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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Yesterday night I got my long waited MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh, after taking it out of the box eager to go for a ride, nothing happen... extra loud beeping noise and no balance and sometimes stuttering. Here is the video of what is going on Your advises and tips will be very welcome. Thank you
  2. What type of failures do you all see as wheels get older? And how do you realize you have an issue? Do the wheels just start dumping you off? That's obviously a scary proposition. I see plenty of videos of people moving with traffic around them at pretty high speeds and although you can wear protective gear to keep you from getting road rash, a 4000 lb car that doesn't stop after you fall off for whatever reason is going to ruin your day. Batteries I would think would be an obvious failure point. Do you just start loosing range? Or again, do they dump you off and you then know you have an issue? Just curious to hear from those with more experience than me. These things seem very reliable but nothing is as reliable as gravity so what are the failure mechanisms you all typically see?
  3. A quick poll on control board failures - I would be interested in how common a problem this is.
  4. I bought an off-brand electric unicycle back in December and until a few weeks ago it worked perfectly. But then I went out of town and forgot my charger so it was out of juice for a couple of days and when I returned to plug in my charger, the light on the charger immediately turned green. Even though the wheel itself only lights one of four LEDs. The wheel still has a little power on it, so I know that it works - i rode it around my parking lot until the low battery indicator began to beep - it just won't charge. I then assumed the charger had stopped working so I bought a new one off eBay, but that displays the exact same problem. As soon as I plug it in, the light turns green as if the battery was already full. It's infuriating because I think it's a minor fix but I have no idea where to begin. I study electrical engineering but I'm only on my first semester so I have no practical knowledge, but I do know most terms and have access to advanced measurement equipment. I would appreciate any help on the matter - even just a procedure on how and what to test so I know what to replace. I talked to the supplier who is willing to send me replacements for any malfunctioning parts, I just need to know what that is - or how to find that out. And I figured this would be the place to ask for help :-) Best regards, Kristian.
  5. Hi to everyone!,? I am new to this forum and I have been interested in the EUC by a good friend who has a ninebot and I could try it. I liked it so much and decided to buy one unit.Searching for more information about euc I found this awesome forum with lots of users that cooperate from all over the world. After reading many posts of many models, I decided on a Gotway MCM4 260w version. I've received Friday, March 4,the wheel is very nice and has a nice saturday 5th was very excited to ride it. But in a few minutes I could see that something was wrong. a strange noise is constantly repeated by turning the wheel just with my hand, as a kind of "clek clek" which is much more intense when I'm on the wheel. I am very worried !!! The wheel is completely new !!! ??? I sent the video to the seller and I'm waiting his answer. I can not know where the noise is coming because it is inside the case. I leave the video I recorded for you to listen and see if someone can help me and tell me what can be that fu***ng noise!!!.?? Thank you very much to all in advance and if I can work with my short experience will be a pleasure to help. Greetings from Barcelona! IMG_0154.MOV