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I have collected some info about the Ninebot app releases on Andorid and IOS.

Release history:

Download previous versions

Release details - see all versions in attached pdf

Date System Ninebot version Release notes Comment
2016-01-06 Android 3.2.2 1 Fix the bug of ‘Activated date '
2 Add the ’Single Riding Time’ of Ninebot One
2016-01-16 IOS 3.2.2 1 Enable find vehicle friends nearby
2 Enable send private message
3 Optmize N fan group
4 Optmize process of activation
5 Fix the bug of 'activation time'
6 Optimize user operation experience
2016-01-29 Android 3.2.3 1 Support google map for 'Riders Nearby'
2 More medals
3 Facebook login
2016-02-01 Android 3.2.4 Update the function of activation. https://miui-germany.de/index.php?thread/9396-xiaomi-ninebot-mini-segway/&pageNo=9&s=885ed2933bf935af7aeb26741a579fbc831a7764
2016-02-05 IOS 3.2.4 1 Support google map for 'Riders Nearby'
2 More medals
3 Facebook login
2016-03-21 Android 3.3.0  - Same as IOS -  
2016-03-22 IOS 3.3.0 1. Language division of N Fans group
2. Fix bugs
2016-04-01 Android 3.3.1 Fix bugs and improve experience  
2016-04-08  - Info -     App Update Dear friendsBecause of the system upgrade ,please update the app to version \n 3.3.1.Otherwise it may affect the use of. Welcome everyone to experience.  
2016-04-08 IOS 3.3.1 System update and improve experience.  
2016-04-22 Android 3.4.0  - Same as IOS -  
2016-04-25 IOS 3.4.0 1 Support the ‘Ninebot One S2’
2 Update the experience and fix bugs.
2016-04-28 Android 3.4.1 Update the experience and fix bugs.  
2016-05-02 IOS 3.4.1 Update the experience and fix bugs.  
2016-05-17 Android 3.5.0  - Same as IOS -  
2016-05-18 IOS 3.5.0 1 Optimize the user interface of vehicle control.
2 Optimize the tips of ridding safety.
3 Optimize the ‘guide for driving'.
4 Support the point & level system.
5 Pay attention to WeChat public no.
6 Modify ‘Weekly ranking‘ by models.
7 Support the function of searching in N fans group.
8 Prevent touch limiter button by mistake.
9 Fix bugs that A1/S2 appeared online.
10 Optimize some user interfaces in app.
2016-05-23 Android 3.5.1  - Same as IOS -  
2016-05-25 IOS 3.5.1 1 Fix the bug of ‘Firmware Update’.
2 Optimize the function of ‘report the point ' .
3 Support more languages in our app. / Fix bugs about the ranking
2016-06-24 Android 3.6.0  - Same as IOS -  
2016-06-25 IOS 3.6.0 1 Optimize the function of ‘Rider Nearby’.
2 Add the local ranking for the function of ‘Ranking’.
3 Optimize the display of medals .
4 Fix some bugs and optimize the expressing.
2016-06-28 Android 3.6.1  - Same as IOS -  
2016-06-30 IOS 3.6.1 1 Optimize the display of speed value about Ninebot One.
2 Fix the bug that after the firmware update vehicle boot alarm.
3 Update the up limit of the payload.
2016-07-08 Android 3.6.2  - Same as IOS -  
2016-07-09 IOS 3.6.2 1 Optimize the grammar and words in the App.
2 Support the function of ‘Modifying user name'.
3 Optimize the function of 'N fans group'.
4 Support new function of 'Shipping mode’ for One A1/S2.
5 Fix some bugs.
2016-07-13 IOS 3.6.3 1 Fix some bugs  


Hopfully we match the Ninebot App list with a Ninebot Mini/Pro Firmware release list to understand when/how/if they are linked.


Ninebot-App release info.pdf

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Vik's    755
6 hours ago, Moises Andrade Júnior said:

how i desable Speed Limit 16Km/h i pay for it 

You'll get unlocked speed after the first 50km I think.

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so i have a 1.3.1 software. any chance to hack it now a days? it drive me crazy by tilting backwards and slowing down to15-16KM/h. and also take time to come back to 18....any way to make it goes 18 at the constant speed?

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