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  1. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    While riding and not pressing the button? Watch from 1:45 and on...
  2. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    This TIE Fighter drone is pretty neat.
  3. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    Ah a group 2 rider. It doesn't take too much to fall off these so veteran riders know it's wise to don protective gear. Others need that first bad fall before they get the message. Join the Skin Savers group before it's too late! We all say this is going to be my last wheel one wheel ago...
  4. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    Nice quick ride review video. There's some shots I would have edited out, but hey it's all good. Anyone notice the lights seemed to be stuck in battery level mode there for some reason?
  5. Tesla VS KS-16S: Looking for input from those of you that have both

    @serfy is the Msuper a V3S+? Some had issues with the stock firmware which would dump riders when it hit a bump. Does it have the replacement control board or flash? I don't know how you would check, but Jason likely knows. I don't think anyone wants an unexpected failure at higher speeds. I am not a huge daredevil myself, but I bought a Tesla anyways. Crazy? You bet! I'll own that. Purchasing a first model out from Gotway is quite a risky move considering their spotty history, but after checking out the redesigned elements I thought I would dive in. So far I haven't been disappointed, and I hope that continues. My legs are better now, and I hope the soreness doesn't come back. Maybe sign up for one of the LA meets to compare wheels. It sounds like Marty has a good group of members who don't mind comparing rides. I wonder why you can't keep your V8 rolling straight. Maybe tire pressure is too high? Leg length difference? Sounds like for you the KS16S might be the best bet as high speed isn't really a desire, you need something very reliable, and the wheel you seek needs to have a sturdy handle. Speed wobbles at low speed sounds like a control issue as you should be able to move ar a crawl speed. Bending down at higher speeds is prone to wobbling. Sounds like maybe you just need more practice at these to develop the muscle memory. For me turning my head to look back took a while. The wheel would veer to the side. After much practice I can pretty much turn to look without any change in direction. Also maybe gear up more. I see you wear knee pads and a helmet which is great. Add in some wristguards and crash jacket, and you might feel more prepared at higher speeds. Just look at what @noisycarlos and @YoshiSkySun wear. They look ready for any speed and also the Zombie apocalypse at the same time!
  6. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    Hey belated welcome to the EUC forums! The IPS i5 looks to be a good, portable wheel. I got into the whole hoverboard craze before all the fire issues, and I eventually got hooked on these EUCs and never looked back. In fact the hoverboards are sitting in my basement collecting dust. With these EUCs you really get the itch to upgrade after a while. I've been very happy with the Ninebot One E+ as it's a good all rounder wheel, and chatbox over at RFD had one too IIRC. Mine was on sale for $450 USD new, but after shipping costs, customs, and dollar conversions it came in at $800 CAD which was still good at the time. The S1 at $399 is smoking hot for what it is. Only drawback is it's a bit slower , no side pads, and the smaller wheel. There's always something newer and better down the line so it's all good. How are you liking the i5?
  7. Tesla VS KS-16S: Looking for input from those of you that have both

    Might wrong here, but my theory is that someone who wrote the software thought it would help with turns. It's a common finding that during slow, sharp turns there can be a tendency to stall out the wheel if you don't lean forwards enough. I'd bet Marty's paycheque that this pedal tilt was a feature meant to try to compensate for that.
  8. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    Nice collection! I still love my Ninebot One E+. It's been such a reliable wheel that has never let me down except when I ran out of juice 3/4 the way home on a round trip, but that was pushing my luck on a 22 km round trip with the second part uphill. If it only had more speed and range I would still be riding it as my main wheel as it just fits the legs so nicely. I wonder if anyone has tested to see if they can travel on a plane with their S1 with the battery packs taken onboard like laptop packs are allowed. Be sure to do the battery mod to help secure it on the Ninebot One E+ as they usually come loose inside from the factory.
  9. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    @Bryan Wells, got any ride videos to share on the Tesla? Maybe jump over some stuff?

    Kinda reminds me more of the Bug Droid RA-7 from the sand crawler.
  11. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    A few likely are coming onboard as there's a post for the $399 Amazon.ca Segway S1's on Redflagdeals (Canadian deals site) which seems to be gaining interest.
  12. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    I think that's @n2eus. He's got some skills! His dog is pretty funny too!
  13. There's an app you say?

    http://forum.electricunicycle.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11932 Did you use the one in this link? There's a mistake in the upload so you have to use the one Marty linked to instead under What's New in Version 2 NOTE: Do not use the Download to the right to download the 'wrong' file. Use the link below to download thecom.example.bluetooth.le-2.apk file.
  14. Amazon: Segway S1 for $299, Mistake? Getting Out of Single-Wheel Business?

    Yeah, totally not worth it. May as well stop contributing to RRSPs, bothering to collect interest from GICs, stuff like that. It just doesn't add up over time.