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  2. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    @Jason McNeil If every mom and pop in China can open an AliExpress shop, wouldn't it be possible for Ewheels to open a local China AliExpress shop to ship directly from China rather than having to first ship to the US then to the customer? That would seem to me to cut down the delivery times and shipping costs. Or are foreigners forbidden from setting up AliExpress shops? It sounds to me like Green and Fashion Travaling likely has a warehouse depot to which their orders from EUC makers ship to. Maybe in Hong Kong? From there they ship directly to customers across the world quickly. They avoid the whole large shipment by slow boat to the US which adds in a huge delay of goods. When a new wheel is released they have it available quickly. In fact they likely don't even carry extra stock, but place segmented orders to Gotway on demand as they come in. Why not compete with AliEx sellers on their own turf? People would prefer to buy from Ewheels given the company's good and timely local customer service, but they are wanting the new products sooner directly from China. Edit: Maybe no can do... unless there is a work around? http://activities.aliexpress.com/adcms/help-aliexpress-com/topquestions/can_I_sell_on_aliexpress.php
  3. Kingsong not on Ali express anymore!

    Don't despair. Where there's a will there's a way! One just needs to purchase them under the radar so to speak...
  4. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    Thinking more on it and looking at the pedal supports it likely isn't the case as they would need to swivel independently to control the motors if they were separate like on hoverboards. It also would be quite squirrelly I'm guessing with the two wheels so close together it likely would throw the rider off?

    Don't go too far forwards or braking ability may be impaired.
  6. Has anybody Heard of this?

    With all the various EUCs available on the market, what makes you believe that people will want to buy the Pulse Glider instead? What makes it more special than the competition? It has been stated that assembly and QC will be based in the US. Is this to help protect IP, maintain quality assurance, and to avoid the Chinese from cloning the PG? How will you be able to stay competitive in terms of pricing when the Chinese have mastered cheap manufacturing at the factory level? Due to the high cost of batteries alone, won't an US made Pulse Glider even top Solowheel retail pricing? If the PG is that much better, you can bet the Chinese will obtain one to copy it. Once that happens, how will you keep US-made PG's competitive? Could you detail some of your experiences and education that has allowed you to embark on such an ambitious project? What are your qualifications? What has been your investment personally so far in this project? Do you have a business plan, and could you detail what steps you will be taking and what contingencies you have in place in the event a problem develops? Looking back at the UniWheel project, how will your company be different and how will you avoid leaving investors and people placing pre-orders hanging with empty promies? Without giving away too many secrets, how will your Pulse Glider be that much better than your competition? What's going to make people think damn I want to buy that Pulse Glider instead of that Gotway, Ninebot, InMotion, or KingSong wheel? Pricing now is already averaging around the $1300-1500 USD mark for a good performance wheel. Where will the Pulse Glider be priced at? How will customers deal with warranty repairs? Will you have a dealer network in place to help with repairs and to obtain spare parts? Will there always be spare parts available for older models or will they be left orphaned like the KS18A? What successful and unsuccessful projects have you completed? Why did they succeed or fail? Could you tell us how determined you are to complete the PG project and pursue it to fruition? New start-ups these days can often be short-lived leaving investors hanging (eg. Lily Drone). How will your company be different? What is your mission statement and personal goals?

    Nice circle in front of traffic! Guy's in the car going... what the heck? That headlight is nice and bright. I noticed a slight pedal scrape during one turn. I wonder how difficult it would be to have an adustable pedal mount so people can customize their pedal heights? Luckily the IPS a130 has an extra hole, but still a custom insert has to be made to brace the pedal hinge pin. You would think they could design the pedal so that the pin could be removed and inserted into the next higher slot according to preference. Some people like the stability a low pedal gives, but I think a higher setting would make a wheel more responsive possibly. That would explain the V8's twitchy response that people seem to be reporting on. If they could lower their pedals that might help the handling. Why not make them adjustable or would that be too much to ask?
  8. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    Unless the wheels are driven independently like a hoverboard... hmmmm Think hoverboard without the board and with the wheels in the middle... interesting... you could do zero degree turns if that is the case... might be more stable with the wheels under the centre of gravity... there could be more to this little device than meets the eye...
  9. Interesting New Inventions

    Hey check out this teenie weenie itsy bitsy skateboard/drift board. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Daibot-2017-New-Super-Mini-Board-350W-Motor-Electric-Drift-Board-LG-battery-Electric-Skateboard-Scooter/32798586495.html Non-electric ones: 65KPH Scooter 120 km range but $3472 USD on sale down from $4693. Geez why not just buy like an used car? Who buys these things??? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Dualtron-II-2-LTD-Two-Wheels-10-inch-Folding-Electric-Scooters-Skateboard-60V-28AH-1600W-65km/32830575683.html

    Marty or Stan should have taken their Mten3 and rode in figure 8's underneath that big bicycle! That would have been cool. But a little bit dangerous at the same time...
  11. Kingsong not on Ali express anymore!

    Whoops looks like someone squeeled on Daibot as the KS units have been removed from AliExpress.
  12. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    I think a lot of it has to do with fundamental beliefs and bottom line numbers. It appears that some Chinese makers want to maximum profits first and foremost so they don't see the benefits of changing things dramatically and incurring extra costs. If something is "good enough" why throw money into making it better when you can just tweak it here and there for less cost? Also considering that the Asian market generally appears to be less picky about quality and place their emphasis on price I can see why things are the way they are. Also it probably has a lot to do with what engineers they have on staff and their overall budget. Working from a $20,000 loan doesn't give you a huge R&D department so you throw together what you can, get a cheap shell made, contract out to get a decent control board/motor, and throw that product out to try to get profits going. Ninebot has the huge cell phone company Xiaomi behind them so you can see they have paid someone well to design a durable and well thought out Lexan shell casing with melt-in brass screw bolt fittings and easily replaceable parts. Now for companies like Gotway who have a few products under their belts, the cash likely is flowing in better so they may have extra funds to maybe work on more durable shell casings and improve control boards. I imagine it's not cheap to get a new high quality control board designed, but if it lasts for a few generations of future wheels with fewer issues, it's money well invested. I wonder why IPS hasn't put anything new out since their I5 as the Xima Lhotz is showing its age a bit like the old Ninebot One.
  13. Do you know something what happen about this

    Maybe with the larger battery packs there's less of an influence from colder temperatures? My Ninebot with the 320 wh battery goes about 16-17 km averaging 20 kph over the trip of flats, hills, bumpy sidewalks, and some downhills with my 167 lb weight.. After that, 10 km range remains, but you can hit the low power speed limiter which slows the wheel down to somewhere about 10 kph which is super annoying but safe. You really don't want to go 10 km at 10 kph, believe you me! At 5°C the drop is quite noticeable on my battery pack, but I managed to get home before the limp mode engaged. Even at 12°C you have to factor in the windchill. Dressing up warmly helps, but your face still gets cold similar to skiing downhill. If you can wear a hoodie under your helmet that helps. I wasn't kidding about the scarf. Below 4-5 celcius I have no urge to go riding outside even if the road conditions are dry and snowfree! But that's just me - I see hardy people jogging and cycling around in winter so maybe it's not too bad?
  14. Best place to buy Mten3?

    Hasn't the recall been taken care of? People had their affected wheels fixed before shipping out. Mten3 sounds like a solid choice if you ask @Marty Backe. IPS I5 would be your next best bet or that weird little two wheeled Solowheel thingy.
  15. Do you know something what happen about this

    I am everywhere and nowhere. Currently I have escaped my captors in Bangkok and returned to chilly Calgary, Alberta. Home of the Stampede, Flames hockey team, and bad weather.

    Seeing those three wheeled taxis and the Jollibee he rode by, I'm guessing that GT16 was being ridden in the Phillipines rather than China? Don't you watch "The Amazing Race?"
  17. Do you know something what happen about this

    Just kill me now - there's snow forecast tonight! Keep on rubbin' it in Marty! I might have to get me a snowmobile suit it feels like winter already. I definitely gotta move somewhere warmer. I did manage to get a ride in. The sweat pants under my work pants really helped along with a T-shirt, hoodie pullover, and fall motorcycle jacket. Fingers still froze as the Hillbilly full finger wrist guards let cool air in from the backside... also should have worn that scarf! Battery was also not so happy as it went down to 10 km remaining faster than normal. Bot temp was 33°C at the end of my ride.
  18. Do you know something what happen about this

    That's because you live in sunny California! It's 6°C here with a spritz of rain currently. I rode a couple days ago on a windy 12°C evening, and I froze my hands and eardrums leading to a dull headache from the windchill. I was thinking of riding tonight, but I have to find a scarf, thermal undies, and warmer jacket! Here the weather changes on a dime. That's why some of us are a bit cautious about rain. That plus it just makes sense or they wouldn't bother weatherproofing cars and motorcycle for the LA market. Puddles and pools happen! Don't jinx yourself now and find out what happens to your favorite Mten3 too close to the water! People were questioning why I wear a helmet and safety gear while riding on a Ninebot... it's better safe than sorry!
  19. Do you know something what happen about this

    These are vehicles that travel at pretty high speeds outside so they should be weatherproofed against the elements. Who can predict when a rainstorm suddenly occurs when riding or a splash from a puddle happens? IPS control boards are entirely enclosed in a metal container, and we rarely hear about IPS failures. I think it would be trivial to do what IPS has been doing for years to completely enclose the control boards. The GT16 is almost there with the large heatsink and cooling fins underneath the board, but if they took it one step further and incorporated a top cover with a gasket seal (think Tupperware container made of aluminum) that would remove all worries about water ingress. Or use some 3M conformal waterproof spray over the electronics at least. Incorporate waterproof connectors everywhere like the auto and motorcycle industry and seal up the hub motor covers with a waterproof gasket or simple silicone seal. Seal up the battery packs (think waterproof bag that some cameras use), and these wheels should be able to handle almost anything they encounter (maybe even a dip in the lake a la @Rehab1)!
  20. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    When doing those back and forth reversals, use caution not to do them too much as that may stress out the MOSFETs. Some people have reported in the past blowing out a component doing that too aggressively. I haven't heard any problems recently so maybe with the better cooling advancements it's not an issue any more? I wonder if the sound produced could be some of the copper coils shifting position slightly as the magnetic force direction changes. It would be interesting to see a Wheelog chart of the current and voltage changes that occur with the short pendulum movements.
  21. Does anyone know someone who quit riding the EUC?

    Welcome back @Pingouin! You should take in some of those group rides that @Hansolo posts videos about. Looks like fun!
  22. Does anyone know someone who quit riding the EUC?

    I think @Pingouin got mugged too often and may have quit? Or he said he was quitting I think. A bunch of people have come and gone. Difficult to say what happened to them.
  23. Two axis self-balancing Electric Unicycle?

    I've been casually following the progress made at Lit Motors, and if you are not familiar with them, they are the company that is trying to develop a commercial version of a self-balancing motorcycle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0m-cUxMcJw The tech is basically based on those gyroscope toys you played with as a kid. Once spinning, they tend to resist a change in orientation perpendicular to the axis allowing them to stay upright. The Lit motorcycle uses an enclosed duo gyroscope I believe to counter act a tendency to fall from side to side. If you watch how they kick and push the motorcycle, it's pretty neat to see it resist falling over. What I was thinking about was whether it would be possible to incorporate a small spinning gyroscope into an electric unicycle so it would balance upright by itself. The forward and backwards balancing is taken care of by the hub motor, but if one were to incorporate a small gyroscope on top say, then one could hop on and roll around without fear of falling over sideways. In theory that sounds pretty good, but then I wonder how it would affect turns as it would resist sideways leans and weight shifting? Would it just want to go forwards and backwards only? Would the additional weight and power requirement to spin a mechanical gyroscope just be a hindrance to the battery's range? It would be neat to see though a totally self-balancing EUC.