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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! 25 year old first time rider here. Doesn't seem to be a lot of younger guys on this forum, but I'm very glad I found this community. My backstory: I originally bought a Segway Minipro last week. After riding it for about 2 days, I already felt limited by the speed (10 mph when you're trying to travel more than a mile feels pretty slow). I actually ran into someone on the street who was riding an electric unicycle. Someone at my work also rides one so I decided to try one out. I found this forum this past Friday, ordered a King Song 14D on Monday, and it arrived today (Wednesday). Amazing how quickly that progressed...LOL . Anyhow, I received it today, and I basically unboxed it and jumped on it as soon as I got home from work. To all the people who recommended picking up shin guards, thank you so much! I wouldn't have been able to practice for more than 10 minutes without them. Anyhow, I watched a video tutorial posted here on how to ride them and everybody was saying 5-8 hours to get comfortable riding one. As a result, I got on the EUC today expecting a really tough time and lots of falls, but actually it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Riding the EUC felt very similar to riding a snowboard to me (not sure if anyone else feels the same way). I managed to make it around my block after just an hour of practice (super proud of that). I captured some of the footage on my phone posted below! I'm still fairly wobbly at low speeds, and I have trouble taking off from a standstill. However, once I get going, I can do a pretty decent job of staying on and keeping it going. I've gotten a total of 1.5 hours of practice in so still a long way to go, but this thing is so dang fun! A couple of questions: Did I buy the right EUC to start? I'm not going to lie, I was already wishing I had more speed and it's only my first day of riding! I should probably figure out how to turn the speed limit off first, but I couldn't help but think maybe I should have gotten the Tesla... Second, how do I turn off the speed limit and the "please decelerate" voice? That thing scared the sh*t out of me, and some people down the street definitely heard and started laughing...lol Lastly, how do you guys pump up the tires? Mine came a little low, and the valve is pretty difficult to reach. Do you guys use a valve extension tool or something? The wheel definitely didn't come with one. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to participating in this community!
  2. Matahalii

    Hello to all!

    Hello! I bought a "used" Ninebot One S2 just 12.30.17. It said "Milage: 2.6km" in the app and had one noticable scratch near the handle. So I got an almost brand new thingy for 330EUR. I watched a few How-to-vids on U-Tube of cause.... I made my first tries on that evening on the shoulder of my wife after attaching a luggage-belt to the handle and turning the handle-shut-off off. Next day I made some exercizes along a nearby wall and my first freehand trials. Got no further than a few meters. Whilst doing that I had more than doubled the milage. Dunno how the seller had given up that early... On new years noon I started may 3rd exercise. This time I suddenly/accidently made my first ride of approx 100m and was very excited! Watching neighbors who had seen me the day before were suprised that I was already able to stand on this disc, even if it was very wobbly and only every 10th start was a lucky one. In the meantime of just one week I can say that I'm able to decide which way to go, stand on that EUC for as long as I want - most cases but not secure enough to go narrow passages or very curvy ways. Yesterday I made a single trip of about 8km mostly on bicycle-ways and just before the end I had my first real throw-off on a curvy, narrow, wobbly sidewalk. I know I'd better walked that short piece of shitty way before but was too lazy to stop and get off... Now I have one old pair of jeans more for dirty work in the garden. And my lovely One S4 has one big scratch more on the side... All in all I am very lucky! This sport is a big fun and I'm looking forward to meet some peeps with wheels around town soon!
  3. Good afternoon all! Brand spanking new to Unicycles and E-Unicycles to begin with, I am on the fence after researching and mostly looking at specs and safety. I will be traveling a few miles to a Bus Stop to and from my home as I commute to work, I am looking at a two wheel setup. I am leaning toward the Inmotion V3 Pro or the Swagtron Any ideas which would be a better fit for my needs and easier to learn with? Im kinda concerned ill fall in LOVE and have to upgrade to a more expensive wheel soon! I plan also to use this as transportation going around the city I live in, 5 - 7 mile trips round way. Thank you all!
  4. VicW

    Choosing first EUC

    I am looking for an entry level EUC & would like some help to choose one. I am a senior, weigh 200lbs (90kg), live in southern British Columbia where we have some nice weather but we do get rain. Some of the wheels I've looked at are, in no particular order, Segway One or Ninebot One, (seem to be the same unit), King Song 14D, One other possibility is a used Gotway ACM 1300wh. I know the Gotway ACM may be more than a beginner unit but the weight capacity is quite a bit more than the others. With the others if I wear a back pack with a few items in it I'm at the weight limit of the unit. Don't know how critical the carrying capacity is. One of the things I want is a walking handle as I like to & need to walk for exercise and I plan to combine walking & riding but when walking I don't want to have to carry the euc. I am aware that the Segway/Ninebot does not have a walking handle but I am sure I could rig one up. I'm also aware of the 12.5 mph speed of the Segway/Ninebot but as a newbie I don.t see that as a major issue. Any other suggestions that members of the forum may have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance......Vic.
  5. Hi Everyone, first time posting, new to EUC's and new to electric rideables in general. I first started off on a huge rabbit hole into electric skateboards. That market is awash and rife with issues, but as I was getting close to selecting one, I saw a FabTrav video with the Gotway Monster in it, and I had to lift my jaw off my desk. That led me to a second rabbit hole into EUC's, which is a much smaller place by the way, and I think I've got my choice nailed. I think I will go with a Tesla. The reason being that it's the newest, and while I am not one to chase specs, the market is so new that every iteration of these vehicles seem to come with refinements to the design and technology. Getting something new really matters when only earlier in the year, you weren't getting nearly as much bang for your dollar. Here's what I need it for: Daily driver, needs to be very dependable for commuting. Rain friendly. I don't plan on riding in crazy downpours but able to handle the mild Pacific Northwest moisture and rainfall. 20-30 mile range minimum. Bonus range is just icing. I don't love that the Tesla is 40+ pounds but I can live with it because the specs are beefy compared to what you get in an electric skateboard for the same money. Here are my questions though: What do I need to know about cut-offs? Is Gotway known as unsafe and Kingsong safer safe-ish in comparison? How does Gotway's customer service fare? Do you get the support you need when things go wrong? In general, how often are you tinkering and finnicking just to get it to work? I'm not talking about making improvements, I'm talking about after-market tinkering just to preserve basic functionality. Is there a seller I should avoid? Is there a seller I should definitely use? ewheels? Thank you, and anything else you might advise for a newbie, I greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hello all! I have never ridden an electric unicycle before and am wanting too start riding! I live in a steep mountainous town (some hills are 25%) and wanting an easy transportation type to get me to work. Here are some things I would want in the electric unicycle. At least 20% hill climb, be able to ride at least 2km on steep hills, be able to go around 20km/h, be able to ride in slick conditions (is this possible?) and not easily broken (since I will definitely crash a lot) and be able to carry me (150lbs). I am also 16. I have been looking at buying the Inmotion V8 but I have heard some controversial posts about it. Also money is not a big problem since I have a part time job (but please keep it below $2000 CAD). Can anybody help me?