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Found 103 results

  1. As I mentioned earlier, and always raising interest, I am currently upgrading my IPS 191 "Lhotz" 340 Wh with an additional 16s pack of 18650 cells. So here is some documentary about this mod, so anyone can consider if it's worth it. Some details: I use Samsung SDI INR18650-30Q cells, as they are available quite cheap around here and had some good tests, beeing able to output 20A cont. while beeing rated by Samsung for 15A. However, turns out that even at 20A this cell can compete with the infamous LG HG2. Rated at 3 Ah this gives me 3*3,7*16=177,6 Wh additional capacity, making my Lhotz a roughly 520 Wh wheel! As these 30Qs have an internal resistance of only 18 mOhms, as opposed to 35 mOhms of the stock Panasonics IPS uses, this should nearly half the voltage drop under load, giving me either further additional range, or at the same range less limitations due to low voltage. Well not gonna bore you any longer with this, here are the pics. First, starting point: (the beeper was moved up prior to taking this photo, otherwise this is how the internals looked) How do we get 16 18650s in there? First idea: Fits comfortably in there, but wiring would be a real mess. So I came up with this: Nice and thight, and all the cells relatively compact together. I will not document on how to build the actual packs from the cells, this has been documente often enough on the internet I you want to do this, just keep in mind there is no space at disposal, just make those packs as tight and small as possible. Packs assembled and test fitted in: As you will have guessed, I will hook the new pack to the BMS of the wheel, thus all the thin white cables. In the bottom left corner you can see the connectors and how I dasy chained them, so i can plug both batteries to the BMS. I will do the same with the XT60 connector, so I don't have to touch any of the origianl wiring, besindes some relocation. Thus I can always extract my additional battery without much fuzz. As the packs are positioned tight against the metal controlboard box, I added an extra rub protection cardboard layer inside the shrinkwrap of the packs. But there won't be much rubbing here, it's a really thight fit! I should further mention that the sprew posts in the places where the new battery sits need to be removed. Left to do: finish the connections, fix all the wires in place, fasten the batteries,
  2. I suspect when I carry a full backpack the regeneration of battery charge is highest ¿any clue to confirm that? Thanks
  3. Cheaper, 3 times more energy dense, unaffected by extreme weather, and longer cycle life? They need to implement these ASAP! The 94-Year-Old Inventor of the Lithium-Ion Battery Has Come up With the Next Great Battery Design The efficient, low-cost creation could be the next major breakthrough for electric cars. By T.S. Fox · Mar 8, 2017 in Tech · 12 Comments 475Shares Known for his role in the development of the lithium-ion battery, John B. Goodenough — now an emeritus professor at the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin — has come up with what may be the next major battery-related breakthrough: a tiny all-glass design. Developed by Goodenough and senior fellow Maria Helena Braga alongside a team of researchers, the new low-cost, solid-state design is both safer and more efficient than its predecessor thanks to its use of a sodium- or lithium-coated glass electrolyte — one that can store three times as much power as a lithium-ion alternative. Best of all, though, is that the battery can withstand extreme temperatures, charge in just minutes, and offers more than 1,200 charge-discharge cycles — meaning it will last significantly longer than a lithium-ion battery. And the glass design isn’t only cheaper and more efficient — it’s safer, too. Since it doesn’t form the dendrites that accumulate with a lithium-ion battery’s charge-discharge cycle, the glass battery won’t short circuit or burn — a problem that ultimately plagues its lithium-ion counterpart. Ultimately, the technology could be used to store energy from the likes of wind and solar systems and also make electric cars infinitely safer and more affordable. “Cost, safety, energy density, rates of charge and discharge and cycle life are critical for battery-driven cars to be more widely adopted. We believe our discovery solves many of the problems that are inherent in today’s batteries,” said Goodenough.
  4. Would love it if anybody could give me a clue on some things to check on my rockwheel, I pressed power button and got nothing, so I figured I just need to charge it. When I plug in the charger, the indicator light on charger stays green. I unplugged the charger and pressed power button, and I have a fading beep sound and charge indicator drops to empty almost immediately. Any ideas, I left it on charger for 30 minutes, light remained green on charger the whole time and when unplugging and then pressing power...same thing. Battery seems to not have charged more than the beeping and light that immediately goes off. By the way, the battery was great before and still was holding full charge.
  5. In an effort to see how many miles I can get out of a single charge, I'm working on draining the battery of my inmotion V8 down to zero. Most of my rides are short, 20 minutes-ish, and roughly 2-4 miles, so it takes me all work week to get there. Anyway, I'm getting close, and just wanted to know if there are any warnings to look out for when riding at a low battery percent? I've been reading other threads, where other wheels get "tilt back" when they are getting low on battery or maybe start to slow down. Do these things happen with inmotion wheels too? When I finally get down to zero % will the wheel just turn off, leaving me with no stabilizing help? Thanks in advance for the help, I'm just trying to prepare myself a little so that I don't end up with a fantastic "face plant" story or worse ...
  6. A simple tutorial for replacing the airwheel battery with a generic battery. I also show how to replace non-fitting connectors.
  7. I usually deplete my battery (240W ninebot one E) rinding for one hour and half. I would like to extend to two hours or more. I need a few watts more in my battery (+100W I think) Since I have another batteries (LIPO, LIFEPO4, etc...) at home to use, and a DC-DC converter that I can carry in my backpack...Do you know if anybody sucesfully tried to charge the ninebot while riding? I think than I can charge the internal battery from an external one with the DC-DC converter working at 63vdc at 1amp, easily (if BMS can handle it). The ninebots appears to work while charging, but no idea if there is a problem under heavy battery demands (using it in the street). Any thoughts?
  8. Hello, I own 2 Ninebot E+'s and the identical issue has happened with both of them, I'm dead in the water for both Ninebots. The Ninebot issue: My Ninebot stopped working after rolling off a 3 inch sidewalk curb. It suddenly lost power and I almost fell. I tried turning it back on and it would immediately shut off. It would only stay on, if I had it resting completely on it's side. Once I righted it straight up, it would immediately turn off. The tire wouldn't roll freely either, it had resistance and had a jerky motion. After getting a new control board from my dealership, I installed it. When I turned on the Ninebot on to pair with my phone, it wouldn't automatically right itself, staying loose on pitch. Also, the right light ring only showed 2 blinking green led lights at the bottom, while the left side of the Ninebot light rings showed nothing at all. I have two batteries, I had fully charged, thinking it might be a low battery, it wasn't. Also, when I tried to charge the battery while it was plugged into the Ninebot, it doesn't charge, showing a green light on the battery charger, instead of red. I assume the gyroscope needs to be reset... am I on the right track. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it or a phone number to get in touch with Ninebot itself? Thanks!
  9. I came across this summary of regulations for shipping batteries. Since this issue regularly comes up in the forums, I thought it would be useful to post the article and start a new thread to accumulate any specific experiences from forum members. Lithium-Ion Shipping and Travel Regulations: What You Need to Know
  10. Do somebody know a site where a power bank is sold for EUC's with the appropriate plug? This would be nice when you do exceptionally a long distance without finding a plug. Even if you have a EUC with big battery (60km range), after 2 years the capacity decreases to the half or to one third of the initial distance range. For normal daily travel, even 20km range would still be enough but it is possible that you want to do more some day. A power bank can be the solution.
  11. Do somebody know if there are EUC's with EASY replaceable 18650 Lithium batteries, without welding batteries to each other, without welding resistances between battery cells, without cabling batteries to the electronic motherboard? Only changing the defective standard 18650 batteries as easy as changing a AA battery of the remote controller of a TV should be possible, no? That would be revolutionary in the EUC market. Because now when the batteries are nearly dead (capacity decreases after hundreds of charge discharge cycles) instead of changing only the dead batteries (= maybe the half or 1/3 of the batteries) (=20 dead batteries *10euro=200euro), we have to throw the EUC of 2500 $ to the trash even if the rest of the EUC is working. And even if the rest of the battery pack is working, you have to throw your EUC to the trash because of few dead battery cells. That is a pity. Isn't there an easy way to change the batteries? Or are the companies thinking of producing a such EUC. You do not throw your car when the oil tank of your car is leaking. You only change your tank and you continue using the car. I think companies push us to spend more money to our EUC's by not supporting the after service for batteries. And since the EUC repair shops do not exist yet...
  12. Do somebody know a site where a power bank is sold for EUC's with the appropriate plug. This would be nice when you do exceptionally a long distance without finding a plug. Even if you have a EUC with big battery (60km range), after 2 years the capacity decreases to the half or to one third of the initial distance range. For normal daily travel, even 20km range would still be enough but it is possible that you want to do more some day. A power bank can be the solution.
  13. Please post your Gotway average range on a charge, and your battery size. For me I have a 680wh (MCM4), but haven't been able to get it low yet (my lowest was 60% after a few hours of riding). That thing just keeps going! I'll update when I manage to actually get it low.
  14. Hello all. Im a new member here who just recently discover EUCs. I purchased a used ninebot one E, which I originally thought was a C+. I noticed it had a 240wh battery, which I think may have not been stored properly as I am getting around 5 miles before the battery reads 40 percent. The app said it had a total of 60 miles when I got the wheel so I assume that yhe wheel sat for awhile. My question is if a model e+ or c+ battery will swap right in. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me when to change the battery in a hoverboard?
  16. I think people in this community would be interested in alternative transportation technologies. The price to pay for adding another dimension of motion and 2Xspeed and 1/4Xriding time: 100X more power (over gotaway MCM4's 1500W peak power), 50X more battery capability (over my 340Wh); ???Xmore in cost; nearly 100% certainty of death for a "faceplant",and you can't "drive" it yourself. 1h of charging time (for 17kWh battery) is quite impressive - I guess for a non Tesla owner.
  17. Hey, Does anyone know where I could get a replacement battery for the GR16? I bought one used and it only charges half way. Also a more powerful battery wouldn't hurt I guess. I saw one guy that retrofitted one of these LiPo batteries, but I´m not sure which one to get. Best Regards K
  18. Hi, how can I check if my battery on my Airwheel Q3 is 130Wh, 170Wh, 260Wh or 340Wh? Is there a way to find out from the serial number? Or does this number below indicate that I have the 260Wh version?
  19. So I bought a inMotion V8 on aliexpress for a gift to someone. I got delivered mid december 2016. It seems the unit was planned for the european market as I got the EU charger ( input = 200/240v) + a cheap adaptor for the US plug. Half of the manual is in Spanish Anyway, after charging it, when I ride, the unit stops when the battery gets around 85% (like it runs out of battery) . I thought it was because of the charger so I decide to use a real US charger (100-240v) for V8 (another one that I bought in september) and charged it full. But again when I went out riding, it did stop again although the battery was 90%. Each time it stopped it was in the same way as when the battery runs out of power ... So now I start to think that it is a general problem with the battery more that with the charger ... I just need confirmation ... what do you think ? Has it already happen to someone ? How did you fix it?
  20. Tesla battery module for sale....
  21. TL;DR: Don't believe the range reporter, don't start a trip when the battery drops below 50%, and try not to push over 12 mph. Today, I decided to do a 4.5 mile ride on 50% battery. It was over flat road and the distance estimator said 9 miles, so I figure I was OK. It was smooth sailing for the first 3 miles. I ride pretty fast and my NB beeps at me to slow down, which I do, but after 3 miles the unit was down to about 25% battery and it I started getting a lot of beeps and tiltback way more extreme than the normal tiltback I get when I break 12mph. It got so bad at one point that I almost had to stop. I tried putting the speed limiter on, but it didn't really help. I basically had to limp home at about 3-6 mph. At home, the battery was around 10%. When I checked, the unit temp was 120F, which I guess is pretty hot. Ambient temp was 60F. I'm 6'2", and weigh ~230 lbs with all my gear and backpack, which is getting up there, so I think this is what I get by pushing the unit a too hard. So the big lesson is that the 9B range is probably half what is advertised for a person my size. -e
  22. Air temp : 38 degrees F Distance of ride : 6.2 miles Battery : full charge at start 17 miles on battery meter at start 8 miles on battery meter at end 9-10 : Total battery miles used Ninebot One E+ (-10 to +45 temp range) Along smooth sidewalk
  23. I've seen a lot of posts on the forum where everyone discusses batteries and how to look after them. So when I saw that Sci-show had done a video on Li-ion batteries, I thought of you guys first... I usually find their videos to be impeccably researched, so I trust we can rely on this advice. CBR
  24. Hi guys, I have the max speed at 10km/h after the passing the tutorial and driving for more than 11km. i am using nnebot min Firmware v 1.3.1 and activating date 2016-11-05. any suggestions? best regards, Ima2