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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, For those who are Amazon Prime members, the Segway MiniPro costs only $499 for the next 24-30 hours during the "Prime Day" sales going on this week. You can sign up for the service as a trial member for 30 days and start ordering immediately. BTW, it is possible to be a Prime member and order from the US site even if one lives outside the US (I have done it for many years). Some items can be shipped outside the US, although this item can only be delivered to a US address, so you will need a contact, friend or mail forwarding company to assist you.
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried the Hybrid Tires for the MiniPro sold by ninebot/MoreForMini in the US? Looking for comments on using this tire as a general replacement for the stock tire. How does it compare on Asphalt, concrete, gravel, dirt? I've heard the Off-Road tire was OK on some terrain, but also makes the one issue with the two wheel devices of the two tires meeting different resistance (due to terrain or obstacles) more serious. Thanks!
  3. Get them while they are hot. Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control
  4. I was wondering what fw most people here prefer to run. I'm on 3.5.1 on app iOS and 1.1.7 on the Minipro. Kinda happy with it, was hoping it would run a bit faster than 18kmh. I got it to 18,5kmh want to get 20kmh which I think would be the ideal maximum speed on the Minipro. I downgraded mine from 3.8.2 iOS and 1.2.8 Minipro to 3.5.1 iOS and 1.1.7 Minipro thanks to Alexander's way, just drove 1.2.8 for 2km. It was a bit slower uphill and it kept on beeping all the time. I've tried 3.8.2 iOS and 1.4.0 Minipro, not so much beeping, but not as fast as 1.1.7. I just want some other opinions on what would be the best combo.
  5. Got some scissor skills practice to provide extra safety to my miniPro's: All it takes is 10 min plus some 3M reflective tape. Red tape on red spokes and grey/white on grey one.
  6. I recently got a Segway MiniPro, and the wife and I love it, but the knee bar is a tad high for my tastes at the lowest setting. Additionally, my kids had a Swagtron hoverboard, but despite meeting the prerequisite minimum weigh requirements, that thing vibrates like hell because they are a bit too light for it. If I have my older daughter where a backpack with about 15 pounds worth of books in it, she can ride it just fine and enjoys it (and she's 20 lbs over the minimum weight requirement). They love these sort of devices, but the Segway MiniPro seems so much more stable and safe than the hoverboards, and I tested and my kids are able to make it go forward and backwards perfectly despite being under the minimum weight. If the knee bar was shorter, they'd be able to use it perfectly. Does there exist a shorter knee bar for it, either third party or official? If not, has anyone come up with any mods of this nature? I don't really understand why Segway/Ninebot are so against kids riding their products when there are far more dangerous things out there kids are riding (hoverboards, skateboards, roller skates, etc.) Thanks!
  7. In the MiniPro pamphlet these are described as "decorative blades". Where do they go?
  8. Does anybody know if there is a handlebar (hand) steering for the Ninebot Mini Pro , Banggood is selling for the mini but not for the pro , does anybody know how get a similiar for the Mini pro, i heard it works very well for the basic mini version
  9. Purchase my MiniPro on Black Friday From Amazon, had it on the following Monday. Completed the tutorial up until the 10m ride part indoors a couple of days later. Today I took it outside, it made me repeat the tutorial from the beginning, but it was quick enough except a pain to have to be holding the iPhone. I later turned off the Auto-Lock which is what I should have done earlier. It was cold to have to have my bare ands to manipulate the phone, The good news is no Spills!! did one ride of 2.x km around a little turnabout for a small subdivision, but road there along a short gravel road and there was an incline and it all went smooth. Took it out again for a longer right I drove it on the side of the road for 1km or so to a larger parking lot for more practice. Added another 5.x km to the distance for a total of 7.7km. I'm pretty happy with it the MiniPro for my first real ride. Everything was very easy and even the uneven gravel road and some grass at one point was quite easy to navigate although it's surprising how much did roads can tilt. The only thing that I found difficult was transitioning from going reverse to forward, the bot just want to keep going reverse. Strange as going forward was easy, stopping was easy, starting reverse was easy, but once going reverse stopping or changing to forward was difficult. Maybe by feet are tougher back on the pads? I don't know, but that is the one thing I need to practice. Of course spinning around is easy that one can just to that and forward which is certainly preferred. Go reverse slow for a few feet is fine, but just once it get really going I had trouble. Glad I spotted the deal, but now I've spend days looking at EUC videos. The MiniPro might be Gateway-Tech (drug) to an EUC. Great to find this Forum with people from so many different regions. Stay on the upside!
  10. Hello, If you interested in Ninebot, Inmotion, Chic, I-walk, Mini Pro, hover-boards etc contact us. Stock in EU in Warsaw warehouse We have best prices in EU!!!!