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  1. Drivers here are crazy too even though they have distracted driving laws. I was driving home to tonight at 100 kph, and a sportbike roared by at what must have been 240 kph. I had to check my speedo as it felt like my car was standing still it went by so fast. Even yesterday morning a car passed me really closely as it went by at 150 kph. They don't have enough police patroling the roads here. I only ride on sidewalks, pathways and slow neighbourhood roads. I need to get a dashcam.
  2. Fair enough. Facebook? What's that? But you can't buy loads of cheap items on Facebook! Plus I've saved so much getting many spare parts and items that I couldn't live without it. It's like an international garage sale. You can also make loads of money selling stuff off. I pocketed $2000 selling off some junk I never use and bought some other more useful items with the cash. I've been scammed a few times by broken items arriving, but the protection policy usually works. Now they even cover return shipping costs which is a bonus.
  3. It's pretty easy to sign up for an eBay account plus if you click through Ebates or maybe Fatwallet you can get cashback. Haggling is as simple as entering what you want to pay and clicking send offer. They can decline or counter, and you can too. How do you not use eBay? There's tons of well priced items, and they got buyer protection so you're golden. I guess you could always call Gotwayamerica directly and see if you can cut a deal as it would save them eBay fees.
  4. Last one is up. Who's gonna get it?
  5. Darn eBay doesn't show the selling price hey? Do you mind telling others how much the seller is willing to sell for as that might help others who are interested. I'm guessing maybe $1000? It looks like the one $884.25 ended and was relisted.
  6. I liked the RX7 R1/R2's way back when. That was a pure sports car, but try getting one then or now at a decent price was / is pretty daunting. The RX8 has two small seats in the back so it's more practical if you ever want to carry some passengers or purchases. It's too bad the rotary engine was not very fuel efficient and reliable. It's so common to see 100,000 or less on an engine needing replacement, and the cost to fix one can be around $4000-5000.
  7. Who said I stopped? Wow that was quick. That ACM got sold for the full price, but the seller has listed another one. It looks like once the Gotway Tesla hits the market, prices might end up falling for their other wheels.
  8. Oh, I thought there was an ACM V3 (not sure)? Is the V2 the most current one? Maybe I'm thinking about the MSuper models... I don't keep a close track on all the different models in a lineup.
  9. User programmable sounds uploaded through the app would be fun. You could then choose the default "Hello KingSong" or select a customized sound of a certain length. That way users could add in some neat sound effects on start to make their wheels unique.
  10. You could try offering $884.25 for this auction: What's the difference between the V2 and the V3/V3+ versions?
  11. Good catch! I actually remember seeing that photo and the temperature sensor that was mentioned there. If Gotway were to do that I bet they could give the rider warnings a lot sooner before meltdown occurs. The devil is in the details, isn't it? I've always thought that the fuses were to help protect the control boards when a certain ceiling is hit to avoid needing to replace them. If it's going to happen, it's better to happen to a replaceable fuse than a pricey control board any day. The wheel lockup avoidance certainly is another plausible reason.
  12. You can search for the item number in the search bar on eBay just like any other descriptive term. If it doesn't appear, you can go into the advanced search to find completed items. From there you can find the seller and the other items for sale. Although the seller has 100% feedback, all of them appear to be for small ticket items from over a year ago. It's a little suspicious that this seller would be selling more expensive items all of a sudden, but it could very well be that they got into EUC sales or drop shipping? I don't know if those prices are reasonable for V2 models, but I'd be cautious to watch delivery times and review eBay's buyer guarantee details. EDIT: Searching further, it might be legit as the seller has a photo, and he is registered in Talihina, Oklahoma. Pricing is also identical to the website.
  13. Maybe Joey Serrin can fabricate a bunch of them (in between making replacement anti-rotational inserts ) as it appears he has access to metalworking tools. Unless maybe if @Rehab1 has some spare time on a weekend, he could buy a bunch of them to do all at once. There's nothing wrong with charging a fair profit for one's time and effort. Maybe work out how much time it takes to make one, factor in shipping costs, and come to a EUC forum member price. Eg. If the socket costs $15, shipping $20, time $20, maybe charge $55?
  14. I guess it depends on how steep and long the hill climb is and what your wheel is capable of. Marty and Sven (Andy) went up that really steep climb, and I don't think they were riding recklessly. Marty's wiring ended up melting and shorting out without any warnings whereas Sven's Monster gave him some temperature warning beeps. I think part of the problem may be that the temperature reading is taken from the MPU rather than the MOSFETs / wiring area so the MPU might be fine temperature-wise while the other spots might be reaching critical temperatures.