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  1. I haven't seen it eat it's own products, but remind me to wash my hands next time it licks my fingers. The 2017 FIAT 124 Spyder is awesome looking! Thank goodness it looks nothing like those ugly 500's. I throw up a little in my mouth every time I see a woman driving one. It's very similar to the Miata/S2000 sort of setup so again it's a little on the small side for me. I like to have a little storage room for items. I wish they would have put in a reliable Mazda V6 into the RX8. The rotary is smooth, but it just guzzles the premium gas. Add in flakey apex seals and oil consumption to lubricate them, and you end up with some headaches even if maintenance is kept up. I might still get one to play around with though.
  2. Looky what I got yesterday! It is so tiny but very tame. Just a lil fluffball! Gosh it's hard to hold onto though... don't want to squish it or have it jump off you while walking. It eats that Timothy hay stuff there. Very fun to watch! Haven't decided on a name yet. Was thinking of "Hasenpfeffer," but that might be too cruel and unusual.
  3. I'm always curious as to how people got started in riding on a single wheeled, electronic balancing device. What got you started in this crazy hobby/sport/activity? For me, I saw a video by Walk Off the Earth where some of the background dancers were riding on mini segway rides. Interestingly enough I think they were Inventist Hovertrax hoverboards. I've always been fascinated by the self-balancing technology ever since the original Segways were invented, but the cost and size was too prohibitive. The Walk Off The Earth video led me to discover Casey Neistat who reviewed the $200 hoverboard thing: This was of course before all the fire scares were reported. I ordered one from AliExpress, and it was a lot of fun. Incredibly nimble and amazing to ride. After buying another hoverboard with larger wheels from AliExpress, I saw a video showing these EUC's which blew my mind. I quickly bought a cheapo generic wheel to try out from AliExpress as it was actually cheaper than the hoverboards I had purchased. I had a heck of a time learning to ride it. It was so difficult to trust the wheel with a slight forward lean that I almost thought I would never be able to ride. After persisting at it, I finally was able to do some rudimentary laps around a basketball court and ended up purchasing a Ninebot One E+ never looking back since. The hoverboards are collecting dust downstairs, but I hope to sell them off. How did you get interested in electric unicycles? What's your story? How did it all begin for you?
  4. That's freaky about the brother. Did your parents end up taking him to a distant neighbourhood and drop him off? The bunny is a big kale fan. Yeah iceberg lettuce is a no no for some reason. I haven't tried cabbage yet, but it did eat some sweet pea shells and one sweet pea. Kinda like a selective food disposal unit. It goes crazy over strawberries. Carrots oh yeah.
  5. Let's take a nap in a totally random spot!
  6. My baby has never melted under duress so I consider myself fortunate. Speaking of 12 wheels... check out this guy's addiction. I think he's about 10 wheels over the 12 wheel program if I counted correctly. See, it IS an addiction or maybe a hoarding issue? Or both. I'm not quite sure. In any case, showing me electric unicycle porn will not shake my resolve at fighting this affliction!
  7. What kinda external battery set up do you have?
  8. <secretly installs Gotway app, writes special one press code to stealthily switch MCM4 settings to tiltback at 18 kph for the win> Still have to find a time to go for a joint race ride. I'd just be careful with some Gotways. You never know how secure these wheels are against unscrupulous tiltback hacking.
  9. You're trying to worsen my addiction, aren't you meeps? I'm on step one of a EUC 12 step program. Don't throw me off track. Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over riding on one wheel—that our lives had become unmanageable. Nibbles pranked me yesterday. After coming home from work, I noticed it was lying on its side in the middle of the cage with its eyes open and limbs lifeless. I thought O M G it's dead! I overfed it something, or those were tainted pellets from the pet store! Thing nearly gave me a heart attack! I've never seen it lay sideways like that as it's always on its haunches in a ball or just sitting around. Sure enough when it saw me it popped up and was back to normal. Pets, I tell you.
  10. I kinda thought the name would be interesting and controversial. Anyways, it shall be known henceforth as "Nibbles" the ravenous bunny. Gosh that thing is an eating machine. It just recently discovered that the food pellets were edible and is going through them like there is no tomorrow. I've had to take the feeding bowl out of there as hay is supposed to be their primary dietary item. I haven't heard about that fun fact before. I'm no rabbitologist though so maybe they do? I dunno. Mine doesn't so that's good. I almost pulled the trigger on a nice RX8, but yeah it's probably best to drive something less moneypittish. I just like the way they look and apparently perform. Not the fastest car, but it's supposed to be well behaved on the track. You only live once right? I don't need a muscle car as I won't be racing anyone, plus the WRX STi's are a little boy racerish for my liking. They look okay, but I kind of like understated elegance. S2000 and Miata's seem a little small for what I am looking for. Too bad the RX8 has such a bad rep and reliability issues. Still deciding still deciding.
  11. Strangely enough it has dawned on me even after all these months of riding that I have never seen another EUC rider ever in public. Shocking isn't it? I'm so used to watching Youtube videos that all I've ever seen are people's riding videos and not the real thing! Besides organized, pre-planned group rides, how many people here have ever run across other riders in the wild (I know Marty has)? I also know there will be some overlap with my "EUC Origins" thread, but let's narrow it down even further: How many EUC riders have you encountered randomly in public after you have learned how to ride? I would have hoped to at least see some others joining this activity after riding around and being seen by many people. Yet nope, here it seems we are a rare, endangered breed.
  12. Stored at full charge in a hot garage and not in a cool basement? I wonder if you have frickazeed your Flamebot. At least it is tilting back a warning and not cutting off while riding. I wonder if you left it charging on the charger for a couple of hours whether that might help balance the cells? If not it could be time for a replacement battery. It's probably best to store these batteries at closer to 50% charge in a cool environment as heat kills batteries I hear.
  13. Actually this one is semi-litter trained. I got a small box in the cage with some absorbant material made from newspaper pieces rolled into small balls. It seems to do job #1 in the corner there pretty well. Job #2 is still a work in progress , but apparently it can learn. Poops are like little dried caper sized doodads so they aren't too bad. Put a glove on and pop them into the litter box. Hopefully it will start learning soon, or it's the cookpot it goes! When it's scampering around in the house it never poops or pees anywhere so that's good. It goes back into the cage by itself to do that.
  14. With all the accidents related to EUC riding, I thought it would be a good idea to start a post about protective gear. I recently bought a motorcycle jacket which has elbow, shoulder, and back pads that can be inserted inside. Wearing it I feel a lot more confident and protected plus it just looks cool. I got one for summer use so it is made of mesh and allows air to flow through keeping you pretty cool. Here's a couple of suggestions - there are plenty on AliEx if you search for "motorcycle jacket." If you are in the US or Canada, be sure to go through Ebates (.com or .ca) to get some cashback. Keep in mind that a medium in China is like small in North America. I'm a medium usually for jackets, and I ordered a large as I'm a medium build. My jacket just fits exactly right. Some listings have measurement sizes or a sizing table so be sure to check those. If you have a large belly, have a long upper body or are heavy set you have to be very careful shopping for these online as the fit might not be right. The jackets tend to be slightly shorter in length I find. Please note I haven't checked out these sellers so you have to do some due diligence and confirm feedback scores yourself. Also make sure they come with a set of 5 padding inserts! Take note PU is not leather. I think it's polyurethane so it's the fake stuff. LOL I'm tempted to get this shirt to go with my Flamebot: Motorcyle Gloves (don't know which have wrist protection): Knee Pads (could be worn under pants maybe): Helmets: Here's one for @SuperSport if he decides to get that Ironman vinyl wrap : Feel free to add other recommendations and suggestions. Wrist Guards:
  15. Eh they are cute plus when you get tired of 'em you can eat them. Pardon the noisy Bosch dishwasher sounds in the background...
  16. Phone protective cases. Who uses one? I recently picked up an Otterbox case for one of my iPhones, and it's pretty good. It came with a screen protector, and it was easy to get the phone inside the case. I do find the plastic shell a little too slippery as it would be better with some more rubber flat spots. If I place the phone with case on a sloped surface it goes sliding like a slip 'n slide.
  17. I say give up now while you still can. You'll just end up learning how to ride really well, zoom past slow moving pedestrians and bicyclists struggling up hills, and you end up getting an obsession to want to ride as often as you can, where ever you can (lookin' at chu Marty ) regardless of what the authorities tell you. Then comes the celebrity status where all of a sudden you're the cool guy who rides that one wheel. Yeah, you enjoy it while you can until some yahoo yells something stupid at you, and all that comes crashing down like a house of cards. Trust me - I know! I ride where it's technically illegal so you end up breaking the law too. It's just a downward spiral where you will soon find that your wheel just doesn't cut it in terms of speed or range so then you want to upgrade. The bank account gets drained. That $400 cheapo generic wheel turns into a $800 Ninebot brand name wheel that satisfies your needs only for a short while, and then you start eyeing the good stuff - the $1500-3000 megawatt hour rides. You get the shakes every time other riders talk about their non-stop 100 km trips that they document on Google Maps and their three hour long journeys laughing all the way while you cry yourself to sleep at night dreading that limp mode tiltback at 20% battery after 16 measly kilometres on your old Ninebot. But wait, there's more! You also end up seeking hardcore riding where you want to climb massive, steep hills that will burn out your wheel's electronics. It's more more more and never-ending. There is no EUCs-anonymous. You end up seeking out other thrill seekers who need a hit so you end up in group rides or search around for others who want to "wheel" with you and swap rides just to try out their wheel of choice. It's worse than crack cocaine , and they both will faceplant you if you overdo it on either of them. Or both of them. Stop while you still can!!!! I'd tell you more horror stories, but I have to rush home to apply another coat of wax on "Precious."
  18. Okay I know there's a photo thread already, but I thought a fun thread might be to post up some "right now" photos of where ever you are or recently went. This thread isn't for older photos where you have visited way in the past, but instead it is for more for photos of where you have been in the past hour or two or day or so. Think of it as the Not-So-Instagrammy Photo Thread. Photos should include your ride and/or yourself. You can stop and post up a photo of where you are right this instant if you wish. Extra points awarded for creativity. Okay I will start it off... Cat tail pond Hanging out at the playground Inverted pendulum on the pendulum
  19. I've hit about 27 kph according to my Gyrometrics app, but that was going a little too fast downhill. I think around 30 kph is the motor's cut-off point so there is still some breathing room for my weight class. The tiltback kind of keeps you below 20-22 kph unless you don't mind riding it. I find the lower front muscles of my legs get a little annoyed doing that.
  20. Anyone else have some good app suggestions? Try out Canva - it's a very easy to use and high quality app that produces many different graphical pictures like posters, invitations, and advertisements. Very handy and quick. You do run out of credits ending up with a watermark though so use them wisely!
  21. This Canva app is so cool. The hype is real.
  22. Okay okay Steven, you're hired as head cinematographer. Please let Nancy have your particulars, and we will get you on the payroll. Everyone wants a cut.
  23. I believe you are finding out why the Ninebot One E+'s maximum safe cruising speed is set at 20 kph. It's time to downgrade.
  24. Good point, Steven. Yes, you already have @Sven on staff to do the after-ride souvenir take home DVD's. Now you just need to commission Rehab to fly his Mavic overhead for the aerial points of view.
  25. Just remember as your agent, I take 10% of all royalties, profits, so on and so forth in perpetuity.