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Found 103 results

  1. A few months ago, I decided to sell my Gotway 820wh Msuper and ACM to upgrade to the 1300 ACM and the MsuperV3s+. I put my order in at ewheels and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. A few weeks ago, I started reading about all the drama with the Gotway problems you all have read about I'm sure. With these safety concerns, I really started getting worried. I learned to ride on a Kingsong 14c and wanted to buy a ks18, but they weren't available at the time. I opted to buy the Gotway wheels and really enjoyed them. I have 3 of my children that are proficient riders and we enjoy our trips together. Not wanting to put my kids on wheels I knew were having issues, a week ago I decided to cancel my Gotway order and Jason was kind enough to let me switch my order to the KS16s 840wh and KS18s 1680wh arriving in a couple of weeks. Reading about @Marty Backe and his latest problem and fall on his Msuperv3s+, I'm glad I made the switch. (Marty, I hope your wrist feels better...makes me mad that Gotway puts out this stuff and lies about having it fixed) I know Kingsong is not perfect, but I figure it was time to make the switch. I'm sure I'll miss some things about Gotway, but I'm looking forward to giving Kingsong a try again. I'll make sure I give my opinion on How Kingsong is treating me. Matt
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick word as a representative of Project42 UK. We are currently 2-3 weeks away from receiving the new batch of Kingsong KS16S and KS14S models. Exciting to test and ride these ourselves, but also to start pushing this brand in the UK again. If you want to support the local retailer, get a smashing deal on warranty and spares provision, customer support with the quickest response time - just drop me a message or write your feedback down below. The first 10 to pre-order are guaranteed 10% discount and free next day signed delivery across the UK.
  3. So we all know KS14C has a bit of a trouble with the axle cracking. The first time it happened to me I went trough half a year long warranty process and apart from the time it cost me 290 USD as apart from the motor itself I needed new board (old one is not compatible with the new motors) and I also wanted new shell and I had to pay the shipping and taxes. I thought that with new type of motor they would have solved the issue but no... after 1400 km according to the app my axle broke again! This is how it looks from outside when your axle breaks: detail after removing the pedals: This time I was so careful! I didn't jump the curbs I had barely any falls... but maybe it was caused by not using the spacers that come between the pedal holders and motor. I didn't use them because the ones from the old motor were not compatible with the new one and I didn't receive new one with the new motor. Tina said to proceed without them but I think that was the reason why the axle broke so soon because maybe I put them a bit further apart or something like that. Anyway I didn't want to pay another hefty sum for a new motor to have it broken in few months again and I actually had a new 500W KS motor on hand since they sent it to me by mistake at first instead of the 800W one. First I tried whether it will work with my board meant for 800W motor. No surprise, it doesn't . But the axle is the same so I decided to gut the never used motor to get mine going again. So I took both motors apart. And this is how i looks: The way the wire are connected to the windings Detail of the axle: Detail of the hall effect sensor: To remove the axle you need access to a hydraulic press. I tried to hammer the axle out but had no success, I only damaged the axle even more. I study a technical university so I just went to the building of mechanical engineering and after few minutes I had time setup when I could come to use the press. In the end the people there just did it for me because of safety concerns. The press ( very old made in now nonexistent country of Czechoslovakia :D) Video of the actual removal: Detached axle: To remove the axle I had to remove the cabling first and of course the cabling got damaged while being pulled trough the axle. The original phase wires were 1,22mm2 with plastic insulation the hall sensor wire were 0,22mm2 also with plastic insulation. The replacement cables I used were 1,5mm2 and 0,25mm2 with silicon insulation. So potentially higher quality but they were also thicker so now sheath to put them all together could fit in the axle so i kept them separate. Also as you can see they didn't have the right colors which caused me some trouble later on when connecting to the control board. I had them labeled but the tags fell while I was pulling the cables through the motor cover So when finishing up there was a lot of experimenting with the right order. I knew which wires were for hall sensors and which for phases from thickness and I knew which wires were the power for the hall sensors because these were the only ones with the correct color. But I still had two groups of 3 wires each. That gives me 36 combinations. Anyone who ever connected the wires wrong knows how crazy the unicycle acts if you do that :/ Luckily it only took me 8 tries! Those were some horrible couple minutes! To pull the cables through the axle I used the same method as @Rehab1 - solder them all together and use single wire to pull the trough. Thanks for inspiration! Unfortunately some of the hall sensors got damaged during the axle removal so I had to change them too. The original sensors were MT4451-A (TO-92 package) as @esaj helped me discover from the markings. I could not get these in Czechia so I used TLE4935L instead as I have already used them once on different unicycle and they worked. Damaged hall effect sensor: And here is finally the finished motor with new wiring and hall sensors: After putting everything together the unicycle works! But there are some problems. It does wobble. When I ride it swings back and forth a little. It it pronounced way more while riding forwards then by riding the unicycle the wrong way with the brake light forward. Anyone has any ideas what could cause this? Here is a video of this Also the free spin maximum speed is different in each direction it is 40,6 km/h in forward (more wobbly direction) and 38,5 km/h in backwards (more stable direction). So IDK is this some mechanical problem ? the bearing perhaps? I used the motor covers from the 500W as the bearings spin much better. Could this be the cause? They seemed the same otherwise and they fit with no problem. Problem with the board maybe? During the experimenting with the right wire order combinations some nasty thing were most likely happening to the board..:/ I will see how it progresses but please if someone knows what it could be let me know I would hate going trough all this trouble to have the unicycle break down again soon after. So in total this cost me about 20 USD. 10 USD for the beers I bought the people who helped me with the press and 10 USD for the wires and hall sensors. It would cost more if I had to have the axle machined. PS. There will be part two with the older motor from the first time my axle broke and new machined axle for that
  4. Hey, All. Big feet here. Looking to make/get larger pedals for th KS18 you. Does anybody have any links or a how to guide? Searched the form, but not finding exactly what I need. Thanks in advance! Mc
  5. hey riders, to speed up my efforts I thought I just ask for partners in crime is the firmware binary crypted? looking at it in the hex editor right now I'm not sure ;=) can s1 give me some info about the processor used on KingSong KS16B/C models and the flash rom used? (I dont want to disassemble my wheel yet, as I use it every day ) I plan to use IDA PRO to analyse the firmware. the V.125 binary is 49.280 Bytes, so I wonder where is the rest , read the part of the rom where the crap media files are stored (HELLO KINGSONG! ) there are two things I want to achieve: 1st disable startup message, bluetooth on off message and please deaccelerate forever. This could easily be done by erasing those files from where they are stored. 2nd speed up my KS16b 820Wh to 35 km/h This could be done by either directly modifying the engine parameters in the firmware or maybe even by tuning the android app that sets the max speed parameter. (has anyone tried this yet?) If you have read out the flash that stores the media files, that would be helpful too. Im also looking for all KS16B/C binary files in all versions, in order to compare code changes. also any info on checksum calculation are welcome, (if crc is just handled by the android app, I wouldnt waste any time on this) cya
  6. Hello guys! My name is Uliana. I am russian girl, 22 y.o. i'm going to a trip across Europe, starting from Riga, going to Madrid, Spain on the electric unicycle. I am planning to ride about 100-150 km/per a day, with a speed about 25-30 km/h. Making some videos during the way, and paint pictures, when i will find beautifel places. That's a plan 😜 And maybe i will need some help on my way (i hope to won't need it, but who knows) with the wheel. If it will be broken or smthg like that, so please, if someone from u could help me, let me know, please. And if someone could host me, it would be amazing! 🙃 or maybe show me your city - i will be thankfull and happy 😁 And, yes, if you want to join, i am open, just write to me and let me know. Start from 3rd July. Thank you 😁
  7. I have had my KS14D almost a month now and have done 798km on it (aiming for 1000km by Feb 3 as I got it Jan 3) I absolutely love this wheel and wanted to hear what other users thought and if they have found any problems? mine has been perfect. the handle could be a fraction longer but its not even a real problem, the casing is pretty tough, have dropped it several times trying tricks and besides a couple really small dents on a couple edges it still looks brand new. speakers are plenty loud enough to hear at 30km/h I rate this wheel 9/10 and if it had better speed and range it would be 10 but adding those things also adds costs and bulkiness King Song really are a quality wheel and well worth the money, a beautiful safe feeling comfortable ride.
  8. I have been riding my kingsong 14c for a few months and It drove me crazy how tiny the pedals are. Obviously, I am not the only person who thinks this. Used 1/4 inch think redwood planks, VHB mounting tape, gorilla glue tape and covered it all with grip tape. It ride so nicely now. Center of gravity is a little bit high, but its not bad. Ankles do not hurt and its just great. Main piece of wood is 10 inches by 4.5 inches. I also made a video showing it all:
  9. So, I've been riding my V8 for about 3 months now, no problems, and I've pushed the wheel pretty hard. In contrast, I've been riding my new KS-14C for about one day and I now have my first official faceplant . It was everything I thought it would be. First off, it had to happen in front of three young dudes shooting hoops. I cruised by playing some Bob Marley from the sweet KS speakers and then turned around at the end of the road and proceeded to crank back past them....I heard the beeps warning me that I was going too fast, but before I could back off and lean backward the wheel just stopped. My whole body fell forward like I was in slow motion. I tried to put a foot down but I was going about 15mph, so running this out was not going to happen. All I remember was my hands going forward and the realization that I was going to take huge digger in front of these guys. Much to my surprise, I popped up rather quickly. My wheel bounced around a bit, but I was in one piece! It was a miracle. My fleece jacket wasn't ripped, I was in shorts, not even a scratch on my knees! My wrist guards were ground down quite a bit, but only on the plastic, none of the leather or glove material was damaged. I hit my elbows pretty hard and had road rash, but oddly no damage to my clothes other than some tears of my shorts by my left hip. I'm sore. I can tell the brunt of the fall was obsorbed by my wrists and hip, but all in all I feel extremely fortunate. My ego took a hit, but on the plus side it has served as a reminder to slow down. It also is a reminder of how awesome the inmotion wheels are. Seriously, I've pushed the limits of my V8 and no concern even entered my mind about it cutting out. I like the KingSong wheel, right up until it cut out I was thinking "damn, I might like this more than my V8!"... Anyway, for any new rider of a KS-14C, be careful, and wear your safety gear
  10. Hi my friend has a Kingsong and he is trying to use the app, now the app works on my phone which is Android version 5.0 and another phone which is 4.4 but when he tries it on his phone which is 6.0 it doesnt find the unicycle when you open the app. Does anyone have a solution for this? im having trouble understanding the manual regarding this. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  11. I have a couple of screws on my KS-16 where the head has been slightly damaged. Since they are becoming quite hard to tighten/loosen, I am thinking of replacing them. But what are these screws called, what's the screw type I should look in search of replacement screws? It's those small screws that fixate the outer shell against the inner shell. And also used to fasten the LED strips on the outer shell...
  12. kingsong

    Please feel free to read my detailed review about the Kingsong 14D.
  13. I had been happy Ninebot user since early 2016, with 2000 km range experience. I have decided to make step forward, and switch to the stronger wheel - I have decided for KS16 with 680wh A few pluses: - higher torque, - much longer range - valise type handle - integrated lights - better stability and nicer ride In general - very good wheel, however I have found that original KingSong pedals are really bad in terms of grip, rubber is soft and heavy, moreover spring based holding mechanism is terrible. Please see below my mod for the pedals: - skateboard grip offer much better stability even in wet conditions - magnetic locking mechanism is easy to lock and unlock by small kick in the lower part of the pedals - pedals lower parts are quite useful! - mod allows to make the unit lighter - KS16D with 680wh battery weight is now 16,42 kg - basic CAD knowledge and 3d printer allowed me to design and print needed parts, proper mounting of the plastic inserts require drilling 3.2 mm holes in the aluminium pedals and taping the holes with M4 thread. Experience in drilling required in order not to drill through the pedals 14 mm round neodymium magnets inserted in the pedals and into the white side bumpers are sufficient to hold pedals up. - 6 pcs of of 10mm and 6 pcs of 8mm long M4 screws are needed, also 24 washers to equalize uneven cast and mount the pedals (US modders can adapt to the locally available imperial system screws) - if somebody is interested in obtaining .stl files with plastic insert and side bumper (to be printed on the 3d printer) let me know. - mod is reversible - it is possible to unscrew pads and insert rubber back into the pedals. The next mod which I decided to go for is to add brigher LED red lights on the back - see results in the next pictures.
  14. This one is back up for sale. Need some cash for the holidays. Dropping the price. I have a KingSong 14c Ultra for sale. I purchased it from Jason at ewheels and have had zero problems with it. I have since purchased other larger wheels and need to let this one go. This wheel has under 50 miles on it. It has some minor scratches because it was my learning wheel, but I had it really padded well so the scratches are minimal. It has great range, maneuverability and torque. It can go up to 19 mph. I live in Orange County if you are interested. The only reason I'm considering letting this go is Im looking for a lighter 14 inch wheel even if I sacrifice the range. This wheel is a commuters dream and comes with the trolley handle. I can take more photo later today if you like. Price: $600
  15. Once my wheels are on it will slowly get tilted upwards and start beeping non-stop after charging. Any one have this issues? Pls help, much appreciated
  16. My review of the new KS16 from KingSong ... I will say it's everything that Ninebot should have done with model P ;-) - I think it's a winner... Review Summary Overall: I very pleased with the product (based on limited use).. I will say it's everything that Ninebot should have done with model P ;-) - I think it's a winner... Good stuff: It rides really well and offers a nice balance between power, comfort and stability.. Really nice design, very beautiful on the same level as Ninebot.. Material has a good feel and quality seems high.. Riding mode feels a lot stiffer than KS14c Very smart integration of the light (switching direction) Bluetooth seems a lot more intuitive than KS14c Integrated handlebar is a really great idea and it feels solid when it's not extracted.. Anti-slip on the pedal gives a really good contact to the food rest... Pedal height is good for tight turns Side protection cushions are placed perfectly and offers good support.. Rubber plastic cap for the charging port that is attached to the KS16 is really good... Bad/observations: Computer voice is really loud... It's nice at first, but this will annoy me in the long run. It can be switched off from the App More noisy than expected, high pitch noise is louder than KS14c and the cooling fan inside is notable.. What happens if the fan breaks? Missing a integrated park stand, it would be nice to have a way to park the unit upright and not have to lay it down. Fod pedal does not operate as smooth as I could wish, takes a lot of force to bring the down (minor thing)...
  17. The Website seems to be never updated. No news, nothing about the new KS16S, under support the rather old 1.4 version of the App can be found, all in all it looks dead. My experience with such badly managed websites is, that the owning companies slowly fade out of business. How is it possible, that a company building such great wheels like the KS16 and KS18 (and of course KS14) has such a bad website ? Does anybody know how it is going with Kingsong ? I really hope they are doing well, I like my KS16.
  18. i am from China. i am going to be a visiting scholar from August to January in UMass, Boston. i wonder if i am permited to ride euc in Boston? can euc be carried abound the subway?
  19. Hi All, so I've done it lately: Bought myself a new wheel (via aliexpress): a new KingSong KS18A (Y+) the latest version with the fan. (1200 W, 1360 Wh Battery, Firmware V 1,25, App-Version Android 1.4) I have it for about a week now and have ridden my first about 25 Km with it. As there was only a chinese version booklet in the package and the available Info at the KingSong Website does not help I have a few questions that I hope the forum members can help and give there comments. Questions: 1) In the offer the seat was NOT included. - Is it due to the new 'fan version' that a seat does not fit or is a seat still possible? 2) In older KS18 Versions there has been the option, that the light mode could be switched not only by the App, but also through the on/off Switch. Does this still work? (and how?) 3) In older KS18 versions there has been the option that the wheel could be used as a 'flashlight' when switched off via a button on the wheel. This is no longer possible with the newest version (KS18Y+ - fan version) right? 4) Only from the sense of the tyre I suspect the 'front' of the wheel is the side with the LED-bar battery indicator and the back side is the side with the USB-port and the on/off switch, right? If this is right, that would mean, that the slots of the fan on the upper side of the wheel look into the moving direction. - Into my mind comes: water will be pressed right into the slots when driving in rain? Ugh 5) On the App/wheel? of my wheel the total mileage count does not seem to work properly: It now shows 4 Km but I'm quite sure I did already much more than 10 Km probably 20 to 25 Km. Any ideas? Thank's for your thoughts/input. Buying decision: Although the KS18A is not a new wheel now I want to give you a short 'first impression' from my first week - especially in comparison to my beginner wheel IPS Zero (240 Wh). I thought for a while which wheel to buy as a second wheel as my beginner wheel the IPS Zero has it's limits as a 14" wheel with it's small battery. Do understand me right: The zero is a good wheel. Perfect for city, short commutes and as a 'last mile wheel' you have with you in the bus or underground. (only 10 KG) But more than once I found myself looking for a possibility to charge the wheel during a ride. So I wanted another wheel with a BIG BATTERY I also think that the zero with nominal 800 W motor has practically to less battery reserve when going up/downhill. Especially as I'm on the more heavier side (about 100 KG). So I wanted also a higher wattage. The 'golden mean' would have been probably a 16" wheel with a big battery. - I had an eye on the KS16S. (Gotway ACM also, but reports on the forum have not been so good in the last few weeks.) - Now Rockwheel GT-16 gets good reports also but was brand new, when I decided to buy. What was the final reason to get the KS18 instead of the KS16S was: The price. For nearly the price of a KS16S or ACM with 840 Wh I would get a KS18 with a battery of 1360 Wh! So I bought the KS18. First Impression: This wheel is tall! You have to get accustomed to it when coming from smaller wheels ... As I plan to go on longer trips away from cities a big 18" wheel will fit this purpose well. The weight of 23 KG is a lot. (I hope not to be forced to carry the wheel much EVER) but strong motor and battery have it's weight. First impression: My expectations are satisfied - I have a powerful wheel with a big battery now. ... Ready for further trips. Yours viti
  20. Hi all, Purchased King song 14c (800w) from Wheelgo late 2015, without warning the axle cracked approximately 3 months later. Unfortunately Wheelgo no longer trade from the UK, Jason was kind enough to send me the complete service manual, but unfortunately his suggestion to 'hammer it back' was never going to work. Dispite a number of emails to they do not appear to be able to reply. Cost £895 Broken axle 3 months later cost/ time = £298 a month. I am also lucky enough to own an ips and ninebot, had no issues with these units. Liam
  21. GyroMetrics is a free application for logging data and controlling an EUC in a device independent way. See for an introduction. 9BMetrics worked with Ninebot and now it works with Ninebot, Gotway, Kingsong and InMotion. As I don't have all the wheels some support is better than others and all feedback is welcome. The application also uses the AppleWatch if available for showing information, starting/stopping recording and locking/unlocking the wheel or sounding the horn (in Kingsong), @Chriull has devloppend some GNUPLOT scripts for presenting the information which are vailable here. Also some Python generic scripts are available at following posts. First Gyrometrics version is 2.5 which has the following differences with 9BMetrics 2.4: - For Ninebot Users You may enable or disable speed limit from settings while connected You may lock / unlock wheel when connected From the watch you may lock / unlock the weel by doing hard press and selectiong the option in the menu - For KingSong Users Now horn works from the watch. Just a double tap in the center field and should play it - For InMotion Users (all beta features, sorry my accesibility is rare) Disabled serial number checking. Should connect with V8 Lock / Unlock may or may not work as explained for Ninebot Users - For everybody Python Scripts that work in Pythonista and in normal desktop environments (They work in the iPhone ) for plotting data directly from new .9bz archives. Will put them in the GyroMetrics topic Working in new features : Current visible in the watch, color shows direction Battery color will change to orange in phone and watch if battery level > 90% and current is < 0 Other features : Incremental saving - So if application crashes ypu don't loose all data Autocalibration of distance and speed
  22. Is the Kingsong app fully working on IOS? I ask because I am trying to enter an unlock code, and will not allow me type. Is there a certain mileage you need to hit before it will allow you to type in an unlock code, or would I be better trying to round up an android device for this job?
  23. I have now purchased two Kingsong 14-C's from over the last two years. Will, the owner, has been fantastic in answering my newbie questions, solving problems, and doing everything within his power to standby what he sells. No matter what the issue, Will always took the high road and made it right. Since we actually live not that far from each other, we took personal delivery of one of the uni's, and I was really happy to meet in person and swap stories. Very impressed and would definitely buy through him again. Also impressed by Will's "saftey-first" focus in the products he carries and the logic behind those brand choices. This industry is still young and I value a trusted adviser.