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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys We want to bring more people to EUC cycle, so we are trying to lower the entrance level, especially the price barrier. We have some limited edition of Solowheel Glide 2 Lite(InMotion V5) in stock, which is a great model for beginners to start with, and we set the price to be $399. For EUC community, we even offer 10% off before 3/22/2018 with a coupon code of "EUCG2Spring", so if you have friend or family member who wants a entrance model, please check out here: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/solowheel-glide-2
  2. Hi guys We want to bring more people to EUC cycle, so we are trying to lower the entrance level, especially the price barrier. We have some limited edition of Solowheel Glide 2 Lite(InMotion V5) in stock, which is a great model for beginners to start with, and we set the price to be $399. For EUC community, we even offer 10% off before 3/22/2018 with a coupon code of "EUCG2Spring", so if you have friend or family member who wants a entrance model, please check out here: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/solowheel-glide-2
  3. Hey guys, As you may already know, we are working on some ideas to support the EUC riding communities all over the country. So we'd like to hold a mileage contest to reward the rider with the most miles racked up during the contest period. The prize? A free Glide 2 Lite. Perfect for a beginner or that person in your life that you've been trying to convince... Basic Rules: 1. Attendance: Anyone with any brand wheel above 18 years old living in United States 2. Apply procedure: Comment under this thread with “I read the waiver thoroughly and I agree all the terms and want to participate this contest, and my start mileage is xxx miles” , and attach the screenshot of App showing the current mileage of your wheel. Screenshot must be dated the day of posting and contain the same mileage stated in your post. At the end of February, Post in this thread to mark your progress. First quote your original entry post, then show us your ending mileage with a screenshot dated no later than 02/28/2018. 3. Winner: The champion is the one who has the most mileage! 4. Award: Free Solowheel Glide 2 Lite 5. Date: The award will be sent out before 03/10/2018 6. Waiver: I am of full legal age. I have carefully read this release and fully understand its contents. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance. I understand there may be dangers in participation in this contest. I expressly assume all risks, including personal injury, property damage and all other loss relating to my participation in this contest, and I expressly waive and release the Solowheel Inc from all claims resulting from any such risks. I verify that I have no impairment that might inhibit or make unsafe my participation in this contest. I will abide by all applicable safety rules, guidance and regulations governing my participation in this contest.
  4. Sale Ended - See You Next Time! We've got 2 deals running for 24 hours. Sale Ends 2/1/2018 5:59am
  5. As the title suggests, Solowheel is running an exchange program that accepts non-Solowheel EUCs as a trade-in for an instant discount on a new Glide series. https://solowheel.com/pages/exchange-program It's a very painless process, and it's perfect for anyone with an entry-level wheel looking to upgrade. We've already received quite a few trade-ins. Lots of Ninebot Ones, older Solowheels, and some Gotways coming in so far! This program is a limited time offer, so if itching to pull the trigger on a new wheel, definitely check it out.
  6. Exchange Program

    Exchange Program. Here at Solowheel want to continue top-tier service and customer relationships. Our exchange program is an opportunity to ensure the EUC community is always improving.We will take your old Electric Unicycle and give you the equivalent worth of credit up to $400 toward a new Solowheel Glide 3 or Solowheel Gilde 2. Just follow the link below to fill out the form to see your trade-in discount value. https://solowheel.com/pages/exchange-program
  7. The New Solowheel

    Hi EUC riders: It has been a few years now since our owner Shane created Solowheel and brought it to Interbike in 2010, and users of this forum know better than anyone just how much the world of electric unicycles have progressed since then. We are honored to see how much joy this invention has brought to countless people all over the world, and we never expected to see such passion and dedication from the close-knit community this has grown to be today. Seeing how these magical devices have changed people’s lives, added euphoria to the most mundane portion of most commuters’ days, and given birth to some cutting-edge extreme sport riding has given Solowheel motivation to continue inventing. As you may know, we also came up with Hovertrax, aka the “hoverboard”, in 2015 when we saw some Solowheel riders having a bit of fun with 2 wheels, one on each foot. We all saw how that creation spread like wildfire (pun intended). More recently, in 2016 we came up with Lota in an effort to make an incredibly portable solution. In fact, we are still working on some out-of-the-box ideas today to make wheels for a wide variety of people and use cases. Our team has always been filled with creators who are obsessed with coming up with new concepts. Inventing is something rooted deep in our culture and our DNA. We have been focusing on new ideas instead of pushing new Solowheel hardware. As a result, a number of other manufacturers have proven just how far and fast we can go with electric unicycles and frankly, it’s incredible! As impressive as that has been to see, we still feel that there is a lot of work to be done to bring safety and quality up to the same high standard. Enthusiasts are very forgiving when it comes to issues like QC because they have a different set of priorities. We think everyone deserves a well-rounded product that is dependable and worry-free, as well as attentive and responsive service. We’ve always had a high bar for ourselves in overall experience, quality, and safety, but we still needed a strong partner to help take our ideas to the next level. We spent a lot of time and research to assess the quality of the current major players, and what we found was that InMotion stood out. Not only were we impressed by their current lineup, but after getting to know them, we found that we aligned in our philosophy. Both of us consider safety and quality our top priorities, and our respect for intellectual property bridged our relationship as we both highly value our integrity. At the beginning of 2017, we came to an oral agreement. Everything went very slowly at first because there was a lot of paperwork to transition the intellectual property, but now we are ready to announce our partnership and kick off 2018 with a bang. As many of you know, you can already see the beginning of our new relationship in the form of the new Glide series based on InMotion’s products. While they look mostly the same as the V series from InMotion, they do have updated firmware that feature an intelligent tilt-back system. Instead of being based on top speed, the safety tilt-back is only triggered by dynamic max output power data coming from the battery system. The result is a more streamlined and safer warning system that gives our riders full confidence. If it seems like we didn’t change much from InMotion’s V series, it’s because they had already developed a really refined wheel! So that was just our first small step together. We now have a couple of wheels in development, and we are excited to share those with you as soon as we are ready. A new partnership also means a new team! Solowheel HQ is now a happy resident of sunny San Diego, CA. As we turn over a new leaf, you’ll find that we are dedicated to providing a level of customer service that leaves no customer behind. More warranty options, no-hassle repair. All you have to do is reach out. We noticed that there are lots of struggles in this forum in regards to InMotion customers getting repair and service, so we will be offering repair service for those customers as well from now on. We know very well that Solowheel hasn’t always made the best impression on this forum in the past, but we are starting fresh. We hope you’ll all embrace our new philosophy of being more available and open to the community, and we would love to hear your feedback. Happy Holidays! Solowheel Team
  8. Hey guys, Just wanted to post about used / refurbished unit sale from our London office (pick-up preferred but insured EU-wide shipping also available): Ninebot E+ X2 - starting at £280 Kingsong 14S demo unit - 4 times outside, £800 Several V3 units - starting at £150 Solowheel Classic x4 - £50 for parts (dead battery) Inmotion V8 refurbished - visible scratches over the top panel - £650 All alive units are covered with 3 months short warranty. I also have a couple of bikes and used e-scooters available, all way below Aliexpress cost Our office is still based at 1 Westminster Bridge Rd, happy to arrange a trial for anything 🤘🏼
  9. Alright, after a couple years of owning the SoloWheel Xtreme, and many other electric unicycles, I gotta say, by far, that the Solowheel is the most difficult to ride, by a very large margin. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone used to riding hard settings on wheels such as GotWay models and similar would not be able to ride my Solowheel, at all. Why? Well it's simple, the MASSIVE lean. Accelerating/decelerating, my body leans 45 degrees! Compared to my Gotways which have no lean while moving. Or with King Song which has only like a 5 degree lean, no more. My Xtreme is very weak compared to my other wheels, such as the GW Mten3 and the GW Monster, but believe me, riding the Xtreme is SCARY. Oh boy... It leans like a motherfucker! Jumping down curbs with this wheel is just off the table.
  11. $2,000 - Used black 2016 Solowheel Extreme (two available) for sale in Seattle Washington. Power cords included, Originally purchased from Solowheel Seattle Both Solowheels have been used regularly for city commuting (for 10 months only) and have the light scratches you would associate with that kind of use. We LOVE these machines and are only selling because we will be spending the next year or two abroad. We hate the idea that the lithium batteries will conk out while our wheels are in storage! It's better that someone else can enjoy them while we are unable. For photos of the actual two devices please email me directly cross@spiderbox.design , also happy to answer any questions.
  12. Wondering if there is a comparison at all. Just tell me that my InMotionV5F+ is better ( just riding experience not the details) than Solowheel at a cheaper price. That makes me feel good and intelligent.
  13. Read the story. I guess Solowheel is not dead. http://newatlas.com/inventist-solowheel-iota/47563/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=852252cc0d-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-852252cc0d-91117289
  14. New Solowheel Scorpion

    The new Solowheel Scorpion is suppose to ship the first week of December. Does anyone have the specs or better yet... ordered one? The only spec I have is the $1595 price! Below is a link to the Scorpion basic manual that is just basic boiler plate language. Disappointing! http://www.inventist.com/assets/images/inventions/solowheelscorpion/Solowheel_Scorpion_2016-Manual.pdf
  15. Xtreme vibrates when stressed

    I bought an Xtreme several weeks ago and have noticed when I climb hills or ride hard/fast it starts to vibrate hard for a few seconds repeatedly until I turn it off. Then it works fine on restarting it until pushed again. Any thoughts?
  16. Is Solowheel dead?

    Just curious if anybody has any info. I tried visiting Solowheel.com and it's not active anymore. The Solowheel is still in the inventist site, but it links back to Solowheel.com, which of course doesn't work. Did the company go bankrupt or something?
  17. I purchased a TG-T3 used and after a few months It stopped turning on. I've come to find that the power switch failed and a few of the flat resistors on the motherboard burned out. I've searched the internet looking for a TG-T3 motherboard and have contacted many venders who sell EU parts to no avail. The closest I've come to finding a replacement for my purple TG-T3 motherboard is a yellow Solowheel motherboard I purchased from Alibaba.com. After installing it, all it wants to do when its turn on is go in one direction as fast as it can until it errors out. I've tried jumping the pins to do a balance reset but that didn't work. Its as if it doesn't know that its on the ground or balanced. Any thoughts? Was it just silly of me to blindly put in another mother board? Does anyone know where I could get a TG-T3 motherboard or how to get this Solowheel motherboard to work with my TG-T3 hardware?
  18. I purchased a Solowheel three years ago and have used it almost daily since then, riding approximately 25 km/week. I love my Solowheel and thoroughly enjoy riding it. I am also quite impressed with the device’s durability. My only mechanical problem with the Solowheel has been a single flat tire, which is a little tricky to replace. I learned to be careful to keep the tire pressure up. In year three, I thought my battery was breaking down because after only a 6 km ride, the red battery-warning light would start to flash. Quite by accident, I discovered the tire pressure was low, and when I refilled it the battery range problem went away. I should mention that I am very careful, every night, to put the Solowheel on it’s charger and. I understand that keeping a full charge as much as possible helps the lithium batteries. So, in late 2015 I decided to look at upgrading my Solowheel to a newer model. Of course, in three years quite a bit of product development had occurred and there were more competitive choices in the marketplace. I did some online research but unfortunately, many of the manufacturer’s sales documents were poorly written and online reviews were often written by people with little riding experience or experience with only one model. After considering several options, I decided to try the Ninebot Uni E+ model - although it seemed somewhat a gamble as I had seen both positive and negative comments about it online. So, after riding the Ninebot for a few months and accumulating 130 km of travel I am in a good position to review it, at least in comparison with the Solowheel. The Solowheel presents several great features. The device is very well built and has proven quite durable. Battery performance has been excellent. I find the Solowheel speed and balance good. The carrying handle is integrated into the body and functions quite well when picking up the unit, and especially after stepping off the Solowheel when finishing a ride. In general, I find I can ride about 4 km before my feet tire of the standing position and I need to step off and relax the muscles a couple minutes before resuming. The main Solowheel disadvantage - price. I originally purchased mine for $1800. The equivalent model now looks priced around $1400. The Ninebot E+ unit boasts of higher speed, longer range and is priced around $900. Out of the box, it certainly looks good with a more futuristic-looking outer shell and integrated LED lights. It was also noticeably heavier than my Solowheel - as disclosed online in the specifications. With my Solowheel experience, I was able to ride the Ninebot immediately. True to specification, it certainly rides faster than the Solowheel at top speed. In fact, I find the Ninebot top speed uncomfortably fast for “cruising” but nice when you need a burst of speed to pass walkers/bikers. I have confirmed the longer battery range and the bluetooth connected iphone app is very handy to check battery status. Some other observations. First, the position of the pedals on the Ninebot angle up slightly compared to the Solowheel and I found the Ninebot weight to be carried a little higher (probably due to larger motor or batteries). Both these differences took some time to get used to and I initially found them less comfortable than the Solowheel. However, now I no longer notice the difference. I also found I needed to add a little extra padding to the Ninebot where my legs touched the side of the unit. Helpfully, the padding was included in the box. Most unexpectedly, I continue to find the Ninebot seems more stable when riding at very slow speeds compared to the Solowheel. I’m not sure the reason, but if I have to slow down behind some walkers, waiting to pass them, the Ninebot is more stable and easier to maneuver at these lower speeds. On the downside, my Ninebot arrived with a very low tire pressure. The instructions are included to add air, but it requires taking off the plastic cover and this is not trivial. Without care, the “snap tabs” holding the cover on can break. I am not sure how many cycles of remove/reinstall those tabs will take. I don’t suspect very many. Also, the Ninebot comes with a recessed handle built into the body. This looks very nice and functions alright (some reviews have warned the handle can break too easily) but I find it very inconvenient when stepping off the unit at the end of a ride to try and grab this recessed handle. It works much better when simply moving the unit around, into and out of the car for example. Finally, my bluetooth connection with the Ninebot only works about 75% of the time. I have no idea why. For that reason, I am afraid to put a digital lock “code” on the unit or even update the firmware for fear that I end up with a unusable “brick”. Some online reviewers have mentioned firmware updates can be tricky. It appears the only manufacturer’s support originates from very far away in China. On the other hand, I can see no pressing reason to update the firmware. The Ninebot really seems to work great! So to summarize, I am really impressed with the overall technology in both these units. Each product works as advertised and makes a great short-distance transportation unit. I especially love how I can put these units into my car, using them for easy-transit around my destination, or carry them into a building. The range and speed options are quite suitable and recharging is relatively quick (a couple hours in both cases). I recommend either unit to interested buyers.
  19. Selling a used black Classic Solowheel, 16" Unicycle. It is a wonderful wheel with great manoeuvrability and perfect for commuting. It has been used often so will be scuffed and bumped but is only cosmetic. For photos or more information, please email me at akina@project42.com Located in London (SE1), price includes express UK shipping. Total: £514
  20. Istanbul also ride in traffic with airwheel X3

    Video on traffic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOQWyeAdkgc
  21. In other post I've read that 1.2.2 had no issues with random cut off's and at the time my software was at 1.2.6 and I was experiencing random cut off's for no reason with plenty of battery life to spare going slow and going fast the unit would randomly turn off and send me flying forward. I am currently running the 1.3.0 software and have again experienced random cut off at around 40% battery life and at varying speeds. What do you guys think? Is it my specific unit or is it a problem that's bigger like the software or at the manufacturing?
  22. Here's how I protected my hoverboard/swegway. You should do it to any of your electric vehicle that get scratches quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hbb53mBGiQ
  23. Airplane Travel with SoloWheel

    According to SoloWheel Xtreme printed specs on the pedal, it has a 160Wh battery. That means it is air travel worthy. What are the odds that airport security would prevent me from boarding?! (plane ticket is way cheaper than wheel, I rather miss the flight!) If you have traveled with electric unicycles, please share your experience! I took a picture of the printed data on my SoloWheel Xtreme's pedal:
  24. Real world stats as tested by 140 lbs rider at 100 ft elevation, 55F degree weather with 12+ mph winds, and 45psi tire: Battery Range: 13 miles (21 km) in uneven road/sidewalk surfaces with constant incline changes. Non-stop riding.Max Speed: 12 mph (on leveled 180 degrees surface)Max climbing incline: ~60 degrees (tested in off-road hill)Unexpected power cutoffs: NONEMax charge time: 2 hrs(now post yours)
  25. eunicycle Mobile App

    Try it ! Login has gotten easier with Facebook! Share your journey with everyone ! Download it on the stores: https://itunes.apple.com/app/eunicycle/id1023113518 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appelit.eunicycle&hl=en Website App: http://eunicycle.appelit.sg