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Found 52 results

  1. King Song electric unicycles are your best choice.Join us !!! Email
  2. King Song has always been working on electric unicycles. So far,we have researched KS-14B,KS-14C,KS-14D,KS-16A,KS-16S and KS-18A, which have high allocations and nice designs.What's more. We have dealers and users all over the world.Join us,King Song is your best friend!!!
  3. Hi all! I joined this forum in hope to get some insight on why accidents happen with electric unicycles. I have no experience with them and am doing a little project on whether electric self-balancing devices, motorized skateboards, etc. should be legalised in public areas (in Switzerland) or not. So, here are my questions: 1. Whenever you had an accident, which category would you place yourself in? (It would be helpful if you could shortly state what happened as well) A. self-inflicted, no one else included B. self-inflicted, other people included (e.g. lost balance in public area and crashed into pedestrian?) C. device failure D. other party caused the accident 2. What kinds of injuries did you attain? Was a visit to the hospital needed? How long did it take to fully regenerate? 3. If it were legalised, would you say, that certain protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guards and knee pads should be mandatory? 4. Is it safer to drive on pedestrian walkways, bicycle lanes or the open street? What should the speed limit be for each of the options? I am thankful for every answer! Cheers, Alexa Edit: If you can spare 5 minutes of your time, please fill out the following survey: The link is also in another thread I have created - just in case you have already come across it.
  4. Hey guys, To introduce ourselves we are Ageratos Technologies, an online store for popular electric unicycles based in Australia. We are excited to share our passion with other EUC riders out there! Please visit and like us on our facebook page and website Or Follow us on instagram! Cheers Clint Ageratos Technologies
  5. Soon, we won't even have to "learn" to ride our EUCs. Just hop on and glide as you wish.
  6. Hello this is Samuel again. Some of you may have seen my other post. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some legit websites to buy electric unicycles from, or where you purchased yours. I am looking at the ninebot brands as they seem to be popular.
  7. Dear friend, can you help me whom can i contact to repair the unicycle? thank you very much for your help.
  8. Hi allI have a Gotway MCM2s 340 Wh for sale. It is located in Denmark, but I have the original box and everything so shipping is possible.It is in almost new condition (you cannot see it has been used). Only used 5 times in total. Now only 325 euro thanks. Frederik
  9. I can't see that anybody has flagged this here before but I found a petition on Project 42's blog page to legalise EUC's etc in the UK. i hope all the UK members will sign this.
  10. Dear all, After almost a year of not using my X5 unicycle I decided to give it a try. I gave the battery a good charge but all I got when power it on was continuous beeps. I ordered a brand new battery and tried again. I got the same results, continuous beeps, all battery LED are off. Only the start push button is flashing red. I tried the gyro recalibration process sometimes I can see the wheel trying to turn one direction and then the other but it is like if there was not enough power. However the battery voltage is ok. Any ideas guys ? What should I check? Thanks a lot for your help. Herve.
  11. Hi, is there any EU riders from the Netherlands? Looking to organize a meet up if there's enough people to join. Charge your Batteries and let's visit some nice places in the low lands.
  12. Hi All, Just signed up on the forum. I started riding an airwheel a few months ago and am on an ips121 now. I have some video riding with some locals in Miami Beach..
  13. If is interested for the spanish people ---> See you in forum! Thank you Wheelers!
  14. I bought Ninebot One E at the beginning of this year, and unfortunately this type of transportation is not for me. It may have some signs of cosmetic wear from learning, but is fully operational and functions as intended—only used two times. Its total mileage is 6 kilometers and total running time 2h 34m 56s. Basically still on the first charge that came from the factory. Also I am including a blue wheel wrap and wheel bag worth up to 200 dollars! (Roll Wheel Wrap- Brilliant Blue Metallic original price $65 –free and Deluxe Wheel Bag original cost $139 –free). I am asking 475. And I am in NYC area, willing to ship it at your cost! Basically is less than half of the price I paid.
  15. You decide the distance by yourself. One model with different capacity battery. It can also rise to max speed 25-30 km/h high speed unicycle.
  16. Dear my friends, This is Denny from China. We are dedicated to provide high quality with best price in Aliexpress shopping platform. The products include Ninebot, F-wheel, and firewheel, etc. You are welcomed to get more details and price for your interesting product in Aliexpress or contact me by facebook. Aliexpress: Facebook: Regards, Denny
  17. Does anybody have any specs info regarding the kingsong 16in? I'm trying to find out before I make my decision to buy an msuper 18. But if the 16" has a big enough battery and great speed, than thats what I want. I looks great and I love the trolley handle thats included.
  18. So..... i have a ninebot one e+. I did some research that seemed like the better option that fit my needs at the time, and let me tell you its been one hell of a ride.... but somethings missing. I wish it could go faster. I wish the battery could last a little longer. I know the ninebot one pro is coming soon, but the specs aren't really too far from my e+. I feel like ninebot is giving us little by little specs at a time to sell each model... like the iphone(4,4s,5,5s,6, etc) where it looks pretty and premium, but they barely up the specs, and slowly gets features that others had for years. I feel as if the ninebot pro is gonna make me feel stupid when the ninebot p+ comes out for a $100 bucks more. I want the Samsung of Unicycles(well the old samsung)! Where they maximize every possible spec, easy changable batteries, gives you the most bang for your buck, and gives you more than what you need. It may not be the prettiest or the most popular. That being said, which 18in is the best. I know there are plenty to choose from. I only know a few. Such as the king song, solo extreme, msuper 18, and the ninebot pro. By best i mean, max speed, power, battery/distance, comfort, user experience, parts/accessories. Accesories... i dont really care too much about but its always a plus. Please share which unicycle you think is the beast of unicycles. Doesn't have to be the one i provided. I love to have choices and there is so much i just dont know. Thats why i need your help. Thanks!!!
  19. Lightest electric unicycle 6.1kg, easy to handle With Bluetooth and APP Features: Maximum load 265 pounds, affordable price sale worldwide Distance depends on rider's weight, road conditions Charging voltage: adopt to 180-240V, US/EU/UK charger available Charging time: around 60-120 mins (30 mins to 80%) Li-ion battery: 60V, 2.2Ah Motor power: 450W Maximum cruise speed: 18km/h Maximum load: 100kg Net weight: about 12.2kg Maximum climbing angles: 15-45° Minimum turning radius: 0° Size: 458*134*230mm Distance of treadle from ground: 121mm APP interface Package size: 49x24.5x59.5cm Orange color Package includes: Charger, safety belt, training tool, crashproof strip, replacement screw, tool and manual 1x self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter 1x training tool 1x training belt Crashproof strip 1x charger 1x user's manual 1x retail box
  20. Hi, newbie here. To be honest, the balancing scooter is cool but i know it easily blows up fire, so do you guys know how to choose a safe one? These days i've noticed a site on my FB and i am thinking of buying one from them. What do you think of it?
  21. Houston Top Shop for wheels is opening up and making a staple in the scene. We have new, used, and all sorts of other fun things to showcase. Bluetooth Accessories, 3D printing Pens, Desktop 3D Printers, Drones Will post more soon! 5901 Hillcroft Avenue, 77036 Houston Texas