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Liam Mit

King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

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2 minutes ago, KS Poland said:

Also it is much cheaper transport small axis + 2 x pillars by air

I assume you mean KingSong air mailing these parts to you, not you shipping to the customer.

 I've got my motor apart, but i'm having trouble getting one of the side covers off the axle (axis as you call it).  It's the side where the wires go into the axle.  The other side came off easily.  is there a technique or procedure I need to know about? Im aware a hydraulic press is needed to remove the axle from the motor,  i'm not talking about that step.

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Sorry for my english, I corrected on "axle".

The axle is not a standard spare part. I think it is not easy to get it for end customer.

About the metal cover: you have to step-by-step lever the cover in 3 points around. Then you have to cut motor wires, better insulated cables, not coils wires. It will be easer to solder them back.

Then you can go to any car repair shop and use the press in exchange for a beer :)

In the assembly process, please note that the cables are firmly pinned and not hanging because they can wipe to metal cover during motor rotation. Use a lot of zippers and silicon.

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Dont apologise for your english. This board would be a shadow of itself without ESL (English as a second language) contributors such as yourself.

yes i think my side cover is rusted to the shaft, just enough to lock it in place.  i was just trying to reduce the size of the package I will probably be sending you.  I was only slightly considering doing it myself, but considering it more now, assuming I can buy the axle from you, and get the hydraulic pressing done.  I wont need the pedal arms, as I want to rotate the axle 90 degrees so that the strongest, thickest part (15mm not 12mm), is up and down, not left and right.  I will modify the existing pedal arms to accommodate this arrangement, and will also do it is such a way that the arms are raised up 2 or 3 mm (cut mostly into the arm and not the arm cap piece) to gain a tiny bit more ground clearance during cornering. 

If I get it apart, will you sell me an axle?

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