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Found 41 results

  1. Hi, New Gotway user here. My phone is Nexus 6p. The system settings sees the wheel but refuses to pair. I heard that's normal. I have tried two apps: one is GotWay.apk from This one shows a splash screen, then another screen saying 2.0, New something, Blabla, and gets permanently stuck there. Another one is called Gotway_4.0_Dual_English_Chinese, which I downloaded from this forum. It requires manual pairing and thus seems to be incompatible with MCM4. What am I doing wrong? How important is the app anyway? Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello everyone. Brand new user here. Been riding my gotway mcm4 for 2 days total. Got the hang of it taking off from a wall yesterday and was trying to take off not using a wall today. I was starting in the grass to limit damage to myself and the device. Was working fine this morning. Finally got to take off and move with out the wall or falling over and hit a small hole in the yard that knocked me off. Wasn't going very fast at all as I had just started out. Once I picked it up it now has a click and hesitation at start and makes a kind of rubbing noise while the wheel is spinning at higher speeds. I am going to ask the seller I purchased from on Ebay that has a shop in New York what he thinks. My concern is seeing as how as I am a new rider and the casing is scraped up quite a bit from practice that no one will be willing to help me out. If anyone can give me some assistance it would be greatly appreciated as I hadn't planned on it breaking in less than 2 days riding nor did I plan on throwing around $900 out the window. I did take the cover off both sides just to make sure nothing came unplugged. Did not see anything that immediately caught my attention. Posted a youtube video below. Thanks to anyone that can give me some help. Video of MCM4 acting up
  3. Hi, a few months ago I bought a MCM4 and I'm loving it. Looking to upgrade to a bigger GotWay product, something like ACM or mSuper, I think monster is too big for me. Which model do you think is the best to ride in the city. Also, I want to give my MCM to my cousin, but the shell is a little damaged. Is it possible to replace it?
  4. Cool this be true @Jane Mo ? 84v MCM4? I found this on the Facebook page
  5. Hi, I burned controller board on my MCM4. So, I am looking for some .. If you have some tips(in EU is better for me), I will buy one. Thank you
  6. Hi, just moved to New York City and looking to buy a GotWay (not sure which model yet). Is there a place in NYC where I can buy it?
  7. This is for buyers in the greater 48 states only. All wheels will be shipped by ground. First one takes it at $550. Buyer pays shipping. will send in original box with charger. please message me if interested.
  8. Abbiamo gli ultimi gotway MCM4 HS 260Wh in magazzino pronta consegna. 260Wh non son molti ma comunque è un ottimo modello/prezzo entry level. E' possible fare upgrade di batteria in un secondo momento. Questo prezzo è valido per pagamento con bonifico bancario (paypal +3%). Spese di spedizione espressa in Italia +20 euro Per ottenere lo sconto contattateci. We can ship in others europe country too, but please contact us here .
  9. Best prices on Electric Unicycles starts tomorrow 12pm Pacific Standard Time. No code needed. Sale ends 12/14/16, while supplys last. US ONLY. Free shipping to continental 48 states.
  10. Cyber Monday Sale going on now at BEST PRICES in the USA! Free shipping to all 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska is extra. Sale ends on Tuesday 11/29/16 at 6pm pacific standard time. SALE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR UNITED STATES while supplies last...
  11. Southbay electric unicycle group is having a ride in San Francisco. We will be meeting up at our usual Starbucks. Come and join us if you never been on one of our rides. Date: October 1, Saturday Meet up: Starbucks, 385 Beach St. San Francisco, CA Start Time: 8:30am, roll out at 9am. End time: 2pm.
  12. Tips to set the MCM4: 1. MCM4 Normal Version: First level alarm: About 23km/h; Second level alarm: About 25km/h; Power alarm: About 28km/h; Max tilt back speed: 24km/h. 2. MCM4 High Speed Version: First level alarm: About 23km/h; Second level alarm: About 25km/h; Power alarm: About 35km/h; Max tilt back speed: 24km/h. ATTN: 1.Setting will be only make sense when the wheel stooped. 2. All data will have little difference in different state of battery capacity. 3. Mobile phone Bluetooth version should be higher than 4.0.
  13. Where can I buy a MCM4 here in Europe? It is also for sale on Aliexpress, do you think it could be affordable? I'm 67Kg, which model should I go for, ordinary or high speed version? Any suggestion is wellcome. Thanks.
  14. 1. Add-on against raining. I bought rain-cover-for-backpack to be used for this use. ($5 in S. Korea) I ride my MCM4 under heavy rain with holding an umbrella, MCM4's top covered by this rain cover. Some students chortled at seeing my riding... Laughing out loud 2. Add-on for storage I also added storage on top of MCM4 which was purchased at Daiso. ($2) Hanging all weights of my belongings on my shoulders gets a lot pain and then I started put more burden on MCM4, not on me, adding the storage pouch around the handle. And I attached a short leash in place of the original handle as the handle was all covered by the pouch. 3. For security. I hang the security chain and lock on my EUC as seen in the picture. I use it in case of fly fishing. This is what I am doing with my EUC, how about yours, friends? Any better idea?
  15. I am trying to find replacement pedals and hangers for a Gotway MCM4. I would really like to replace the pedals on an MCM3 with those L shaped hangers and the big flat bottom pedals from the MCM4. I do realize there are some mods that will need to be done like screw holes and possibly space for the hangers. Any info or opinion would be awesome. Thanx y'all. UPDATE: Just still wondering if anybody read this post I could really use the info. Thanx
  16. Hello, last week I sold my MCM4 260wh, and yesterday was my new MCM4 520wh, my surprise was seeing red pedals and led a different color. It is an upgrade or just cosmetic changes?
  17. Just got my new MCM4 680Wh for 873.00 USD (784.00€) from China with charger, free trolley handle and free shipping to Europe and no import tax. I ordered it on 20 of June, it was shipped on 23 of June and delivered on 30 of June. I told the seller that if I were happy with my purchase I would report it on this forum. Few days later he raised the price to 838,69€ but sent me this message: Dear Franco, you can let your friend and the member of the forum mention your name, i will adjust to be similar price to them. The rising price is just keep it same level from Gotway official price. So don't worry, i can adjust the price for new customer. The seller's link is: He has both versions HS and HT for the same price, just specify which version you prefer. I hope this post can be helpful for members interested in a MCM4 (remember to get a 15.00 USD coupon for the order, so the total would be 858.00USD)
  18. I tested the speed, range along mountain road in S. Korea. What I found is the range is highly dependent on amount of hills, rider's weight, speed of wind, especially the speed of the wheel and acceleration My weight: 67 kg Model used: Gotway MCM4 HS 680WH, 2016 version I hope you to know that in each ride I tried my best effort to maintain the speed in narrow range (1) 1st picture: range traveled: 18.7 km duration: 1hour 11 min the number of hill: lots of hills ( more than 200 hills) battery consumed: 40% the speed range when I saw on iPhone app: 28km/h - 33 km/h acceleration: hard ( I tried to catch up cycles, cars. all cycles were gotten past.) wind: strong headwind ( up to being able to keep my eyes opening) calculated range: 46.8 km = 29.08 miles (2) 2nd picture range traveled: 16.6 km duration: 1hour 31 min the number of hill: lots of hills ( more than 200 hills) battery consumed: 30% the speed range when I saw on iPhone app: 33km/h - 38 km/h acceleration: hard ( I tried to catch up cycles, cars. all cycles were gotten past.) wind: strong headwind (weaker than above) calculated range: 55.3 km = 34.4 miles (3) 3rd picture range traveled: 21.7 km duration: 1hour 49 min the number of hill: some of hills ( about small 20 hills and large 10 hills) battery consumed: 30% the speed range when I saw on iPhone app: 20km/h - 25 km/h acceleration: moderate wind: no headwind calculated range: 72.4 km = 45.0 miles Because I could not record all ranges by the cycling app I have traveled, I can not say the above is precise. However, based on several measurement of distance (calculated on gps map) when I almost used up the battery ( until 20% left ), I can tell that the above calculation is roughly correct. How about the ranges of your MCM4 or KC16, KC14? PS. I heard 3rd warning alarm around 35-38km/h (21.8-23.6mph) from my MCM HS when the battery is between 80-100% Is it normal?
  19. Hey, i am just totally confused about the alarm setting of my Gotway MCM4. In the app there are 3 options for speed alarms: - close first alarm - close second alarm - open alarm At the beginning, there was an alarm at 18km/h, if I push "close first alarm" the alarm starts at 24km/h. But when i push on "close second alarm" the alarm at 24km/h is still there. I already tried different combinations of the 3 options, to get rid of the second alarm but it does not work. Someone of you already worked out, how to get rid of all the alarms on mcm4? What i want to get, is no alarm and tiltback at 24km/h but it is impossible with my app!?
  20. In case anyone missed it-,201527_2_71_72_73_74_75,201409_3 The description is kind of hard to understand but I guess they're all the same color, he's just using the colors for the different battery sizes? And are they all the same as far as features go other than the battery size?
  21. so i was just riding my mcm4 to work, getting all over confident with the speed and taking over all the cyclists (20-25kph). while going uphill (5%) the wheel started beeping (i have first and second beep disabled, so it was the three beeps alarm) so i slowed down a small bit.. accelerated a bit again, and all of a sudden it started rocking VERY hard back and forth, basically throwing me off the wheel (there's no way anyone could stay on it like that). luckily i managed to run off, and there was no one in direct proximity (wheel took some serious scratches though). Has anyone experienced this before? it scared the hell out of me (and could have had seriously bad consequences)
  22. Putting up my GotWay MCM4 680wh unicycle for sale in the vicinity of Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, etc. Wheel is used and scratched, but is in good working condition. At the time of this post, the wheel had 680 Km in odometer. Wheel for sale in person, cash transaction. $500 USD, or 1/2 oz. of Gold accepted. Includes: box, unicycle, charger, and trolley handle (unmounted). UPDATE: ¡THE WHEEL HAS BEEN SOLD!
  23. I recently bought a Gotway MCM4 340wh and it doesn't seem to charge above 65%-70% (~62.25V) according to the android app. Even if I leave the charger that came with it plugged in for hours, it won't raise above this. The light on the charger stays green, so it won't charge further. Here's what the LEDs look like on the wheel when it is at "full" charge: I'm not sure if there should be more green lights on full charge? After riding it for about 8km the battery shows 30% charge left (two red leds) and it also frequently starts to beep when going uphill (voltage drops too low?) so I'm not getting anywhere near the advertised 30km+ range. I opened the wheel and checked the battery and it says 340wh on the sticker on it. Any idea what is wrong with the wheel and can I somehow fix it?
  24. Hey Community, my MCM4 is just great, but i am interest in extending the range. When i read the specs in this shop: There are 2 batterypacks in the small versions and 4 packs in the bigger ones. I got one of the lower ones, so 2 packs. What i want to know, is there enougth space to add 2 more packs, to get a big one by my self? Or is the case modified, so there is noth enougth space?