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Jason McNeil

Inmotion V3 & V5 Protective Covers

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HEC    1,184
On ‎06‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 2:16 PM, Rehab1 said:

HEC It is to bad there is not a supplier in your country. Wonder what it would cost to ship using Amazon's new drone delivery:P

Ha ha - I'd capture and keep the drone as well to "offset" hte cost. :D  I think that item is actually EOL prodict (you can see thay in the URL on their web site) and aslo how you noticed that company name is misspelled at Amazon listing? ;) 

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Fahrtwind    196

@Jason McNeil Ups, sorry! Off course you are right, it was the mud-guard which made the problems installing the hook. But I like to get the cover off quickly and leave the hook unfixed...

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Rehab1    5,987

@Jason McNeil I road and road and road some more today! Sounds...Who needs sounds! Back to reality...sorry...no I did not try the restore method yet but thanks for asking. I hope to resolve in the morning?

I did get some interesting video going over a very bumpy cobblestone bridge with the V5F that I will post. 

@HEC Funny! I hear ya. 

 No I did not notice the error.

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