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Found 37 results

  1. Kingsong app on Playstore

    I can't find Kingsong app on playstore.. Is it under different name ? What should I be searching for ? Thx
  2. Ninebot - version 4 app

    Here is a screen grab from my Android installed version 4 app used with a Ninebot One E+
  3. I'm a little confused about where to get and how to get the app for the MSuper V3s+. Is that given in the instructions, or is there a secret fraternity I need to join or some sort of secret handshake or something? Thanks for being patient with me on what I suspect is a ridiculous question.
  4. GotWay Msuper V2 app? (Android)

    Hello, I have a GotWay Msuper V2 and an Android phone. I found the GotWay app on the Play Store but in the description it only mentions the Msuper V3 and not the V2. Will the app still work with the V2 (which I have) or do I need to get another app? I putted a screenshot of the app description.
  5. GotWay Msuper doesn't connect to iOS app

    My GotWay Msuper V2 will not connect to the GotWay app on my iPhone 7. I press 'scan' on the app and it keeps searching and searching but it doesn't find my Msuper. I am aware that the Msuper V2 only supports the older Bluetooth and not the 4.0 Bluetooth in the new iPhones. How could I solve this? Is using an older phone with the older Bluetooth the only solution?
  6. Kingsong app and android 6.0

    Hi my friend has a Kingsong and he is trying to use the app, now the app works on my phone which is Android version 5.0 and another phone which is 4.4 but when he tries it on his phone which is 6.0 it doesnt find the unicycle when you open the app. Does anyone have a solution for this? im having trouble understanding the manual regarding this. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  7. I searched on the Apple store for "Electric Unicycle Forum" but didn't find anything. Is there an app for this forum? If not, is that possible in the future?
  8. Motor code error

    I bought in USA MCM4, I am trying to register, but impossible, in APP, I used China, USA, Brazil ( where I use the unicycle ), put the phone, when I put the correct motor code 9 digits, that I get it in tire, the message " Motor code erro! " . I did it using USB and without USB, turn on in Iphone new version 10.2.1 The Bluetooth, nothing, the I phone did not located the gotway Tk

    Hi all, Another question about the GW IOS APP, everytime that I open the app I need to connect to the whee again, all setting have been reset to default. This is very annoying anyone knows a workaround? Battery level is very unreliable to use. Calibration doesn't work... Would be be great to have a better experience with this wheel.
  10. Very simple question about the ninebot app. I can't seem to locate the option to change the units that the speed is being displayed in. I'd like to change it from Km/h to Mph. Is it hard coded to Km/h or am I just not seeing where to change it? Thanks,
  11. gotway ios app without intenet

    Hi, i downloaded the gotway app Ver. 2.3.0 for my mcm3. It conects good, but always, when i start the app, it ask me for login - password. If i don´t have internet conection i cannot start the app. Does exist some way to avoid this login request?
  12. So, as I wait for my GT16 to arrive (ETA next week), ..... Dug up an interesting tidbit from a Korean NAVER Blog GT16 Review [source] [google-translated] about the GT16 having app-less balancing / leveling capability: Turn off GT16 Turn on and hold GT16 until the last prolonged beep, then let go (sequence will be 4 short, consecutive beeps, then 1 long prolonged beep) Level the wheel Press the power button. Wheel will now be balanced. Apparently the previous Rockwheel TB14 had the same function.
  13. I've messaged Tina regarding some things I didn't like about the new firmware update v1.23 she told me unless it's a problem for most people she wont get the developers to change anything. (Please remember this post is only for firmware V1.23 if you have not updated please do so and contribute to the post.) The purpose of this post is to get Kingsong owners to speak up what they would like to see in the app(please be as detailed as possible) I have two problems with the current firmware and App: Speed reduced at 25km/h at 50% of battery left. My wheel is currently speed unlocked so I can ride at 30km/h once battery is at 50% I can only ride at 25km/h. I want speed reduction to kick in at 20% or 25%. Exceeding speed Alarms be able to switch and turn off between Beep and "Please decelerate" and Vibration/Shake Currently there is no way to change the way it alerts you. When I first received my unit and rode past 30km/h at 90% of battery my wheel would shake/vibrate and if I pushed it even more it would start to beep. The constant beeping is very annoying for me and I usually cant hear it because I'm wearing earphones with music on. I want to be able to adjust the way the alarms are controlled allowing the rider to make decisions depending on the way they ride. EDIT: I've condensed all the posts and links to make this post easier to read. Below are other suggestions from other riders. More customizations on pedal tilt back Speed at which they tilt back Angle at which they tilt back When wheel is resting change 'fine tune' pedal angle Bluetooth password Rename KS device Option of Larger pedal options Set voice prompts as off on default can be turned on through app Headlights brighter headlight preferable Settings for flash options of light Firmware updates not to consume too much power MAJOR CHANGE FOR REDUCED SPEED NEEDED
  14. Gotway Msuper App? - SOLVED

    Hello, I just got my Msuper V2 today, but I am unable to get an app that allows me to change the settings! I have an Android Galaxy S5, and an iPhone 6. I've tried 3 apps between 2 phones. I can connect to the device with the Gotway app, but all I can do is beep it. There is a settings menu that only says to adjust settings from menu. There are NO additional buttons on this app... What am I missing? Someone mentioned in another thread the options button, or 3 dots. Where?! Screenshot coming shortly. UPDATE: SOLVED! ON NEWER ANDROID (4.4 AND ABOVE I BELIEVE) THE "OPTIONS" BUTTON WAS REMOVED. IT WAS REPLACED WITH THE "APP SWITCH" BUTTON. TO ACTIVATE THE "OPTIONS" BUTTON. LONG PRESS THE "APP SWITCH" BUTTON.
  15. I recently got a V8, and love it. I normally keep the disco lights off, but today I went to turn them on via the app, and they wouldn't go back on. Has anybody experienced this, and if so, what did you do to get them working again?
  16. I just received my ninebot minipro and downloaded the App version 3.7 on my iPhone7. Pairing and Activation was successful, however I cannot seem to be able to complete the tutorial. It just stuck at "Get On" step. I got on 100 times already and learned how to ride. I even complete about 5KM. The app just won't let me unlock the speed. Does anyone else experiencing this? I might need to borrow a friend's Android phone and try the tutorials again.
  17. New version of Ninebot app is now available (android only currently) - 3.7.0 Ninebot on Google Play What's New Ninebot Version 3.7 1 Optimize the function of 'N fans club'. 2 Optimize the function of ‘Riders Nearby'. 3 Support some new functions of the Ninebot One . 4 Optimize the display of the message . 5 Support the Android 7.0 system. 6 Fix some bugs. "Some New functions of the Ninebot One" sound promising but is it for S2 models? Cannot try on my 9b1 now (using miniPro today).
  18. INMOTION App Equivalent

    I have a V3S which I'm really in to and which I use a lot. I use the iOS INMOTION app which is ok for seeing what other INMOTION users are up to with their products, but the app is somewhat lacking and has so much more potential. Until the app developers improve upon it, I have set up an equivalent group with Band. Please pop along, take a look and join if you have an INMOTION product. Visit http://band.us/n/a4a1S80dVeT2U .
  19. I have a V3S which I'm really in to and which I use a lot. I use the iOS INMOTION app which is ok for seeing what other INMOTION users are up to with their products, but the app is somewhat lacking and has so much more potential. Until the app developers improve upon it, I have set up an equivalent group with Band. Please pop along, take a look and join if you have an INMOTION product. Visit http://band.us/n/a4a1S80dVeT2U .
  20. It seems as the official app from XIMALAYAS have been removed from the AppStore. This is the app that can connect to the "older" wheels not the iamips app that doesn't work with my wheel. Does anyone know anything about this? The original iOS app was found here before: https://appsto.re/se/NLUX4.i As of right now the only way to control the "older" Xima wheel with an iOS device is with @Kevin's app. * Got answer from Runrui, it's temporary.
  21. Hi all of you! Something regarding the KS-16 app and the light settings confuses me, I hope anyone can give me some advice on this... 1. First of all, it happens now and then when I open up the app that the language has switched from English to Chinese. I do not know any other way how to change this other than deleting the app and download it again. When I open it after a fresh installation the user interface language is once again English, for some more couple of days, until I have to repeat this procedure over and over. Guess I should add that I am using iOS (iphone 6). 2. The front and rear lights on KS-16, if I switch the light setting to on in the app, the front LED will be constantly throw a white light, while the rear red light is not constantly on? It looks more like it is lit up when the driver is tilting backwards to slow down or breake? Is this an expected behaviour? It is a bit odd to me. I do not mind so much other than for legal reasons, since the law in my country tells that the EUC should cast a constant red light rearward. I am under the impression that this is true for most countries as well. 3. And my final issue with the lights and the app is that it seems that the setting for the lights (ON/AUTO/OFF) will reset itself back to AUTO at some point, perhaps when I shutdown the app and open it again, or maybe when I power the KS-16 off and on, I do not know, but it resets itself frequently to the Auto setting. Why is this and how can I work around this irritating behaviour? I hope someone can help me with these matters, or at least one or two of them Thanks.
  22. Maximum speed

    Probably the motor of the IPS Lhotz is powerful enough to go a lot faster than 20 km/h. The 'software' maximum speed is 16 km/h, after that the machine will protest and eventually even shut down if pressed beyond 20 km/h. I tested that and it hurt. Is there a tweak or hack or special app with which I can set the maximum speed to 25 km/h ?
  23. The following is proof that King Song App speed is equal to GPS speed. I have a screenshot taken at the time I was riding at 30 kph GPS, meaning I was in motion. I was also able to reach up to 35 kph GPS speed (by pushing on after the 30 kph tiltback). I did this at great risk, don't push on the tiltback! I took the 35kph screenshot when I stopped riding, as taking it during the ride would be too risky. I weight ~65 kg, and my tire pressure was 55 psi. Battery at time of this test was ~60%. Firmware 1.18 You can replicate the results yourself by following these steps: 1) Download the Ulysse Speedometer android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.binarytoys.speedometer&hl=en 2) Change the settings! You have to enable "Process Slow Speed" to ensure accuracy of GPS. (See screenshot) 3) Change other settings you please, such as speed to kilometers or miles, etc. 4) Wear a helmet!
  24. Ninebot APP description in Chinese

    Dear all, As I'm trying to gather as much information as possible before I make a purchase, I found the description of the ninebot app in google play store is in Chinese instead of my phone language (Dutch). I'm suing Samsung. I tried my friends phone (Huawei) and the result was the same. Do you guys have the same problem? Thank you.
  25. A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. With the popularity of the smartphones, a greater variety of Apps have been invented to meet the growing demands of the users. As the leader in the global portable intelligent transport industry, Airwheel has been dedicated to finding logical means to extend fun through mobility throughout the world. The Airwheel A3 not only inaugurated the sitting posture self-balancing scooter era, but also firstly introduced the mobile App. The built-in intelligent chip collects all the data of the vehicle which are transmitted wirelessly to the smart phone where calculations and analysis are made by Airwheel APP and the visual data feedback is shown to the user in real-time. Mobile apps are first tested within the development environment using emulators and later subjected to field testing. Mobile user interface (UI) Design is also essential considering constraints and contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design which is primarily for an understandable, user-friendly interface. The latest product Airwheel S8 makes a stride in the mobile App. In addition to the previous functions, the App of Airwheel S8 is able to build a community for riders to share the joy of riding with the whole world Airwheel scooter lovers. And the user-friendly interface cannot ignored too. One key to connect, clear at a glance. Specific details are as follows. How do the riders download the Airwheel App? There are two ways to download the Airwheel App, either via the http://www.airwheel.net/home/app or find Airwheel in the App store (limited to Apple). It supports the smart phones with Android 4.3 or higher, IOS 7.0 or higher How to search and connect Airwheel and learn the other info? After stalling the Airwheel App, you need to confirm the Bluetooth is active. Then open the App to find the search page. Open the switch of S8, press the A key in the remote control, click the wireless icon, and operate as the steps to connect (Verify Password: 11111111). Then you can interact with your scooter via the App. What are the main functions of Airwheel App? On the main screen, current speed, mileage and scooter status are displayed and we can lock device and turn on/off lights easily by tapping the screen. Drawing out the sidebar, we can check information about battery, speed, mileage, voltage, attitude, help & support. The App is endowed with GPS function for you to check locations and track traveling path. Of course, we can change wallpapers of the APP and set speed limit and headlights according to personal requirement. It is worth noting all Airwheel products have passed the level calibration through the dedicated device. If necessary to calibrate, please ensure you are under professional’s guidance, in case of maloperation. Back to the App of Airwheel S8, why is it called an upgraded App? When the phone connecting the network, click the Cycling track, the current location and traveling path can be learnt. Click the Discovery, we will find the photos and wonderful videos from the Airwheel fans in the globe. And click Community, riders are able to enter its official community where they can have technical exchange and daily life sharing etc. Of course, the above introduction is far more enough. The App is not an auxiliary, but an assistant to achieve a better riding experience. It is believed that the IM social system enabling riders to interact and share with each other will not let you down.