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Found 32 results

  1. KingSong app bricks wheel firmware

    When I started the (new) KS app this morning it managed to kill the firmware of my wheel such that it doesn't start anymore (at least not the way it should). What happened? Opened the app (Android version) Selected "device" Got a message about connection problems Selected "More" Got a dialog box stating that I have to upgrade the wheel firmware before I can use it, with the two options to cancel or upgrade I was thinking, oh, finally they published a new firmware, and hit "Upgrade" The wheel shut down (so there WAS actually a bluetooth connection) All lights OFF, the wheel said: "Bluetooth is OFF" and engaged some kind of brake (the wheel can be turned, but it turns much harder than usual) The app remained on a firmware upgrade screen, stating it would upgrade the wheel firmware from 1.00 to 1.02 This was of course nonsense, because the wheel was already running 1.02 and it was shut down by the app, bluetooth OFF, no more connection between app and wheel, and no real firmware upgrade running on the wheel. I know how an upgrade looks like, since I upgraded from 1.00 to 1.02 when it came out. The app downloads the firmware image, shows progress on a circle (takes a loooong time), the wheel is not powered down but instead also shows progress on its side LEDs. I let it sit like that for half an hour or more, then tried to foce a restart by pressing the power button for a long time. The wheel firmware was obviously stuck, so this was the only option to try. Well, after holding down the power button for a few seconds, the wheel started to beeeep until I let go of the button. The wheel brake was released and the wheel could be turned normally again. Now when I power it up, it says "Hello Kingsong" followed by "Bluetooth is OFF", but no side LEDs, and it activates the wheel brake again. Same when I press the Bluetooth button instead. Power down needs the long press. So, the wheel firmware was bricked by the app in one instant by some kind of stupid software bug / design flaw. Anybody any suggestions? Maybe disconnect and reconnect the battery, but I would call my dealer fist, before I open the wheel (it's still "original"). Here is the screenshot of the dialog, where you should not press "Upgrade":
  2. hey riders, to speed up my efforts I thought I just ask for partners in crime is the firmware binary crypted? looking at it in the hex editor right now I'm not sure ;=) can s1 give me some info about the processor used on KingSong KS16B/C models and the flash rom used? (I dont want to disassemble my wheel yet, as I use it every day ) I plan to use IDA PRO to analyse the firmware. the V.125 binary is 49.280 Bytes, so I wonder where is the rest , read the part of the rom where the crap media files are stored (HELLO KINGSONG! ) there are two things I want to achieve: 1st disable startup message, bluetooth on off message and please deaccelerate forever. This could easily be done by erasing those files from where they are stored. 2nd speed up my KS16b 820Wh to 35 km/h This could be done by either directly modifying the engine parameters in the firmware or maybe even by tuning the android app that sets the max speed parameter. (has anyone tried this yet?) If you have read out the flash that stores the media files, that would be helpful too. Im also looking for all KS16B/C binary files in all versions, in order to compare code changes. also any info on checksum calculation are welcome, (if crc is just handled by the android app, I wouldnt waste any time on this) cya
  3. Gotway ACM firmware version

    Hi folks, Coming from Ninebot, I am used with firmware upgrades. Is there no firmware update functionality on Gotway ACM ? Cheers
  4. After my face plant yesterday, someone asked me if I'm running the latest firmware. I thought I was because the 14c never gets upgrades. But I was just lookin in the app and low and behold there is an upgrade, specifically 1.25. I'm running 1.23. now, hearing all the horror stories of bad "upgrades" on wheels and phones and computers, I didn't want to rush into 1.25 until I've heard from someone using it. Btw, what is is supposed to have fixed, the app isn't clear about this. I look forward to so intelligence on the subject
  5. After i updated the wheel it wont work. Light doesnt light up on power button. Still connects to app.is there a way to downgrade or reinstall the firmware
  6. Deep experience with GT16

    Hello everyone, i wanted to open a new topic related to all Rockwheel GT16 owners and for those who are willing to get one. I've ordered for my girlfriend from AliExpress (Rockwheel Store, mr. Yi Chen) a GT16 84V with 858Wh and we hope to get the wheel within the next 3 weeks. The reason to buy an GT16 instead of Inmotion V8 or Kingsong KS16 (-S) was the sporty and completely different design. Also the capacity of the battery and the good experience including trust to the seller was one reason to order the wheel "blind". I hope we do not get disappointed with our choice. To bridge that time I wanted to know your experience about the GT16. Is it durable? How does it look like with additional firmware updates, is there a possibility with bluetooth and smartphone app? I would greatly appreciate if you could share your experiences and insights with us so far.
  7. Revolution, finally !!

    This is not my idea !. This super man MRN76 !! He figured out how to install any firmware on the wheel! Instruction in Russian !! Http://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?msg=1042930
  8. Hi mates, as promised I did some tests with the new firmware 1.25 on my KS16B, because there was the rumour (or info) that the maxspeed is now not lowered at 50% battery capacity, but at a lower capacity level (which would excite some folks including myself :-) ). Short answer: Yes, as an opposite to Ninebot (who worsened the firmware of my former MiniPro) Kingsong continuously enhanced the KS16 firmware, and now maxspeed is lowered around 20% battery capacity, not before. For me that's great, although it means there is a little bit shorter range, if I always drive at maxspeed (which I tend to do). What I also like is, that the maxspeed is not hard cutted from 30 to 25 km/h at a specific capacity level, but it goes down in a smooth reduction curve, starting at approximately 20% battery capacity. Long answer: The test was done on a nearly completely flat terrain, and my KS16B has alarm1 and alarm2 turned off, and alarm3 and tiltback are set to 30 km/h (the maximum possible). The screenshots were done when the wheel was continuously beeping, but still no strong tiltback, so not at an absolute peak speed, but at a maxspeed which can be kept for at least 5 seconds or more. This way I hope to have comparable results. The first screenshot at 63% capacity level is what you would always expect, also with firmware 1.23, the 30 km/h can be easily reached: Already more interesting at 34%, the set maxspeed can still be reached easily: 6 km and nearly 11 minutes later at 30% capacity, still no maxspeed reduction: Half a minute later I had to climb a small hill, still possible at full speed with 25% capacity: 3 minutes and 2 km later, at 21% the speed reduction is for the first time recognizable: But it's still higher than 25 km/h, the maxspeed seems to be reduced in a soft way, not with a hard cut: Now, only around 10%, the 25 km/h limit seems to be reached: And kept until the battery is nearly empty (from App point of view): Also interesting: In the Wheellog graphic it can be seen that the maxspeed is always the same (around 30 km/h) from begin on until approximately between 12h16 and 12h17, and from then on during the next 15 minutes it goes smoothly down from 30 to 25 km/h, no hard cut at a specific capacity: My conclusion: I like what i see regarding the maxspeed reduction, it is done in a great way in a responsible manner, from my point of view ! I also encountered a rather strong tiltback in the last quarter of my ride, when I was driving slightly downhill and did a very strong acceleration from nearly zero to above maxspeed. The tiltback was as strong as I never had it before on my KS16, so I was a little bit shocked, although it was no problem to decelerate. Regardless if this is also new with 1.25 or if it was already like that before, this is a good safety feature, because I was REALLY forced to decelerate by that ! To me the KS16B became an even better wheel by the firmware upgrade, although I already was very happy with it before !
  9. Hi, quick issue that I'm having and would like to see if anyone has any ideas about it. I have had my KS-18 for about a year now, and never have updated the firmware. So yesterday I tried to do it, after updating the iphone 6 app. Although it does connect and I can get the speed, temp, batt charge level, and make it beep when I press the little horn, I can't do anything towards the upgrading of the firmware. On the firmware upgrade page it says that its "V0.00" version. And also, there's no information on the serial number for the euc in the app once connected. There is no download button, nothing else that I can press to activate. Any ideas as to what I should do? H
  10. Firmware upgrade failed

    Dear friends, I have just tried to upgrade the firmware of my S2 and after three attempts a message came out saying I would have to manually start the unicycle after it would automatically turn off. And it has not, and it now has the power button with slow intermittent blue light and it beeps and red flash lights when ever you move it slightly. Do I have to be sacred? I recall updating 1.07 or so to 1.14, I think. Thank you in advance for any comment.
  11. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    Hey guys, I've recently purchased V5F+ and have been riding it for a month. Feels really good, although I'm started to get annoyed by the danger-notification and speed limit. I heard some news that there will be new firmware to increase the speed from 25km/h to 27km/h... So any estimate on when this gonna be available? If there's no easy answer, does anyone know how to mute the danger-notification? The app doesn't do that, affects only other sounds unfortunately. You know, I can deal with tilt-backs, just when it screams out ''danger, please slow down" every 5 meters it kinda gets to nerves Anyway, I'd be grateful if someone could let me know if this possible. Thanks
  12. Problems upgrading to 1.21

    Hi All, when I try to upgrade from 1.20 to 1.21 on my KS16, the following happens: .) I enter the firmware upgrade page in the app, there I see the 1.21 upgrade is available, .) then I press the download button, and absolutely nothing happens. I tried it several times in the last 8 hours, both with app versions 1.2 and 1.4, always the same. It looks like as the firmware can't just be downloaded. Is the Kingsong server overloaded, or is that another problem ? Thanks for any help!
  13. Hello Everyone, I am new here and wanted to share my experiences with my new Kingsong KS18A Wheel with 1200W motor and 1360Wh battery. Does anybody use already the bluetooth music streaming function with Apple iPhones? With the actually firmware version 1.20 it is not working at my unit. I already downloaded the "new Kingsong" App from the Appstore which is working fine for Speed monitoring, etc. but no music playback function on Apple iPhone... Is it working on Android? Who has expierience with it? Thanks for your replies.
  14. Ninebot mini 1.1.7 firmware Mini_Driver_V1.1.7.zip
  15. Everyday a new user want downgrade, and many questions are repetitive, here for you all you needs for downgrade @Denniss & @Alexander or other active member: if i forget some important point please notify me by PM Thank you 1- don't be afraid, it's easy to do, Bad firmware version are V1.2.7 & V1.2.8, Downgrade process is for come back to V1.1.7 only. Dont use Ninebot app version V3.6/3.6.1 for downgrade, could brick your Mini 2- An Android device from a friend, why? Because you need a Ninebot App previous version 3.6/3.6.1, It's seems with IOS you cant obtain previous versions, you can dowload here in the forum V3.5.1 3- If first try doesnt work, please try fill DNS1 and DNS2, or ask the forum 4- After downgrade, you can use your iphone with other app version 3.6... 5- Each time you will open your app, appear a message for upgrade firmware please click "cancel" 6- Mini Xiaomi & Mini Pro are running with the same firmware and app, 7- Enjoy riding your Mini Xiaomi or your Mini Pro link to apk android previous for download link to Downgrade methods by Denniss & Alexander Please don't post question here thank you Please don't post question here thank you
  16. Firmware 1.20 for KS18

    Is the firmware for the KS 18 the same as for the KS 16? I strongly suspect they are the same, at least the same codebase because: 1) the version nrs are in sync (both 1.20) 2) i have the same reset of odo-meter issue as KS 16 users 3) just common sense for Kingsong to use same codebase But even when they are the same, different issues could arise in the KS 18. Nevertheless, if the firmware is basically the same, also read the KS 16 firmware-topic. Anyway, for KS 18A 1200W: - I updated to 1.20 (from 1.14). - It resetted my odometer to zero. - It looks like that the glitch I reported in another topic might be repaired, but not sure about that yet. I will test for it next weekend-trip and report on it. - I am happy with the update: it just works fine. I noticed no real differences while driving.
  17. A poll for Ninebot E+ riders only please! (We can do a separate poll for "P" riders, if needed!)
  18. Update 1.3.5 -> 1.4.0 failure ?

    Hi Folks ! I just tried to upgrade my firmware from 1.3.5 to 1.4.0. It starts to upgrade until around 40-50% and then an error message appears, saying upgrade failed. I tried again several times and it always failed at some point. So I'm still running 1.3.5 at the moment. Anyone facing such trouble ?
  19. Hello Newbies, wellcome, here we can try help you with or without success, everything depends on certain factors. Please understand we are forum members, Mini xiaomi & Mini pro users, but we are not AFTER SALE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please when you will post about need help for the issue you meet, explain clearly all this point - type of mini (xiaomi or pro) - activate before or after 1rst april 2016 - firmware version & app version before and during proccess failing - verify authenticity of your mini (look battery, tire, good connection with bluetooth were all data are transmitted to "about battery" And when your issue is resolved, please teach us about the problem , if it's from a wrong manip from you or other, because it will help us to help another users (post pictures or video can help us to understand how to help you) Thank you >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 08/12/2016 It is not possible to downgrade from version V1.3.1 to v1.1.7 Users have bricked their Mini (Production Date June 2016) in trying to downgrade from V1.2.8 to V1.1.7 with a version of BMS V2.1.7 and app version V3.5.0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 12/07/2016 PLEASE READ "ATH" MEMBER POST FOR LAST DETAILS AND LAST TUTORIAL FOR DOWNGRADE (Please use app previous version: v3.5.1) I sudjest you do not use the version of the NINEBOT app released last June 24, V3.6 , V3.6.1 don't work too, for firmware downgrading, you can download apk V3.5.1 inside this forum <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< FROM DENNISS I have written a new thread for the downgrade. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< From jojo33: If your downgrading is a success, (at the moment we dont have any fail) i invite you, if you want, to: - thanks Denniss & Alexander for their help here: and join us with a short presentation (where you from wich Mini you have (xiaomi or pro) here Thank you very much everybody ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i think you must don't update the firmware v1.2.8 because Bad version THIS v1.2.8 Limited speed up to 17km/h no more Since 16km/k audible alarm shout much warning message after 16km/h Here screen shot show max speed during all the ride is 17km/h
  20. I was updating my wheel with iamips.app. and then when it was done the wheel wont turn on. When i press wheel power button it seems like the wheel works like a one eight of its power. And the power button is not lit up. Any suggestions?
  21. Firmware 1.4.0

    New firmware version is now available! Don't know what "features" are in there... - Looks like the 8kHz sound from 1.3.5 is nearly gone (or at least that pronounced longer). Nope... From SpeedyFeet:
  22. I need to fix a wobbling issue with my Ninebot E+. Someone suggested to upgrade. Wondering if you guys feel safe with your latest upgrade. Will it brick my Ninebot because I haven't updated incrementally? My version is 1.2.1. Any thoughts?
  23. Xima Lhotz IPS 191 firmware 4.32

    Hello. Some pre information. I found this nice forum and shortly after i bought the Xima Lhotz 340wH after finding it here. I think its fantastic (i had a Airwheel X8 previous) but this Xima is worlds apart. *The 16" 2.5"wide wheel makes all the difference for stability and balance *When the battery goes low it just starts a continuous beep and starts a tiltback and you are forced to stop. *The engine feels strong and gives confidence and behaves the way i expect it to behave. Some things are not fantastic though. - The stickers came of the wheel together with the protective plastic. (No biggie for me though, i wanted to remove them anyhow) - The rubber protectors are attached with the same "sticky but never drying glue" So eventually ill have to glu them back. - If you ride the wheel and get the long continuous beep (low battery warning) the km doesn't register. Thats why my app displays 55km when i actually have gone more than double. - The official app "Xima" is not fantastic, without Kevins "Xima Lhots" app i wold have been less satisfied. Thank you Kevin! Other than that with my limited (+100km) of riding this EU i have found no flaws. Now for the actual post... So i couldn't take it any more, i had to press the "Firmware Update Available" button in the Xima app. (iamips doesn't work) I was on v4.3 and have done 100km om that firmware and was very satisfied. Im now on v4.32 and purely subjectively i think its more smooth to ride. Before it felt a bit "harsh / not super smooth" going up and down between 25-29 km/h pushing against tiltback but i think that this transition a bit smoother now. I have no more scientific proof other than it works fine and the ride feels great for me.. I can still use the Xima Lhotz app to unlock 30km/h, thank god That app works 100% for me and a BIG thanks to Kevin for making this app. And now for the questions. Does anyone have info or a changelog for these firmware updates? Have a nice day!
  24. firmware upgrade

    So, I received a notice that there is a firmware upgrade and decided to "try" it (for my V3s). Well, first it messed up my password access, then erroneosly reported my euc's charge/battery level. So, as I couldn't undo the upgrade, I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it. Problem is, now the app keeps crashing. Can anyone say if this will affect euc performance since the firmware upgrade seems to have already been applied? Based on my experience, can't say I recommend the upgrade.
  25. Basic help for new Ninebot rider

    Hi- I recently acquired my first EU, a Ninebot One C+. I am eager to learn to ride as we have a few days of good weather right now. I'm making progress but every time I go a few yards, the wheel tilts back and I feel I've got to jump off and let it go careening into the grass. I thought if I lean back the wheel should slow down and the tilt back should update. But I don't seem to be able to do that. What am I doing wrong? I have the speed limit set very low because I am a risk-averse person. Is that my problem? The battery says it's at about 69%, so I don't think that can be the problem. I think the firmware is at 1.2.2 or something like that; I don't think it's the dreaded one that kills the wheel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and by the way, I have the somatosensory setting at 3, which is how it shipped to me. Should I take that up or down?