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  1. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    No worries - I got this one. A Band-Aid repair isn't going to cut it. C'mon, Rehab1, let's keep some of the allure and mystery going there with something just a little bit semi-transparent and lacy!
  2. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    @Bryan Wells, nice range video. What padding did you use for the side panels?
  3. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    I have been known to do some tv binge watching from time to time. What are some of your favorite shows? I don't watch a lot of TV, but some favorites are: 1. Game of Thrones - "You know nothing John Snow..." 2. Breaking Bad 3. House MD 4. Lost 5. The Walking Dead 6. 24 with Jack Bauer - a classic! 7. How could I forget "Dexter?" 8. Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. 9. Suits! - a very good lawyer series about a guy with a photographic memory who pretends to be a lawyer. My recent obsession has been "The Detour." Omigosh this is the funniest show. If you haven't seen it you have to watch a few episodes. It is disturbingly funny in all the wrong ways.
  4. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    With Netflix and all the other streaming options without commercials, it's pretty easy to binge watch a few episodes of a lot of series. I tend to watch very little TV usually, but I'll catch the entire series of Game of Thrones, House, Heroes, or Lost over the span of a few weeks. Have you seen Breaking Bad? That was a wild ride. I probably watch way too much TV, but it's entertaining and keeps the brain muscles working.
  5. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    I've been rewatching Star Trek Discovery to catch things I missed the first time, and yes there are plot holes here and there like why did only Captain Georgiou and Michael beam over to the damaged Klingon crypt-ship after they crippled it with the bomb attached to the body? Why not send a contingent of security personnel to do a strategic strike and capture of T'Kuvma? That seems a little cowboyish and wreckless. Also those long distance Sarek/Michael mind-Facetime moments were a little far-fetched. Sometimes you just have to admire it for what it is and forgive the creative decisions writers take. Otherwise we wouldn't have any good horror movies and such, right? You always have to have some plot forwarding devices where certain decision lead the characters along their path? I really liked Saul in the Breaking Bad series, but I just couldn't get into the Better Call Saul show for some reason. I might have to take another look at it. I've been watching Altered Carbon a bit, and although it's different and somewhat interesting, it's a little tricky to follow all the tech mumbo jumbo. I had to turn on subtitles to clue in on some of the colloquialisms and obscure abbreviations. It's almost what you wished the new Blade Runner movie should have been in terms of visuals.

    That video makes me want to buy a KingSong. It's good to see more videos with Jason as the face behind the brand. I've always thought he should make more Vlog style videos about wheel repairs, trips to China, tips, behind the scenes, a day in the life, etc kind of like Ian from Speedyfeet to put more of a personal image behind the Ewheels company. That video just looked like plain and simple fun which completely embodies what these wheels are all about. It just makes me wish this snow would melt away faster!
  7. The Dangers of a Full-Face Helmet and Low Battery

    I thought you Californians were all about the "Good Vibrations."
  8. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    Overall I like the energy and pacing of the new series. I originally didn't like the Next Generation as it took a while to catch on for me. The self-righteousness was sometimes a little over the top with some of the characters, and they were a little difficult to relate to while others were just a little annoying. Wesley - where did you beam down from? ST:D (hmm that's not a good abbreviation ) is different and unconventional yet it sticks with traditional themes about the good that people stand for even in dire times. The Lorca plot twist was a little difficult to work through along with Tyler's dual persona issues. Even before the end of the finale I kept wondering what time frame the show is set in as it's not overtly obvious. Of course, you can't go back to the static screens and colourful push-buttons of the original series. Making "high-tech" look dated is a fine line as people always want to see something different and innovative. The ship is just so cool and different! They may have been a little too generous with the creative allowances given to the special effects crew, but they really have outdone themselves. I love how the ship does a spin and drops out of space to reappear in the next location. The convenient all in one story per episode is nice and tidy, but I think they were wise to choose the extended story arch which allows them to flesh out characters and add more depth into the series. It also makes you look forward to the next episode to see what happens! Each has enough story progression to keep you interested and see a complete part of the storyline, but it leaves just enough questions to make you want more. It's also nice to see them push the boundaries a little here and there. It may not fit perfectly into the exact Star Trek universe, but it's refreshing enough that you don't feel like they are repeating themselves like what the new Star Wars movies seem to have been diluted to.
  9. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    Although I'm a big fan of the "Free the Nipple" movement , I'll have to take a hard pass on seeing TFU's nipple as Rehab's was difficult to unsee even with all the photoshopping. Nooot that you don't have a nice shapely nipple, @Rehab1. Far be it for me to be a nipple-snob. At least it wasn't too hairy, that's all I'm saying. Anyone see Baywatch? Okay, time for me to go back into my self-imposed lurker exile meditation self-reflection mode before this thread takes a turn for the worse. And sure Mrs. TFU is always welcome to join in on the fun! And we won't nipple discriminate if she wants to share some photos.
  10. The Dangers of a Full-Face Helmet and Low Battery

    I kinda like tiltback. But I'm an outlier. Maybe it's just my riding experience on the Ninebot One E+, but the gradual tilt as it approaches 20-22 kph is easily noticeable so you can "feel" the speed without needing any beeping to warn you. The more rapid tiltback isn't that alarming, but the aggressive low battery one is pretty startling if you aren't expecting it. To say all tiltback features are bad is probably generalizing too much when it can actually be a helpful aid when riding. If my Ninebot could go up to 55 kph and had a 1020 wh battery, I'd still appreciate a gradual tiltback as I neared 47-50 kph. If the pedals starts to tilt up slowly it really encourages you to slow down so I find it a very natural feedback loop. Gotway could add in a vibration buzzer (like in a pager or phone) attached to the side panel and activate it along with the beep if their wheels approach the limit. It would have to be strong enough to be felt at speed though.
  11. Ever Buy Stuff That You Probably Don't Even Need?

    I'm on a Xiaomi buying spree lately. I bought a Xiaomi Mi Android TV box and a Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One cellphone to play around with since I killed off my dying LG G3. The Mi TV Box is okay, but I'm not a huge fan of Android TV. I'd probably recommend just getting a Beelink GT1 Ultimate instead if anyone is looking. Benefits of Android TV though do include 4k Netflix, but my TV's are only 720p so that's not really for me. It also doesn't have a wired ethernet port, but its wireless works just fine with streaming. You can get an Egreen USB ethernet adapter/hub though. I'm running PIA VPN on it along with Terrarium TV, Kodi, and Mobdro. Storage is a little limited on it plus it's not the fastest box, but it works. The Nvidia Shield is still apparently the king of media boxes, but it's $300 or so. My iPhone 6 still is experiencing some touch disease issues even though I took it all apart to do the solderless tape mod to help try to apply pressure to the BGA touch processor chip. I might end up transitioning to the Android phone as my main unit. I just like the battery life and security on the iPhone as my LG G3 battery wouldn't last that long. I do like the flexibility more of the Android system.
  12. I'm on this other forum that's all about the online deals, and for some reason that part of my brain that goes hmmm I could use that seems to get set off every now and then so I end up buying some totally random items I probably don't really need. My latest acquisition is this 2 in 1 Hot Air Rework Soldering Station: https://www.amazon.ca/Soldering-Rework-Station-Mark-Ethan/dp/B01GTYC61G Cheaper on eBay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/2-in-1-Soldering-Iron-Rework-Stations-SMD-Hot-Air-Gun-Desoldering-Welder-862D-/112048211315 It works pretty good and heats up extremely fast. I'm not sure I'll be using it for replacing SMD chips, but the hot air gun might be handy for other purposes like heating heat shrink tubing. I just use the side of my soldering iron for that usually though. I have had to remove SMD eproms on laser printers to get rid of the printer count so the hot air could come in handy. There's lots of instructional videos on Youtube about how to remove and resolder SMD chips. It doesn't look too hard actually. For about $51 to 105 CDN, it's a pretty well priced set. I was looking at a Weller WES51, but it was more expensive and didn't have the air feature. Apparently it's quite good as well. I also bought a couple of these robotic Roomba knock-offs for some reason: http://www.gearbest.com/vacuum-cleaner/pp_360002.html http://www.gearbest.com/cleaning-appliances/pp_353568.html I'm not a huge fan of Gearbest as they didn't send a VR headset that I ordered, but that was a while ago. I wonder if these vacuums will last the test of time. I must be on a spending spree as I bought a refurbished cell phone similar to this one too: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/LG-G3-D850-32GB-Metallic-Black-4G-LTE-Unlocked-Smartphone-FRB-/381438997203 Apparently these LG G3's were the top of the line in 2014, and this particular one can be flashed with Fulmic's Rom to turn it into a LG G5 after you root it. The seller in the link had some refurbished ones for $89.99, but they sold out. Apparently this phone shoots 4K video. Anyone else have any interesting buys they want to share?
  13. Has Elon Musk uncovered a UFO?

    Maybe that was just the central rocket falling back to earth after releasing the Tesla car payload? It tried to land on the "Of Course I still Love You" barge but failed so they had to hire a demolition company to sink it. https://www.space.com/28445-spacex-elon-musk-drone-ships-names.html
  14. [UPDATE] WARNING GT16v2 cut off

    It's always mind-boggling why manufacturers skimp on wire thickness and quality. It can't be that much more expensive to use a thicker, more durable wire, can it? Maybe it's just a case of someone thinking a certain wire should be good enough without having the engineering knowledge and experience to be certain that it is. I think the quick jump from fun, toy-like 12 kph EUCs that don't see high currents to 44 kph+ wheel rockets over a short development span of time has resulted in finding out about these failures the hard way. Hindsight is always 20-20 of course, and unfortunately the development through failure model of doing things can result in lingering damage to a manufacturer's reputation in the long run. WIth airplanes, helicoptors, parachutes, condoms, nuclear power plants, and one wheeled vehicles, every design component needs to be well thought out and planned for to avoid primary catastrophic failure. I think it's wise for certain Chinese companies to work on implementing a "Do It Right the First Time, or Do It Over Again and Again and Again..." work and engineering ethic. Pinching pennies can end up being quite costly in the for all parties involved.

    I'm always lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on unsuspecting posts. That plus been busy repairing my Bosch dishwasher, car heater blower motor, entertaining relatives and catching up on all the new winter season shows while trying to keep from freezing and melting in this -26 to +3°C temperature bipolarism in Canada. It's good to take a break to recharge and recalibrate.

    Did someone say "Brazilian All You Can Eat Steak House?" Add in some fine looking women, high heels, leggings, electric rides, and I would be in heaven!
  17. Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    I've always thought that near maximum safe speed (with some reserve 8-10 kph on tap) gradual tilt-back should be standard on wheels. On the Ninebot One E+ nearing 22 kph it tilts gradually back so you know you're approaching the safe limit without any beeps. It's like an invisible soft wall that goes whoa and pulls back on the reigns to keep you safe. You can simple feel when 20-22 kph is near so it's very intuitive without relying on beeps or vibrations. It just seems to work most of the time. With smart firmware and app recorded rider weight parameters the gradual tilt-back could also be on a sliding scale in relation to battery charge and load so that the "safe maximum speed" drops as battery reserve goes down. With a built-in GPS, it could also determine whether the wheel is climbing a hill to factor additional load allowances to peg the safe speed, but that's getting a little too far into the future... Maybe there's a simpler way to calculate average energy used and note the rate of usage to correlate with hill climbing.
  18. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    When I had my wobble on the Telsa going at about 28 kph, I tried to fight my instinct and just relaxed my legs more figuring I could ride it out. It seemed a bit counter-intuitive at the time, but I compare it to trying to correct a car that is fish-tailing on a slippery road. Often your input makes the problem worse so in relaxing more my oscillation reduced thereby avoiding an intimate encounter with the ground. With your spike pedal mod, I wonder if it is better not to have the spikes locking the feet in place as I've gone over bumps where my foot position landed way off, but I was able to shuffle the foot back into place. With spikes I don't think that would be possible unless you're adept at riding with one leg (which I still have to learn how to do).
  19. My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Excellent review and ride demo! I think if I hadn't gotten my Tesla which is still collecting dust in this recent -27°C weather with 2 feet of snow, the ACM2 / V2 / ACM-Tesla hybrid wheel-child would have been my first choice mainly for the comfort. I bet the ACM is likely similar to the Ninebot One E+ in terms of pressure point on the inner leg which helps make it very maneuverable. And 55 miles+ is just icing on the cake!
  20. Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    I'm certainly no legal expert in the area, but from what I've read online provinces in Canada like Alberta, BC, and Ontario electric motorized vehicles like hoverboards, Segway, and our beloved EUCs are not technically allowed on sidewalks, roadways and pathways. E-bikes that can be pedal powered seem to be an exception. Most law enforcement in Canada hasn't been cracking down on lawbreakers as long as the offenders are not causing harm to others. There are companies still offering Segway tours, but I do not know how they skirt the law. Maybe they have a special permit. I always compare it to street hockey. It's not allowed on the road by law, but kids still do it. Are the police going to arrest kids and parents playing in the street? Most likely not, but they could give fines if they wanted to just like in Vancouver where @musk and an electric skateboarder got a $600 ticket. Everyone might be wanting to go green, save the planet, reduce our carbon footprint, but the laws don't seem to support the movement from what I see in Canada at least.
  21. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Now I want a pet grizzly bear too ! There are people here who have pet wolves. I saw this one guy take his pet wolf walking through the mall one day, and it was pretty darn scary! The thing was like waist high and looked pretty fierce looking. I'm surprised mall security didn't ask them to leave, but they were probably too frightened to approach the guy. I wonder what security would say to the guy with the bear if he were to bring him walking through a mall?
  22. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    From the minds of crazy people do come pretty neat videos...
  23. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Whoa that resembles my bird house project from Industrial Arts in grade 7. When you got power tools you find yourself no shortage of screws or lack of a sale at Home Depot! I should have gone into orthopedic surgery! Glad to see they were able to put things back together. I don't think I'll be going anywhere near 50 kph in the far future...
  24. Gotway Tesla Emblem

    I think it looks pretty cool. I always wanted a "Tesla!" Pardon the dust collecting on it. Not much chance to ride in -21°C weather with foot of snow being forecast...
  25. We all see Alex Segmuller carrying around women while riding, and @myfunwheel has his epic transport of his projector screen. I'm curious what is the largest thing you've carried around with your EUC? @electricpen sparked my interest when he mentioned that he moved house and took many trips bringing things back and forth until he hit that pothole. I haven't carried much, but I did bring a good sized box (13x12x13") full of items to the post office 2.5 km away on my Ninebot. I'm sure I must have drew many stares as I couldn't even see my wheel below me while I was riding. I've also brought back a 4L jug of milk and a bag of groceries. Usually I like to keep my hands free to help balance if needed and to grab the wheel.