry about stopping all of a sudden. also lost control of my wheel a few times and it bucked around on the pavement.. it was painful to see! it really is a powerful machine and it got pretty scuffed. i will say the casing seems really tough, however - the abrasions are mostly on the surface. one plus is that there was less bashing of my ankles by the pedals. i think the ideal surface to practice on would be a large expanse of very thin carpet, like you'd see in some indoor gyms and public facilities

I forgot to mention that one of the disadvantages of having a more open wheel is that when it falls it can catch the wheel and spin it whereas a more enclosed wheel may fall to it's side and spin without catching. I misjudged my speed going up a slight lip, with my Monster, and ended up stepping off. The Monster fell but as the wheel is wide open it caught and flipped itself damaging the handle. Ideally you do do with a firm ground with very short grass. Parks can be good for this.

1 hour ago, kour said:

before i made my way up to a sort of flat area, i tried a few times to go up the hill that is my street. the thing is, i haven't been able to adjust anything via the gw app because my (old) smartphone (galaxy nexus one, lol) doesn't have bluetooth 4.0! a cheap 7" android tablet is on the way, though.

i did push and tilt my feet forward and heard the motor make an effort. i'm 6'4" and weigh just about 175 (lbs). perhaps, as @TremF and @Goodman say it's a matter of the setting. it could also be because i've only ridden for a total of about a couple of hours and my pedal manipulation skills are wanting

Wow at the Nexus One. That is an old phone lol. The tablet will be good for checking and adjusting settings. I turn off the first and second speed beeps and have disabled tilt back on my Monster. The third beep cannot be turned off so I use that to warn me - not that I have ever heard it apart from when the battery gets to 20% which, with the giant battery, means another 10-15 miles but I can't ride when the wheels beep. It just gets on my nerves. Once you get used to riding and turning on the flat you'll manage hills better. My first time going down a subway slope felt weird. I took it really slow and felt the pedals levelling off as I rode down. Getting up the other side was easy. as I'd already learned to lean to accelerate which got me up the other side in no time.
When riding I tend to have the front of my feet over the front of the pedals so it's almost the ball of my foot on the edge. This helps give leverage for acceleration. I'm hoping to either tilt the pedals back, via calibrating with them slightly tilted, or add something to the front which will lift the foot and make accelerating easier. I haven't gone over 22/23 mph on my Monster because it's so hard to accelerate on most of the terrains I ride. lol

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