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Found 11 results

  1. Top Speed 30km/h after unlock ( Default setting: 1st level beeping at 18km/h, 2nd level beeping at 19km/h, pedal tilt back at 20km/h) Mileage 30-40km Maximum Gradibility Around 30° Battery Set Panasonic(340Wh) with equilibrium, overcharge, overdischarge, over-current protection Operating Temperature -10ºC/+60ºC Max Load 100kg-150kg Charger Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 67.2V,2A Charging Time around 2.5h Rated Power 800W Max Power 2400W Appearance of the weight Machine Size (mm) 476mm(H) x437mm(L) X 202mm(W) Pedal Distance from Groud 125mm Tire Diameter 14inch, Diameter 360mm Net weight around14kg Body interface High quality waterproof charging port, power on/off button Battery Indicator RGB indicates battery level Production measures Tilting Protection 45° side to side left and right. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, noneed to restart manually. Speed Limit Protection Beep when exceed limit speed Low Battery Protection Low battery protection activated on 40% battery; when the battery is lower than 5%,the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop. Message Battery level RGB indicates battery level Sound Alerting (Your device is in low battery, please charge it) ,(Pls decelerate),power on(Hello, King Song),(Bluetooth is connected ),(Blutooth is disconnected),(Be caution, over voltage),(Be caution, over power) Package Standard Package 1 x Electric Unicycle; 1 x User manua
  2. King Song electric unicycles are your best choice.Join us !!! Email address:diana@szkingsong.com Skype:2298198576@qq.com
  3. King Song has always been working on electric unicycles. So far,we have researched KS-14B,KS-14C,KS-14D,KS-16A,KS-16S and KS-18A, which have high allocations and nice designs.What's more. We have dealers and users all over the world.Join us,King Song is your best friend!!!
  4. So ,what we call this thing. balance scooter / skateboard or hoverboard. it's looks special
  5. Let darkness guide me, This one hoverboard looks so cool . My email; robin20160924@gmail.com
  6. Hey everyone I have just recently started a hoverboard store. You can check it out its called RethinkHoverboard.com so far I have 5 happy customers. As far as I know I have the biggest selection of colors ranging from Chrome Gold to basic colors and some cool graphics on the 10 inch bluetooth ones. You can also get a carry bag and on the 6.5 inch hoverboards you can get silicon covers. All of the hoverboards come with a remote start and stop so you don't have to jump off the board. Feel free to give me some feed back on site or buy a hoverboard!
  7. Cool&Fun is a professional hoverboard supplier,who has online shop on France Cdiscount and many other EU online ecommerce platforms and win great popularity. Cool&fun two wheel balancing scooter has the latest technology in internal structure electronics and engineering, which makes it have enhanced stability, energy efficiency and a more balance power output, that makes Cool&Fun balance scooter is powerful and easy to use. Acceleration is smooth and turning is very flexible. It's environmentally friendly with battery powered.Besides, it's potable to take them everywhere. You can visit online shop:http://www.hoverboard-coolfun.com
  8. Many people started labelling the two desk individually levelling individual range of motion moped a great “ balance scooter manufacturer ” or just “hoverboard segway“. Perhaps not really because the gadget hovers (everything doesn’t, pitiful BTTF2 enthusiasts), nevertheless, most likely considering the fact that, even though trip onto it just about all, everything undoubtedly appears you’re “hovering” a number of lengthy upward in the backyard. This can be the hoverboard making use of wheels. Individuals individually levelling patio's make the most of instead clever receptors which will detect the moment the actual driver leans from the certain concentrate, as well as, additionally, any kind of power magnetic energy generators inch rewrite inch any kind of wheels in order to properly relocate which, concentrate. Basically, whatever you take on is unquestionably adjust unwanted weight throughout the required concentrate as well as that you'll action with regards to everything. Trip upon you are very eerie, once the board tends to “know” the area you need to select. It’s pretty much for instance it’s searching thoughts. It is, basically, comparable techniques that the Segway reasons, nevertheless, at this time you will find extremely little handle bars. The actual creates self balancing wheel the two desk individually levelling board a lot more sleek as well as easy to really, point out, travel towards the workplace, locations in order to essentially retail store a person's power hoverboard within an person's workplace, prior to it’s time to return your house.
  9. Balance scooter is a green car driving tool, because of its high degree of flexibility and portability, since the hoverboard has been widely available on the public's attention, and now the domestic electric scooter’s brands has been very much, for this new things a lot of people still do not quite understand foggy, then the balance car when the purchase should pay attention to what areas?First, the electric hoverboard not to seek cheaper purchase price, a lot of brands in advertising their products trumpeted how cheap, in fact, the cost of technology balance of the car, the cost of production out there, can not appear too cheap products, or mass balance the car is difficult to ensure, so at the time of purchase, the price factor to consider, but should consider the quality and safety can not be too much faith in business advertising.Second, when buy the balance car , technical parameters should be take into consideration, some seemingly the same shape as the car balance, but a far cry from the specific technical parameters, including the balance of the car's battery capacity, maximum load, the car weight, battery life mileage, etc. are very important reference, Koowheel is quite a representative of a domestic self balancing scooter brand line, which has a model of the mileage can reach forty kilometers, which is more durable life models, so in the purchase of When, with the price of cars should also refer to the performance of the car. Finally, the balance car matching tools which is an important reference for the selection of car balance, are very important tools like auxiliary strap, training wheels, etc. These tools are an important means of preventing the driver were injured. Moreover, the balance of the car after-sales service is very important, Koowheel self balancing scooter are one-year warranty period, which is the product of excellent quality performance, so in the purchase of the balance car should choose well-known brand products. For more details, please visit www.koowheelmall.com
  10. Nowadays, the balance scooter as the new darling of the people , because of its cool appearance, high intelligence, high tech, interactive entertainment properties have been given a new definition of "toy". Now more and more players give the children the Self Balancing Scooter as a birthday gifts, and be "toys" concept arose spontaneously. It is not a legalistic style which has become a new trend. It has become a fashion icon of the hottest new toy. So visible, the 2 wheel scooter as a new type of toy is being accepted by everyone, the development of the smart self balancing scooter is not only one way, but also gave user a fresh and new experience. It is very cool to hang out with your good friends. Bring a different experience to go to the class or walk the dog. The balance of the car as an emerging industry, science and technology into the "toy", let us love Smart balance wheel scooter’s cool in the entertainment and play game, is a very wonderful thing. First attention to the electric balance car is in the Bieber MV Justin, at that time because like this song, so I read the MV. I found that he has used Self Balancing Electric Scooter on the dance, the dance have been very nice and cool, the balance car dancers can be said to be the icing on the cake. Also because of this, i am interested in self balancing scooter. For me, I love this hip-hop very much, cool also can connection bluetooth music what the song I love. This is the Bieber is dancing jumped ride on the Self Balancing Smart Scooter : What do you mean. Justin dance, very appealing, especially as Bieber Justin fans, such as myself. For more information about balance scooter, please visit http://www.koowheelmall.com
  11. Factory Clearance! 6" self balancing scooter hoverboard certified by FCC, UN38.3, MSDS, SGS, RoHS, KC, ect. Chinese New Year Coming, so PINWHEEL starts clearing the last 1000 sets 6" self balancing scooter before the China lunar new year come. MOQ: 50 sets. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact for pricing. Contact person: Alexandra Ho Our website: www.pinwheelonline.com Email: marketing01@pinwheelonline.com