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  1. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    I haven't seen it, but I found this US version! It all comes over to the US eventually.
  2. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Now I want a pet grizzly bear too ! There are people here who have pet wolves. I saw this one guy take his pet wolf walking through the mall one day, and it was pretty darn scary! The thing was like waist high and looked pretty fierce looking. I'm surprised mall security didn't ask them to leave, but they were probably too frightened to approach the guy. I wonder what security would say to the guy with the bear if he were to bring him walking through a mall?
  3. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    @Jonathan Tolhurst you bored of the Ninebot yet?
  4. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    Amazon has easy free shipping return policies so you're covered if you get a dud. Remember to go through Ebates.com or .ca (in Canada) for cashback. I got like $78 when I bought my Tesla from AliExpress by going through the Ebates click-through link.
  5. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    We're not disputing that Gotway wheels have had a problematic history across its models. We understand that as a dealer it's no picnic having to be the middle man between Gotway and the customer. It's just that when we see a horribly damaged wheel we wonder whether there were some details that the customer may not have disclosed. Any wheel can blow up under the right circumstances. Some are due to manufacturer defects for sure and poor quality control while others might be due to customer fault. Thanks for sharing the photos. No one's disputing your poor experience dealing with Gotway, and we respect your opinion about their products. It's still good that people have some choices in the EUC market. Gotway might never reach the quality and reliability level of King Song, but then again we hope they will someday. For now users buying Gotway need to accept the risks associated with this brand in order to enjoy the features and remember to not blame dealers for issues that develop. People risk averse need to settle for more reliable wheels and accept that they may not be quite as fast or long range. Dealers not willing to deal with problematic Gotway wheels should refuse to sell them or continue to pressure Gotway to improve as they have more clout.

    And to imagine that you weren't going to buy this wheel "because it had nothing to offer you due to its limited battery." I knew it was inevitable. Now imagine if they tweaked the side panels to increase the battery capacity to 1600 Wh or higher...
  7. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    I have a Ninebot One E+ which is the 16" older big brother to the 14" S2/S1/A1/Letterconfusion. Mine has a 320 Wh battery pack while these S2's have newer, fancy plastic encased (like a laptop) removable battery packs with a combined 310 Wh. I think it was targeted to people looking for a lighter, smaller wheel that maybe they could take onto an aircraft. The S1 lacks the comfy side panels for the legs, but you can get add-on pads for the sides and front/back. The S1 I believe also has a handy cut-off when you lift the handle. Ninebot One E+ (Flame Edition) Ninebot One S1(Pasty White Edition)
  8. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    I find when people are returning things for warranty purposes, it's always been "gently" ridden or I only used it once... Ever watch "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" with the Ferrari scene? I wonder if there are a few details that are missing like maybe the rider was 250 pounds trying to ride in the rain? Difficult to say. It certainly could be a defective board too or wiring short somewhere. Looks like one of the motor wires melted the solder disconnecting it from the board.
  9. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    Wow at least people have a fairly good starter wheel for Christmas. Hopefully those battery issues and wild take-off issues some people have been encountering are not too common.

    Slow on snow and ice is for old people. Just gun it like @EUC Extreme, and go flying over those snow banks!
  11. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    So many possibilities it's difficult to say. Maybe it was in a repo lot where the owner had money owing to the bank, and someone is helping recover the loss by selling off some items. Maybe it was confiscated at an airport (looking at you @KingSong69). It could have been with some tools left in an abandoned storage shed, or maybe UPS couldn't complete the delivery as the buyer didn't want to pay import fees so it was abandoned. Don't you guys watch "Storage Wars / Baggage Battles?" Maybe I'm watching waaay too much TV.
  12. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    There are also people who pass away and the family members sell off the estate on consignment. I've bought several computer items without power adapters. Sometimes offices are cleared out, and they don't bother to keep the adapters together with the item (eg. routers, scanners, etc).
  13. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    I think Gotway does seem to listen to consumer suggestions as they likely want to improve their wheels to help gain reliability. Just look at all the revisions that the ACM's went through (crimped connectors, new insulators over the connectors, insulated motor wiring, larger axle) and how they were passed onto the Telsa. They are getting there with each improvement, but it's a slow process. It's a matter of putting more money into R&D I think. @EcoDrift - what conditions caused that control board to explode/melt? That MOSFET leg and plastic casing looks deep fried along with some of those connectors that look melted over a campfire. Maybe steep hill climbing/prolonged pendulums/dip in the lake?
  14. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Now I want to give this Slippery Stairs gameshow a try! With some Victoria's Secret Supermodels!
  15. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    I think the battery would have to be in pretty bad shape / very low or the firmware programmed too late for a short tiltback angle adjustment to trigger the BMS to cut off. It probably only takes a little more current to bring the pedals up. Maybe if the rider accelerates at a maximum rate all the way up to the tiltback speed while the battery is low, that might create a cutout if it tries to tiltback? I've sped to 22 kph pretty quickly, and the tiltback always kicks in safely for me. You would think that it should be possible to program the wheel so it could tilt back safely no matter what situation occurs. It seems like the Ninebot One E+ at least seems to handle this well with 10 km of range to spare. I've never had an issue where the tiltback did something unexpected throughout my battery range. Where's the Mten3 video? Oh the Facebook one. Just watched it. https://m.facebook.com/groups/819824711409186
  16. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    It could be a pawn shop selling the wheel, and that could be a typo. I wouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly. It certainly could be hot. Too bad there isn't like a global serial number registry so we can keep track of these things for people wanting to register their wheels. I haven't heard of any stolen wheels for quite some time on the forums. You would think the first thing someone would do is to post a thread up here if they get a wheel stolen so we all can keep an eye out for it. Serial number is right there smack dab on the pedal in the one photo. Besides @Pingouin's attack, this is the last one I've heard about. There was also one golden one stolen IIRC way way back. Thefts probably occur more often than are reported though.
  17. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Maybe it's just the way I ride, but I haven't had a BMS shutdown ever or wheel related faceplant on my Ninebot One E+ with it's 320 wh battery. It only has a 500W motor I believe, but maybe it's because it limits me to about 20-22 kph? It tilts back above 21-22 kph, and its never let me down going up hills or zooming quickly up to speed. On low battery it tilts back very rapidly which can be alarming, but you just ride through it. That's why I don't know why people dislike tiltback. It seems to be a good way to alert the user to a low battery or too high of a speed situation. There is also like a gradual tiltback as well as you approach 21/22 kph. Maybe @steve454 can confirm this as sometimes I think it's all in my head. It's like a whoa, Nelly, hold your horses - you're going too fast sort of feeling.
  18. Battery replacement

    I'd say open up the other side of the hoverboard and check to see where the black wires lead to. I think my wheel only had one battery pack if I recall correctly. I haven't opened it up for a couple of years so it's a little blurry in my mind. It looks like the little PCB board must be some sort of BMS judging by all the extra red wires. I wonder if there is another battery pack on the other side? Unless maybe they go to the main control board or something. Maybe some more photos would help. It's sort of like asking the bomb experts which wire to cut, but then only showing them certain parts of the bomb. Hard to say when the photos only show so much. There are also some hoverboard repair companies if you do a search. The battery that you purchased might not be totally compatible with the hoverboard if its design is very specific and unique. Unfortunately there likely isn't a hoverboard design standard so parts might not be universal in all cases. https://hoverboardrepair.com/ https://www.streetsaw.com/products/hoverboard-repair-service http://www.elitehoverboardsusa.com/ Mine is similar to this one with just one plug.
  19. Intelligent table seat

    Those buttons unlock once you've mastered the higher levels.
  20. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    Those are similar pinch spots on my Gotway Tesla battery pack. Yours don't look too bad as mine had one wire with strands exposed. It's interesting to see that the control board has what appears to be a gasket around the periphery for the cover.
  21. The Photo Thread

    Anyone remember watching "Viper" the TV show? It actually aired in 1994, and they brought it back for a few more seasons in 1996. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115413/
  22. The Photo Thread

    Kinda regretting pointing that out now...
  23. The Photo Thread

    You have a Dodge Viper? Niiiiiice! Is that round disk for a retractable tether, or do you have a hockey puck glued to your pants? BTW that's like summer gear around these parts.
  24. I'm on this other forum that's all about the online deals, and for some reason that part of my brain that goes hmmm I could use that seems to get set off every now and then so I end up buying some totally random items I probably don't really need. My latest acquisition is this 2 in 1 Hot Air Rework Soldering Station: https://www.amazon.ca/Soldering-Rework-Station-Mark-Ethan/dp/B01GTYC61G Cheaper on eBay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/2-in-1-Soldering-Iron-Rework-Stations-SMD-Hot-Air-Gun-Desoldering-Welder-862D-/112048211315 It works pretty good and heats up extremely fast. I'm not sure I'll be using it for replacing SMD chips, but the hot air gun might be handy for other purposes like heating heat shrink tubing. I just use the side of my soldering iron for that usually though. I have had to remove SMD eproms on laser printers to get rid of the printer count so the hot air could come in handy. There's lots of instructional videos on Youtube about how to remove and resolder SMD chips. It doesn't look too hard actually. For about $51 to 105 CDN, it's a pretty well priced set. I was looking at a Weller WES51, but it was more expensive and didn't have the air feature. Apparently it's quite good as well. I also bought a couple of these robotic Roomba knock-offs for some reason: http://www.gearbest.com/vacuum-cleaner/pp_360002.html http://www.gearbest.com/cleaning-appliances/pp_353568.html I'm not a huge fan of Gearbest as they didn't send a VR headset that I ordered, but that was a while ago. I wonder if these vacuums will last the test of time. I must be on a spending spree as I bought a refurbished cell phone similar to this one too: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/LG-G3-D850-32GB-Metallic-Black-4G-LTE-Unlocked-Smartphone-FRB-/381438997203 Apparently these LG G3's were the top of the line in 2014, and this particular one can be flashed with Fulmic's Rom to turn it into a LG G5 after you root it. The seller in the link had some refurbished ones for $89.99, but they sold out. Apparently this phone shoots 4K video. Anyone else have any interesting buys they want to share?
  25. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    If it's purely a firmware modification where the rate of angle correction (?) say is increased to get a harder pedal feel, I wonder if Gotway could theoretically be able to write a new app that would allow their users to flash the new firmware via Bluetooth. Unless maybe they have somehow disabled that capability in the STM32F103? Maybe their board is only set up to do firmware flashes through cables? Or would that place too much strain on some of their boards/components? Is there a reason to choose softer pedals to increase range and put less stress on MOSFETs maybe? It would be much nicer for users to be able to update their wheels themselves especially if new firmware versions are released to improve safety and tweak features. Com'on Gotway! People flash their PCs all the time. Let's get with the 90's already! Or would that be opening up a new can of worms... dun dun dunnnn.... (flashback to Ninebot One users flashing and killing their rides).