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Found 11 results

  1. I need help

    Can some of you guys give me some suggestions on headlights i can attach to my monster for night riding? Preferably rechargeable.
  2. Any advice on a light and fast 14inch wheel. What is your favorite? Is something new coming up?
  3. Hello After more than a year working on my blog about the Mini, I decided a few days ago to monetize my blog, it reached more than 11,400 visitors from 115 countries. By joining affiliate programs with resellers, I choose spare parts and accessories for the Mini. I try to pay attention to quality even if it is difficult. I would touch a small percentage of a sale made, which will perhaps allow me to improve my blog, will see, I start with these programs. https://mini-j.jimdo.com/shop-guide/ It is therefore in total transparency that I announce the creation of a new site attached to my blog, called "Mini-J-S-G" (for the entire title: mini-j shopping guide) (cancelling) jojo33
  4. A headlight ? No two !

    Hi folks, I am just back from a test ride... With a new headlight ! I managed to fix two bike LED headlights, each powered by 3 AAA batteries. And it is great ! I can see street traffic signs reflecting my lights 100m ahead ! Cheers
  5. ACM enhanced, new front- and backlight

    First: Changed the headlight SMD with about 80 Lumen(right) to 300 Lumen(left) output. The new one is the same like the SMD from Cateye Volt300. Forgot to make pictures before and after. Unfortunately... But it's really bright right now Now I just hope the heat dissipation works well enough Second: Add some SMD to the backlight. Second picture is the original LED strip. Third pic with the modification.
  6. Hello every one I m new on the forum, I m french student Who success to print in 3d à fixation for rear and front light for ninebot one I can sell you one if you want or creat amazon store for sell it The rear light has a remote for control the Light, the warning, the led on the road and turn signal/blinking
  7. Hi all of you! Something regarding the KS-16 app and the light settings confuses me, I hope anyone can give me some advice on this... 1. First of all, it happens now and then when I open up the app that the language has switched from English to Chinese. I do not know any other way how to change this other than deleting the app and download it again. When I open it after a fresh installation the user interface language is once again English, for some more couple of days, until I have to repeat this procedure over and over. Guess I should add that I am using iOS (iphone 6). 2. The front and rear lights on KS-16, if I switch the light setting to on in the app, the front LED will be constantly throw a white light, while the rear red light is not constantly on? It looks more like it is lit up when the driver is tilting backwards to slow down or breake? Is this an expected behaviour? It is a bit odd to me. I do not mind so much other than for legal reasons, since the law in my country tells that the EUC should cast a constant red light rearward. I am under the impression that this is true for most countries as well. 3. And my final issue with the lights and the app is that it seems that the setting for the lights (ON/AUTO/OFF) will reset itself back to AUTO at some point, perhaps when I shutdown the app and open it again, or maybe when I power the KS-16 off and on, I do not know, but it resets itself frequently to the Auto setting. Why is this and how can I work around this irritating behaviour? I hope someone can help me with these matters, or at least one or two of them Thanks.
  8. Picked up some electroluminescent tape (red & white) from Tinkersphere in Manhattan. Ran the wire in the frame and connected to the existing LED power lines with a 12V inverter and some soldering. They are on when the LEDs have power, but can be turned off. https://youtu.be/_43grjw-YKk
  9. Hoverboard flashing front light

    I have just got a new hoverboard for Christmas and played with it for an hour or 2 and it stopped working. The front right light (Looking from the front) is flashing and the left one is on constantly. Its beeping constantly with the red light flashing. The battery light was red but is now green. I have tried the calibration trick but it seems to be something else. I have opened it up and checked all the connections and they seem OK. When I ask it to calibrate the front right light flashes 5 times then they both flash at a slow rate. Any ideas on what to try next would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Best Travel Unicycle

    I recently got a 12 inch ips (130WH) that I really like for small trips or when I know I will have to carry my EUC inside somewhere. What are some other compact and lightweight eucs that would be good for traveling? Lets stick to whatever the airline limit is supposed to be for battery, which i believe to be 130WH.
  11. Hi, i have had my IPS eui for about 1 month and yesterday it started blinking twice red and twice green while making a continuous sound. I thought it was empty for battery and charged it. After charging it again started to blink and make the noise. Any ideas about what the problem might be and how I can fix it? Thanks for your help! Best regards, Carl