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Found 11 results

  1. Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    Hi everyone ! So first of all I would like to thanks this forum's community : thanks to all of you I learn a lot about EUC and after a lot of reading I decided to buy a rockwheel gt16 (v2) 858wh. So thanks to all of you (especially to Scatcat for all of the topics talking about the gt16). - excuse me for my english it's not my mother tongue - I moved recently to LA and in order to go to work I then decide to buy this EUC wich combine an attractive price w/ a good speed and a good range. Because it was my first EUC experience I have practiced a lot on a parking lot during 2-3 weeks to get able to control the beast. I first started with the walking mode and set the speed limit at 25km/h. After 1 week I set the speed limit at 40km/h (first beep at 40, second at 41) and I have never exceeded this speed since. After 3 weeks I started to go at work everydays and everything was fine. I start to learn some basic trick (e.g. pendulumn...) and I was always aware of the GT16's beeps (especially when the battery was running out, I was slowing down). I even install a speedometer app on my phone with an alarm set up at 43km/h, in case of i couldn't hear the beeping (because yes, these beeps are not loud enough especially when you wear a helmet ! - plz for the next version make those beeps louder plz !). The only thing I found annoying was that I had to put my feet really forward because the pedals where a bit small. Btw, because I knew that the tiltback could be really surprising (and quite dangerous) the first week of practicing I even set up the tilt back at a really low speed to experience it. So, long story short, 3 days ago I was going back to my home at a classic speed (around 30-40km/h). This was the first day than I set up my unicycle in "playing mode" (after some practice in that mode). The battery was more than 80% charged and I'm sure (according to the absence of beeping or alarm coming from my iphone speedometer) that my speed wasn't superior to 43km/h at any time. The bicycle lane was the same one I used everyday (without bumps & quite recent...) but after few miles the tiltback suddently goes on ! Obviously I fell off and I burned + skinned both hands rather badly + got a stiff neck during 3 days (hopefully i was wearing a Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet + knee protections and a leather jacket but i forgot my gloves at work this time....that's my bad). Without those protection I could be dead (I fell head first) and I know what I'm talking about since I'm use to do mountain biking. Last but not least my -almost brand new- gt16 is still (miraculously) working but the the front shell + the front lamp are completely broken . So there is 2 bottom lines of this : 1) what is the point of having this kind of feature (the tiltback) !!! It's all but useful (even at really low speed I was not able to avoid a fall...) so a tiltback to slow down yes, why not, but THAT???!!! It's way too sudden/rapid and i would say that it's incomprehensible and moreover unconscious ! It's should be way more progressive ! 2) Why did the tilt back start?? The speed that I set up for this sh.. was 55km/h, to be sure that it will not be activated when I'm riding (i double check after i fall).. My only explanation is that it's come from the "playing mode" that I set instead of walking mode, but it could not be a reasonable explanation, right ? I'm thinking of some kind of bug/glitch coming from the motherboard but I do not have any explanation... And it was not raining (it's LA...) so it could not be some waterproof issue. Moreover it's really annoying because except that I was really happy w/ this product. Does somebody has any explanation ? I do not want to fall again for sure :S ...
  2. So just when I thought I have experienced/read about/watched/imagined, every conceivable way to come off an EUC, Saturday I experienced a new one, for me. Location: Eastbourne, Sussex seafront. weather: 4deg. C clear, dry Safety gear: Wrist guards, elbow pads, Wooly hat (?), Other: thick, heavy, long vintage woolen overcoat, yellow ski goggles, and sunglasses. Scenario: Cruising on a long dry tarmac promenade, I observed a connected wooden deck area, and used it to do a casual, elongated 180. During my second turn ( to re-enter the tarmac promenade, I felt the wheel undramatically sliding away from me sideways. In an instant, I was down, and up too. I was quite amazed, because I usually groan like an old man even when getting off the couch. I'm not sure what made contact with the decking (right wrist guard probably, and possibly right knee, through thick overcoat).but I had no pain or damage, then, or the next day. My wheel, came to a harmless stop, on its side, with no damage or scuffs. Cause: After standing up, I went back to where I lost grip. There was a low area in the decking where moisture gathered and lingered. The moisture was an ideal growth medium for algae/mold. This alga was very slick, and combined with my lean into the corner, caused the tire to slide sideways. It was remarkably undramatic, and almost funny. For a 56-year-old man who does no exercise, I even surprised myself at how much it simply was almost, a non-event. Lesson: When the road is dry, you still have to watch out for low spots where slime can grow, usually indicated by a darker color than the surrounding dry area. Possible Additional Lesson: When the road is wet, you still have to watch out for low spots where slime can grow, usually disguised by being the same color.
  3. First fall

    Got my first fall a day before yesterday (jumping off at 2mph at snowy hills does not count). This was completely my fault, V8 was doing great keeping me safe for half a thousand kilometers so far, and did good this time as well. The story is I was already near home, when seen a beautiful liner moored at the pier, so decided to ride another hunderd meeters to look at it. While riding alond at about 20-25 kmh and staring around, I clached a bump and lost balance. I was lucky there was a perfect asphalt right after, and that my shoes had a hard flat sole. So I jumped of the wheel and slided staying on feet for few meters. Like on ice, but on asphalt, right And my sole melted a bit because of the friction. Was lucky not to get any injuries, as I was not wearing any protection unfortunately (forgot helmet this day). The only thing I got was ankle sprain which bothered me for a day. The irony is I was only able to ride a wheel that day, as walking was painful But riding much carefully of course. Wheel got few new scratches and a shell cracked near a handle. It seems to be a weak point of this wheel, all the little cracks were only there so far. Disassembled it that evening for the first time to make sure all the internals are on their places. Was pleased by a quality of internals of the wheel btw, and how easy it is to maintain compared to my old one. Melting the crack with lighter made it look a bit better imo. Now we're back to normal, and the lesson is learned: watch the road, not the birds. Be safe!
  4. Are there certain types that protect more surface area than others? Drug store therapist wrist braces seems to cover more area but do they protect the hard fall? Or should we use products designed for a specific sport, like snow boarding etc? Some of the wrist guards have splints in them. Is that a better choice? Interested to know what are you all wearing for wrists? Links to products would be awesome.
  5. GotWay v2 factory warranty claim?

    Hi There, my v2 is not even a year old and already broke down. The axle snaped and I had a nasty fall, injuring my right shouldger and knee badly. I had a closer look and it seems that the axle corroded, but only on the side where the wires come out from the motor, and that caused the accident. How can I get it swapped claiming the 1yr factory warranty? Since the axle is built into the motor the whole motor needs to be replaced. All ideas a re welcomed and appreciated! Regards
  6. I strongly agree with wearing protective clothing. Maybe falling off is unavoidable at times however reducing the chances of injury are easy. I have put together a range of protective clothing in cooperation with some Australian partners that I will ship from Australia. Australia has been a leader in crash protection for a long time, haha we needed it. For road/concrete surfaces you will completely kit yourself out for about USD 600.00 (dirt protective clothing is a little cheaper) (Helmet, gloves, boots, Kevlar pants, Kevlar jacket (even have a hoody that looks normal even though it has hidden padding and elbow, back protectors) There are heaps of styles and choices. Sizing is world standards or I have a size chart if required. your current footwear will have the size written on it. You can go all out with full leather and high quality full face helmet and pay around USD1500.00 Here is an example of what you can purchase
  7. There's been lots of discussion on injuries and wearing protection, especially as of late. Maybe it's BMS failure, maybe the wheel caught a rock, but it seems that faceplants are inevitable. Please add to the vote! Perhaps this could people decide on a riding speed they're comfortable with, and how much protection to wear. There's no right or wrong answer -- except the honest truth! (Your answers are anonymous.) Thanks for your help! Speaking of bailing off EUCs at high speed, on this thread, @csmyers caught his highly-skilled high speed bailout roll on video, @Gimlet suggests riding with your knees bent to run off at high speeds, @Jurgen and @lizardmech give nice pointers on martial arts rolls to bail at high speeds. It's an interesting read even if you're not skilled enough to attempt rolls at high speeds, I'd recommend it.
  8. After a recent ride in the rain I realised the importance of added grip on the pedals. Especially while going over bumps as keeping your feet in the same position can be challenging while jumping curbs and such. I considered buying grip tape from a skate shop. Although being frugal and also a tinkerer I started to consider what was possible with what I had in the garage already. Then a thought occurred to use a low grit sand paper. The plan is to use a use high quality gorilla tape on the edges to give a durable attachment, covering all but a narrow strip in the center of the pedal.
  9. First Big Fall

    Hey guys, Glad to join the community here. I've had my Ninebot One E+ now for a week and I am absolutely loving it. Learning to ride it was quite a challenge especially turning confidently. Still don't feel confident to ride around people yet as I've only taken out on the streets twice now. Tonight I had my first big fall going for my second night ride out in the public. I am still trying to understand what happened. I trying to kick up the speed as fast as possible(maybe I was showing off to some guys that were heckling me form behind haha). Anyway it felt like a bit of hard kick back, first time I've experienced it actually and it was probably the fastest I had ever gone, probably around 20km/h. It felt as if the wheel slipped and came back from under me and I went forward flat on my side. Looks like I have a broken or at least severely bruised rib along with some really hurt pride and a little distaste for my Ninebot now. It didn't shut off so I doubt the problem was an un-expected shutdown but I am 85% sure it was me that was the problem being too inexperienced. If anyone has anything other explanations to this I'd love to hear it. I was riding on firmware 1.2.3 but have no updated to 1.2.7 but I have not ridden yet as I will probably be out for the next 4-6 weeks it seems. Thanks guys, Peter.
  10. Yesterday I was riding Tg_F3 to parking lot from work..about half a mile total flat surface, business as usual. I don't know what I did at around 4 mph, the wheel shot off under my feet like a speeding bullet landing me on my butt, all within a second. No one was around as far as I can see, so my ego was intact. No damage to my body really but I couldn't mount the wheel right away because my legs didn't cooperate. I was carrying my iPad in one hand and now it has a beautifully and artfully cracked screen. What's impressive was the "speed" of the this otherwise lowly lethargic wheel at that moment. It was like it had a 2000 watt motor. Man it was like a bullet. Trying to recollect why it happened, it was due to my posture adjustment while riding with my dress shoes. I felt a quick jerk back and forth for about half a second and the next thing I noticed my butt was kissing ground. All topics in this forum came to mind in a flash, like battery is not releasing enough power to the motor, voltage drop etc etc. I think it's one of those 2 things. But I experienced it first hand! I don't want to fall in front of my colleagues so I'm gonna ride it somewhere before I continue to showoff. May be it's time to buy a brand name wheel.
  11. Apparently all "face plants" are results of power fails. So that makes me think, there should be a way to make EU still rolling WITH gyro powered by back up battery. Since gyro is only to make things upright , it might not need a primary battery. Does this technology work that way? Or can it have a small back up battery just to kick in when main power quits, just for few seconds so we can stop safely without face plants. Segway must have something like that. We never heard of Segway related face plants.