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Found 60 results

  1. Gotway msuper with Tesla Motor

    On Aliexpress I found a Gotway msuper with the 1900W of the Tesla (I think). Somebody bought it here? Any more information anyone? Thanks. https://it.aliexpress.com/item/Freeshipping-Gotway-Msuper3-1640WH-Life-150KM-the-maximum-speed-of-55KM-H-the-fastest-the-most/32722898397.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.262.zDVi7C
  2. Beep tone change after rain

    Hey guys, Probably just a little paranoid but I've noticed that my Ms2 changed the beep tone and intensity its about 60% quieter and doesnt sound like the same tone as usual it's deeper. should i open it to check it out ? it happened after riding like 10 minutes under normal/light rain not heavy thx
  3. Hi guys, Looking for some advice really. Had my first crash today... Which I knew I would and was inevitable really. So firstly, I've set my tiltback to 42kmh using the Gotway app and disabled the first alarm. I was riding in a straight line, in a tarmac carpark and my Msuper decided it was going to chuck me off. I didn't hit any bumps, neither did my alarms go off. I didn't feel the tilt back come into play either so I was wondering if anyone knows the answer as to why I came off? I was sure the tilt back would let me know when I was getting too fast? The only thing I think it could be, was too fast acceleration?? Is that a thing? Secondly, can anyone give me advice with repairs? My Trolley handle came out as it was bouncing across the car park and has bent and will not retract. Annoyed! Also, when I turn on my wheel now, it seems to slowly tilt itself backwards when stationary? Any ideas would be a great help. Also, the wheel doesn't sit central. For the record, I rode it home fine, just a bit shook with some minor injuries. Luckily my wrist guards saved me, other than that I'm injured where there was no protection. Lesson learned. Please help, hate that I've mashed up my wheel after 2 weeks! Thank you!
  4. My First EUC!

    Hi guys, I've been following this forum for about 3 months, and decided it was about time I signed up and introduced myself. My name is Liam, 26, from Rugby, England. My post is really is to thank you all for the information that you've provided here, in various threads, as without it, I wouldn't have taken the plunge and bought my brand new Gotway Msuper V3! Going to share my experience so far... My EUC lifestyle started awfully, with an injury! I was so excited to have picked it up, I couldn't wait to have a go. Went out to play squash the next morning with the intention of taking it down the local park for a practice afterwards and ripped a muscle in my back playing bloody squash! 3 weeks my Gotway was here unused, but it just made my recovery quicker. Up and about and 15 minutes in I was rolling around the park at baby speeds. Covered in protection, I decided to go visit my Granddad at the cemetery and show him my new gadget. After an hour of riding around large and small pathways, over unmade gravel roads and through narrow gates and fences, I had it. I hear all kinds of stories about beginners and their adventures and I feel pretty lucky to be riding confidently around everywhere now. Only 5 hours ride time, but feel as though I've had my EUC years! Learning on a 18" Msuper was relatively easy. I felt stable and secure in no time at all, but also, I have never tried anything else. No injuries as of yet, apart from the pads rubbing my legs, but fully expecting to come off at some point. I have found the best way to look after yourself and your wheel, is to always remember the price! You don't want your expensive gadget smashing its way down the road like a drunken monkey! Happy riding! Liam
  5. 6 months and 2000km on an msuper-v2

    I've been riding my msuper daily for 6 months, putting 2000km on the odometer. The only issue I ran into was the pedals coming loose after about 1000km - it took a few hard falls which probably caused/worsened the issue, as well as breaking some screw mounts and cracking a side panel. I confess I rode it with the telltale wobble for several hundred km before deciding to open it up and see if I could do something about it, creating much more of a mess for myself than if I'd done something sooner. The nuts and shims were loose and rusted, and the axle was slightly rounded where the shims grip it; I cleaned everything off and put it back together encased in JB weld. - no problems since. I used 2 part 5-minute epoxy for the cracked side panel, and sugru to fill in some chipped-away bodywork. Zip ties account for the fact that a couple of the screw mounts and half the handle were damaged in crashes, and help to take strain off those that remain. Patched up as it is, it still runs like new. I added grip tape to the pedals which made a dramatic improvement in handling. I designed and 3D printed a clip-on fender for it to address the exposed wheel, and now I feel like Mary Poppins when I glide along with an umbrella. I started with the generic airwheel knockoff that everyone here is familliar with, and immediately fell in love with EUC's in general. It took me a few days to learn, and I had bruised shins for a solid month while I learned to ride smoothly. I upgraded to an msuperv2 with 850wh within 2 weeks, and started using it as my daily commuter - about 5km miles each way. Depending on my route, I'll go up capitol hill, which is about 300 meters of 6% grade which the msuper effortlessly devours, along with the 8% grade hill my house sits on. I get 3 days of commuting plus short errand runs before the charge drops to 30%, which is where it starts to feel "mushy" and gives me warning beeps as it stumbles over bumps that it normally pops over. This gives me about a 35km useful range with another 10km in reserve riding conservatively. I'm 190cm tall/80kg and ride pretty aggressively, with hills, lots of slowing down and speeding up to pass people without scaring them, and lots of taking off hard from red lights to try and beat the next one; so I'm very impressed with only having to charge it for ~4 hours every 3 days. Given the amount of space in the electronics "bulkhead," I'd like to try and build in a USB port or even a 12V cigarette lighter socket that I could run an inverter off of. Six months in, I still get comments every time I take it out. I work in downtown DC, and see plenty of tourists. My favorite is gliding by a convoy of segways on a tour of DC, momentarily hijacking everyone's attention from their tour guide. I saw someone roll by on a ninebot while I was at work one day, and just yesterday had my first mutual encounter when I passed an ACM going the other direction in the bike lanes. By its rider's face, he was as excited as I was! I've gotten only 2 negative comments, "It's a sidewalk " , which confused me because there were cyclists going by in both directions and the guy only took issue with me, and "you're gonna kill someone," which kinda bugs me because that someone would most likely be me. Otherwise, just curiosity and fascination, especially from kids and tour groups. Cops have never had any issue with it, just curiosity and the occasional nod. Sugru, not the battery liner showing: With the fender: The milestone!
  6. mSuper V3s+ 1600mah Won't Turn Off

    After riding it and putting it on it's side the mSuper started beeping and when I brought it upright it won't stop beeping and doesn't self balance. The motor won't work either but there is some resistance there like the wheel won't run freely/loosely. I can turn the lights on and off using the power switch but when I hold the button down to turn it off it doesn't do anything. The button seems to work so I figure it's not that, at least I don't think that's the problem. I can connect to the Gotway App and change settings, see all the stats and it beeps to confirm any changes but the euc still won't function completly (turn off, self balance and continues to beep). I opened it up and everything inside looks fine. I've finally resorted to disconnecting the battery to get it to stop and when I connect it again it still doesn't work and does the same thing. I even tried doing a re-calibration but that didn't work either. Sometimes it does the long beep like it's trying to recalibrate but just continues to beep and the euc still won't turn off even when I push and hold the button. I've tried a bunch of things. Before this everything worked perfectly and it's only about a month old, dated July 2017. Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? Will I need to replace the circuit board? Any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks, Emile
  7. Hey everyone, The time has come. I have now put 350 miles on my MCM4 and have decided to upgrade to a newer better faster bigger longer lasting wheel. So here goes.................... First things first - I know some of these wheels have suffered from the Gotway Oscillation issue. This wheel will be coming from Jason. Have all these concerns for the most part been resolved? Now that that's out of the way here goes: I have heard much praise from everyone regarding the ACM, I see lots of people reporting that it is their favorite wheel. I have actually ridden the ACM a couple of weeks ago during a group ride. I can say with my limited time with it it was very enjoyable and felt very stable and fast compared to the MCM4. I have never ridden the MSuper. Here are my questions: Will there be a noticeable stability difference from the MSuper to the ACM? In my area there are many uneven roads and potholes so the 18" wheel could be a big help. My current size/weight is 6'1" 220 lbs. I am on the heavier side for EUC riders. Bigger wheel may be better for me since I am on the heavier side. From others experiences what are the top speeds of both all things being equal? I'm not looking to max it out all the time and risk my safety but being able to ride at a sustained speed around 15-20 mph would be preferable. Currently my MCM tops out at 17 mph due to my size and weight and yells at me constantly. I also have found it a lot of fun taking my EUC on trails intended for mountain bikes. I would think the 18" wheel would handle the terrain better, however, the higher torque from the ACM might be nice as well. I also enjoy long trips. Either choice would be the 1600 Wh variant. The minor difference in price would not be a deciding factor. Lastly, I am going to need something that lasts. I'll be dropping close to $2000 on this wheel and I will need it to last me quite a while. Thanks everyone for any input you can provide.
  8. Video: Link to the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143090194@N03/? I have been riding around where i live in a sitting position now for about 10 km total i think and its gets to a point where you can relax 100%. Im currently experimenting and learning this new thing and will make different seats as i go on that are taller to see what difference it makes. Edited: Video up later, my brother is working on it. recorded me riding for about 5 km
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm replacing my old "Gotway Msuper3/3s 3/3/17" stamped board in my Monster with a replacement Jason sent that's stamped "Gotway Monster 5/19/17". As I understand it, both wheels use the same physical board only they are flashed with different firmware. Background: A month ago, after a minor drop, the wheel started making a clunking sound (very similar to Sven's) if I accelerated or braked/broke too fast. Opened it up and all wiring and connectors appeared fine. Axle nuts are tight. Jason suggested a new board and here I am. After reading of the updates Gotway has employed on their new boards, I was concerned the connectors might not agree and a simple swap wouldn't work. (Just freeing all the siliconed connectors carefully is a job in itself) Turns out my gut was right. The new board has big 5 or 5.5mm female bullet connectors (w/no black plastic covers - unlike the existing). The old board has 4 or 4.5mm female ends. ?? I contacted Jason and he's consulting Gotway. I'd like to keep the larger connectors but without the black plastic cover on these, it would seem I have to cut them off and put the boots on before crimping on new ones. I think theres a Gotway video showing how this goes. Can't remember if soldering was involved. Besides aquiring all these parts, there are a few other obstacles. I'm not that comfortable soldering, there might be a special tool required to crimp these bullets, and the motor wires are already short. If someone has experience with this, I would greatly appreciate the insight. Thanks!
  10. GotWay Msuper V2 app? (Android)

    Hello, I have a GotWay Msuper V2 and an Android phone. I found the GotWay app on the Play Store but in the description it only mentions the Msuper V3 and not the V2. Will the app still work with the V2 (which I have) or do I need to get another app? I putted a screenshot of the app description.
  11. BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    Hi, does anyone knows what specs are the standard bms for the 20s from gotway? I'm looking specifically at the max current rating that I need for an extra battery pack. thank you
  12. MSuper v3s+ cut-out

    So i just got my new MSuper v3s+. I wanted to test how fast i could go before the final alarm kicked inn. I was accelerating slowly waiting for the last alarm to kick in when suddenly the wheel cut out and i went tumbling. I made sure that i turned off the two first alarms, and tiltback off. After thinking about it i decided to try again with tiltback set to 42kmh 26mph. And my phone in my hand to check the speed. Maybe i did about 500m before it cut out again, this time going 39kmh, or maybe i hit the tiltback at 42kmh. My memorie is a bit hazy. I used the iphone app as it is the only app capable of changing the setting permanently right now. Anybody else experienced this? I am wondering if the problem is the wheel or the app. I did test that the alarm and it works when i pickup the wheel. the second alarm also worked when driving. I am sending it inn to the reseller so they can have a look at it.
  13. Gotway Msuper v3s+ all around.

    Relaxed walkaround of the wheel and its many details. I must say, despite the problems that they have with quality control, the design is one of, if not the best. the finish and overal look is great.
  14. GotWay Msuper doesn't connect to iOS app

    My GotWay Msuper V2 will not connect to the GotWay app on my iPhone 7. I press 'scan' on the app and it keeps searching and searching but it doesn't find my Msuper. I am aware that the Msuper V2 only supports the older Bluetooth and not the 4.0 Bluetooth in the new iPhones. How could I solve this? Is using an older phone with the older Bluetooth the only solution?
  15. GEVKorea MSuperV3 TURBO Prototype

    So I was in South Korea 2 weeks ago on some personal / vacation stuff, and made it a point to try and visit every brick & mortar EUC shop possible while there (since the US has no such thing). One of my stops was GEVKorea, located in Busan (2nd largest city in South Korea), of GEVKorea spec'd ACM16+ fame. My badgering of the initial salesperson with various questions led me to speak with someone whom I believe to be a manager. As we talked, and he realized I was more EUC-head than casual customer (and that I was from far away), he revealed to me the existence of a GEVKorea spec'd MSuperV3 TURBO prototype (I am posting this with his permission). Basically, this GEVKorea MSuperV3 TURBO prototype addresses the following: hardest response out of any Gotway wheel out, much harder response than a stock MSuperV3S+ (which is the softest out of the current Gotway line). as a result of the harder response, acceleration from rest is faster (more torque going uphill as well), and braking is harder / faster. like the GEVKorea ACM16+, connectors and cabling is addressed, and a fan that is larger than the ACM16+ fan is implemented. The manager expressed that he was not certain yet whether GEVKorea would release this TURBO version though. Having tried this prototype myself, if this version ever reaches production where I'm able to purchase, I'm totally getting one! The manager recommended that since, economically, GEVKorea couldn't sell/ship abroad, to try Gotway direct in procuring such an MSuperV3 configuration. Any chance on an eWheels MSuperV3 TURBO @Jason McNeil? *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink* (also, for those wondering, some of the customizations in the pics were modded by GEVKorea themselves, like the USB port being replaced by a second power button that turns on an in-wheel LED light array) Also while there, I tried out the infamous ACM16+. Unfortunately, I have no frame of reference to the stock ACM's, as this was the first ACM I've ever been on, but the response was pretty hard as well (not as hard as the MSV3 TURBO prototype).
  16. Upgrade from MCM4

    Hi, a few months ago I bought a MCM4 and I'm loving it. Looking to upgrade to a bigger GotWay product, something like ACM or mSuper, I think monster is too big for me. Which model do you think is the best to ride in the city. Also, I want to give my MCM to my cousin, but the shell is a little damaged. Is it possible to replace it?
  17. Folks, please let me know your opinion about our first try at the GotWay unboxing videos... I know there's plenty I can improve, and hope to do so in the upcoming videos! 22" GotWay Monster Electric Unicycle - unboxing 18" GotWay Msuper V3S+ 84V 1600Wh Red - unboxing 16" GotWay ACM S+ 84V 1600Wh - Black - unboxing Upcoming unboxing: Luffy! Also, please visit our online store: EUC.NYC Thanks! Dmitry (646) 88-382-99
  18. My first EUC! MSuper 3

    Well, I finally decided on what to buy ... and to my surprise, it wasn't a Kingsong 18. It's an MSuper 3 with the 1600 wh / 1500 w motor at 84.2 volts. The higher voltage was one of the key things that sold me. I sprang for the seat too, since frankly I think riding a EUC seated looks as awesome to me as some say it looks dorky to them, and because it should provide some relief for my back on longer rides. I'd be surprised if it really works for me since I'd have to squat really low, but there's only one way to find out ... I made a deposit with Jason and am going to put some more money on my card in the next day or two and finish up the process. Time to go buy some protective gear! Hopefully soon I will be sharing my enthusiasm more than my injury photos. Boy is this gonna freak out the dogs ...
  19. Hi, Yesterday had a crazy idea I'm going around in my head with the possibility to charge my Gotway MSuper V3S 1300Wh 84v quicker as it takes 12h approximately. I saw a video while ago from Speedyfeet with a splitter so we can plug 2 chargers in to one GX-16 4pin port (charge connector of this wheel). After looking to the options I find at almost 150€ the 5A fast charger from speedyfeet an a 70€ 3A charger in Aliexpress, both options are expensive. I just remembered that the charger from my other wheel ( Inmotion V8) also is 84v and 1.5A exactly the same as the gotway MSuper V3S, only difference is the the V8 is 3 Pin while MSuper is 4 Pin and since I found here in this forum yesterday thanks to @esaj what type of connectors are used. I ordered 2 sets (male/female) of 4pin and 3pin so I can do a Y connection to plug the 2 chargers and just one female output GX16-4pin to get then 3A charger and reduce charging time to half (6h) but if needed can still do a full slow charge. Just need to get were + and - for each charger and the MSuper to make everything go smooth without explosions ? and sparks ⚡️ Question to the experts, do you see any inconvenient in doing this? Thanks
  20. Hello everybody! I was recently introduced to the forum by @Marty Backe through his you tube channel (thank you!) and I've been reading posts like crazy . A little bit of background about me. I live in Arlington, VA (about 15 min away from Washington DC) and I'm a college student and a business owner of a pet sitting company (https://www.idogdc.com/). I'm interest in finding a more efficient way to move a lot around the city from house to house for work than a car and to combine/substitute it with the metro (subway) as its not very reliable and moving through the city by car and finding parking can be a nightmare. 1. Do you think this is the most efficient way to travel around the city from client to client without having to require a car and the hassles that come with owning one?? (gas, insurance, parking, tickets...) 2. How long did it take you to learn how to ride it? I'm a pretty thin but tall guy at around 6'4" and even though I only weight 180 lbs (approx. 80 kg) I'm looking to bulk up and start eating a bit more healthy after I'm done with school and I'm aiming for the 190 - 200 lbs mark, so the more power the better (I'm looking for something around 50 miles). My shoe size is a 11-12 so again the bigger pedals the better. I narrowed my initial search to the V5F+, V8, ACM and the MSuper V3. First impressions are that the Gotway products look a bit more rigid overall without that flimsy plastic in the body and pedals of the Inmotion that even though I looks nice seems to be a scratch magnet (correct me if I'm wrong). Between the ACM and the MSuper V3 I'm pretty undecided. On one hand the "extra" wheel of the MSuper looks like would be more comfortable and better with pod wholes and in a straight line but its not necessary for moving around the city. The bigger wheel also adds extra weight (don't mind it much) and limits the maneuverability that seen to be better on the ACM, although the built in trolley for the MSuper is a plus! The bigger pedals are a big positive in the MSuper. The ACM body seems to be better against scratches and in my opinion is more visually appealing, that being said how easy is to paint them, specially the horrible red accents on the MSuper? I've seeing videos and the mods and paint jobs of some members but I'm not sure how different it would be for each unicyle. 3. Which one rides better and which one would you recommend me to best fit my needs?@Carlos E Rodriguez and a lot of people recommended the ACM in a previous post (copied here as well) and I know @Marty Backe loves his ACM but he recommended the MSuper for me, thoughs? 4. How would you describe the ride? From the outside it looks like a mix of skiing and biking 5. What seller do you recommend? Thank you in advance guys!!!
  21. Inmotion 18 inch wheel?

    Does anyone know whether Inmotion has any intention to produce an 18 inch wheel? If not, could someone tell them to look into it? I would looove to experience their snappy, direct, riding mode in an 18 inch version...Merci!
  22. Hi all, Yesterday night I got my long waited MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh, after taking it out of the box eager to go for a ride, nothing happen... extra loud beeping noise and no balance and sometimes stuttering. Here is the video of what is going on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xmWEYihcQtbGpRc2xUaUZubjQ/view?usp=sharing Your advises and tips will be very welcome. Thank you
  23. MSuper V3S+ Wiring

    Hi, I just ordered a gotway MSuper V3S 1300Wh, still waiting to receive it, but is freaking me out the number of reports of cut offs due to bad wiring soldering. Shall we start to report the weak points and the fixes? I intend to reach to 50Km/h but only after I made sure that will not cut off.
  24. Where to buy GotWay in NYC

    Hi, just moved to New York City and looking to buy a GotWay (not sure which model yet). Is there a place in NYC where I can buy it?
  25. I love my Msuper V3. But: when things get wet and dirty, it has this nasty habit to throw everything up my back the road has to offer. Uhhh, I don't like mud slinging (even though it seems to become increasingly popular in politics). So, here is my solution: a 3D printed mudguard! Pick it from the print bed, peel off the brim, smack it on your Msuper and you're set to go! If you have access to a 3D printer (pretty much any one will do), download the model file from here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2083438, use up some 70 grams of ordinary PLA filament (< $2) and enjoy riding through Siberia in the fall. If not, google "3D Print Service" and find somebody, who prints it for you for less than $20. I put the file into public domain, so anybody can use it privat or commercially. I positively invite GotWay (happy New Year, @Linnea Lin Gotway & @Jane Mo! Does CNY come with New Year's resolutions, too?) and the nice distributors in this forum to use it. Give it your own branding if you like. And folks, please don't complain, if a distributor asks 50 bucks per piece - they have all those warranty obligations, can't exclude liability (like I do ) and still need to make a living... Here's my test ride today on Tempelhof airfield: