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Found 77 results

  1. Uniwheel Gadget show

    Long time lurker first time poster........! Well after following the release of the Uniwheel I got to spend 5mins which was not enough time..! I ride day to day a Ninebot E+ and I bloody love it but with it being a company shrouded by smoke and mist and slight of hand as much as I love the bot I hate not knowing what is coming from these guys... what the bloody firmware is going to do or what is updated with each release... Then you have the fact they release a model 2 months later there is a newer model... Which is faster goes further etc etc... My bugbear is not knowing and not being able to make educated decision on my next purchase..! Which brings me to Uniwheel which I came across on facebook of all places and have followed them with eagerness... I like the fact these guys are in the UK maybe summit to do with project 42? and seem to have a passion for electric unicycles, And after reading a few press releases started to get a little excited.. I signed up to there website for updates signed up to facebook, twitter...blah blah blah. Then I found out they were doing a beta!!!! but alas it got delayed and the next thing i knew it got canceled in fact I am unsure if it did get delayed but it did get canceled and I didn't find out it was canceled until I email one of the team..... To say I was gutted would be a understatement.. I wanted to try this unicycle I wanted to help build the product I wanted to be part of a community of a uk unicycle group.. But the most annoying thing was the lack of communication from them. It felt like Ninebot . Right which brings me to now.. I had a bit of a moan on facebook about the beta being canceled and got invited to the gadget show to have a demo and a chat... I had about 5mins max on the wheel so can't give a proper review what I can say is I liked it alot i liked the weight the safety features the auto off feature is killer and a quick demo of this proves to me this is going to be one of the features on uniwheels that we can't live without but never really notice (apple fingerprint unlock). You ride upto some steps flip the pedals up the wheel goes to sleep get to the top drop the peddles and it's ready to go... brilliant feature!! and I reckon a overlooked one which will be the norm on all wheels soon.. The lights/reversible light (it knows which way your riding) was only seen in daylight! and in fairness from a distance it did catch my eye, Would it work at night I'm yet to try but I think it would, could it guide you home... I don't know. I didn't get to see the app at play I tried to sneak a look but was to slow... Lol... So after spending the smallest amount of time with the guys and asking questions!!! I am filled with more questions. I did ask about the battery size and kilometers out of single charge but was told the batteries are being upgraded or bigger batteries were on the way. I also asked if the battery could be charged out of the unit? yes but we have not fully developed the charger yet..!. I also asked about the motor and yes it may be upgraded.... So what is the the upgrade path? How much are the batteries going to cost? Are we looking to the ninebot way of things? Are these add ons going to be premium?... I wanted to chat to the guys further but they were busy and rushed the gadget show was rammed for a everyday unicyclist maybe they should hold a open day for us because it was not the best area or setting.... great wheel if not perfect YET....
  2. Hi all, I have a general question - should I change my Q5 to X3? I'm not english speaker, but I hope I will explain my issue well enough. Current situation: I have an Airwheel Q5. I'm satisfied with it, drives great, no issues with the device. My weight is 100kg (220lbs). I have a luck to work currently near the place I live (about 1,5km) and found an airwheel a nice fun way to get to work and back. The problem which I have is the way how sidewalks in my neigbourhood are builded. They are all with an angle to the street, and the angle is not quite small in my opinion. It is of course to let the water goes immediately from sidewalk to the street (I don't know however why it is that steep). Because Q5 has two wheels, it naturally goes to one side when I use it on sidewalk. In result I don't feel pretty comfortable and fully stable when I feel pressure on one leg and I have to adjust position to stand upright. My understanding is that X3 might solve this issue. Analogy I find in the bike - when you drive straight a road which is leaning from right to left, you will feel it if you're driving car (naturally left wheels are lower than right wheels), but if you drive a motorcycle or a bike, obviously it's not an issue. So - my understanding is that X3 will solve my problem. Can someone share his/her thoughts about it? Maybe someone faced such issue or is using a road/sidewalk/way which is leaning (not sure if it's a right word, but I hope you know what i mean)? The second question is important as well - I live also uphill - Q5 has no issue at all with climbing up (I would say angle is never more than 10), but X3 has 350W engine, comparing to 800W in Q5. Would that be a problem for X3 (I'm 100kg/220lbs)? X8 is not an option as it's just too expensive. Unfortunately there is no option to just try X3 - that would answer all my questions actually. Thanks a lot for all your answers and thoughts! Cheers, Majki
  3. How To Replace an AirWheel Battery

    A simple tutorial for replacing the airwheel battery with a generic battery. I also show how to replace non-fitting connectors.
  4. I just got my old X8 out of the closet for a friend to ride and charged it using my Charge Doctor (has ports for both Airwheel and InMotion V8). When I tried turning the X8 on, the lights turn on and beep then die out as if the battery is drained. I've tried it several times now and it is always the same result. Did the Charge Doctor fry my wheel somehow or could sitting in a closet for 5-6 months have been a factor? What do I do to get it fixed? x8 2.wmv
  5. We are Inventist Inc. Our founder, Shane Chen is the inventor of the original Solowheel. Ask us your Solowheel questions! More Solowheel information here: http://inventist.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=8&Itemid=116
  6. Need a wheel to learn on and scratch up before you get your "ultimate" EUC? An Airwheel X3 is perfect: cheap, durable, not too fast ... and did I mention cheap? This one still has a good battery (130 wh), lots of scratches but no serious damage, and it works perfectly. Foam has been applied to the sides but can be easily removed. Complete with charger, training wheels, and air valve extension. Tire is in good shape and holds air. Black color. $100 firm for local pickup (Tucson AZ) or $100 + actual shipping costs to you. I'll even clean the dust off ...
  7. Hey guys, Just found this forum and joined up. I've been an Airwheel X8 for nearly 2 years now. I recently had an issue with my X8. I plugged it up to the charger, correctly, and the light on the charger stayed green (wouldn't charge). I figured that a wire came loose so I opened it up. There didn't seem to be anything out of place so I ordered a new charger. The new charger seemed to do the trick. I tried to turn it on to test it to see if it fully charged, while still disassembled, and the wheel went crazy and jerked out several wires. I think that I got everything hooked back up correctly except for 2 wires. There is a purple and pink wire that start near the capacitors. They have connectors on the end that I assume plug into a connector that leads to the on/off button. The button has a white and red wire going out of the connecter and into it. I really don't want to screw it up so does anyone have a picture of this connection or know if it goes Pink to red, purple to white or vise versa? Please help, I need to cycle! I'm having issues uploading the pictures but I can email one if you think that it will help
  8. Hi! I have an idea to increase the clock of the maindoard by changing the quartz resonator on the Airwheel board. I expect to full the maindoard that it would consider the speed is lower after comparinh hall sensors pulse frequency with clock frequency. What is your opinino? Would this work?
  9. The 119th Session will be held in China Import and Export (Pazhou) Complex. It is expected to take place in three phases. Airwheel is set to attend Canton Fair in the phase that last from 15 to 19 April. The name of Canton Fair runs before it and attract a good many visitors across the globe. Thereby Canton Fair is of great importance to Airwheel because it serves as an outlet to show off its new products of electric self-balancing scooter and its powerful technology and creativity. In the 2016 CeBIT, Airwheel unveiled its new products. One of them is Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter Z5. Airwheel Z5 boasts its own feature of convenience. First of all, it can pack away. After the user folds it, it can be put into the boot. When the use needs to change to the public transportation, it also can be took into the bus or metro. For some who work in small office where there is little room, Airwheel Z5 will take on its convenience. It can be put under office desk for charge. When it is time to knock off, the use can take it out and ride it home. It is believed that Airwheel Z5 will become the favourite of visitors. Amongst these new products, Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 is the most representative. Airwheel S9 represents the highest technology in the sector of electric scooter. The introduction of AI pushes Airwheel S9 ahead of time and of other competitors. It will stir up a revolutionary wave of technology. The integration of robotics and AI are the main draw of Airwheel S9. It is reported that more external devices will be introduced to Airwheel S9. At that time, Airwheel S9 will become more functional and practical. Thereby Airwheel booth in Canton Fair is worthy a visit.
  10. I'm trying to find the best place to find a new battery for my airwheel q3. would like to get the 340wh again, but can't find one anywhere.... they did have one at airhweel for 350 bucks!!!! OH mg..that's a lot... Didn't know if anyone else has researched this a bit. only place I can find a new battery is from the alibabah website, ( ebay of asia). so yeah, any help would..well help. need a new battery that isn't going to go tits up in a year, or has a history of being a fire hazard... should i be looking for the 340? or could i buy 2 lower ones and splice them together..... any help would help.
  11. Hi everyone, I use Q3 here in Miami Beach every day since I bought it a month ago. Today I accidentally lifted it up for street crossing without turning it off. This is not the first time I am doing it, and usually when I turn it off and on again the Q3 starts working again. Today I lifted it up and turned off while crossing the street. And then I placed it back on the ground and turned it on. However, instead of staying strait with a single beep Q3 started beeping and flashing with all lights continuously without stabilizing. I turned it off ann on several times, and ended up carrying Q3 back home on my shoulder. When I get home, I plugged in the charger, however, it does not help. Every time I turn it on my Q3 starts beeping and flashing... and it is not able to stay straight or ride... Does anyone know what happened with Q3 and how to fix the problem?
  12. Calibrate Airwheel X8

    I need to calibrate my X8, but the only tutorial I found refers to the model X3. Observing the video can realize the ID printed on the circuit board X3 ("SP" and "GND"), which corresponds to the wire, also it has the X8. The video is in Chines and does not allow automatic translation yoube, so I can not know if the X3 is also so. Has anyone done this in X8 or any idea how to do it ...
  13. Ninebot one C+ VS Airwheel X8

    Hello, I have an Airwheel x8 but I cracked my case and it is hard to found in my country "Brazil", I put a glue in it and continue going with my airwheel x8, I want a new euc and more faster, I found here a used C+ in good conditions and priece, the c+ is more faster than x8? and worth migrating from x8 to c+?
  14. Battery case cracked airwheel x8

    battery cover broke and the holes where the screws holding also broken, anyone know how to solve? I have an airwheel x8
  15. Here at smartwheel.ca we offer ALL UL2272 CERTIFIED products as well as repair in store by a professional technician. We carry standard smartwheel boards, HX model includes flashing lights + Bluetooth, as well as ninebot and airwheel products. We are distributors of Lolli tech covers as well for your mini segways. Located in Burlington, 30 minutes from Toronto Canada. We do indeed ship.
  16. Greetings EU people My name is Jim from Greece, I would like to share my experience. Couple of months ago I bought an X3 clone with a "132 Wh" sticker on it, but a 88Wh battery on the instruction manual. I thought I should learn to ride on a cheap thing and smash it without really caring about it before upgrading to a better model. Anyway, with one hour of practice a day just after work I managed to ride it with some confidence within a week ( don't be rough on me I am almost 40years old not a kid). By learning I mean being able to start it and turn without needing to grab on to something. I am still learning and will keep on learning. I am not the best balanced person in no way...but still everybody stares at me like I am an alien or something! The first problem I noticed was the charger. Too little time to charge (just 25mins?) and going from red to green and red again in small intervals when almost full. I know from previous electric vehicles that this is not the way it happens. Being an auto mechanic and since I had an e-bike scooter and e-bike before I was sort of familiar with Hub motors, controllers and batteries. This never happened to any of my previous vehicles. My suspicion that something was wrong was confirmed when while trying to accelerate, the EU turn off and I had my first (and only till this moment) faceplant. I hurt my hands (minor scratches) and my right leg near the knee. The verdict: the batteries were TOTALLY USELESS or at least NOT SUITABLE for such a device. Maybe a flashlight and not in an emergency would be fine! I took immediate action and ordered 16 cells of SAMSUNG 18650 at 2.6Ah (the purple ones). Within a day I had them over and opened the battery cover to take the original pack with BMS out and replace them. Needless to say the pack had a sticker 2.0Ah but even the most UNRELATED to electronics person would understand that a charger giving 2.0Amps would require at least one hour to fully charge them and not just 25 mins. Anyway, one by one the cells were in place on the BMS and soldered so nothing will tear them apart.... Put the new pack back in and closed the cover. The first test was the charging, It took 90mins to fully charge. Success! The device has never turned off and surely lasts a hell of lot more than before. I can get at least 7kms before the last LED. But since I still have the fear of the one last led standing faceplant, I decided to install a volt meter to be sure about it. So I opened the other cover as well, to investigate where to connect the 3 wires for the digital voltmeter. The motherboard has a sticker X5 on it. So it might be the same as an airwheel X5. I have found a + and - of battery voltage when turning the device on and near the cables of the LEDs for SOC, the low voltage + to feed the voltmeter. (Should explain that the digital volt meter requires a "+" and "-" of under 30V to operate and the third wire, usually yellow, is the measurable Voltage to be indicated). Still waiting the arrival of the package with the volt meter. The box is cut a small rectangle ready for it and the cables soldered. As soon as it arrives, it will be on. The last 5 days I went to work on it. I have to take the charger with me just to be sure but I can't live on like this!!! Now I have a plan to install 16 more battery cells in it. I think if I solder each cell parallel to an existing cell it will work. The BMS won't shut off, since the power requested will still be the same and cells being parallel will split the load and last longer.... If it can last 20kms I will surely be satisfied. The question I still need to find an answer to, is whether I need to buy the same cells as the ones I 've installed (2.6Ah) or ones of a different capacity (ie 3.2Ah)? Enough for now... I will post pics as soon as I finish the upgrades...
  17. Istanbul also ride in traffic with airwheel X3

    Video on traffic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOQWyeAdkgc
  18. X8 down on power

    Hi, i have an Airwheel X8 that I have been using for a little over 18 months. I use it to commute to the train station and back which is approximately a 5km round trip. The trip out is uphill and there are a few sections with quite steep inclines for short distances. Initially when I first got the X8 riding up these inclines was no problem. Now the X8 really struggles on these inclines. It is as though the battery is no longer able to deliver what the motor is trying to draw. The X8 is also no longer as zippy (good at accelerating) as when new. I can't imagine it would be the engine, as these are reasonably bulletproof. The battery still charges and holds the charge according to the indicator lights. Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be? Dead or non charging cells in the battery? Is there anyway to "reset" the battery? Thanks.
  19. This Airwheel Q1 has the 260wh battery pack. this sale includes the Q1 that is in awesome shape and works perfectly. the charger, safety strap and training wheels along with the tire stem extender for airing up the unit and all the paperwork that came with it and I kept the original box it came in, I also have two brand new tires and three new tubes that I ordered when I purchased the unit. I am selling this unit because I have several different unicycle and I don't need this many.
  20. Airwheel, a leading smart transportation vehicle manufacturer, has launched a variety of intelligent electric scooters enjoying an increasingly high reputation all over the world. One of the latest products S8 is arresting a great many of scooter-lovers’ attention. “Standing without ease, outstanding with difficulty”, the slogan of Airwheel S8 highlights playing for fun that is well received. How does the design concept come into fruition? To answer this question, we are honored to have an interview with Trevor, Industrial Designer of Airwheel S8. Interviewer: As known to all, Airwheel electric hoverboards has become a leading global intelligent vehicles solution provider, would you like to share its development history? Trevor:I am flattered, as Airwheel is regarded as a leading smart transportation vehicle manufacturer and meanwhile I am honored to be its Industrial Designer and its products get acknowledged. Since its establishment, Airwheel is committed itself to producing a handy and green vehicle as much as possible. The R & D of electric scooter is less challenging compared with the pervasive Rv yacht. At its infancy, Airwheel is to create a more intriguing and funnier lifestyle and later finds its products need to be an integral part of the public to benefit more. That’s why Airwheel released kinds of self-balancing electric scooters and electric skateboard. Nowadays, the advancement of high tech sets a new front for the self-balancing scooter sector. Airwheel has made a stride in the riding posture, being responsible for both customers and shareholders. This is Airwheel S8, electric scooter with dual ride mode. Interviewer: Yes, the design of Airwheel S8 leaves a deep impression on me. What do you think is the most challenging problem during the design? Trevor:Since the mass production of S6, we have begun to conceive the renovation plan. S8 is derived from S6 and S6 adopts the second generation of balancing scooter technology, transforming 2 points to 3 points control that effectively improves the riding experience. However, there are still some problems, especially in turning and obstacle traffic ability. How to adjust the flexibility of stress intensity and system sensing racked our brains. Definitely, it is a favorable change altering a sitting posture to ride, allaying tiredness resulted from long time riding. The key is the smart sensor needs to react timely and accurately. Inspired by the oval line, a famous math curve, we designed the operating rod to be a curve, making the force bearing point in golden ratio. In this way, with lower gravity center, more flexible control and larger bearing capacity, riders are able to enjoy a more comfortable and safer ride in sitting posture. This is one of the main differences between S6 and S8. Interviewer: And that is also why S8 enjoys larger consumer base. In the design, will you make free-hand sketch first or just produce effect drawing via the three-dimensional software directly? Trevor:I think free-hand sketch is the most convenient and economical method to express our thoughts. Actually, the opinions about the importance of free-hand sketch vary from designers. Some regard it as an integral part of design and some tend to use other ways to express their ideas. I will make free-hand sketch first, and then there will be a 2D rendered image that improve work efficiency. The 2D rendered image is able to present all the details of the design products for us to revise. After reaching a unanimous decision, it will enter the three-dimensional production stage. Airwheel S8 self-balancing scooter adopts 10 inch tubeless tires with a better roadworthiness. Interviewer: Thanks for your answer. And you must be a great painter. Last question, what do you think of the industrial design of a product or what’s the role of industrial design plays in a product? Trevor:Industrial design plays an important role. While, the success of product’s industrial design does not lie in the success of a single product, but the design concept and strategy related to its brand. The design concept is a mirror of its core value and commitment to users. And design strategy shows the corporate’s vision and plan of industrial design. From OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer), there is a long way for Airwheel to go. Interviewer: Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope Airwheel S8 will break the sales record. Trevor:Thank you. (The end.)
  21. The development of self-balancing electric scooters enrich its varieties, ranging from electric unicycle, twin-wheeled electric scooter to 2-wheeled electric scooter. Some find it difficult to learn and some complain they feel fatigued in a single riding posture after a long time. Airwheel, a leading global intelligent vehicles solution provider launched the latest product S8, electric scooter with seat breaking such limitations. The following pays attention to its unique operation mode. Conventional riding posture Since the emergence of self-balancing electric scooters, the standing up electric scooters predominate the market and the sort of saddle-equipped scooter is seldom seen. Riders control the scooter to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. The built-in smart sensors will respond to the change of gravity center accurately to ensure a smooth riding experience. It seems simple, yet cool enough that requires a high balancing skill. By contrast, the sitting posture self-balancing scooter is easier to learn with lower gravity center, compared with the electric standing scooter. However, riders easily feel tired and tedious either in sitting posture or standing posture. Multi-ride mode Multi-ride mode refers to one electric scooter is endowed with 2 or 2+ riding postures that can be changed in accordance with actual needs. Airwheel S8 rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system transforming the two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving, to achieve the purpose of either standing or sitting to ride. The superiorities of Airwheel S8 with multi-ride mode The superiorities of Airwheel S8 with multi-ride mode can be analyzed from the following two aspects. 1) Learn to creep before you walk, learn to sit ride before you stand to ride. Sitting to ride is much easier to keep balance. When green hands have mastered the skills in sitting posture, they will feel no pressure to stand to control it. Actually, the sitting riding period serves as the interim for beginners to acclimatize themselves to this novel vehicle. 2)dual alternative=more application scenarios It is inevitable to feel exhausted in the ride. Have a seat to rest and go forward at the same time is a desirable choice. To feel the Fast & Furious, standing to ride will satisfy you. Either way, riding comfort and enjoyment are guaranteed. To conclude, the multi-ride mode empowers Airwheel S8 to better cope with the possible situations in the riding process, indicating it will be a potential blockbuster in the intelligent vehicles solution.
  22. Hoverboard VS Electric Unicycle

    Robbie and I "scientifically" sort out the differences.