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Found 17 results

  1. Here’s my DIY ‘suspension’ cushion to make the ride smoother
  2. Dear gotway guys, @Linnea Lin Gotway, @Jane Mo, I would really appreciated if you could provide new larger msuper3-like pedals. I own an ACM an a msuper3. My ACM was equiped with old pedals. I installed the new ACM pedals but I have some new foot sufferings. I notice that almost everything is much better with msuper3 pedals on msuper3. I tried to put msuper3 pedals on my ACM but I don't know why I find them not large enough on ACM while they are ok on msuper3. I'm happy with my ACM but it would be much better if I can make these foot sufferings less painful. So please, can we expect from you to provide larger msuper3 pedals ? Thank you.
  3. Anybody wanna trade

    Look like most people prefer the msuper pedals based on what I have read on the forum, but me personally I prefer the ACM pedals, I have a pair of msuper pedals that's about 5 months old, has some scratches but all the grip is still there, if anyone wanna trade me ACM pedals for some msuper's let me know I would really appreciate it. I live in Sarasota Florida
  4. I found myself constantly adjusting my stance, scooting my feet around on the unicycle pedals, especially in wet conditions. I got some grip tape and ucame up with a great way to squeeze it in between the grooves of the pedals: a tiny bearing on the end of a metal rod. The difference was night and day; my feet feel practically stuck to the pedals (even flip flops don't shift at all!), and my control improved so dramatically that I actually started getting better range out of a charge. I figure it's because I was rocking back and forth less, so it didn't have to compensate as much to keep me upright. Also, I really like the look of the tape I chose
  5. KS18 Pedal Mods?

    Hey, All. Big feet here. Looking to make/get larger pedals for th KS18 you. Does anybody have any links or a how to guide? Searched the form, but not finding exactly what I need. Thanks in advance! Mc
  6. Re-posting a SpeedFeetUK customer incident of Gotway ACM V2 / Monster pedal breakage: https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/blogs/things-concerning-safety/gotway-acm-footplates-safety-check Gotway ACM Footplates Safety Check by Ian Sampson February 25, 2017 Failure of Gotway ACM Footplate A customer has reported the failure of one of their footplates. The style of footplate is the latest version of the ACM footplate. The model it was fitted to was the Monster 22" purchased late 2016. As always, Speedy Feet will announce any issues reported by customers to keep us all as safe as possible! SHARE this post to all those that it may apply to those it may effect (Button Below) We would recommend ALL riders check their footplates for signs of stress. (Simple scuffing and usual knocks are not part of this potential issue). Conditions of incident: Rider has done around 200 miles on the unit. Simply dropped off a standard size curb, has never done any stunts on the Monster (pretty difficult due to size of the monster!). Only ever used on road in the short distance it had traveled. Rider weight approx 100kg. THINGS TO LOOK FOR WOULD BE: 1. Stress Fractures (These would be actual cracks or signs of stretching of the metal, usually around points of stress, i.e. the hinge area). 2. Actual breakage / or splitting. Pictures of the broken footplate
  7. I had been happy Ninebot user since early 2016, with 2000 km range experience. I have decided to make step forward, and switch to the stronger wheel - I have decided for KS16 with 680wh A few pluses: - higher torque, - much longer range - valise type handle - integrated lights - better stability and nicer ride In general - very good wheel, however I have found that original KingSong pedals are really bad in terms of grip, rubber is soft and heavy, moreover spring based holding mechanism is terrible. Please see below my mod for the pedals: - skateboard grip offer much better stability even in wet conditions - magnetic locking mechanism is easy to lock and unlock by small kick in the lower part of the pedals - pedals lower parts are quite useful! - mod allows to make the unit lighter - KS16D with 680wh battery weight is now 16,42 kg - basic CAD knowledge and 3d printer allowed me to design and print needed parts, proper mounting of the plastic inserts require drilling 3.2 mm holes in the aluminium pedals and taping the holes with M4 thread. Experience in drilling required in order not to drill through the pedals 14 mm round neodymium magnets inserted in the pedals and into the white side bumpers are sufficient to hold pedals up. - 6 pcs of of 10mm and 6 pcs of 8mm long M4 screws are needed, also 24 washers to equalize uneven cast and mount the pedals (US modders can adapt to the locally available imperial system screws) - if somebody is interested in obtaining .stl files with plastic insert and side bumper (to be printed on the 3d printer) let me know. - mod is reversible - it is possible to unscrew pads and insert rubber back into the pedals. The next mod which I decided to go for is to add brigher LED red lights on the back - see results in the next pictures.
  8. Changed to better grip on my KingSong 18 today , used 3 mm plexiglass and grip for stairs , trucks , glued the plexi with bathroom silicone Images link Safety stair grip , link It's for rainy weather and mud or if I get oil on my shoes and rain
  9. My biggest problem with the acm was the small pedals. I had no leverage going up hills and all my weight was in the middle of my foot. I made these as soon as i could and the difference is night and day. They are filed and sanded down on the edge and around all the screws. The screws are held in place with the threads and metal epoxy. I used 3 layers of base coat and 4 layers of black paint. Its all metal paint and as you can see it doesnt wear off much. This is after many weeks of use. I mostly ride in the woods. The grip is superb and the screws are filed down just enough so i dont feel them through the shoes and they are sharp for more grip. They are exactly my shoesize.
  10. KingSong 14C pedal position

    Hi, I'm owning now my EUC for 6 months, a King Song 14C 800W 680Wh. I'm happy with it, but I must say that longer rides (>10km) aren't very comfortable. Depending on the road surface, after 5-10 km my feet start hurting on the outer side of my feet. I think this is caused by the angle of the KingSongs pedals. The pedals are not parallel, they incline towards the outside. See image (not mine, just ripped it from the internet): During the ride, I change the position of my feet several times to reduce the discomfort. This helps a bit, but not enough for longer rides. I tried yet with different shoes, but without luck. My question is : Am I the only one with hurting feet on a KingSong 14C ? Have some of you "modded" your EUC with improved / other pedals ?
  11. Replacement pedals for MCM4

    I am trying to find replacement pedals and hangers for a Gotway MCM4. I would really like to replace the pedals on an MCM3 with those L shaped hangers and the big flat bottom pedals from the MCM4. I do realize there are some mods that will need to be done like screw holes and possibly space for the hangers. Any info or opinion would be awesome. Thanx y'all. UPDATE: Just still wondering if anybody read this post I could really use the info. Thanx
  12. Back in my day, guys added neon lights underneath their cars to make them look they are floating on lights. So today I am waiting for the sun to go down so I can try out my new mod. First test was using those glow-shoelaces you get at dollar or party stores. They are cheap and batteries included. I simply scotch-taped them to the bottom, and I got some dimly-lit effect under my feet. Laces started dimming after an hour, and they are not going to last for 3,tops. So I scrapped those, and recently I ordered these LED Halo lights off eBay in deep blue. My only regret was getting them in the smallest 40mm. They are meant for cars, so that means they are set for 12v. So this is how one looks like when you get it. It wasn't very bright when I connected it to my intended 9v battery idea. I prayed that the LED halo could operate at a lower voltage, and that black thing was just a resistor.
  13. Hello wonderful forum community. I know this is a long, long shot, but I have a request and am hoping someone might be able to help me out. I'm really wanting (needing) some bigger pedals for the Gotway ACM16. I'm willing to pay a couple hundred dollars for a nice set of pedals, and was hoping that maybe someone on here is up for the challenge? I'm sure if they are good then you could sell many more sets. Please message me on here or reply to this thread if you think you would be up for the challenge. I live in the US by the way. Thanks!
  14. Pedals and pedal arms

    Does anyone know if all 14" pedal arms fit the same size axle and bolts? In other words are they all interchangeable?
  15. Pedals won't stay folded

    Hi all, Not sure how widespread my issue is for EU owners but I find my pedals will not stay in the folded position very well at all. Initially it was a lot better but perhaps after I learned on my GW14 and had a few crashes, the magnets no longer have the same holding power. Anyone else have this issue? How did you resolve it? It's really annoying as I carry my EU onto the bus and off, walk down a few platforms and it is constantly folding down on its own even when its leaned on the wall gently, they come down
  16. I am finding it hard to ride my wheel more than 10 minutes due to pain in the foot. I'm trying to reason what causes it. My wheel has classic "split" pedal design. Is this design that bad compared to flat pedals? I have no experience with flat pedals so I couldn't conclude if the pain is from the pedal design. It's not both feet just one foot, I think it was the left foot. Some of you have several wheels with different pedals. Do you ever feel comfortable when you switch to flat pedal after riding the split pedal wheel? In any case, I'm inclined to buy my next wheel which has flat pedal only. Hope Gotway makes something like that. If not, Firewheel or Ninebot are in my mind.
  17. Wondering if anyone of you used grip tape on the pedals. I understand they work good in normal conditions but what about in wet conditions? Do they retain the grip in wet conditions too? I have a grip paint in a spray can. Wondering if it sticks to aluminum. OR is it a bad idea to stick some "rubber" pattern to the top of pedals? I have a TG-F3 and I guess most wheels share the same pedal design ( aluminium+ some grid) except few.