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Found 206 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am selling my Gotway ACM. Barely used, works perfectly. Please see the below listing:
  2. Hi all. Just an update on where I am with my recovery, Monster and ACM. Sorry if I waffle on. Recovery - My eye is still very sensitive and I'm still missing half an eyebrow though the battle scar is pretty impressive. My chest seems to have stopped hurting so much when using my left arm/moving about/not comfortable. My right wrist was feeling OK until my eldest daughter went to, jokingly, knee me in the leg earlier when we were being silly and my natural reflex was to block her... OUCH! My right arm and elbow had been quite good until I stupidly decided to unbox my Monster again, finally, and open my ACM to see what's up.I still can't straighten my arm and both my wrist and elbow click/crack when I move my hand/arm about. I'm hoping I haven't done anything to my neck as near where I had my op and where the problem area is has been a bit more painful than usual and my neck cracks and crunches as I turn my head which I think it did before the accident but not as much. Monster - It's been sat, boxed up, since Ian sent it back to me just as I had the accident. When I turned it on it started to roll backwards slightly. I realise this is likely due to the weight of the tow batteries at the back. When I put it up on blocks to see if it needed calibrating possibly it span up to full speed even though straight - I forgot to note which way the wheel span. Maybe it needed calibration after moving the parts from one shell to another? or maybe it was like this previously and I didn't notice? Anyway after a few attempts the Gotway app finally did it. It's currently on charge and I'm going to be going slowly on it initially to make sure all's well. Ian says the wiring is fine and everything connected/fitted right but take it easy just in case. Hopefully all is good and all three batteries work fine. I'll know more when I am able to get out and test the range after this charge. ACM - I shouldn't have, because it hurt my wrist and arm, but I couldn't wait any longer to take a look inside. For some reason the pedal isn't for coming off, even though I've taken them off previously, so I struggled to get the side panel off then back on after checking. It looks like the axle has snapped? The nut doesn't seem loose but the axle wobbles quite easily. I can't see any board damage so think it needs a new motor all together? Speedyfeet don't have stock of the motor in, currently, but I've asked Ian for a quote on him replacing it for me so I know it's done right. I am weary about self repairs after the Monster arcing incident and the ACM already throwing me off due to a fault. I'd be happier knowing it was done properly by someone with plenty of experience. I might also email Graham Goodbarn of Yorkshire Airwheels, where I purchased it, in case he is confident enough to do the repair, as he was fantastic with my early ACM issues and offered to do the board change previously but looking at the website I don't think he has stock either. To be very honest, after the accident and with the time that has past since, I am getting more and more anxious about riding again. Especially the bigger and heavier Monster. I am going to go look for some protective gear this week, ready for going back to work next week (if I've recovered enough to ride) as I want to get an idea of the sizes I need before ordering some decent stuff online. Ian said he's getting some D30 gear around Christmas and I think that's the way I want to go. My only awkward decision is the helmet. With how I fell from the ACM, and seeing the video of the girl falling from a standard unicycle and hearing the sound her face made, I know a full face is likely the best idea but mostly when going to and from work I ride at a quite sedate pace along the pavements - if someone was to see me on the pavement with a full face helmet it may draw more negative attention - especially from police? My longer rides out with my girls, around the lake and along the canal would probably be ok with the full face. In the two years of riding without a serious incident I was confident I knew what I and my wheels were capable of and felt secure and safe BUT after the ACM fault and reading about peoples other recent Gotway incidents with the newer models I don't feel safe now BUT it's my mobility seeing as I can't walk or ride a bicycle due to my problems so I need to get my confidence back. Sorry for the waffle, thanks for reading and any advice that may follow
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm replacing my old "Gotway Msuper3/3s 3/3/17" stamped board in my Monster with a replacement Jason sent that's stamped "Gotway Monster 5/19/17". As I understand it, both wheels use the same physical board only they are flashed with different firmware. Background: A month ago, after a minor drop, the wheel started making a clunking sound (very similar to Sven's) if I accelerated or braked/broke too fast. Opened it up and all wiring and connectors appeared fine. Axle nuts are tight. Jason suggested a new board and here I am. After reading of the updates Gotway has employed on their new boards, I was concerned the connectors might not agree and a simple swap wouldn't work. (Just freeing all the siliconed connectors carefully is a job in itself) Turns out my gut was right. The new board has big 5 or 5.5mm female bullet connectors (w/no black plastic covers - unlike the existing). The old board has 4 or 4.5mm female ends. 😫😡 I contacted Jason and he's consulting Gotway. I'd like to keep the larger connectors but without the black plastic cover on these, it would seem I have to cut them off and put the boots on before crimping on new ones. I think theres a Gotway video showing how this goes. Can't remember if soldering was involved. Besides aquiring all these parts, there are a few other obstacles. I'm not that comfortable soldering, there might be a special tool required to crimp these bullets, and the motor wires are already short. If someone has experience with this, I would greatly appreciate the insight. Thanks!
  4. I am new to electric unicycling and just purchased a gotway mcm3. After only a few short rides I have noticed decent bruising on the sides of my calf and ankles. What padding/materials have you guys used to prevent bruising on long rides?
  5. 5 reported accidents so far. my friend included. 20 ish kmh on flat road and the wheel just cut power after a few seconds with on and off. his face is not pretty right now. Could everyone with the same batchnumber report in and also if you had a problem. thanks Moderator notice, June 24th 2017: Apparently motorcode is not a reliable way to know if your wheel is affected, the motors might have numbers going back to 2016 (like 1608) and still be affected. Basically if you've bought an MSuper, ACM (and/or maybe Monster) since sometime in start of May 2017, your wheel might be affected. You need some other way to establish when the wheel was built, apparently there's another code somewhere, maybe on the box it was shipped with. 1705 (2017 05, 2017 May) seems to be the magic number, basically any way to make sure that your wheel was or wasn't built after beginning of May. So far it appears that the software goes haywire after riding over a bump. For some riders, this has happened at low speeds, but others report it only occurring at high speed. The wheel is reported to start oscillating back and forth and cut out soon after (maybe in a matter of <0.5 seconds), leading either to crash or the rider jumping off. There seems to be no warning before it happens. Gotway claimed the problem was solved and sent out new replacement boards that should have been OK. That was not the case, the problems still seems to remain, only maybe with higher speed now? At the time of this writing, apparently even brand new wheels still have the issue. Suggesting everyone with the affected wheels to stay off them until Gotway has fixed the firmware for sure, and your dealer gets the equipment and the binaries required to flash a fixed firmware to the board (or new boards with new firmware). This video was shot by @Marty Backe with a board that was supposed to be fixed:
  6. GyroMetrics is a free application for logging data and controlling an EUC in a device independent way. See for an introduction. 9BMetrics worked with Ninebot and now it works with Ninebot, Gotway, Kingsong and InMotion. As I don't have all the wheels some support is better than others and all feedback is welcome. The application also uses the AppleWatch if available for showing information, starting/stopping recording and locking/unlocking the wheel or sounding the horn (in Kingsong), @Chriull has devloppend some GNUPLOT scripts for presenting the information which are vailable here. Also some Python generic scripts are available at following posts. First Gyrometrics version is 2.5 which has the following differences with 9BMetrics 2.4: - For Ninebot Users You may enable or disable speed limit from settings while connected You may lock / unlock wheel when connected From the watch you may lock / unlock the weel by doing hard press and selectiong the option in the menu - For KingSong Users Now horn works from the watch. Just a double tap in the center field and should play it - For InMotion Users (all beta features, sorry my accesibility is rare) Disabled serial number checking. Should connect with V8 Lock / Unlock may or may not work as explained for Ninebot Users - For everybody Python Scripts that work in Pythonista and in normal desktop environments (They work in the iPhone ) for plotting data directly from new .9bz archives. Will put them in the GyroMetrics topic Working in new features : Current visible in the watch, color shows direction Battery color will change to orange in phone and watch if battery level > 90% and current is < 0 Other features : Incremental saving - So if application crashes ypu don't loose all data Autocalibration of distance and speed
  7. Well, I finally decided on what to buy ... and to my surprise, it wasn't a Kingsong 18. It's an MSuper 3 with the 1600 wh / 1500 w motor at 84.2 volts. The higher voltage was one of the key things that sold me. I sprang for the seat too, since frankly I think riding a EUC seated looks as awesome to me as some say it looks dorky to them, and because it should provide some relief for my back on longer rides. I'd be surprised if it really works for me since I'd have to squat really low, but there's only one way to find out ... I made a deposit with Jason and am going to put some more money on my card in the next day or two and finish up the process. Time to go buy some protective gear! Hopefully soon I will be sharing my enthusiasm more than my injury photos. Boy is this gonna freak out the dogs ...
  8. Little bit of my story, i bought a gotway msuper 18 680wh little over a year ago. Its the mid speed so 3 beeps is around 18mph. Im 180lbs. Its super fun and i love it. Just isnt as fast as i hoped. I go offroad grass/stone side walks and on the street of a small town. not much inclines at all. Flat land ohio. Ive put over 300miles. So what im wondering is Whats the difference in the speeds of both the msuperv3 84 and the Acm 84 Real life speeds not gotway app speeds Dont they have the same motor? Is the 18 over the 16 that big of a difference offroad on grass? Side walk bumps? Uneven sidewalks Is the 16 even really that much more nimble? Does it take turns and curves in sidewalks faster? Does the 16 actually accelerate quicker? Ive tried looking into it and i drove my gfs ninebot e+ 16 320wh off road and on and tested it for like 10 hours but its just lighter cause small battery and seems skinny so i dont think its a good comparison to the acm 84v 1300wh + Any help would be much appreciated. Ive read ever post about firmware and the problems gotway had. Seems like its been fixed.
  9. We started a local store in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. OneSeven Electric Unicycles. It has been a blast, as well as a ton of work. Traffic has been good and a couple members have purchased our wheels online already, but what I really want is for a member of the forum to visit our physical store! I also want to offer a special for that person. $300 off ANY wheel, plus some OneSeven merch. Whether you want to spend $199 or $2199 we have something for you! First timers welcome, one of our employees would be happy to help your learn on your new wheel. We also have a giveaway running for a new Gotway MCM4, it is the pinned post on our Facebook page! You can also enter at if you join our mail list (Site is still a WIP) OneSeven 321 W Tulsa St Siloam Springs, AR
  10. The manual makes a point about a specific order of connections when charging a wheel. I have MCM4 HS but I suppose most Gotways should be nearly the same in this regard. The order is: To charge: * Connect the three-prong connector to the wheel * Plug the charger to the wall socket After having finished charging: * Disconnect the three prong from the wheel * Unplug the charger from the wall socket Is this the ritual other Gotway shamans observe? I ask because even though I'm ready to accept this nonsense for the sake of preservation of an expensive piece of equipment, I don't like how too much seems to be dependent on a completely arbitrary order that's very easy to mess up. What makes me especially worried: * When I start charging and connect the three-prong connector, there are sparks flying. I'm having a hard time accepting this as normal. * Until I plug the charger in the wall, its LED shows up as green. It's not a problem per se, but I think it's an indicator of a bad electric design. So, should I worry more than usual about this or is this just how those things are?
  11. Hello folks, I've been riding my Inmotion V5F+ for a about year now with total mileage approximately 5100km. Recently, I felt like I got bored of this wheel. To be more concrete, the speed and range doesn't satisfy me anymore. I feel like I want more. So I've been looking for a replacement and thought about Gotway ACM 820wh. Would be cool if you could answer my questions! 1) How far can you get with 820wh version? Will it give a significant increase in range comparing to Inmotion V5F+ (480wh). 2) How nimble is the ACM? Again, comparing to V5F+. 3) What is the maximum safe-cruising speed that can be achieved? On my V5F+ I can hit 25-27 km/h. 4) Is the speed increase that noticeable between 25 km/h and 35-37 km/h? How does it really feel? 5) Do you feel Gotway ACM the same way as Inmotion or there's a new learning curve involved? As for now, that's all =)
  12. Hello, I have a GotWay Msuper V2 and an Android phone. I found the GotWay app on the Play Store but in the description it only mentions the Msuper V3 and not the V2. Will the app still work with the V2 (which I have) or do I need to get another app? I putted a screenshot of the app description.
  13. Hi All, Just signed up on the forum. I started riding an airwheel a few months ago and am on an ips121 now. I have some video riding with some locals in Miami Beach..
  14. A few months ago, I decided to sell my Gotway 820wh Msuper and ACM to upgrade to the 1300 ACM and the MsuperV3s+. I put my order in at ewheels and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. A few weeks ago, I started reading about all the drama with the Gotway problems you all have read about I'm sure. With these safety concerns, I really started getting worried. I learned to ride on a Kingsong 14c and wanted to buy a ks18, but they weren't available at the time. I opted to buy the Gotway wheels and really enjoyed them. I have 3 of my children that are proficient riders and we enjoy our trips together. Not wanting to put my kids on wheels I knew were having issues, a week ago I decided to cancel my Gotway order and Jason was kind enough to let me switch my order to the KS16s 840wh and KS18s 1680wh arriving in a couple of weeks. Reading about @Marty Backe and his latest problem and fall on his Msuperv3s+, I'm glad I made the switch. (Marty, I hope your wrist feels better...makes me mad that Gotway puts out this stuff and lies about having it fixed) I know Kingsong is not perfect, but I figure it was time to make the switch. I'm sure I'll miss some things about Gotway, but I'm looking forward to giving Kingsong a try again. I'll make sure I give my opinion on How Kingsong is treating me. Matt
  15. Selling a barely owned Gotway Luffy 10" 200WH. Price: $400 (buyer pays for shipping)
  16. I found this! is it only availabe in Russia? This is a fantastic upgrade!. FROM THE WEBSITE.: We present you the updated wheel drive model is powered by GotWay - MCM 4 PRO This is an updated version of blisks already love us MCM 4 HS remove him from the pedestal of leadership and took the place of the fastest 14 "wheels with a maximum speed of 39 km / h! 84 volt power supply system provides a more stable operation in all speed ranges, disclosing the full potential of the engine, giving a peak of about 3 kW. Battery capacity, Wh Cruising range, km Price, rubles 210wh 20 29 900 420wh 40 36900 518wh 50 42900 @Jason McNeil
  17. I've had my 2400 Wh Monster since April 29, and in that time put on 409 miles. It has production code 170315029 and motor code 170205579HB. I've had a great time riding so far. Most of It has been on paved roads and hard packed dirt/gravel. I roll off curbs occasionally, but my style is smooth and fast. I was disheartened, as Marty was, hearing of this second round of Gotway defects. I was just Saturday morning feeling thankful for my Monster's reliable performance. Not having fallen yet and seeing Duf's recent video suggesting the Monster wasn't fit for trails, I confidently set out for another awesome ride (including a rough trail section). The ride was great as always, but the trail proved too much for the Monster. There were wood posts layed down perpindicular to the path to prevent erosion. Dropping over these logs and even hopping up over them was no problem, especially with the low tire pressure I was riding with. I was creeping uphill towards an insurmountable obstacle, so I intended to dismount, but my left foot pedal hit a tall root and the wheel fell over on it's left side. The wheel spun up as it layed on it's side and quickly cut out. It didn't seem like a hard hit but at 70 lbs, I've tried not to let it fall over even in the house. It's well padded so I there's no obvious physical damage. I walked the wheel up to the street and continued riding. Soon I noticed a very quick interruption of power and resistance when accelerating and braking, respectively. Using DarknessBot, I tried to find a pattern. It seems that at -20 amps accelerating and +20 amps braking, the wheel has a very short loss of power. I was able to limp the wheel 7 miles home by riding very conservatively. As long as I kept all acceleration and braking very light and smooth, the unnerving behavior would not occur. Once I was home, I tried quickly moving the wheel back and forth by the handle and noticed that it's a definite clunking sound. It doesn't happen immediately as it moves in a direction. Really seems that it requires about 20 amps to fault. I wish I could test it while I was maintaining say 15 mph and suddenly accelerated to see if the behavior occurs, but I don't like riding it as it is. I'll try to post a video, but was having difficulty even attaching a profile pic as it was too large. Has anyone experienced this before? I haven't talked to Jason yet. I know he has his hands full right now. I am anxious to get back on the wheel as summer is in full swing and it's so much fun. Does anyone else spend a lot of time seated on the Monster? It feels so much like a futuristic motorcycle!
  18. I'm just recovering from a major fall. I broke my leg and ankle in three places, tore all my ligaments off my foot, going down a somewhat steep hill in SF. I am 240 lbs/ 105kg and I assume the thing couldn't handle me. I was on a GW V3 and my motor just cut out and there goes my leg.. I was not going fast a steady 6mph breaking on a maybe 10-12 degree slope when all of the sudden it cut out and yeah.. I found out that there are not only limits to how fast but also on how much breaking or voltage or whatever you can draw from those machines. I highly recommend wearing boots, motorcycle or very solid ankle protecting boots like the once worn by EMS personal to avoid having to deal with the ligament damage not to mention fractures.. Will I ride again? Probably but avoid those hills
  19. Hi everyone, I'm trying to compare and buy a new/used wheel. I came from a generic 14" wheel from eBay which I think is an Airwheel 350W 132Wh. It served me well in my learning and practicing process over the last year despite several overheating cutoffs... I did some research and narrowed my upgrade down to Gotway MCM3/4 vs IPS T350+ I understand one is 14" and one is 16", but I feel they do compare to each other. The difference I got from a little bit research is that ISP T350+ is much more reliable and the motor is a little bit stronger, but MCM3/4 is lighter and a little bit easier to carry when needed to. Even though the MCM4 is a little bit better looking, after seeing what happened to Marty Becke and his MSuper V3s+, I am kind of hesitant on choosing the Gotway. However right now Nevin is doing a little bit of used clearance and has a broken LED MCM4 for 300, and I really really want to take it. Please advice, and if anyone knows a little bit more about the reliability side of the MCM4, please share with me. Anything helps. Thanks in advance!
  20. Used electric unicycles for sale Msuper V3 820Wh 12-mosfet PCB 294miles on wheel. No issues what so ever. If you want it with 820Wh battery pack $1150 If you want it with 680Wh battery pack $1050 ACM 6-Mosfet with upgraded V2 big pedals 1500mi exact on the wheel. Runs just as it did from day one. No issues. If you want it with 820Wh battery pack $900 If you want it with 680Wh battery pack $800 MCM4 High Speed version 680Wh 146miles on wheel Runs great, no issues. $700 MCM4 Mid Speed Version 340Wh 600miles on wheel Runs great, only issue is the led lights. They work well in the beginning, but get funky after warming up. If you don't really care about the lights, then this is an extremely good buy for a starter wheel. $300 Brand New Brand new MCM2s 520Wh Solid wheel for the first time wheeler! Last one in stock! Can't beat the price on this one! $400 Message me if interested. Shipping can be arranged for USA only.
  21. After having great experience with MCM4 HB 680 , Just purchased ACM v3 s+ 1600 and A monster 1600 which was unfortunately departed gotway in mid may so It probably has defected PCB. I am in contact with JaneMO (who is very nice and responsive to me all the time) and she confrimed that she will send me a replacement board for the ACM but it will be a MSUPER v3 84volt PCB, I wonder if this will be a problem to use on ACM. I will be glad if you experts can comment regarding this. Monster confirmed to have safe PCB and I understand it is 100 volts. Furthermore, I hope to modify these wheels once they arrive, and I would like to keep you updated as I really enjoy reading your inputs and expereinces. ı really appreciate any suggestions for below or in addition. Possible mods Im thinking: -Mud shield -Digitial output volt meter -Internal thermo meter and blue tooth speaker ( no space on acm) -replacing lights with high lumen ones -PCB Fan if missing on ACM / there is 2 on monster. -Stabiling axis nuts and re organize cabling with flame proof covers -Damage Protection for the wheel (any innovative ideas?) At last, I had a chance to visit both gotway and kingsong in Shenzhen, I agree with most of you regarding quality differences etc, but also accept that we are in love/hate relationship with Gotway. I think they can be better If directed more via end users like us. I hope to keep you updated regarding my wheels here. I would like to also add that both Jane Mo from Gotway and Tİna from Kingsong are extremely nice well english spoken and responsive people. Here's some of the pictures from our trip in 2016
  22. Found these teardown vids (3) off GEVKorea Naver blog: Luffy Teardown Vid #1 Luffy Teardown Vid #2 Luffy Teardown Vid #3
  23. Hello All, I recently got the MSuper V3S + 1600 model. I figured I'll contribute to the forums and give a review on it along with a speed test speed up to 30MPH~!. Please enjoy! Thanks. Any question do not hesitate to let me know! As always keep it wheel!