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  1. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Anyone notice in that last video that the left side lights are stuck on the braking red illumination mode?
  2. How much attention you're paying to the road ahead?

    By your command...
  3. Pedal Tilt requires calibration.

    That would be @SuperSport's video! Although he's moved onto an Msuper, he still helps out with Ninebot issues.
  4. Music?

  5. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    Np. Some people do fine in snow. Just watch out for icy, hard packed sections though. Also be careful as the pedals can get slippery with snow/ice on them.
  6. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    Yeeks in Calgary I don't even like driving a car in the winter. Some hardcore riders do make it through in winter, but it depends on your area. It's so easy to take a fall on slippery ice I'm hesitant to do it. With the minus C temperature you likely will find your range dropping too. Maybe if you're in an area that gets little snow it might be fine? Road salt might be a concern on metal corrosion? I don't know. Also you need to factor in wind chill as even at 9°C it gets chilly on the face!
  7. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    You should be good then with the 14" wheel hopefully. I'm no KingSong expert or any expert for that matter. I'm not sure if Jason flashes the wheels to the latest firmware, but if you look around the KS forum you will see some reports that the current one fixes some riders' complaints about the wheel. You might just want to ride it first to see how it behaves before altering things. I'm still on the original Ninebot firmware that came with my wheel. I never saw a real need to update it. I'm sure other KS riders will chime in.
  8. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I don't think that's hojo's video. At least I hope not. One other tool needed might be this one:
  9. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    Are you female.... er a woman? Or just someone who prefers a smaller, compact wheel? That could certainly affect which wheel you pick. Even with my Ninebot One 16" wheel it's a bit of weight to lug around. The KingSong 14" wheel looks to be an all round winner in the 14" class. @Marty Backe (after the newer firmware release ) seems to think quite highly of it. @Kimosabi was considering it, but we might have talked her into the KS16 instead. In hindsight, I wonder if there is quite a weight difference between the two. Even the 14S might be a good choice. In Canada there are some dealers like RidetheGlide, vaneuc.com , and InMotion Canada which are the ones I know of. You can't go wrong with Jason from Ewheels in the US. I've found most Canadian pricing fairly high unfortunately so I've bought from the US even with the poor exchange rate and import duties. It still ends up less than buying locally I've found.
  10. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    For that price range you might want to get a different wheel. The specs and performance of the Ninebots don't really cut it at that price point as you will be wanting to upgrade sooner than later I bet. Maybe look at a V5F+ if they are still available somewhere or an InMotion V8? Perhaps paying a bit more for a KS16S woud be worthwhile.
  11. Rockwheel GT16 DIY Protection

    That looks like the tubing split open from a soda fountain dispenser that connects the syrup tanks or clear garden hose. Nice kick stand and trolley handle install as well!
  12. Disassemable and repair for Rockwheel GT16

    The GT16 shell is likely one of the best looking with its open wheel concept. It's so minimalistic yet is slick with the cool motorcycle like vents and angles. I hope they can take their design to the next level in future versions.
  13. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Speaking of engineering...
  14. The Photo Thread

    How they forget so soon. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/what-colour-is-the-dress-blue-and-black-or-white-and-gold-whatever-you-see-says-a-lot-about-you-10074490.html
  15. Disassemable and repair for Rockwheel GT16

    @Tomek I was speaking in general or maybe more specifically about the Ninebot while trying to nudge other wheel makers to consider the same attention to detail while attempting to preserve "face." Not that Ninebot makes perfect wheels, but they are pretty sturdy and reliable for the most part. Thankfully Rockwheel has a helpful resource on the forums here and is interested in feedback for improvement. Ninebot has the funds of mega-corporation Xiaomi behind it. We have to keep in mind that some of these smaller EUC companies don't have deep pockets to invest in developing the "perfect" wheel straight off the bat. Now imagine if you took your life savings and put a large portion of it to contract out a design for a new shell, new control board and motor. Each revision and detail will cost you more. Do you sell the farm to produce an all out killer wheel, or do you spend more towards performance and make a cool looking wheel that should be "good enough?" These wheels are more hobbyist grade devices rather than polished Lexus flagship vehicles. It's easy to forget that we're still in the pioneering days of the Model T here as I see it. If these continue to take off, expect to see evolution and improvement with some shortcomings in the mix. Hopefully the ones who listen and see what improvements and features consumers are looking for will modify future designs and be rewarded for doing so with increased sales.