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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Yesterday night I got my long waited MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh, after taking it out of the box eager to go for a ride, nothing happen... extra loud beeping noise and no balance and sometimes stuttering. Here is the video of what is going on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xmWEYihcQtbGpRc2xUaUZubjQ/view?usp=sharing Your advises and tips will be very welcome. Thank you
  2. Got way ACM not working

    Hi guys. My gotway ACM wont start. If i turn it on it starts beeping and won't work, if I tilt it it shakes and starts beeping... i believe somebody picked it up yesterday while it was on, and I wasn't around, it hasn't worked since. i tried recalibrating but no success. Help please!
  3. ACM 16 cannot switch off the device

    Hello, A week ago I installed on my ACM 16 a new 16-mosfet pcb, which was sent by Gotway after one of the eight MOSFETs on the old pcb blew out. After two days of happy riding since yesterday evening I experience a strange problem. The device cannot be switched off in a usual way by holding down the power switch. It can be turned on, the lights work, but when its on it is not possible to turn it off. The only way to turn it off is to lift it from the ground, wait for it to switch off the motor and then during the beeps to hold the switch down. Then it switches off. I re-calibrated the ACM, unplugged the battery from the board, drained the power but nothing changed - it still cannot be turned off the usual way. Very strange and super problematic. Does somebody has and idea how this could be fixed. Maybe I have a bad luck with those pcb, maybe this one is faulty again, or maybe it is a firmware issue? Best, Theo
  4. Problems upgrading to 1.21

    Hi All, when I try to upgrade from 1.20 to 1.21 on my KS16, the following happens: .) I enter the firmware upgrade page in the app, there I see the 1.21 upgrade is available, .) then I press the download button, and absolutely nothing happens. I tried it several times in the last 8 hours, both with app versions 1.2 and 1.4, always the same. It looks like as the firmware can't just be downloaded. Is the Kingsong server overloaded, or is that another problem ? Thanks for any help!
  5. Glitch in KS18A 2016 model?

    I discovered a glitch with my Kingsong KS18A 2016 model. This topic is both possible warning and question whether anyone else experienced it. When mounting i place one foot, then i push off a bit so that i have a little forward movement and then i place my other foot, a standard take off. The glitch (this happened twice now): when pushing off, the motor seems to get no power for just a moment, making the wheel tilt too far. Then the motor/software catches on and gives a powerful surge. The wheel jumps ahead leaving me standing. All I can do is "catch" the wheel. My theory is as follows. When not in motion and upright, the software has a hard time deciding which way is/will be forward. It actually goes back and forth (front light - back light switching). There is apparently a tiny (very tiny) window in time during the switch to one direction, that you cannot reliably take off in the other direction. Can anyone confirm? Is this a known issue? I think it is "just" a firmware problem.
  6. [Solved] Problem with a LED strip

    Hi ! Since my problem with the 1.2.9 Firmware few weeks ago, one of my LED strip doesn't work anymore. I have tested the connexion between the motherboard and the connector and I have seen that the white wire doesn't have power between the beginning of the connector to the next "C1" resistor/whatever things. So with that issu, all the strip doesn't work, but all the others work (same side and other side). My question is : can I bypass the "C1" resistor/whatever and connect a wire directly from 1 to 2 ? OR maybe it's the LED who is dead and cut the whole circuit. Thanks !