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  1. Thanks for sharing that epic adventure you guys went through! At least you didn't have to drink your own pee like Bear Grylls. I had images of a helicopter hovering and dropping a rescue worker down to harness you up into it like in the movies (San Andreas). Maybe some of those FRS/GMRS radios would have been handy to help communicate between riders as well as those Camelbak hydration backpacks. I watch a lot of Bear Grylls Man vs Wild so I know you need to stay well hydrated. Did you guys take any breaks? I find climbing irregular paths to be a pretty tiring technical ride. I can't imagine doing 3500 feet! Bringing high energy snacks might have helped too maybe. I wonder whether one of those retractable handles fastened to the front of the Monster would have allowed you to apply forwards pressure on the case to help climb without needing to bend over so much to grab the handle. It could serve as a trolley handle as well. Or maybe adding some curved padding that sticks out just below the knees so you could maybe apply more lower leg pressure to the case is another idea. I think we each need to know our physical limits and be sure that we respect the fact that sometimes man conquers the mountain while other times the mountain can conquer the man. For me, even a basic 50 minute ride on easy pathways is pretty tiring on the legs. A ride like yours would be like running a marathon, and I don't think many people would be prepared physically to be able to do that without a lot of training. Thank goodness you all returned safely, and what a testamonial to Gotway wheels! I can't imagine a wiring failure so far away from cell service and civilization! Maybe a basic tool kit and survival pack might be wise to take along too...
  2. Elementary, my dear Steven. I'm a fan of the TV series, Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch who uses the term "Mind Palace" on several occasions. A simple Google search reveals that mind palace has a deeper meaning related to the method of loci. Furthermore if you expanded the Wikipedia section under "In popular culture, subsection Television" you will find it mentioned in the TV series Sherlock which verifies that my link is correct.
  3. I wonder if it could be a bad cell in the battery pack. Something similar happened to @noisycarlos with his Ninebot One E+. When charging, do you sometimes allow the charger to stay plugged in for a while after the LED turns green to help balance the cells? Maybe during higher current draw (high speed/hill climb), the bad cell isn't able to pull its weight so the normal performance limits take a hit. Also could be bad BMS shutting things down when it shouldn't be? Loose connection from vibration over 10 months?
  4. The wonders of silicone. Links works for me on desktop. For some reason my AliEx app on iPhone blocks it too for some reason stating local regulations forbidding it being displayed. Oh well! Darn rules always ruin the fun!
  5. I would have gone with a totally different body shell that's more interactive and conducive to forming relationships though.
  6. I think a big part of the problem is that if you pull a weapon, you have to be prepared to have it used against you and also face consequences of using that weapon on others. When you consider the trouble that police officers have when they use deadly force, I wonder how lenient the investigators and courts are for citizens in similar situations. If the EUC rider whipped a gun out, and in the heat of the moment dropped it allowing one of the perpetrators to grab it there could be a murder investigation instead of a victim walking away with some bruises and a story to tell. Ideally we all imagine "Dirty Harry" situations where the bad guys always lose, but when faced with a high stress situation things can take a different path quickly. I'm just glad the EUC rider is okay to ride another day, and I hope they catch the attackers to bring them to justice. Do people deserve to be killed for mugging someone? Maybe? I don't know. At what point do you think it's okay to kill someone? If the rider had a gun and successfully killed all three attackers, would he be in trouble if there was no video evidence? Sure he had some bruises and a broken helmet, but imagine what the families of the attackers would be saying about the deaths? Family members of criminals always have something good to say about them when interviewed on TV. The EUC rider could then be facing manslaughter charges and time in jail, or do you think he would be let free without any repercussions? Now imagine if he killed one attacker, severely injured the next, and paralyzed the third requiring a lifetime of extended care and medical bills. Do you think the families and lawyers would not want to pursue charges regardless of the attackers' culpability in the crime? It's a very complicated path once you throw weapons into the mix. Justice isn't always a black and white subject unfortunately.
  7. With all the accidents related to EUC riding, I thought it would be a good idea to start a post about protective gear. I recently bought a motorcycle jacket which has elbow, shoulder, and back pads that can be inserted inside. Wearing it I feel a lot more confident and protected plus it just looks cool. I got one for summer use so it is made of mesh and allows air to flow through keeping you pretty cool. Here's a couple of suggestions - there are plenty on AliEx if you search for "motorcycle jacket." If you are in the US or Canada, be sure to go through Ebates (.com or .ca) to get some cashback. Keep in mind that a medium in China is like small in North America. I'm a medium usually for jackets, and I ordered a large as I'm a medium build. My jacket just fits exactly right. Some listings have measurement sizes or a sizing table so be sure to check those. If you have a large belly, have a long upper body or are heavy set you have to be very careful shopping for these online as the fit might not be right. The jackets tend to be slightly shorter in length I find. Please note I haven't checked out these sellers so you have to do some due diligence and confirm feedback scores yourself. Also make sure they come with a set of 5 padding inserts! Take note PU is not leather. I think it's polyurethane so it's the fake stuff. LOL I'm tempted to get this shirt to go with my Flamebot: Motorcyle Gloves (don't know which have wrist protection): Knee Pads (could be worn under pants maybe): Helmets: Here's one for @SuperSport if he decides to get that Ironman vinyl wrap : Feel free to add other recommendations and suggestions. Wrist Guards:
  8. I think it's a pretty common industrial factory colour scheme. Here's a random photo from searching "Chinese factory" under Google images. Ever watch "Manufactured Landscapes?"
  9. Man that's crazy.... it sounds like he was riding at night time. Hope they catch those attackers soon. It looks like one of those being in the wrong place at the wrong time events...
  10. Maybe wear some dark sunglasses and tap the stick to either side of you... and pretend that you're blind... This guy is actually really blind!
  11. I had a chance to watch "Royal Wedding" with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell as two stage siblings who each find love outside of their profession when they visit England. This movie has a couple of classic moments, one involving Astaire jumping onto a wall and dancing on the ceiling of a hotel room. For a 1951 movie now in the public domain it was done quite well as they must have had the entire room rotate on a support of some sort. Quite amazing and well done for the time. The story was a little lacking for me, but overall for the two famous scenes it was worth the watch. In addition I watched "Funny Face" with an older Fred Astaire starring opposite a 28 year old Audrey Hepburn. The 30 year age difference was a bit of a stretch to fully accept their romance as real, but I read that it was a dream for Hepburn to be able to get a chance to dance with Astaire on film. Hepburn was her usual charming and lovely if slightly aloof self whose character seemed overly focused on the (ficticious) study of Empathicalism. Paris serves as the backdrop for some very good moments. I haven't seen too many old movies that actually filmed on locations abroad. Astaire has an impressive dance scene where he works with an umbrella and a trench coat. The song and music weren't that memorable for me, but the talent shines through nonetheless. Lastly I caught "To Catch a Thief" with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Filmed on location in Cannes and the French Riveria, it is an Alfred Hitchcock classic that follows Grant as "The Cat," an infamous jewelry thief who is suffering from his notoriety amongst his peers and the authorities when several robberies take place. Grace Kelly is stunning in this movie, but her chemistry with Grant seems lacking. Maybe it is just the large apparent age difference that makes their relationship difficult to find tangible. I found it a bit of a sleeper.
  12. Anyone into old black and white movies? I recently watched "The Apartment" with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. Charlize Theron had mentioned on the Oscars that movie made quite an impression on her. It was quite good! Another good one to see is "A Patch of Blue" with Sidney Poitier and Elizabeth Hartman. I watched it way back as a kid, and it still is a classic movie.
  13. If you look closely they are on the work tabletop which has a green surface that matches the colour of the floor. See the Gotway box underneath? My agents tell me there is a middle section for supplies/parts and an assembly table on either side.
  14. Look what Santa AliExpress brought me early this year!!!! They are so cool! Quality-wise they are just okay. No arch support, but they are fairly soft and comfortable. I wear size nine, and they fit true to size. $28 CDN delivered. I should be plenty visible during low light hours... Now I just gotta learn me some sick dance moves... Edit: One criticism is that is it hard to reach the on/off/mode switch inside where the USB charging port is. You can simply press on the outside of the shoe to toggle modes, but it needs to press against your foot. The switch also presses slightly against the side of the foot too. I might need to add some padded Moleskin to cushion it. It comes with a Y splitter USB to dual mini-USB B connectors which allow charging both shoes simultaneously. The shoes flash red while charging and turn green when done.
  15. There are some pretty spry septuagenarians out there.
  16. I would venture to say that it's likely a lot easier said than done. I've re-watched Rehab1's video over and over trying to make sense of the wiring, and I would say that unless you know what you're doing from the start, it's probably not going to be an easy task to undo things and put it back together properly with the correct tightness. If the Gotway motor supplier could provide an instructional video then sure that would make life that much easier, but I have a feeling to replicate the wiring loom pattern is going to be quite challenging and time consuming with an uncertain result. It would require detailed photographs of both sides and video of the disassembly and very careful reassembly. I'd compare it to trying to take apart an intricate transmission without a manual, prior experience, or video instruction and then reassembling it. Quite daunting! Factoring in the amount of money that Rehab could be earning doing his professional duties and the fact he already has ordered a replacement motor, I think it would be more in the realm of one of those let's see if I can do it spare time efforts rather than a primary mission effort if that makes any sense. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but whether it's very practical to spend that much time doing so is the big question. I guess having a spare motor might be handy, but these don't tend to burn out usually... resale would be limited... scientific curiosity and challenge might be worth it? If it doesn't work in the end though that might be time and further effort wasted?
  17. Actually it was the thread that Mono found about the "eBall." I think the Honda Uni-CUB doesn't use a ball but rather those weird omni-directional wheels.
  18. The Psychic SummonerTM works in mysterious ways. It's my psychic powahs I tell ya! I just looked at the red and the blue Monster examples, extrapolated what a deepish matte purple might look like, Googled a matching photo to the one in my "mind palace," and wa-lah! It's quite elementary, my dear McNeil.
  19. Are there any outdoorsmen clubs or groups near you? I wonder if someone has a tracking dog that might be able to help. Maybe offer a $100 reward to get a few more sets of eyes out looking?
  20. I wouldn't worry. If it's anything like the matte red or blue it should be poppin'! There's nothing wrong with purple. Check out this car.
  21. Obsolete? Pishaw! Times may change, but never think you're obsolete. Your students and peers are going to be amazed once you get riding the Ninebot. Many people even would not dare try it let alone attempt it at your age. Would anyone consider Fred Astaire's dancing abilities obsolete? The classic knowledge, skill, and principles are where we came from. I don't think the fundamentals of sound knowledge and experience can ever be considered obsolete. They got us to where we are today, and although some may forgo mindful engineering principles to save a buck or two, they end up realizing sooner or later that there is wisdom and value in following proper design elements and principles. Welcome to the forums, and safe riding!
  22. I've tried a few different key finders, and that Key Ringer is actually the best so far. It just works, and the battery lasts a long time. It also warns you when the battery needs replacement so you never end up with dead batteries when you need to use them. The website isn't very fancy, but the product is solid. And what was wrong with 1999? I like the Tile, but the problem is that the battery doesn't appear to be replaceable unless you somehow are able to hack into the sealed shell? I think there are some others with replaceable batteries too. Oh I've had my tagline for quite some time since last year! It changes from time to time...
  23. How accurate is the altitude reading on the app/drone? I know it states 0 ft for the height in the one screen capture, but I wonder if you were looking up in the trees as well as the ground? With all those branches, I wonder if it got caught high up somewhere that isn't as noticeable? Do you have any hip waders? Maybe spray painting it fluorescent green or placing some reflective stickers on it might help locate it next time with a flash light? I'm just trying to think how to avoid this the next time... Maybe cover in silicone to waterproof and attach a few of these on the body? This Keyringer is very good, and it is supposed to work across a fair distance. If the drone is submerged though it wouldn't really help as it relies on audio signals. It works really well for lost keys.