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Found 41 results

  1. Hey guys, I have an M-Super V2 here in the carbon coloration. Pretty light wear and tear considering this was my first wheel, and the one I learned on. I'm selling it because I just recently moved to Seattle and haven't really used it since it's impractical and a little bit too much wheel than I need for my current situation. I just purchased a secondhand Ninebot E+ on Ebay but figured I'd post this monster of a wheel here on the forums to give you guys first dibs. Looking for $700, we can negotiate shipping but local pick up preferred (Seattle, WA). Feel free to ask me questions; I'll try to reply as soon as I can. Thanks! Link For Dropbox Album (More Photos)
  2. Hi all! I have search a lot around this forum and other pages but still haven't found enough detail about the controller card of the Gotway EUC's. In particular the Msuper 3 since I'm currently working on a separate power-board with either 6 sturdier MOSFET's or 12 smaller as the original. Since most controller cards share the same basic setup I suspect that we could gather "all knowledge" in the same thread. One reason to go for 12 MOSFET's is the fact that there are components that them self may cope with currents above 360A but the connector leads stop at around 160-180A. So the first data I'm asking the forum for is Q1: Has anyone done actual measurements on the currents fed thru the motor of a Msuper 3? Preferably also an oscilloscope image... I have read a lot of documentation and can really recommend the Application Note AN-941 from where I quote the summary It is advisable to follow these general guidelines should be followed when paralleling MOSFETs: Use individual gate resistors to eliminate the risk of parasitic oscillation. Ensure that paralleled devices have a tight thermal coupling. Equalize common source inductance and reduce it to a value that does not greatly impact the total switching losses at the frequency of operation. Reduce stray inductance to values that give acceptable overshoots at the maximum operating current. Ensure the gate of the MOSFET is looking into a stiff (voltage) source with as little impedance as practical. Zener diodes in gate drive circuits may cause oscillations. When needed, they should be placed on the driver side of the gate decoupling resistor(s). Capacitors in gate drive circuits slow down switching, thereby increasing the switching unbalance between devices and may cause oscillations. Stray components are minimized by a tight layout and equalized by symmetrical position of components and routing of connections. I myself have not seen the 6 MOSFET-version of Gotways circuit boards but as I have understood the "fix" is to only solder another set on top, there's no other change of components, the impedance from the driver has been left unchanged. Also, as most of you have seen, there's no individual gate resistor, only a true parallel connection with the extra MOSFET simply mounted in the same PCB-hole. This may not be so serious depending on what frequency the PWM is operating at. Which leads med over to the next question Q2: Has anyone measured the PWM frequency of the Gotway controller board? But in general I sort of have a feeling that Gotway had a larger stock of controller cards and the add-on MOSFET is a quick fix. This is one reason they are somewhat reluctant to give hardware support and spare parts, many small re-sellers have tried and failed. It's more a question of selling new EUC's than fixing the ones that break. The plan now is, as I said initially, to build a separate power board. I de-soldered all MOSFET's along with the two 1200μF capacitors. Also all three motor-wires but realised that two of them are measured for current (the ACS709 circuit). Since there's no problem in that area at all I'll feed the current to "MotoA" and "MotoC" back to the controller PCB, keep it simple. Also, the main battery connector will be moved to the Power board, all the high currents will stay there. I will use only small signal wire connection to drive the controller card. The Power board will be mounted on the heat sink and a bigger heat sink will help balancing the heat in between the MOSFET's. Won't fit that big tunnel-thingy with a fan attached but some fan with thermostat will be used. One major drawback is that the electronics is cooled down partly by "air-speed" i.e. going slow on a hot day puts cooling to a test. The stripped controller PCB will fit nicely under the siren, it needs no additional cooling of any sort. If I get no response on the question above, I'll do some measurements o my own, just being lazy here ;0) But, please help out and collect as much electronic data as possible in this thread! Or link to other threads, I'll try to compile all data here if it seems to be spread out...
  3. Hi all, Yesterday night I got my long waited MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh, after taking it out of the box eager to go for a ride, nothing happen... extra loud beeping noise and no balance and sometimes stuttering. Here is the video of what is going on Your advises and tips will be very welcome. Thank you
  4. Does anyone know whether Inmotion has any intention to produce an 18 inch wheel? If not, could someone tell them to look into it? I would looove to experience their snappy, direct, riding mode in an 18 inch version...Merci!
  5. Is anyone interested in the brand new Msuper3 for less? If I can get 2 or more people we can get a dealer price. If interested PM me. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I just ordered a gotway MSuper V3S 1300Wh, still waiting to receive it, but is freaking me out the number of reports of cut offs due to bad wiring soldering. Shall we start to report the weak points and the fixes? I intend to reach to 50Km/h but only after I made sure that will not cut off.
  7. Thankfully I have never experienced a cutout, and I believe i've pushed this thing pretty hard from a Wattage standpoint, but not so much speed out of fear of a faceplant. Has anyone experienced a cut-out on the MSuper 2? Is there a hard speed limit that it cuts out at? Or is there more a Wattage exceeded after a certain speed combination? For example I know @logos122 has a high speed version and will try to keep wattage under 1000 when riding > 30kmh (correct me if i'm wrong). Could he theoretically go to 50kmh as long as wattage was under a certain number? It would be nice to know the metrics, or combination thereof that keep us from face-planting due to a shutdown without learning first hand. If anyone has experienced a cut-out on the MSuper2, please reply with your model, power, and what what going on when it cut out on you... Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, Has anyone experienced the EUC wobble / shaking captured in the video below? Is this a tilt back mechanism or some kind of mechanical issue that needs to be fixed? Thank you in advance for your help!!
  9. Hi, just moved to New York City and looking to buy a GotWay (not sure which model yet). Is there a place in NYC where I can buy it?
  10. I love my Msuper V3. But: when things get wet and dirty, it has this nasty habit to throw everything up my back the road has to offer. Uhhh, I don't like mud slinging (even though it seems to become increasingly popular in politics). So, here is my solution: a 3D printed mudguard! Pick it from the print bed, peel off the brim, smack it on your Msuper and you're set to go! If you have access to a 3D printer (pretty much any one will do), download the model file from here, use up some 70 grams of ordinary PLA filament (< $2) and enjoy riding through Siberia in the fall. If not, google "3D Print Service" and find somebody, who prints it for you for less than $20. I put the file into public domain, so anybody can use it privat or commercially. I positively invite GotWay (happy New Year, @Linnea Lin Gotway & @Jane Mo! Does CNY come with New Year's resolutions, too?) and the nice distributors in this forum to use it. Give it your own branding if you like. And folks, please don't complain, if a distributor asks 50 bucks per piece - they have all those warranty obligations, can't exclude liability (like I do ) and still need to make a living... Here's my test ride today on Tempelhof airfield:
  11. I have a friend that keep claiming he does not trust Msuper V3 (820wh model) because it has been reported that some users have experienced random cutout I do not seem to be able to find the evidence in the GW group, but does he have a point? I have not experienced this with my own V3 - 820wh but I have never ridden it above 35 kph.
  12. Ian just published a very helpful video of disassembly and re-assembly of a Msuper V3: Again, this is Ian's video - not mine. So, if you appreciate his work, please head over to Youtube to give him some credit. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I just got my Msuper V2 today, but I am unable to get an app that allows me to change the settings! I have an Android Galaxy S5, and an iPhone 6. I've tried 3 apps between 2 phones. I can connect to the device with the Gotway app, but all I can do is beep it. There is a settings menu that only says to adjust settings from menu. There are NO additional buttons on this app... What am I missing? Someone mentioned in another thread the options button, or 3 dots. Where?! Screenshot coming shortly. UPDATE: SOLVED! ON NEWER ANDROID (4.4 AND ABOVE I BELIEVE) THE "OPTIONS" BUTTON WAS REMOVED. IT WAS REPLACED WITH THE "APP SWITCH" BUTTON. TO ACTIVATE THE "OPTIONS" BUTTON. LONG PRESS THE "APP SWITCH" BUTTON.
  14. Best prices on Electric Unicycles starts tomorrow 12pm Pacific Standard Time. No code needed. Sale ends 12/14/16, while supplys last. US ONLY. Free shipping to continental 48 states.
  15. Cyber Monday Sale going on now at BEST PRICES in the USA! Free shipping to all 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska is extra. Sale ends on Tuesday 11/29/16 at 6pm pacific standard time. SALE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR UNITED STATES while supplies last...
  16. I'm close to purchasing a Msuper High Speed fairly soon depending on some things.. And one of my concerns is the lack of torque some have mentioned. Are there any who have ridden the Msuper High Speed version and can comment on how the torque compares to the Ninebot E+? I'm about 88kg / 195lbs .. I find the ninebot can handle pretty steep hills at my weight. If the msuper's torque is close to the E+, I'd be happy. If the torque were more I wouldn't be concerned at all. Any Msuper HS owners run into a hill they couldn't climb? But could with ease using "lesser" wheels? The High speed is the main reason I'm considering the Gotway... Even risking the lack of pedal tilt back safety features.
  17. Hi Guys, I am one of the very people in London commuting daily to work on my Gotway MSuper V3. I stay on the bike lanes and have my full protective gear on top of my suit. Needless to say that I have saved a lot of money on public transport since I started riding my EUC to work. However the outer shell did take some battering whilst learning so it needs a facelift for sure and was wondering if anyone can advise me on my options? i.e. where to buy an outer shell and how to change it myself. Thanking you in advance for your help.
  18. Hello, I'm thinking about trying out the new GotWay Msuper V3 as as supplement to our other wheels. I have never tried a 18" wheel, so this is a good opportunity to explore. I have 2 concerns: 1. So far I've heard this wheel is pretty powerful, but also hear it's the HS version. I fear it will not have enough torque for off road scenarios with 100 kg rider fully geared up. What are the experience in real life with hill climbing? With a KS16 I can climb a 20 dgr. smooth slope (5-8m) from almost still (2-5 kph) anything steeper or longer will make the wheel slow down to a complete stop or I will overlean so the wheel slide away under me. It's not cutting, but feels like it's out of power. Might be my technique, but in general it slows down during the climb. 2. I also heard that Gotway is using a strategy that will cut off the battery to protect the it, instead of the rider. Can this really be true? In my opinion the rider's safety should be top priority so he could live another day to fix the wheel. High speed cut out should not be tolerated. Thanks /Henrik
  19. Hi There, my v2 is not even a year old and already broke down. The axle snaped and I had a nasty fall, injuring my right shouldger and knee badly. I had a closer look and it seems that the axle corroded, but only on the side where the wires come out from the motor, and that caused the accident. How can I get it swapped claiming the 1yr factory warranty? Since the axle is built into the motor the whole motor needs to be replaced. All ideas a re welcomed and appreciated! Regards
  20. Southbay electric unicycle group is having a ride in San Francisco. We will be meeting up at our usual Starbucks. Come and join us if you never been on one of our rides. Date: October 1, Saturday Meet up: Starbucks, 385 Beach St. San Francisco, CA Start Time: 8:30am, roll out at 9am. End time: 2pm.
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to riding electric unicycles. I just recently began riding an EUC after spending the last year or so riding a boosted board and Onewheel. I wanted an 18 in wheel, but the ones I wanted were not available at the time. I ended up purchasing a KS 14c with the big battery from Jason at ewheels who is an outstanding dealer by the way. This became my first wheel and I have become fairly proficient on it and like it a lot. I want to purchase two other wheels to enjoy and ride with my family. The three I have narrowed it down with are the KS 18, MSuper v3 and KS 16. I like the idea of the 18 inch wheel for increased stability, but I do like the design of the KS 16 and it's trolley handle. I'm 44 years old and don't push the speed limits to the max. I do like the large foot pedals of the MSuper for my size 12 (US) shoe. I'm 6'3" and weight about 185lb If that helps any. Any input would be appreciated. Of these 3, which are your favorites. Feel free to add other suggestions if I missed one that should be in the list. Thanks for your help, Matt
  22. I got around 33km from full charge to less than 20% on the battery (820wh). Had to ride below 20kph the last 3 km to prevent the beeping. It was windy conditions and 22C ambient and I'm around 95kg. I was riding close the 30kph most of the time, with a few breaks in between. What ranges are you getting on your V3? This seems short to me, as I would get close to 50km om my KS16 - 840wh
  23. Can someone lead me in the right direction to purchase replacement batteries for my msuper v2, and the best place to purchase the gotway acm (820). Thanks
  24. I have had an Airwheel for two years and love it. I use it for the last 3 blocks of my commute, between parking garage and office. I am a pretty good rider and I now want "the best/most powerful/fastest" EUC there is, and am willing to spend more money for it. From what I have seen, its the Gotway MSuper. Is that right? Also, I can hop over curbs on the Airwheel because it is only 21 pounds. Is this possible with the Gotway?