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Found 195 results

  1. A few months ago, I decided to sell my Gotway 820wh Msuper and ACM to upgrade to the 1300 ACM and the MsuperV3s+. I put my order in at ewheels and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. A few weeks ago, I started reading about all the drama with the Gotway problems you all have read about I'm sure. With these safety concerns, I really started getting worried. I learned to ride on a Kingsong 14c and wanted to buy a ks18, but they weren't available at the time. I opted to buy the Gotway wheels and really enjoyed them. I have 3 of my children that are proficient riders and we enjoy our trips together. Not wanting to put my kids on wheels I knew were having issues, a week ago I decided to cancel my Gotway order and Jason was kind enough to let me switch my order to the KS16s 840wh and KS18s 1680wh arriving in a couple of weeks. Reading about @Marty Backe and his latest problem and fall on his Msuperv3s+, I'm glad I made the switch. (Marty, I hope your wrist feels better...makes me mad that Gotway puts out this stuff and lies about having it fixed) I know Kingsong is not perfect, but I figure it was time to make the switch. I'm sure I'll miss some things about Gotway, but I'm looking forward to giving Kingsong a try again. I'll make sure I give my opinion on How Kingsong is treating me. Matt
  2. 5 reported accidents so far. my friend included. 20 ish kmh on flat road and the wheel just cut power after a few seconds with on and off. his face is not pretty right now. Could everyone with the same batchnumber report in and also if you had a problem. thanks
  3. After having great experience with MCM4 HB 680 , Just purchased ACM v3 s+ 1600 and A monster 1600 which was unfortunately departed gotway in mid may so It probably has defected PCB. I am in contact with JaneMO (who is very nice and responsive to me all the time) and she confrimed that she will send me a replacement board for the ACM but it will be a MSUPER v3 84volt PCB, I wonder if this will be a problem to use on ACM. I will be glad if you experts can comment regarding this. Monster confirmed to have safe PCB and I understand it is 100 volts. Furthermore, I hope to modify these wheels once they arrive, and I would like to keep you updated as I really enjoy reading your inputs and expereinces. ı really appreciate any suggestions for below or in addition. Possible mods Im thinking: -Mud shield -Digitial output volt meter -Internal thermo meter and blue tooth speaker ( no space on acm) -replacing lights with high lumen ones -PCB Fan if missing on ACM / there is 2 on monster. -Stabiling axis nuts and re organize cabling with flame proof covers -Damage Protection for the wheel (any innovative ideas?) At last, I had a chance to visit both gotway and kingsong in Shenzhen, I agree with most of you regarding quality differences etc, but also accept that we are in love/hate relationship with Gotway. I think they can be better If directed more via end users like us. I hope to keep you updated regarding my wheels here. I would like to also add that both Jane Mo from Gotway and Tİna from Kingsong are extremely nice well english spoken and responsive people. Here's some of the pictures from our trip in 2016
  4. Well, I finally decided on what to buy ... and to my surprise, it wasn't a Kingsong 18. It's an MSuper 3 with the 1600 wh / 1500 w motor at 84.2 volts. The higher voltage was one of the key things that sold me. I sprang for the seat too, since frankly I think riding a EUC seated looks as awesome to me as some say it looks dorky to them, and because it should provide some relief for my back on longer rides. I'd be surprised if it really works for me since I'd have to squat really low, but there's only one way to find out ... I made a deposit with Jason and am going to put some more money on my card in the next day or two and finish up the process. Time to go buy some protective gear! Hopefully soon I will be sharing my enthusiasm more than my injury photos. Boy is this gonna freak out the dogs ...
  5. I found this! is it only availabe in Russia? This is a fantastic upgrade!. FROM THE WEBSITE.: We present you the updated wheel drive model is powered by GotWay - MCM 4 PRO This is an updated version of blisks already love us MCM 4 HS remove him from the pedestal of leadership and took the place of the fastest 14 "wheels with a maximum speed of 39 km / h! 84 volt power supply system provides a more stable operation in all speed ranges, disclosing the full potential of the engine, giving a peak of about 3 kW. Battery capacity, Wh Cruising range, km Price, rubles 210wh 20 29 900 420wh 40 36900 518wh 50 42900 @Jason McNeil
  6. Found these teardown vids (3) off GEVKorea Naver blog: Luffy Teardown Vid #1 Luffy Teardown Vid #2 Luffy Teardown Vid #3
  7. I am new to electric unicycling and just purchased a gotway mcm3. After only a few short rides I have noticed decent bruising on the sides of my calf and ankles. What padding/materials have you guys used to prevent bruising on long rides?
  8. Hello All, I recently got the MSuper V3S + 1600 model. I figured I'll contribute to the forums and give a review on it along with a speed test speed up to 30MPH~!. Please enjoy! Thanks. Any question do not hesitate to let me know! As always keep it wheel!
  9. Ian at Speedyfeet has the parts in I need to turn my ugly damaged blue Gotway Monster into a shiny new beautiful purple Gotway Monster! I've had to order the purple shell (obviously), the cable covers (because I've changed from blue to purple), a switch holder panel (because mine got dinged and bits inside snapped) and finally a new front light cover (because my current is pretty scratched up). Delivery will be tomorrow and hopefully I won't have any drama's switching stuff over. A bad thing about the Monster being so new and not so popular, due to price, is there are no tear down video's for it. It will be great to be able to ride with pride again and not have people see black tape around the front light holder and also not have to have the seat on just so people don't see the two big white cable ties holding the handle area together! Gotway really need to do something to strengthen up the bits and pieces around the handle and front light areas as, with the weight of the Monster, it's too easy for them to get damaged if it drops and/or has a fit for any reason. I still need to source some sort of rubber bumper to put on bits that make can make contact. I'm thinking of this or similar.
  10. The manual makes a point about a specific order of connections when charging a wheel. I have MCM4 HS but I suppose most Gotways should be nearly the same in this regard. The order is: To charge: * Connect the three-prong connector to the wheel * Plug the charger to the wall socket After having finished charging: * Disconnect the three prong from the wheel * Unplug the charger from the wall socket Is this the ritual other Gotway shamans observe? I ask because even though I'm ready to accept this nonsense for the sake of preservation of an expensive piece of equipment, I don't like how too much seems to be dependent on a completely arbitrary order that's very easy to mess up. What makes me especially worried: * When I start charging and connect the three-prong connector, there are sparks flying. I'm having a hard time accepting this as normal. * Until I plug the charger in the wall, its LED shows up as green. It's not a problem per se, but I think it's an indicator of a bad electric design. So, should I worry more than usual about this or is this just how those things are?
  11. Hey guys, I have an M-Super V2 here in the carbon coloration. Pretty light wear and tear considering this was my first wheel, and the one I learned on. I'm selling it because I just recently moved to Seattle and haven't really used it since it's impractical and a little bit too much wheel than I need for my current situation. I just purchased a secondhand Ninebot E+ on Ebay but figured I'd post this monster of a wheel here on the forums to give you guys first dibs. Looking for $700, we can negotiate shipping but local pick up preferred (Seattle, WA). Feel free to ask me questions; I'll try to reply as soon as I can. Thanks! Link For Dropbox Album (More Photos)
  12. Hi new here although i've been soaking up info for a few weeks now. Basically i bought a generic 14" learnt to ride it love it and now im looking to upgrade as it really isnt cut out for off road use. I have the option of getting a gotway msuper v2 for a very reasonable price. ( £750 in the UK btw). A gotway msuper v3 would cost around £250 more or i could get a second hand ips 132 for around £270. My question is do you guys feel the m3 is worth the extra £250? I primarily use an Iphone and am i right in thinking the m2 doesnt have ios bluetooh support? Or considering im still new should i just go for the ips and worry about the more advanced gotway later? Any tips or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. My GotWay Msuper V2 will not connect to the GotWay app on my iPhone 7. I press 'scan' on the app and it keeps searching and searching but it doesn't find my Msuper. I am aware that the Msuper V2 only supports the older Bluetooth and not the 4.0 Bluetooth in the new iPhones. How could I solve this? Is using an older phone with the older Bluetooth the only solution?
  14. Not the best work.. it looks nice and all as long as you dont come too close to it. Just look back where the trolley is. the paint..
  15. If the place where I live had a local language, we would have had about 40 different words for different kinds of rain. The ports (charging and usb) have covers, and even though mine are not really holding too well and slip off easily, that's a relatively simple fix. However I'm really worried about the power button. It does not look to be particularly weather-proof. So what's a typical experience about riding with the elements? A light drizzle? Light to medium showers? Raining dogs? The manual only mentions puddles specifically: they should be not thicker than 5cm.
  16. I dont know what to type here other than its a bobsled track that we can use when we want.
  17. Proper solder should not melt unless something is very wrong: TIN/LEAD ALLOYS From the following diagram, it can be seen that most tin/lead solders have a plastic range, i.e. on heating they are pasty between the solid and liquid states. The solders are solid at 183°C (361°F). According to the alloy composition they have different plastic ranges. 60/40 tin/lead alloy for example becomes liquid at 188°C (370°F) and therefore has a plastic range of 5°C (9°F), 40/60 tin/lead alloy for example becomes liquid at 244°C ( 453°F) has a plastic range of 51°C (92°F). HMP alloy alloy for example becomes liquid at 300°C ( 572F) (USUALLY HAS SILVER ON IT) can therefore be relied upon in service up to about 255°C compared with about 145°C for the common tin/lead alloys. HMP alloy is consequently particularly suitable for soldering electric motors, car radiators, high temperature lamps and other products which are likely to meet relatively high temperatures during their working life. FYI: plastic means is becomes deform-able. PLEASE PICK THE CORRECT SOLDER:315929.pdf Using low lead will cause failure. I recommend you use High Melting Point(HMP) Temperature solder with silver on it.
  18. Here is a photo and video of the new Gotway motor bullet connectors. The outer sheath is a rigid type plastic almost molded in design. This protective sheath is not your standard shrink wrap. I am not sure how the sheath is assembled over the bullet connector as I heated the plastic and it remained consistent to form. Possibly there was no longer any shrink value remaining. As @Jason McNeil stated the bullet connectors are crimped but interestedly they are soldered as well. Depicted in the photo and video you can see both the male and female connectors GW now uses along with the thick protective sheath. I would love to know the assembly process on how GW integrates the wires into the connectors when they are crimped, soldered and the sheath applied. It is probably proprietary so we may never know.
  19. We are announcing the winner tomorrow but you can still get in during the next couple of days! The giveway post is pinned to the top of our Facebook page! You can also join our email list for an entry at or check in at our physical store on Facebook!
  20. Hi, New Gotway user here. My phone is Nexus 6p. The system settings sees the wheel but refuses to pair. I heard that's normal. I have tried two apps: one is GotWay.apk from This one shows a splash screen, then another screen saying 2.0, New something, Blabla, and gets permanently stuck there. Another one is called Gotway_4.0_Dual_English_Chinese, which I downloaded from this forum. It requires manual pairing and thus seems to be incompatible with MCM4. What am I doing wrong? How important is the app anyway? Thanks for the help!
  21. Hey all , I saw this on the Gotway facebook group and wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about some apparent problem Gotway is having with the 84v models .
  22. I think this is the same test ramp I have seen in the kingsong factory.
  23. I installed this switch so i can turn off the alarm. It's so i dont have to hear the alarm all the way back home from somewhere when my battery is low. Once ive heard the alarm i know to take is slow and not push it.
  24. Hello everyone. Brand new user here. Been riding my gotway mcm4 for 2 days total. Got the hang of it taking off from a wall yesterday and was trying to take off not using a wall today. I was starting in the grass to limit damage to myself and the device. Was working fine this morning. Finally got to take off and move with out the wall or falling over and hit a small hole in the yard that knocked me off. Wasn't going very fast at all as I had just started out. Once I picked it up it now has a click and hesitation at start and makes a kind of rubbing noise while the wheel is spinning at higher speeds. I am going to ask the seller I purchased from on Ebay that has a shop in New York what he thinks. My concern is seeing as how as I am a new rider and the casing is scraped up quite a bit from practice that no one will be willing to help me out. If anyone can give me some assistance it would be greatly appreciated as I hadn't planned on it breaking in less than 2 days riding nor did I plan on throwing around $900 out the window. I did take the cover off both sides just to make sure nothing came unplugged. Did not see anything that immediately caught my attention. Posted a youtube video below. Thanks to anyone that can give me some help. Video of MCM4 acting up