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Increased pedal grip!

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uniler    33

After a recent ride in the rain I realised the importance of added grip on the pedals. Especially while going over bumps as keeping your feet in the same position can be challenging while jumping curbs and such. I considered buying grip tape from a skate shop. Although being frugal and also a tinkerer I started to consider what was possible with what I had in the garage already. Then a thought occurred to use a low grit sand paper. The plan is to use a use high quality gorilla tape on the edges to give a durable attachment, covering all but a narrow strip in the center of the pedal. 

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dmethvin    1,530

You'd want some sandpaper with a good backing, the wet/dry type is obviously pretty durable if it can take being soaked. The problem is that wet/dry tends to be in fine grits since it's used for finish work. Grip tape is probably your best bet.

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Oily    79

If you looking for something different, you could try sanding mesh - it's made from cotton (I think) rather than paper, so doesn't disolve when it gets wet....



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