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Found 85 results

  1. IPS Electric Unicycle. Barely ridden. Good 260WH Battery, high torque motor, suitable for riders of all weights. Comes with charger and trolley handle. If you've never ridden an electric unicycle this is a great one to learn on, yet still has the power for you to grow. I attached some foam padding to protect the unicycle if it fell, but didn't really turn out to be needed. It comes off easily, I can leave it on if you like or remove it. Most of the pics attached are before-padding. Pickup in Midtown Manhattan.
  2. We started a local store in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. OneSeven Electric Unicycles. It has been a blast, as well as a ton of work. Traffic has been good and a couple members have purchased our wheels online already, but what I really want is for a member of the forum to visit our physical store! I also want to offer a special for that person. $300 off ANY wheel, plus some OneSeven merch. Whether you want to spend $199 or $2199 we have something for you! First timers welcome, one of our employees would be happy to help your learn on your new wheel. We also have a giveaway running for a new Gotway MCM4, it is the pinned post on our Facebook page! You can also enter at if you join our mail list (Site is still a WIP) OneSeven 321 W Tulsa St Siloam Springs, AR
  3. As I mentioned earlier, and always raising interest, I am currently upgrading my IPS 191 "Lhotz" 340 Wh with an additional 16s pack of 18650 cells. So here is some documentary about this mod, so anyone can consider if it's worth it. Some details: I use Samsung SDI INR18650-30Q cells, as they are available quite cheap around here and had some good tests, beeing able to output 20A cont. while beeing rated by Samsung for 15A. However, turns out that even at 20A this cell can compete with the infamous LG HG2. Rated at 3 Ah this gives me 3*3,7*16=177,6 Wh additional capacity, making my Lhotz a roughly 520 Wh wheel! As these 30Qs have an internal resistance of only 18 mOhms, as opposed to 35 mOhms of the stock Panasonics IPS uses, this should nearly half the voltage drop under load, giving me either further additional range, or at the same range less limitations due to low voltage. Well not gonna bore you any longer with this, here are the pics. First, starting point: (the beeper was moved up prior to taking this photo, otherwise this is how the internals looked) How do we get 16 18650s in there? First idea: Fits comfortably in there, but wiring would be a real mess. So I came up with this: Nice and thight, and all the cells relatively compact together. I will not document on how to build the actual packs from the cells, this has been documente often enough on the internet I you want to do this, just keep in mind there is no space at disposal, just make those packs as tight and small as possible. Packs assembled and test fitted in: As you will have guessed, I will hook the new pack to the BMS of the wheel, thus all the thin white cables. In the bottom left corner you can see the connectors and how I dasy chained them, so i can plug both batteries to the BMS. I will do the same with the XT60 connector, so I don't have to touch any of the origianl wiring, besindes some relocation. Thus I can always extract my additional battery without much fuzz. As the packs are positioned tight against the metal controlboard box, I added an extra rub protection cardboard layer inside the shrinkwrap of the packs. But there won't be much rubbing here, it's a really thight fit! I should further mention that the sprew posts in the places where the new battery sits need to be removed. Left to do: finish the connections, fix all the wires in place, fasten the batteries,
  4. Hi, everyone! This is my first post here (and certainly not my last one ;-) ). I'm Justina and I've fallen in love with electric unicycles. It all began from curiosity "how can I improve my daily commute?", and when I bought my first EUC, it instantly became my hobby. Then I met some local enthusiasts and our small group started growing. After a while we started a project together that over time has become Our mission is to increase people's awareness of electric unicycles and show them it is not a gadget or a prototype - it is the best way of personal transportation in the world. And it's available now, everywhere! Our goal is to change people's thinking and replace their bicycles with electric unicycles, for daily commute. We live in the 21th century, why do we still use technology that hasn't changed from 200 years? It's time for a change, for people to know about EUCs! I create videos for our YouTube channel (anybody has seen my vids before?), where I try to help you as much as I can - either with choosing the righ wheel, or to do typical stuff like changing the tyre. We have just added new general videos with real life scenarios with electric unicycle usage: Electric unicycle vs bicycle - for commuting - Electric unicycle for meetings - If you like them, feel free to share! Many more coming soon! -------------------- Besides this, we also have an European shop with only one category: electric unicycles. We believe this is superior to any two wheelers or scooters and everyone can learn how to ride it, just how everyone had to learn riding a bicycle as a kid - we just don't remember this now. I have a huge €100 discount for all forum members, for the following electric unicycles: * 2017 KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) is €1514 for forum members, * 2017 Inmotion V8 (480 Wh) with carbon fibre-like kit is €982 for forum members, * 2017 KingSong KS-16C face-lift (680 Wh) is €1075 for forum members, * 2017 KingSong KS-14D (420 Wh) is €886 for forum members. Heads up! We do not collaborate with everyone. We collaborate with the top league manufacturers exclusively, to deliver the best electric unicycles only. Everything comes with a 2-year warranty, a gift, and of course functional mobile app. Dispatch up to 24 hours if not stated otherwise on the site. Do you live outside Europe? Contact me. How to get the €100 discount? It's easy and will take only 3 minutes: 1. Like our new Facebook page (click) 2. Share our Facebook page on your FB profile: 3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (click) 4. Register on our website: 5. Download and rate our mobile app on the preferred system: Android (click) or iOS (click). 6. Contact me by sending a private message here, or via Facebook / website - simply text "DONE" :-) I'm here for you if you have any questions. Also, I'm looking forward to talk to you about EUCs overall, I will start replying to other topics here for sure! Best Regards, Justina PS. This is how we do it:
  5. Thanks to @EcoDrift Automatically translated article is poor, but better than nothing. However, all we need is images and some love, off course. Check here.
  6. I finally have an i5 in my hands! I wanted to make a post to document the process as I test it as well as to try and answer any questions the community has. If there is a certain test or questions please ask and I will try to get everything answered. Currently waiting for the battery to charge before I start recording and testing. Super excited. First impression is that it is unbelievably thin. The width is almost identical to a standard glass bottle. IBC Root beer tested. It also is definitely light, I haven't weighed it yet but the shipping weight was 22 pounds as a whole so it seems to be on par with IPS claims.
  7. Hi folks, I'm a rider based in Estonia. Would like to buy the newest IPS i5. Could you recommend a trusted and verified seller that ships to my country? Thanks
  8. I have no idea what they're saying; it's a number of people doing an eval of the I5. Lots of footage in action.
  9. I'm not sure of the best place to put this post, so I am going with the IPS section, and will link it back to other relevant places... So today I rode my Lhotz from a full charge, directly uphill to check how it handled (while monitoring the stats). Leg 1 - Uphill Starting elevation: 100m Starting charge: 100% Starting temperature: 16°C Starting load: 115kg Finishing elevation: 250m Finishing charge: ~70% Finishing temperature: 49.5°C Distance travelled: 2000m So I wheeled hard on the uphill, while watching the stats. I wanted to see what the point of failure was... And while I expected my wheel to beep me (requesting a rest) I expected it to be due to the temperature - but the reality when I got the warning was that the app was showing the battery status as <15% but the temperature was still less than 50°C. But after stopping, and allowing the wheel to recover, the status ramped back up to around the 70% mark - so after a 30 second stop I was good to go. Now I should point out that this was 1800m (at pace) into the trip, and I did not let up at all along the way (though I may have slowed down a little as I passed the bakery to check out my options for the second leg). Previously I wasn't sure whether I needed to stop due to temperature or battery drain, but this is now confirmed. I am expecting to take some flak for this, but my statement now is that, "For a heavier rider going uphil, the battery drain can be more significant than the temperature." And in my case, the load became the limiting factor well before the temperature was an issue. Interestingly, it wasn't a torque issue, as the wheel still had a lot of pull in it, but it just didn't have enough stored energy available to draw on to power through? Is this a limitation of the battery technology? Leg 2 - Downhill This was a bit more experimental... The IPS app kept crashing (and I don't think I can use WheelLog) - It seemed to crash particularly when I was on the steeper downhill sections. I wonder if this was when the motor power was a negative value (regenerating) and it didn't understand how to present that? But what I did notice is that while the app showed power usage around 15-20% (while travelling ~10km/h) I did end up at the finish line with the battery charged to around 80% . Overall, my observations (and feeling) makes me think that on the "shallow" downhill, I am still using power to actively drive, but on the steeper sections, power is flowing back into the battery as one would expect. My conclusion is that, at slower speeds with a heavier load, it requires a steeper gradient to achieve regenerative power - and a percentage is actually used on the shallower gradients to maintain a constant (slower) speed. And continuing on that thought - I was interested to note the "stopped" effort - on the flat, I can hold onto something and the motor power to keep me upright is 1-3%. But on a good hill, it is 10-15% Okay, that is me - everyone feel free to shred my comments with science - I am more than happy to be wrong, I just want to understand all of this more!
  10. Speedy Feet IPS i5 Review
  11. We currently have some special offers on the IPS White Versions (ZERO and LHOTZ) We should be able to ship in EU Countries now ( For the first time ever ). Prices starting from €588 inc. 18% VAT while excluding shipping. We also have some good protection gear that you might want to add with your order or as a separate purchase. find our products page on and send me a message if you are interested.
  12. Dear @rayna903, please correct me where I'm wrong. My sources for this post are and Apparently, IPS is about to release a new EUC called "i5", available in two models using either the common 18650 or the slightly larger 20700 batteries. It seems to be a "last mile" solution for lighter users with 350W rated /1000W max. motor power and just one pack of batteries (16S1P). While that sounds like very ordinary entry level, the shell design is uniquely flat and apparently made from some magnesium-alloy, which takes all the structural forces while keeping the total weight below 8Kg. Batteries appear to be Panasonic 20700B with 4250mAh. While it is certainly not a performance beast in any dimension, I think it's quite an interesting approach for the light & casual user. I am very curious for feedback from everyday users on how the new shell holds up and whether those 20700B batteries might be an option for higher performance wheels, too.
  13. Hi new here although i've been soaking up info for a few weeks now. Basically i bought a generic 14" learnt to ride it love it and now im looking to upgrade as it really isnt cut out for off road use. I have the option of getting a gotway msuper v2 for a very reasonable price. ( £750 in the UK btw). A gotway msuper v3 would cost around £250 more or i could get a second hand ips 132 for around £270. My question is do you guys feel the m3 is worth the extra £250? I primarily use an Iphone and am i right in thinking the m2 doesnt have ios bluetooh support? Or considering im still new should i just go for the ips and worry about the more advanced gotway later? Any tips or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. interesting, so looks like the new i5 has no traditional pedal mounting brackets, that's how they shaved off quite a bit of the traditional EUC weight.
  15. I thought I would wait until the holiday season again to post my experiences last October with hiring an EUC on holiday. Thanks to this forum where I mentioned holidaying in Malta, I had @IPS Malta, contact me to ask whether I'd like to hire a wheel - you bet! For those of you geographically challenged, Malta is a tiny group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean between Italy and Libya with a warm, mostly dry, climate which coupled with its friendly people and very long history (one of seemingly constant invasion from east and west such that it is the only country in the world where the entire population has won a medal for bravery ) makes it a superb holiday destination. Since its language is a kind of mix of Arabic and italian but written with a Latin script understood by only a few 100,000 people the vast majority learn English and Italian before even going to school. Where else could you circumnavigate an entire country on an EUC - the main island is only 17 miles long. In a previous year we had gone on a Segway tour which my wife and daughter were very keen to repeat, but me less so now I could ride an EUC. The stage was set and a series of emails to book Segway Malta's Dingli Cliffs ride: and check they were OK if I tagged along on a wheel and then to Glen @IPS Malta, to arrange hire for the same time. It was all fairly easy, Glen offered my an IPS XIMA LHOTZ 181, which with its wide tyre seemed ideal for the rough terrain around Dingli. On road around Dingli, more like off road anywhere else, this hill is first gear in a car and we came down it! I agreed a price for a day's hire plus a refundable deposit, and a cycle helmet was also supplied. Turning up at Segway Malta for our 2 hour ride there was some good news, and, as it turned out, bad news, unlike the previous year when there were about 10 of us in the group, this year there was only the three of us and our instructor was quickly able to see we had all done it before. Since we knew what we were doing our instructor suggested we could make good time and complete the tour he usually did in 3 hours, great but that sounded a bit further than my Lhotz battery might manage. I wish I'd set up GPS on my phone to find out how fast and far we went but we set of at a good speed through Buskett Gardens, on terrain that was far harder than I'd ever ridden before, steep hills of loose rock, tree roots, fields, there is absolutely no way I could have stayed upright on my Kingsong 14C or climbed or descended some of the hills. I was very impressed by how well the Lhotz, and its wide tyre handled the terrain, in fact I was convinced our instructor was trying to prove the superiority of the Segway, but I had no trouble keeping up ?. The ride was really fun, other than the Lhotz very high side pads rubbed badly against my legs with all the bumping around, by the end of the ride my legs were quite sore. Not really a criticism of the wheel it's just its padding was not where I am used to. 1.5 hours later having covered an awful lot of very challenging terrain my wheel slowly tilted back to a halt- I'd run out of battery. 1/2 mile down the road was a viewing point with a refreshment van so the others rode ahead to get a drink whilst I carried the wheel in 35 degrees centigrade heat - boy did I miss my trolley handle at that point. When I arrived our instructor was missing, he arrived a cooling drink later with a second Segway in tow for me - what a guy! To my surprise we didn't just ride back, but continued the tour, only after we had ridden along the 250 metre Dingli cliffs did he mention the Segway company owner had died falling off a cliff on one! The edge of Dingli cliffs just metres from the pathway. Riding a Segway off road, whilst carrying an Lhotz was certainly challenging, my arms felt like they should look like Popeye's by the end of it but I was certainly VERY grateful for the Segway. Segway to the Rescue. In conclusion, it was a brilliant afternoon and I got to ride an EUC and a Segway. IPS Malta and Segway Malta were both gave excellent service it was just a pity the IPS didn't have a bit bigger battery. The only other thing I didn't think about and would do differently next time was that the hire fee and deposit was taken as a credit card transaction and the deposit then refunded to me when I returned the wheel. Unfortunately, that meant I paid foreign exchange conversion fees in both directions which meant it cost me an additional £4-£5. The deposit should have been taken separately as an authorised, but not actioned card transaction that was cancelled on return of the wheel, that would have prevented me paying additional charges. Since I had the wheel overnight, once recharged (Glen had supplied me with the charger as well) I, of course, took the opportunity to show off my death defying one wheeled skills to some of my wife's Maltese cousins - confirming, I suspect their already held views as to my sanity! Finally talking of death defying, we were staying in a farm house, so not surprisingly, we did have to get used to quite a range of animal sounds we are not used to, sheep, goats, dogs, chickens and tigers could be heard at all hours. Wait a minute - Tigers - yep, the next farm seemed to be owned by the man who had everything including a whole cage full of tigers - now there is an Electric Unicycle hazard you don't risk every day! I certainly wouldn't want to be the guy going in to milk them ?
  16. I think this is the same test ramp I have seen in the kingsong factory.
  17. I have an IPST206+ I got off In January 2016. It turns on, charges and wheels around, but after only maybe a few min of working the low battery level goes off and it tilts back. I believe 1 or 2 of the cells on it must be bad, but everything else is fully functional. This unit has 3 battery packs and many wires coming from them. I'd attempt to replace it if i knew what i was doing. I'd also pay some money to someone if they could fix it. Anyway ill post some pictures if anyone is interested...
  18. I have been exchanging Facebook chats with Wang Yue Yue @王月月 of IPS (the official IPS factory spokesperson at about various IPS related topics that have arisen in the EUC Forum concerning IPS' products, testing, use and so forth, and have offered to share Yue Yue's information with the forum members. I thought it would be useful to field questions in English, get their answers, and synopsize these for the Forum. Yue Yue has also promised me pictures and other insights to what they are planning, how they design and test their products, and other insights. I thought it would be useful given some of the confusion surrounding IPS products and plans expressed on this site. I thought the topic title captured the flavor of what I am trying to do, but I'm open to suggestions if someone thinks we can do better. Let's go!
  19. I've bought the IPS XIMA LHOTZ 340Kwh Firmware is 4.12 this is an older version limited to 20kmH, which can neither be updated or upgraded (different motor?)
  20. Hello everyone. This is a one year of usage review of the Xima Lhotz 340wh. I have the “old” version 30km/h 340wH and bought it for 1000EUR was only 1 place to get it (its now cheaper…) Short version for people who don’t have time. Would i buy it again or recommend= No. Images of faults below. Longer version for people who have a little more time The good Its a tank (shell wise) and can take a beating. The BMS+ control boars gives a great sense of security, it doesn’t shut off with low battery etc, it beeps+ tilt back and forces you to stop. The ride is fantastic both asphalt and trails, rocks and hills. It never hurts my feet. A general sense of not cutting out. I have riden this wheel in rain, snow, ice and summer without no problems. (i thought, see below) The bad Letters came of the moment i removed the protective film. (i don’t want the text but some might want that.) Not possible to set beeping on off och custom settings. No tiltback settings. App is OK, a bit slow and missing some features for me like the “new” version, engine power etc) I always use Kevins version and compared to new version of other apps it now feels very basic. The ugly Its marketed as a “tank / offroad” device with IP65 rating but this is not true. My front and rear leds have rusted and eventually shorted the LED control board while removing dirt from the leds. The inside of the wheel i covered in dust. The battery pack broke (broken connection after vibrations) so that had to be repaired, when will the next connection brake? Bit of an trust issue... No manual and explanation of all fault codes. Stainless steel handle plates rusted, its not all stainless steel. LED stripes broke side, front and rear. Would i buy again? Short answer, No. With everyday riding in all types of conditions 1 year of usage is not fantastic and i expected more. There are more powerful, higher wH fast wheels today and the reliability and quality on wheels like Inmotion V8 or ACM at almost the same prise is well worth it. I would have bought again if it held to all the claims and if it had a bigger battery: IP65, no dust + water entry in wheel and leds., Battery pack bracken due to vibrations!? its an offroad marketed device. Homepage, manual and support seem “off” there is a feeling they will disappear. 340wH is to little for hills and “offroad”. Upgrades: I recently moved to a place on a hill and every time i went home (with full battery) the low voltage alarm went off so i had to stop and this resulted in a DIY battery upgrade +180wH total 520 wH and after that no more low voltage alarms and i can go for 30km in 4 degrees C at 20+km/h average speed so now the wheel is great range wise. I can go 27+km/h up that same hill now. For me this wheel in its standard configuration is to weak with 340wH battery and only because of that i wouldn’t buy it again. Add to that battery pack failure due to vibrations + other issues and the answer is clear. Its been a great wheel to ride though before i lived on a hill (and after battery updates living on a hill) for almost a year coming from X8 but today the choice would be different. If IPS would build a wheel with updates that would fit my needs and with updates addressing all my concerns and faults i would buy IPS again solely because of the fantastic BMS+firmware+engine+ride combo that gives great trust. Images below: Have a good weekend! Image of back led with dust inside. Image inside the light. Rusted led chip. Backside of led stripe. Broken LED board control. Design flaw.. Broke LED stripes side. Rusted handle. Battery repair. Broken connection in battery pack. Repaired battery pack. I had to tape the pack tighter as there was a lot of "flex" between the different areas of the pack, this resulted in the broken connection.
  21. Hello everybody, I have an IPS 101 and the electronic board (pcb) is damaged, where can I acquire a compatible replacement for this unicycle? It is 16" wheel
  22. motor

    I have an IPS 101 with the PCB damaged, Is possible put some Gotway pcb in a IPS 16" wheel?
  23. I'm looking to sell my IPS 400 unicycle to allow me to upgrade. It has been is a great unicycle to learn on. It's certainly not the fastest, but it's sturdy and great for beginners. IPS is a solid brand and this is a well-built and safe to ride unicycle. Color: Black Wheel Size: 16" Battery: 400wh Motor: 1000w Max Load: 120 kg I'm around ~240 lbs and the wheel has plenty of power to get me around, but it's not one of the "faster" wheels. As long as your not a speed demon or trying to go too fast, you'll be fine. I'd recommend this wheel for a beginner or for relaxed cruising around town. I typically rode it for about it for about 10 miles or so. The 400wh battery is decent, better than some of the newer ninebots. Dimensions in the box is around 16" x 24" x 22 or so. There's no app for this wheel. I'm asking $300 for it + Shipping. Ships from Norfolk, Virginia (23510) and box weighs around 30 lbs. Here's some pictures of the unicycle. It's got a few scratches on it, but still runs great.
  24. The weather is getting cold, and rain and snow slowly down, it must be a little trouble for the love of a wheelbarrow, it will form a certain obstacle to the wheel and it is also a huge test. No doubt, The lower temperature is very bad for the lithium battery, his performance will decline, so I need you to protect it more in this winter. I believe the weather will be warm and everything will get better, please keep Safe when you ride. Thanks. 1.Please charge the wheel on time, which is very good for the battery; 2.Avoid riding on rain; 3.Do not hurry to accelerate the rapid deceleration, it is so bad...... Let us do a good rider and Protect your cherished wheel.
  25. I am struggling to find any information about what accessories are available for the IPS 181/191 Lhotz wheel. I am keen to hear what is commercially available, or what other wheelers have made themselves...