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Found 1 result

  1. KS14C Battery Charge/Discharge Curves

    My 14C control board isn't measuring battery voltage accurately (see post about 62 year old fat guy for details). Jason is having problems getting a good replacement board from KS. While we're waiting, I want to ride my wheel. But, I worry that since the wheel doesn't measure the battery voltage accurately, it could quit without the tilt-back warning if the battery voltage gets too low. So, I decided to use the Charge Doctor to measure voltage as the battery discharges to something near the cut-off voltage and compare that voltage to what the wheel reports through the Android app. I figured at least I could poll the app while riding to determine when I should get off! First, I needing something for a load, so I bought some cheap light bulb holders and used 300 watt light bulbs: I needed to connect the batteries to the Charger Doctor input (where the charger would normally attach) instead of its output, so I had to make an adapter. I made two, so I could not only discharge the battery, but also drive the wheel's control board. That way I could check when the wheel stopped tilting due to over-voltage and started tilting due to under-voltage. Reached max file size..., so picture in next post.