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Found 4 results

  1. Challenge accepted! In my original thread, I had realized I wanted to wait for the new wheels to come out before picking out my first wheel. But in my impatience, rather than buying a “starter” wheel I would quickly outgrow, I thought maybe I could get started on my “second” wheel, which was likely to be an MTen3. Sober voices advised me to reconsider, but I figured I could take a careful and patient approach since I was going to have to wait regardless. Worst case, I figured I would put the rocket back in my proverbial pocket and learn on my “main” once I knew what that would be. This is an MTen3 512Wh purchased from @Jason McNeil at eWheels (Thanks Jason!). For your advice and amusement, here is my learning log so far (2 days): Day 1: I inflated the wheel to 40 psi, and attached some clumsy ad-hoc bumpers made of pool noodles. The wheel arrived with the calibration obviously way forward of level, so I calibrated the wheel to what I thought was level (used a level on the pedals). 45 min in the garage: Damn, this thing is scary. How am I supposed to balance on it when it feels like it wants any excuse to bludgeon my ankles? (I wore some old steel-toed high-top sneaker/hiking boot hybrids I had on hand) I used two chairs to get mounted, getting a feel for the pendulum back and forth and how wheel decides which way to push. I tried to use a belt as a strap, but I wasn’t coordinated enough to hold the strap while using the chairs, and the this belt had some elasticity that made it feel dangerous to use, so I put it aside. I did a couple of supported turns around one of the chairs, but not without some minor mishaps. In trying to free ride about five feet to a third chair, the wheel took a couple of minor spills and one just strong enough to knock off some of the noodle bumpers but otherwise scratch little more than the pedals. I stopped out of exhaustion and heat — it’s already in the 90’s here — and although I was up for another go that night, other plans got in the way. No falls or injuries to myself. Some minor cosmetic injuries to wheel. Day 2: My butt and back are sore. The back I blame more on manhandling the wheel than on riding it. Not sure about the butt. Legs are fine, probably on account of a career that has me standing most of the day, and a habit of regular walking. I reduced tire inflation to 30 psi after reading more on forums. Wheel calibration still looked off, so I redid that. I improvised a better strap out of a luggage strap. My wife helped me secure my noodle bumpers better. 30 min on a stretch of sidewalk: I feel like such a tool. My wife offered to take my hand on a stretch of sidewalk back and forth a number of times, as I tried not to use more support than necessary. Alas, I needed a lot of support. Good thing she is, um, supportive. Nevermind that it looked to the neighbors like she was walking a still-dripping newborn calf. I stopped after my legs were feeling wobbly enough that it was getting harder rather than easier. The new strap worked out a lot better: No falls or injuries to myself (or my wife). No significant spills for the wheel. A few hours later... 30 min in the garage (shade!): Yeah, I don’t know about this triangle method. I went out mostly to try to practice walking the wheel under one leg and then lifting my off leg towards an eventual mounting maneuver. I experimented a lot with foot positioning and knee angles to try to feel what people are talking about with this. I got to where I could kind of pivot around on my off foot, but nowhere near being able to hold my off leg airborne for even a moment, except in an awkward hop. The height at which I have to bite the MTen3 into my leg feels way too low for that maneuver, like I would crack my leg in half trying to support my full weight. No successful mounts, until I resorted to using a wall for a bit. The improved sense of mass centering from the triangle training did at least make mounting from the wall feel easier. I had enough room to try and make a wide arc around the garage unsupported, but never made it more than half way, and never felt very stable on these attempts. I wonder if my second attempt at calibration did more harm than good. I stopped out of a combination of drenching sweat in the heat+jeans+gear and aerobic exhaustion from all of the stepping and bending over to walk the wheel back to the wall. The strap is still working well to prevent damage. My right inside calf is a bit tender, but no falls and no other injuries to myself. No new spills for the wheel. A couple hours later… Put 2 oz. slime in the wheel (exactly, as measured by kitchen scale) and reinflated to 32 psi — with @Marty Backe's video giving me the confidence needed. I then precisely re-calibrated on my most level surface with a level (looks good now) and did another 5 minutes of my garage antics to distribute the slime. Seemed stable enough. Two hours later... 15 min on a stretch of sidewalk: Who’s a good wife? She is! She’s a good wife! We repeated our morning walk, but by the end of this one we were going a little quicker, I was standing taller, feeling a lot more stable, and it probably looked to outsiders more like I was walking my wife than the other way around. If nothing else, I think I have the psi and calibration dialed in. I let go a few times, but only made it as far as about 5 meters before making a controlled step-off and tugging on the strap. I started to get glimpses of the “it” I’m trying to get, and stopped the session when I felt previously-unactivated leg muscles start to wobble out of energy. No injuries to myself. No new spills for the wheel. Looking forward to tomorrow evening, when I’ll have my next riding opportunity. Questions: Being the only one I know of around here with a wheel, it’s hard to know what’s normal for me, my wheel, or wheels in general. Here’s what’s on my mind tonight: From the first power up, the wheel has always had a kind of purring vibration and faint sound that fluctuates, like there’s an honest-to-god spinny thing in there... but I was under the impression that the only gyro is on a chip — that all balancing is handled by motor torque adjustment. Is this vibration just the feeling of the motor elements taking turns doing the microadjustments that keep the wheel stable, or is something wrong with my wheel? Unlike yesterday and this morning, as of this afternoon, when powering on the wheel, I got a double chirp, sometimes right away, sometimes a few seconds after. I thought maybe this was a battery indication, as I hadn’t charged since yesterday. But having charged up to full before my final session today (as indicated by green charger light on OEM charger), it was still doing it (the first time, but not on two subsequent times). What does this mean? I’d kill for a manual. Fully charged (per charger) and idle, WheelLog reports a 100% charge but a voltage only in the mid 60s. Isn’t this an 84v wheel? How does that work? Are the sport/soft modes worth playing with at my stage? Are they even staying at whatever I set them to? I thought I had read somewhere that the Gotway app defaults it to something every time it is loaded. Thanks for all your advice and support! I’ll keep the log going until you or I are sick of it. [I thought about putting this in the dedicated MTen3 area (feel free to move it?), but since my first wheel choice is unusual enough that I thought it might be of more general interest.]
  2. Scott Henley

    Riding Backwards.

    So I’ve been riding about 2 months now . I’ve learned how to ride with one leg , so one leg spins , ride slow , carve back and forth ect...but riding backwards is still seemingly impossible for me . As soon as I get going I can’t help but turn sharply to one side or the other . Just wondering how others learned and if there were any tips or tricks . Thanks !
  3. New Inmotion V8 arrived from SpeedyFeet (thank you Speedy Feet) yesterday (Friday 5th January), to great excitement. Unfortunately, the weeather here in Northern UK was terrible so couldn't get out. So day 1 of practice consisted of around 1 hour of standing on it and some wobbly transations across my office (around 3 metres wide). It felt like I was learning a little just getting the feel for balance. Wasn't long before right calve and right ankle in a bit of discomfort(!) Today (Saturday 6th January), better weather and a trip to a stiff fenced basketball area, identified as ideal for EUC practice. It has paths around the outer area of the basketball enclosed area so scope for doing circuits over an area 'around the outside' of the basketball pitch. Practiced for around an hour, but that was enough as fatigue set in. Really pleased with progress, and was able to ride multiple circuits around the exterior of the basketball court. Please note this was not by any means in a very controlled manner. Two particular areas I want some help/feedback with: 1. Foot position - after a while I placed my feet further back on the foot plates and I thought (but I'm not sure) that this seemd to give me better control and 'feel' for acceleration and braking. Is this issue of foot position important. Quite often, I'm so unsteady mounting that I don't get my feet in the same position on each side!! 2. The wobbles - as I felt I was improving and ventured to try going faster, I found that the wheel seemd to develop the wobbles. Any tips? 3. Ride in a straight line - Often I struggled to go in an entirely straight line, could this simply be a combination of me being a learner and not having enough speed makes me unstable and more prone to deviate off the straight line? Finally, one other thing I would say is that this thing makes you new friends! Virtually every passer by was stopping to watch or to chat, mostly in awe of this machine noone seemed to have ever seen. Little do they know how bad my riding is compared to you more experienced guys on this forum! Looking forward to tomorrow and going again
  4. aalenkin

    Learning the Ninebot E+

    Hello everyone! So, just got a shipping update, I am to expect my Ninebot E+ next monday! Must say I am super excited....I got to thinking after reading and watching some EUC training videos, a majority of the time in the beginning stages the EUC takes quite a beating! I saw one video where the battery ejected out of the EUC! after a small tumble in the parking lot. I was wondering what people here do to "protect" their investment while they are learning, and by protect meaning try to prevent it from getting beat up in the first few weeks of training. I do understand a tumble here, a dent there and scuffs and scratches but I would like to minimize that during my first few weeks until I get somewhat of a hold on what im doing! lol I was thinking maybe duct tape? draping an old sweater/jacket over the thing? cutting out an insulated shopping bag and taping it over the wheel....any thoughts??