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Found 29 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm working on recreating the Gotway Monster shell as a CAD Document. The goal is to recreate a better, stronger Gotway Monster Shell/Body by using either injection molding, CNC milling, or diffused plastic printing. My goal is to use ABS Plastic and correct pain points found in the current design. I'm hoping this will increase the integrity of the shell, preventing it from cracking as easily. Is anyone on the forum interested in joining forces, working on the CAD drawings, and etc.? Regards.
  2. Looking on Aliexpress, there's this big shop YZPOWER, who sells lots a fastcharger. Have bought from them in the past. A FC for my Ks18s, works fine, with just a small spark. Are there ppl here who have bought a FC from this shop, suitable for GW Monster? I don't want to shell out lots a $$ for the genuine regular FC. That'said why decide for going a little cheaper. If there is a suitable FC in this shop, which one to get and what are your experiences if you bought one yourself? Best.😎
  3. That time of year again where I get to completely tear-down another Gotway wheel to deal with axle shims This time it's my Monster.
  4. Gotway Monster Mudflap. EUGUY

    I have now worked on this a while and sent out a few for testing as im not able to test it here myself due to the winter. Here is a small video on how it looks and how it is installed. I will do more work on it if needed after testing or leave it as is. Any imput on design or whatever, please comment under. At least now you know that there is a mudflap soon ready to buy that can easily be taken off or installed when needed. Also, i really dig this music xD
  5. Looking into buying V3s+ or Monster

    I’ve had my KS14D about a month now and love it . I commute to and from work with it every day but I’m starting to crave a bit more speed and a larger range . Really interested in any first hand experience with the V3s+ and monster . The 14D will stay my commuter but I’ve reslly started enjoying trail riding after work and on the weekends and it drains my 14d’s battery so quick ! Mainly interested in any user feedback on reliability and durability in regards to these two gotway wheels . Thanks !
  6. I was wondering if anyone had managed to design & make/print a mudguard for the Gotway Monster yet please? I'm looking to buy one, if possible, as I don't know where I could get one printed locally. I can't get my ACM fixed for a while so, when the weather permits, I am using my Monster for my work commute and at the moment it's pretty much either raining or wet so at the end of the journey I'm having to wash/wipe everything down due to the spray from the Monster. I wasn't bothered about rain/wet on my ACM as it was less mess. In 2018 I'm going to look at trying to get my ACM fixed so I can sell that & my Monster & go for the Ninebot One Z10 &/or, depending on the price, I might sell the Microsoft Hololens I bought from a very nice IT friend. I absolutely love it but my transportation needs/wants are greater than my gadget ones.
  7. I think eventually I’ll buy a Monster. It may be when a version 2 comes out... not sure. One thing that bothers me about it is how fragile the shell is when taken a minor spill because of its weight. Do you think anything could be sprayed onto the shell to make it more durable. I was thinking about some truck bed liner spray or some kind of rubberized spray that may give it more durability. Just curious if anyone gave a DIY solution some thought. Since Gotway seems to have removed the spin out off destruction when the wheels go on their side. This might help with future Monster shell damage.
  8. THE MONSTER IS HERE pls watch my video https://youtu.be/ZfOBqGAOy1Q
  9. I'm probably going to eventually buy both of these wheels, unless something better comes along in the mean time, but my next wheel will otherwise be one of these two. What I'm thinking right now is the KS-18S, but I'd like your opinions on how they compare, which one you would recommend for me to get first and to understand why you make that specific recommendation. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to share your advice with me.
  10. I went on a long ride yesterday to a beach far far away, on my way back I needed to cross to the opposite side of the road where there is no side walk but there is a bike lane, so after riding in the bike lane for a few minutes till I got to where the side walk started again, I decided to Take a peak at the wheel log app and saw that during that short stretch, I GOT UP TO 32 MPH!!. I was like whoa, that's the fastest I've ever gone on any of my wheels and the crazy thing is the ride was sooo smooth and comfortable it didn't feel like it at all, I guess another reason is I was riding so close to cars going 45+ MPH that it made me feel like I was going slower than I really was. The picture shows that I am at 48% battery life but I was actually at around 68% batt when I got up to 32 MPH, I took the screen shot a lot later
  11. Hey All! One stop shop here!! Just as the title says, let me know what you have & need/want done to improve your EUC experience! Also providing maintinence plans & services! Talk to you soon!
  12. Tightening the Monster Axle Nuts

    In this video I demonstrate my attempt at tightening the Monster axle nuts, which have loosened on my wheel. A big shout-out and thanks to @Rehab1 for buying, fabricating, and shipping me the custom 24mm socket that was used in this video After tightening the axle nuts I took it for a 20 mile ride and can say that the process was a success, if not a perfect success. I have about 600 miles on the Monster and maybe I'll get a few hundred more before having to do a full tear-down of the wheel to repair the axle/pedal assembly wedges/shims.
  13. Monster & ACM updates...

    Hi all. Just an update on where I am with my recovery, Monster and ACM. Sorry if I waffle on. Recovery - My eye is still very sensitive and I'm still missing half an eyebrow though the battle scar is pretty impressive. My chest seems to have stopped hurting so much when using my left arm/moving about/not comfortable. My right wrist was feeling OK until my eldest daughter went to, jokingly, knee me in the leg earlier when we were being silly and my natural reflex was to block her... OUCH! My right arm and elbow had been quite good until I stupidly decided to unbox my Monster again, finally, and open my ACM to see what's up.I still can't straighten my arm and both my wrist and elbow click/crack when I move my hand/arm about. I'm hoping I haven't done anything to my neck as near where I had my op and where the problem area is has been a bit more painful than usual and my neck cracks and crunches as I turn my head which I think it did before the accident but not as much. Monster - It's been sat, boxed up, since Ian sent it back to me just as I had the accident. When I turned it on it started to roll backwards slightly. I realise this is likely due to the weight of the tow batteries at the back. When I put it up on blocks to see if it needed calibrating possibly it span up to full speed even though straight - I forgot to note which way the wheel span. Maybe it needed calibration after moving the parts from one shell to another? or maybe it was like this previously and I didn't notice? Anyway after a few attempts the Gotway app finally did it. It's currently on charge and I'm going to be going slowly on it initially to make sure all's well. Ian says the wiring is fine and everything connected/fitted right but take it easy just in case. Hopefully all is good and all three batteries work fine. I'll know more when I am able to get out and test the range after this charge. ACM - I shouldn't have, because it hurt my wrist and arm, but I couldn't wait any longer to take a look inside. For some reason the pedal isn't for coming off, even though I've taken them off previously, so I struggled to get the side panel off then back on after checking. It looks like the axle has snapped? The nut doesn't seem loose but the axle wobbles quite easily. I can't see any board damage so think it needs a new motor all together? Speedyfeet don't have stock of the motor in, currently, but I've asked Ian for a quote on him replacing it for me so I know it's done right. I am weary about self repairs after the Monster arcing incident and the ACM already throwing me off due to a fault. I'd be happier knowing it was done properly by someone with plenty of experience. I might also email Graham Goodbarn of Yorkshire Airwheels, where I purchased it, in case he is confident enough to do the repair, as he was fantastic with my early ACM issues and offered to do the board change previously but looking at the website I don't think he has stock either. To be very honest, after the accident and with the time that has past since, I am getting more and more anxious about riding again. Especially the bigger and heavier Monster. I am going to go look for some protective gear this week, ready for going back to work next week (if I've recovered enough to ride) as I want to get an idea of the sizes I need before ordering some decent stuff online. Ian said he's getting some D30 gear around Christmas and I think that's the way I want to go. My only awkward decision is the helmet. With how I fell from the ACM, and seeing the video of the girl falling from a standard unicycle and hearing the sound her face made, I know a full face is likely the best idea but mostly when going to and from work I ride at a quite sedate pace along the pavements - if someone was to see me on the pavement with a full face helmet it may draw more negative attention - especially from police? My longer rides out with my girls, around the lake and along the canal would probably be ok with the full face. In the two years of riding without a serious incident I was confident I knew what I and my wheels were capable of and felt secure and safe BUT after the ACM fault and reading about peoples other recent Gotway incidents with the newer models I don't feel safe now BUT it's my mobility seeing as I can't walk or ride a bicycle due to my problems so I need to get my confidence back. Sorry for the waffle, thanks for reading and any advice that may follow
  14. I've had my 2400 Wh Monster since April 29, and in that time put on 409 miles. It has production code 170315029 and motor code 170205579HB. I've had a great time riding so far. Most of It has been on paved roads and hard packed dirt/gravel. I roll off curbs occasionally, but my style is smooth and fast. I was disheartened, as Marty was, hearing of this second round of Gotway defects. I was just Saturday morning feeling thankful for my Monster's reliable performance. Not having fallen yet and seeing Duf's recent video suggesting the Monster wasn't fit for trails, I confidently set out for another awesome ride (including a rough trail section). The ride was great as always, but the trail proved too much for the Monster. There were wood posts layed down perpindicular to the path to prevent erosion. Dropping over these logs and even hopping up over them was no problem, especially with the low tire pressure I was riding with. I was creeping uphill towards an insurmountable obstacle, so I intended to dismount, but my left foot pedal hit a tall root and the wheel fell over on it's left side. The wheel spun up as it layed on it's side and quickly cut out. It didn't seem like a hard hit but at 70 lbs, I've tried not to let it fall over even in the house. It's well padded so I there's no obvious physical damage. I walked the wheel up to the street and continued riding. Soon I noticed a very quick interruption of power and resistance when accelerating and braking, respectively. Using DarknessBot, I tried to find a pattern. It seems that at -20 amps accelerating and +20 amps braking, the wheel has a very short loss of power. I was able to limp the wheel 7 miles home by riding very conservatively. As long as I kept all acceleration and braking very light and smooth, the unnerving behavior would not occur. Once I was home, I tried quickly moving the wheel back and forth by the handle and noticed that it's a definite clunking sound. It doesn't happen immediately as it moves in a direction. Really seems that it requires about 20 amps to fault. I wish I could test it while I was maintaining say 15 mph and suddenly accelerated to see if the behavior occurs, but I don't like riding it as it is. I'll try to post a video, but was having difficulty even attaching a profile pic as it was too large. Has anyone experienced this before? I haven't talked to Jason yet. I know he has his hands full right now. I am anxious to get back on the wheel as summer is in full swing and it's so much fun. Does anyone else spend a lot of time seated on the Monster? It feels so much like a futuristic motorcycle!
  15. After having great experience with MCM4 HB 680 , Just purchased ACM v3 s+ 1600 and A monster 1600 which was unfortunately departed gotway in mid may so It probably has defected PCB. I am in contact with JaneMO (who is very nice and responsive to me all the time) and she confrimed that she will send me a replacement board for the ACM but it will be a MSUPER v3 84volt PCB, I wonder if this will be a problem to use on ACM. I will be glad if you experts can comment regarding this. Monster confirmed to have safe PCB and I understand it is 100 volts. Furthermore, I hope to modify these wheels once they arrive, and I would like to keep you updated as I really enjoy reading your inputs and expereinces. ı really appreciate any suggestions for below or in addition. Possible mods Im thinking: -Mud shield -Digitial output volt meter -Internal thermo meter and blue tooth speaker ( no space on acm) -replacing lights with high lumen ones -PCB Fan if missing on ACM / there is 2 on monster. -Stabiling axis nuts and re organize cabling with flame proof covers -Damage Protection for the wheel (any innovative ideas?) At last, I had a chance to visit both gotway and kingsong in Shenzhen, I agree with most of you regarding quality differences etc, but also accept that we are in love/hate relationship with Gotway. I think they can be better If directed more via end users like us. I hope to keep you updated regarding my wheels here. I would like to also add that both Jane Mo from Gotway and Tİna from Kingsong are extremely nice well english spoken and responsive people. Here's some of the pictures from our trip in 2016
  16. Ian at Speedyfeet has the parts in I need to turn my ugly damaged blue Gotway Monster into a shiny new beautiful purple Gotway Monster! I've had to order the purple shell (obviously), the cable covers (because I've changed from blue to purple), a switch holder panel (because mine got dinged and bits inside snapped) and finally a new front light cover (because my current is pretty scratched up). Delivery will be tomorrow and hopefully I won't have any drama's switching stuff over. A bad thing about the Monster being so new and not so popular, due to price, is there are no tear down video's for it. It will be great to be able to ride with pride again and not have people see black tape around the front light holder and also not have to have the seat on just so people don't see the two big white cable ties holding the handle area together! Gotway really need to do something to strengthen up the bits and pieces around the handle and front light areas as, with the weight of the Monster, it's too easy for them to get damaged if it drops and/or has a fit for any reason. I still need to source some sort of rubber bumper to put on bits that make can make contact. I'm thinking of this or similar.
  17. Upgrade from MCM4

    Hi, a few months ago I bought a MCM4 and I'm loving it. Looking to upgrade to a bigger GotWay product, something like ACM or mSuper, I think monster is too big for me. Which model do you think is the best to ride in the city. Also, I want to give my MCM to my cousin, but the shell is a little damaged. Is it possible to replace it?
  18. Folks, please let me know your opinion about our first try at the GotWay unboxing videos... I know there's plenty I can improve, and hope to do so in the upcoming videos! 22" GotWay Monster Electric Unicycle - unboxing 18" GotWay Msuper V3S+ 84V 1600Wh Red - unboxing 16" GotWay ACM S+ 84V 1600Wh - Black - unboxing Upcoming unboxing: Luffy! Also, please visit our online store: EUC.NYC Thanks! Dmitry (646) 88-382-99
  19. I have been looking into alternative battery sources to power one of my projects using a Gotway Monster Motor/circuit board. Does anybody have any information on..? -voltage (working/full/empty charge voltages). I am confused on the newer 84v batteries and the working voltages -minimum capacity to safely run a 1600watt motor (not planning on using the wheel below 50% battery). -any suggestions on DIY battery and what is the most reliable 18650 cell to use Thank you for your help!
  20. I've been partial to the K&M Heli 2 Stand for my EUCs, but it does not really support more than ~30 lbs max (the legs will warp). So, after some searching for a solution for my Gotway 22" ~70 lbs Monster, settled on this: BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand So far, so good!
  21. Inside a Monster (half-view)

    So I had to take the control board side cover of my Monster off as the magnet that holds the foot pedal up had come lose. I spoke to my seller and we didn't want the magnet shorting something out so I got a chance to get a peek inside one side. I always wondered why the Monster would lean towards one side when the power was off now I know. On the controller side there is an 800Wh battery and the controller. I am assuming that the other side has two 800Wh batteries thus the small weight difference. Anyway for those who are interested here is the inside: As for the magnet, the glue around the edges holding it in place was pretty thin. It is now Gorilla glued and Gorilla taped in place on the back cover. Don't let this little hiccup steer you away from the Monster. I find it is an awesomely fun wheel to ride.
  22. Re-posting a SpeedFeetUK customer incident of Gotway ACM V2 / Monster pedal breakage: https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/blogs/things-concerning-safety/gotway-acm-footplates-safety-check Gotway ACM Footplates Safety Check by Ian Sampson February 25, 2017 Failure of Gotway ACM Footplate A customer has reported the failure of one of their footplates. The style of footplate is the latest version of the ACM footplate. The model it was fitted to was the Monster 22" purchased late 2016. As always, Speedy Feet will announce any issues reported by customers to keep us all as safe as possible! SHARE this post to all those that it may apply to those it may effect (Button Below) We would recommend ALL riders check their footplates for signs of stress. (Simple scuffing and usual knocks are not part of this potential issue). Conditions of incident: Rider has done around 200 miles on the unit. Simply dropped off a standard size curb, has never done any stunts on the Monster (pretty difficult due to size of the monster!). Only ever used on road in the short distance it had traveled. Rider weight approx 100kg. THINGS TO LOOK FOR WOULD BE: 1. Stress Fractures (These would be actual cracks or signs of stretching of the metal, usually around points of stress, i.e. the hinge area). 2. Actual breakage / or splitting. Pictures of the broken footplate
  23. Monster handle extension suggests?

    So I just tried out my new Monster for an errand ride. Riding is awesome and comfortable. However once I get to the store I find that the handle is just a little low. As the unit weight is around 70 lbs I can't really carry it like Ninebot one. Consequently, I end up hunched over to one side, which is doable, but looks and feels silly. I am thinking of finding an old suitcase and repurposing the handle by attaching to the top of the Monster handle to give me that extra few inches. I tried using a strap extension but this didn't give me very good control of the Monster. As I have the 2400 Wh model I just leave it on and walk it like a moderately recalcitrant dog. I think that the Monster is a pretty good looking design so whatever I do I don't want to take away to much from the asthetic. Also, the Monster is large so an modifications that I make should not present a danger to my middle lower extremities during normal operations or in the event of a crash. Does anyone have any creative suggestions?
  24. Gotway app (iOS) only showing 50% for 2400W Monster

    I just received my new Gotway Monster 2400. Awesome looking wheel. It arrived at 20% charge due to shipping restrictions. I charged it through the day and overnight. Both lights are green on the machine but the iOS app is showing only 50%. The charging block is also green. The vendor that I am dealing with (ridetheglide) is excellent and will pay for shipping and any repairs if required. However, I don't really want to put that expense on them if it is an app anomaly. I am going to ride it down to empty (20%) and recharge to see if that will reset the unit. Has anyone else experienced this?