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Found 48 results

  1. Hi, everyone! This is my first post here (and certainly not my last one ;-) ). I'm Justina and I've fallen in love with electric unicycles. It all began from curiosity "how can I improve my daily commute?", and when I bought my first EUC, it instantly became my hobby. Then I met some local enthusiasts and our small group started growing. After a while we started a project together that over time has become Our mission is to increase people's awareness of electric unicycles and show them it is not a gadget or a prototype - it is the best way of personal transportation in the world. And it's available now, everywhere! Our goal is to change people's thinking and replace their bicycles with electric unicycles, for daily commute. We live in the 21th century, why do we still use technology that hasn't changed from 200 years? It's time for a change, for people to know about EUCs! I create videos for our YouTube channel (anybody has seen my vids before?), where I try to help you as much as I can - either with choosing the righ wheel, or to do typical stuff like changing the tyre. We have just added new general videos with real life scenarios with electric unicycle usage: Electric unicycle vs bicycle - for commuting - Electric unicycle for meetings - If you like them, feel free to share! Many more coming soon! -------------------- Besides this, we also have an European shop with only one category: electric unicycles. We believe this is superior to any two wheelers or scooters and everyone can learn how to ride it, just how everyone had to learn riding a bicycle as a kid - we just don't remember this now. I have a huge €100 discount for all forum members, for the following electric unicycles: * 2017 KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) is €1514 for forum members, * 2017 Inmotion V8 (480 Wh) with carbon fibre-like kit is €982 for forum members, * 2017 KingSong KS-16C face-lift (680 Wh) is €1075 for forum members, * 2017 KingSong KS-14D (420 Wh) is €886 for forum members. Heads up! We do not collaborate with everyone. We collaborate with the top league manufacturers exclusively, to deliver the best electric unicycles only. Everything comes with a 2-year warranty, a gift, and of course functional mobile app. Dispatch up to 24 hours if not stated otherwise on the site. Do you live outside Europe? Contact me. How to get the €100 discount? It's easy and will take only 3 minutes: 1. Like our new Facebook page (click) 2. Share our Facebook page on your FB profile: 3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (click) 4. Register on our website: 5. Download and rate our mobile app on the preferred system: Android (click) or iOS (click). 6. Contact me by sending a private message here, or via Facebook / website - simply text "DONE" :-) I'm here for you if you have any questions. Also, I'm looking forward to talk to you about EUCs overall, I will start replying to other topics here for sure! Best Regards, Justina PS. This is how we do it:
  2. Hi all, Purchased King song 14c (800w) from Wheelgo late 2015, without warning the axle cracked approximately 3 months later. Unfortunately Wheelgo no longer trade from the UK, Jason was kind enough to send me the complete service manual, but unfortunately his suggestion to 'hammer it back' was never going to work. Dispite a number of emails to they do not appear to be able to reply. Cost £895 Broken axle 3 months later cost/ time = £298 a month. I am also lucky enough to own an ips and ninebot, had no issues with these units. Liam
  3. Grüß Euch / Hi All, Deutsch: Ich würde mich freuen, von anderen Einradsüchtigen in Österreich zu hören, und vor allem wo und welche trails ihr so befährt ! Ich werde von Zeit zu Zeit ebenfalls Fotos und Infos von netten EUC Touren posten, die ich gemacht hab. Postet in Englisch oder Deutsch, wie ihr wollt. English: I want to start an Austrian group. Feel free to post in English or German (I live during the week near the UN-City in Vienna, and spotted some EUC riders entering it, maybe they don't speak German). From time to time I'll post infos and fotos about nice EUC trails here in Vienna or in Styria, where I originally come from. Maybe others can do the same for the areas they live in. Cheers, HtG
  4. I have been riding my kingsong 14c for a few months and It drove me crazy how tiny the pedals are. Obviously, I am not the only person who thinks this. Used 1/4 inch think redwood planks, VHB mounting tape, gorilla glue tape and covered it all with grip tape. It ride so nicely now. Center of gravity is a little bit high, but its not bad. Ankles do not hurt and its just great. Main piece of wood is 10 inches by 4.5 inches. I also made a video showing it all:
  5. Hallå Verkar ju inte precis krylla av dessa manicker i Sverige ännu, men kanske är det åtminstone någon mer än jag som har köpt en och skulle vilja träffas för en "körning". Jag är boende i Bålsta och har för avsikt att göra stadskörningar nu till sommaren med sikte på Uppsala, och Stockholm som främsta platser. Samlingstråd för Svenska EUC förare på detta forum är härmed skapad. Droppa en rad ifall du också gillar att köra EUC och huserar i detta avlånga land. Med vänlig hälsning Fredrik
  6. The sound I'm trying to recreate is: Baseball Card in Rear Bicycle Spokes held on by a clothes pin -- sound effect. Dirt bike / motorcycle sound effect. Attempt #1: Laminated card stock. Which has since fallen away to leave just plastic. I slipped the laminate into the crevice and hot glued it. Attempt #2: I tried using a soda can but cannot get it to stay put against the case lip. I just had an idea to put the can INSIDE the case on top dead center.
  7. If you're in the NYC area this weekend, please join us for a group ride from Central Park West / Columbus Circle, across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey for All You Can Eat Korean BBQ. All e-rideables welcome! More information on the FB event description below:
  8. Anyone rides the Electric Unicycle in Malta. I ride one often but still I haven't seen anyone around. Would be great if we can meet up and plan some route. If anyone is interested (even without an EUC) please post below, I have a few ones here
  9. I wonder how many years the motherboard is supposed to stay fit and strong , do I wear it out and should change to a new one after 100000 km or more less ? When I go fishing on my Kingsong 18A then I have short peaks up yo 70 amps , normaly its around 20 amps , upphill downhill measured today on a mountain , asphalt road up to 2000 w 70x65 should teoretically mean 4450 watt but I didnt look at my wheellog at the time , I wish for further development so it records volt to. I use wheellog every day and I like it. So many parameters , can the battery pack handle the power or should I add more batteries ? What is the maximum power the motherboard can give ? Cables , dimension ? I touch the motor after a hard driving but its not hot , mostly similar to body temp , sometimes a little bit more The better I know how to drive it the more power I expect from it , in the beginning I was driving like a pussy-cat now its more on the limit and I look forward to new stronger models ment for traffic as an alternativ to bicycles cars , i'm happy with my euc but I cant understand how a friend here could go up and down the same mountain with a noname 210w motor 132wh battery euc without falling
  11. After 5 hours of learning to ride my Ninebot One E+, this is the state my ankles are in: It's so painful to get on and off now that I have made some cheap ankle guards using materials I had at home. These are made from foam sheet that has thin plastic on one side, some Baltic birch plywood and some elastic velcro straps from the dollar store. These are worn on the inner ankles to protect against the constant pressure of the EUC when getting on and off and turning.
  12. After not being on the E+ for so long I finally had to get back on it. But I realized I was only going 22km before pedal tilt back. I remember being able to go 24.8km before tilt back...did that happen? Or did an update decrease the speed?
  13. euc

    Hindley, Wigan, new group of euc riders, Hindley, SQ wheels, EUC group, we welcome anyone who wants to ride in our area, local or not 🙂
  14. Need a wheel to learn on and scratch up before you get your "ultimate" EUC? An Airwheel X3 is perfect: cheap, durable, not too fast ... and did I mention cheap? This one still has a good battery (130 wh), lots of scratches but no serious damage, and it works perfectly. Foam has been applied to the sides but can be easily removed. Complete with charger, training wheels, and air valve extension. Tire is in good shape and holds air. Black color. $100 firm for local pickup (Tucson AZ) or $100 + actual shipping costs to you. I'll even clean the dust off ...
  15. Read more on project page: EGG Electric Unicycle is a DIY and OpenSource design that can be customized for specific needs (more batteries, powerful motor, lights, etc). Main characteristics of current version: Max velocity up to 30km/h 2 battery packs making a total of 264W (range of 20kms on flat roads with a rider of 100kgs) 500W motor, 14 inches wheel Bluetooth for configuration and reading in real time the speed, current, board temperature, etc Video promotional: Video "EGG Electric Unicycle - promotion at Makerfaire Lisbon":
  16. It was my last long ride before I would grab the Ninebot One '5,000 Km' merit award. My route was some two towns removed from my home destination. I was planning a rest stop a few blocks further from the incident. Conditions were clear and traffic was almost non-existent in the pre-Christmas week before the holiday. Normally I would have continued on the sidewalk along the my direction side of the street before crossing to the opposite side following the end of the available sidewalk on the 'my direction side' Instead, considering a no cars at the moment situation and leg fatigue, I crossed into the opposing lane a football fields length from my usual Street crossover point where I often dismount and wait for an opportunity to cross. I hugged the curb within two feet on the road as shown with Google Street view. Within seconds a car headed toward my position within the same lane. The car , and I on the EUC, passed with a comfortable separating distance (in my opinion). However, upon initial visual recognition of each other in broad daylight and with no other cars in sight the driver of the car sounded his horn continuously. The constant sound of the horn was similar to the audio track a professor might use to illustrate the Doppler effect on waves as the transmitter and receiver of the waves approach each other. Any comments about the incident in the 30 ish mph zone ? Better to have not switched into the opposing lane ?
  17. Soon, we won't even have to "learn" to ride our EUCs. Just hop on and glide as you wish.
  18. Hi all, I'm reading allot of different opinions about EUC riders and what they value on a wheel and which use they give to it... although the functional design and characteristics of a unicycle is always the same. Wouldn't be a market for several types of unicycles? When I think about the EUC's comes always to my mind a Ford Model T, everyone rides more or less the same, there's not really big differences, except battery range and wheel size. What if we could have a racing wheel, an offroad wheel, commuting wheel, trick wheel, etc. No commercial interest from my side, just curiosity... but if all the business users can do something with the information i'm sure that the community can benefit. Thanks Regards, Pedro
  19. Thanks for your excellent responses last time - here's round 2... CBR
  20. It was June (2016) when I decided to take my Ninebot on a bus trip to Washington DC. I had put about 300 miles onto the EUC before taking the trip. I stayed in northwest DC at a hostel (Highroad hostel) and traveled via Ninebot to the National Mall along the Rock Creek bicycle trail. I decided to walk the steps up to the top of the Lincoln Memorial. Since I did not have a cable lock with me I carried the Ninebot up the stairs. After taking a few pictures inside the Lincoln Memorial while standing astride my powered off Ninebot I moved back to the columns atop the staircase and rested the EUC against one of the columns(4th or 5th column from the front right corner). Stepping back to take another picture of the National Mall a uniformed officer standing closer to the rightmost column approached me and asked if that 'thing', referring to the EUC, belonged to me. I replied in the affirmative and was told that the 'thing' could not be allowed up there. I picked up the 30 pound Ninebot and walked down the steps. Moving on to the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial before riding around a bit along the National Mall. The years since 1972 when my draft card was issued have passed. I was asthmatic and had allergies and got a draft deferment. Maps were something you folded up and put into the glove compartment of the car and not something from a device to which you talk too by saying 'ok Google map to the National Mall in Washington DC'. One of the Viet Nam Vets I saw at the memorial was sitting in a rubber tank tread version of a mobility chair. It was a great day aside from being asked to remove the Ninebot from atop the Lincoln Memorial. Almost seven months later, riding regularly in the summer I'm getting close to accumulating 3,000 miles on the odometer. My rider log tells me that I fallen at least 6 times with sufficient trauma to say ouch really hard and enter the event into my rider log of some 160 rider entries. I've read on the internet about '' and realize that the New Hampshire company that invented the Segway has sold its rights to the China manufacturing firm that produces Ninebot. My riding style has become fairly relaxed except for recurring signs of sciatic nerve pain running from my buttocks to my foot on the dominant mounting side. Stretching the 'piriformis muscle' helps when I pre-stretch the muscle before or during a ride. I sometimes laugh when I read about a rider falling for whatever reason and describing in detail the nature of the wounds. Just yesterday I went out for a long ride in cold temperatures where battery performance drops as compared to warm summer riding. I came to the highway crosswalk which I've used many times on the Ninebot. The walk sign turned on but at the other side the sidewalk was marked with wooden stakes topped with orange paint from a surveyors marking of an upcoming improvement to the shopping mall parking lot. Normally the 'S' like tight turn on the opposite sidewalk poses no problem but yesterday I hooked a pedal on something and went tumbling forward onto the ground. Breaking ones fall with your arms should be no big deal but as you get to about 60 years of age (fat in my case) the arm muscles become more accustomed to tasks like typing and right mouse clicking but not to heavy lifting. Sure enough my elbow hurt (strain not impact) and my wrist hurt. The wrist area under my work gloves, showed tissue symptoms associated with impact on a hard surface. OUCH!!! That's not healthy. I guess EUC riding is a sport where under the most swiftly changing circumstances falls do happen. I know I'm a competent rider and that in a few days or weeks the signs of injury will be mostly forgotten. But with unwanted pedestrian encounters where you end up answering predictive lines of inquiry (how long does the battery last, what does it cost, where did you get it, etc) while standing around trying to synch the bluetooth app to the EUC or where the threat of terrain ruts and bumps while riding poses a risk or while dealing with taunting exchanges from the occupants of moving cars maybe the EUC is not the ideal risk based sport for the average risk taking enthusiast. Accidents seem to happen quickly and in retrospect for very specific reasons. Ride safely and plan ahead!
  21. Hey guys, I've dug up an interesting piece of work that was unfortunately left unfinished by the previous designer team. The goal was to visually compare means of public and private transport to wheeling around Zones 1-2 of London. We have not been able to finalise the time of travel comparison, as it tends to be subjective around the busy city center. I am happy to evolve the conversation around what else can be put in such educational piece.
  22. Hello, I sell my XIMA LHOTZ - Shipping via DHL in Germany possible - or pick up near lake of constance. Details now in german language: Hallo, ich verkaufe mein XIMA LHOTZ 340Wh EUC. 16 Zoll, Reichweite ca. 20-25km (22km getestet, 80kg Gewicht), Höchstgeschwindigkeit 30km/h. Gefahren: knapp 400km. Zustand recht gut - wenig Kratzer, da kein Lernrad. Das Xima LHOTZ ist aufgrund der breiten Reifen und 16 Zoll ein Super Offroad EUC. Ich fahre eigentlich fast nur noch mein Kingsong KS18, da bei meinem Fahrprofil die Akku-Kapazität einfach nicht reicht. Verkauf nach Österreich/Schweiz: Nur Abholung Nähe Bodensee. Preisvorstellung: 600 Euro, 500 Euro verhandelbar 24.02.2017. das Rad ist immer noch da - daher 500 Euro
  23. Dear all, My 12 month warranty struggle with supplier. Paid £825 ($1005) Inc Shipping. Unit: Kingsong 14C (800W|680Wh) Purchase Date: 6th August 2015 Perfect for 25 weeks. Ridden for 21 weeks (minus 2 weeks holiday + 2 weeks working away) Running cost / 21 weeks £39 per week. (approx $47) Previously owned: Ips - 1000+ miles no issues. Ninebot one - 1000+ miles no issues. Powerbrick failed - Emailed supplier October 2015. Email reply from Supplier (Company director) 'The first batch was pretty shoddy' 'Half of the chargers were defective out of the box' Unit fault- Emailed supplier 2nd Feb 2016. Scrapping from wheel, a large number of images sent to supplier showing foot pedal rubbing against wheel. Email reply from Supplier (Company director) 'is it a slightly bent axle causing the problem?' 'can it be hammer back into shape?' 'A bit of force should do the trick. You should be able to wedge it free by carefully using a chisel or flat head of the screwdriver.' Centre Axle Close up Unfortunately, mid Feb i was diagnosed with a seriously illness, in and out of hospital, doctors appointments... the Kingsong was the last thing on my mind. In June, after a number of emails from the supplier one of which i clearly remember asking him to take the unit back and rebuild it for me, it had been a long time since the unit had been dismantled, this request was ignored, the replacement wheel arrived 1 or 2 days later, after refusing to pay the shipping cost of £25. After another load of trips too and from hospital, doctors, nurses, etc. finally, I got around to fitting the 'new' motor, albeit some time later. Read and re-read the supplied manual several times The rebuild: Started out full of promise, rebuilt the unit in around 2 hours (took my time) Powered the unit up after fitting the very tight side panels, all the lights worked.The unit only works when it is moved 45 degrees to left or right. contacted supplier again, new board sent out - refitted same issue. Emails sent to king song 5x - Number of responses Zero Will post more images later for those of you who want to see in more details what $1005 buys you. To be continued.....