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  1. Top Speed 30km/h after unlock ( Default setting: 1st level beeping at 18km/h, 2nd level beeping at 19km/h, pedal tilt back at 20km/h) Mileage 30-40km Maximum Gradibility Around 30° Battery Set Panasonic(340Wh) with equilibrium, overcharge, overdischarge, over-current protection Operating Temperature -10ºC/+60ºC Max Load 100kg-150kg Charger Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 67.2V,2A Charging Time around 2.5h Rated Power 800W Max Power 2400W Appearance of the weight Machine Size (mm) 476mm(H) x437mm(L) X 202mm(W) Pedal Distance from Groud 125mm Tire Diameter 14inch, Diameter 360mm Net weight around14kg Body interface High quality waterproof charging port, power on/off button Battery Indicator RGB indicates battery level Production measures Tilting Protection 45° side to side left and right. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, noneed to restart manually. Speed Limit Protection Beep when exceed limit speed Low Battery Protection Low battery protection activated on 40% battery; when the battery is lower than 5%,the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop. Message Battery level RGB indicates battery level Sound Alerting (Your device is in low battery, please charge it) ,(Pls decelerate),power on(Hello, King Song),(Bluetooth is connected ),(Blutooth is disconnected),(Be caution, over voltage),(Be caution, over power) Package Standard Package 1 x Electric Unicycle; 1 x User manua
  2. King Song electric unicycles are your best choice.Join us !!! Email
  3. Hallå Verkar ju inte precis krylla av dessa manicker i Sverige ännu, men kanske är det åtminstone någon mer än jag som har köpt en och skulle vilja träffas för en "körning". Jag är boende i Bålsta och har för avsikt att göra stadskörningar nu till sommaren med sikte på Uppsala, och Stockholm som främsta platser. Samlingstråd för Svenska EUC förare på detta forum är härmed skapad. Droppa en rad ifall du också gillar att köra EUC och huserar i detta avlånga land. Med vänlig hälsning Fredrik
  4. KS-14D and KS-16S are our best-selling models. KS-14D 1) 340wh,800w Charging time:around 2.5h Top speed: 28km/h Mileage: around 30-40 km 2) 420wh,800w Charging time:around 3.5h Top speed: 28km/h Mileage: around 40-50 km KS-16S 840wh,1200w Charging time:around 6.5h Top speed: 35km/h Mileage: around 70-80 km
  5. King Song has always been working on electric unicycles. So far,we have researched KS-14B,KS-14C,KS-14D,KS-16A,KS-16S and KS-18A, which have high allocations and nice designs.What's more. We have dealers and users all over the world.Join us,King Song is your best friend!!!
  6. Hello my name is Samuel. I just got my first electric unicycle for Christmas and it was amazing. It came with the training wheels already on, so I eventually took it outside to ride it. I would get on the unicycle and lean forward, soon reaching max speed. The unicycle would gradually slow me back down to prevent from going too fast. It worked fine. However, and this is where I am a bit confused, when I took the training wheels off.. I would get on and begin to lean forward in order to increase my speed. Then BAM! The machine would just stop and I would almost fly into the pavement. I can go about 2 mph but as soon as I begin leaning forward and try to go faster it throws me off. It is VERY annoying. I took a slo-mo video and tried to figure it out. However I didn't see any part of the unicycle hitting the ground. It really has been scaring me because I only go about 2-3 mph... and when I try to go faster it suddenly stops and throws me off. Could it be something to do with the angle? Am I riding it wrong? I put the training wheels back on and went full speed no problem...
  7. Hi all, I'm reading allot of different opinions about EUC riders and what they value on a wheel and which use they give to it... although the functional design and characteristics of a unicycle is always the same. Wouldn't be a market for several types of unicycles? When I think about the EUC's comes always to my mind a Ford Model T, everyone rides more or less the same, there's not really big differences, except battery range and wheel size. What if we could have a racing wheel, an offroad wheel, commuting wheel, trick wheel, etc. No commercial interest from my side, just curiosity... but if all the business users can do something with the information i'm sure that the community can benefit. Thanks Regards, Pedro
  8. Business Closed EXCLUSIVE FOR FORUM 10% OFF $19.99 ea Ninebot One Replacement Covers ENTER PROMO CODE: FORUM2016 FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA. fits the Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+ FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California
  9. Anyone rides the Electric Unicycle in Malta. I ride one often but still I haven't seen anyone around. Would be great if we can meet up and plan some route. If anyone is interested (even without an EUC) please post below, I have a few ones here
  10. The self balancing electric scooter draws attention on the streets since people are mostly curious to know how the scooters function and how they are used. The electric scooter has quickly gained popularity among people who have opted to use them while enjoying the numerous benefits they provide which are actually more than a standard bicycle. The twin wheel electric scooter for instance, is currently so popular in the market since it provides more stability thus making it easier for a new rider to learn how to use it easily. The electric scooter is generally a better choice when compared to the standard bicycles. Continue reading and learn more benefits provided by the self balancing electric scooter. The two-wheel version of the electric scooter makes it easier for a rider to learn. In fact, it will only take you a few minutes to learn how to operate one. They are additionally easier to balance with. Furthermore, it is easier to control. There is absolutely no need of using pedals or even arms to steer the electric scooter. To move the scooter forward, simply lean forward and lean back if you want to slow down your pace, move backwards, or stop. You can cover many miles on a single charge and this shows just how economical it is. There is no need of purchasing gas. For instance, you can easily cover seven miles or more on a single charge without requiring a recharge. So, you can run your errands efficiently and quicker compared to using an automobile. A self balancing electric scooter is not slowed down by traffic jams like a car would. As a result, you will have an easier time maneuvering traffic and getting to different places within a short time and also without experiencing delays. Like the standard bicycle, you have the freedom to use the pathways if you want to avoid traffic jams thereby allowing you to save time. Unlike the standard bicycle, an electric scooter is quite portable. As a matter of fact, you can keep it right next to your desk in the office until the next time you would need to use it. So, you can carry it to the office without necessarily worrying about losing it or parking it. You will be happy to discover that the self-balancing scooter is friendly to the environment. This can be attributed to the fact that a good number of them use lithium batteries to reduce emissions. This is an aspect that has made the self-balancing scooter quite appealing although it boasts of numerous other features that have made it so popular. Even environmentalists endorse the electric scooter since it is eco-friendly. The self-balancing electric scooter has lots of other uses and it is not just used for transportation purposes alone. Camera enthusiasts and film-makers use the innovative tool when taking shots of moving subjects. The popularity of the scooter has grown mostly because it is easy to learn and almost anyone can learn how to use it in just a few minutes.
  11. SOLD OUT thank you FORUM!! Official NINEBOT & SEGWAY T-Shirts available. Black with Silver Logo. Microfiber material. FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US *10% of the sale of this item will benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research The V Foundation for Cancer Research is a charitable organization dedicated to saving lives by helping to find cures for cancer. The Foundation seeks to make a difference by generating broad-based support for cancer research and by creating awareness among all Americans of the importance of the war against cancer. The Foundation performs these dual roles through advocacy, education, fundraising, and philanthropy. Only Small-Medium size available *When you order through EBAY
  12. It's interesting to see the history of "Electric single motor wheel for pedestrian" . I thought Inventist "invented" the solo wheel. I was wrong. Stunningly similar wheels were issued patents as back as 1977! See the links below. My question was, how did they manage "self balancing" back then? That technology was introduced by in 2000 (AFAIK). This last one is of course by Inventist. Your thoughts?
  13. I bought Ninebot One E at the beginning of this year, and unfortunately this type of transportation is not for me. It may have some signs of cosmetic wear from learning, but is fully operational and functions as intended—only used two times. Its total mileage is 6 kilometers and total running time 2h 34m 56s. Basically still on the first charge that came from the factory. Also I am including a blue wheel wrap and wheel bag worth up to 200 dollars! (Roll Wheel Wrap- Brilliant Blue Metallic original price $65 –free and Deluxe Wheel Bag original cost $139 –free). I am asking 475. And I am in NYC area, willing to ship it at your cost! Basically is less than half of the price I paid.
  14. Ovie Verner has posed his driving test for our Pinwheel T2 on the terrain road condition,and from this video, he suggested to use the 16x1.75 tyre, and we choose to use 16x2.2151 is because, this tyre would be adaptable to more and different road condition, the wider the tyre to be,more friction it would cause, and in contrast , if to make it very narrow, of course it would be very flexible on flat areas, but also would be very risky when driving very high speed on flat areas, how's you guys mind towards it ? The wide or narrow tyre, which do you prefer ? To see more product details, please visit this page: Leave a message and you'll get detailed information and know how to buy it.
  15. Robbie and I "scientifically" sort out the differences.
  16. I need new design for my EUC. Changing the 2 tires to a wide one made the OEM cases weak and limiting. I also wanted to check my thoughts of how an EUC should look so I planed and produced it. It has aluminium frame, inner plastic box for the electronics and a fender mainly for aesthetic look. The box and the fender are made by 3D printing. Even though it is way more robust then it was , the weight is about the same. Here are some pictures : I need= I needed
  17. Lightest electric unicycle 6.1kg, easy to handle With Bluetooth and APP Features: Maximum load 265 pounds, affordable price sale worldwide Distance depends on rider's weight, road conditions Charging voltage: adopt to 180-240V, US/EU/UK charger available Charging time: around 60-120 mins (30 mins to 80%) Li-ion battery: 60V, 2.2Ah Motor power: 450W Maximum cruise speed: 18km/h Maximum load: 100kg Net weight: about 12.2kg Maximum climbing angles: 15-45° Minimum turning radius: 0° Size: 458*134*230mm Distance of treadle from ground: 121mm APP interface Package size: 49x24.5x59.5cm Orange color Package includes: Charger, safety belt, training tool, crashproof strip, replacement screw, tool and manual 1x self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter 1x training tool 1x training belt Crashproof strip 1x charger 1x user's manual 1x retail box
  18. Brand New In box. I have 3 black, 2 blue and 1 silver available. $1,599 UNISCOOT is a quality electric unicycle powered by three 2.9AH 60v Li-ion batteries run in parallel. Total of 522Wh. Riding speed is up to 15 mph and can travel up to 25 miles. The entire unit only weighs about 35lbs so its very easy to transport around where ever you go. Easy to learn and comfortable to ride, even for me at 6 foot 230lbs. The seat and handlebars make riding easy to learn and comfortable for long trips.I ride this thing around everywhere and everyone can't believe their eyes. So many people come up to me telling me that the UNISCOOT is the coolest scooter they have ever seen and instantly want one.FREE SHIPPING to USA.I have this listed on eBay for $1,699 buy directly from me for $100 cheaper.You may also visit for more info and to purchase. Here is a short video of my son riding it around after about 20 mins of practice:
  19. Just a quick video post of us riding our unicycles, first person viewing fun!!
  20. (Moderators Note:) Please note whilst the city e-bike is a real product with which we are not aware of any issues, this particular advertiser's commercial site has had all trading suspended and two members of this forum reported losing money. Introducing the New Electric Lifestyle city E-bike Scooter. New for 2016, the city E-bike is powered by an 800W, 60V 12Ah Twist and Go System that will propel any rider to speed up to 15mph. The city E-bike is easy to use and fun to ride. It’s a matter of getting on, twisting the throttle and GO! This lifestyle scooter means you can use it in every aspect of your daily life that requires some mode of transportation. The city E-bike can easily replace your car. Simply get on and avoid traffic all together. This city e-bike scooter was designed by our Engineers with the intention to help a wide range of people from students to business professionals travel in upwards of 50 miles per charge. This means the city E-bike can be ridden daily to most destinations that require a car. The beauty of this scooter is that you don’t pay for fuel, Tax, MOT, no insurance premiums, street legal and no license required !The city E-bike is not only functional, but it will be the best fun you’ve had in a long time. A unique feature the scooter has, self-balancing. Even though a kick stand comes equipped, you won’t really need it. The fat/wide tyres keep this scooter balanced all on it’s own.The ride is also something that you’ll love. Steering is kept at a minimum as you lean into your turns. But don’t worry, you can stop on a dime, all thanks to the powerful DYISLAND Hydraulic Disc E-bike is definitely a game changer in the electric bike/scooter world. With it’s power and distance capabilities, there is no other e-scooter out there like it.
  21. Pros and cons for TG T3 TG was my first EU, TG was my choice because it is cheap, for the money it's a good deal, for beginner it's ok. I had it for a month and now I'm enjoying my Gotway :-) Pros: it has a good design , it comes in happy colors:-), the shell is not low so when you go over a bump you can't damage the shell. Cons: the batter life, speed, it's a bit tricky if u want to put a handle ( I can send a picture if someone wants to know how I did it ):-) Compared to Gotway it's quite different, it's less stable, slower, a little bit louder but it's lighter than Gotway.
  22. *FORUM SAVINGS* Get an additional $100 off of our already low sale price on all of our NINEBOT products. $699 NINEBOT ONE E+ $549 NINEBOT ONE C+ *FREE SHIPPING in the continental US Use promo code FORUM at checkout to receive the discount. FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California. All warranty service work is done in the US not China. SALE ENDS March 31, 2016
  23. So first off I'm not too sure if this is an actual issue but my mom thinks it is. When I get off my hoverboard, every now and then (and its so rare that this happens) it shakes/vibrates for a second on the foot that's still on the board. Recently my friend did something incredibly stupid and hover-boarded over to a table and lifted his weight of the board while his feet remain on the pedals. The hoverboard shook for like 5 seconds as I yelled at him to get off of it. Keep in mind he was using MY board. My mom thinks that the shaking is a problem and is very concerned about it (I mean shes a mom it's kinda her job to be concerned about anything remotely "out of wack"). I told her it was normal for boards to do that and it wasn't just my board. And im positive that it is because I've seen name brand boards such as IO-Hawk or UWheels on you tube do that shake when someone either gets off or leaves some of their weight on it. My point is: can someone please confirm that this shake happens to all boards and you just have to either keep all your weight on the board or just get off of it completely?
  24. Wear this shirt , and show to the world about your sense..!!! Every Electric Unicycle Rider Must have this LIMITED EDITIONT-shirt and Hoodie. Not Sold In Stores! Available in various styles and multiple colors! Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via : Paypal | VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | DISCOVER ** 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ** Safe & Secure Checkout GET YOURS HERE Please click : CTRD + D