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  1. Ahhh LOL had me going there for a bit... Edit: Alternate sound file to use... Actually that would be an awesome OEM app enabled feature for wheels that have built in speakers. Speed controlled variation and selectable custom wheel sounds... that would be cool...
  2. What? Help you decide to get one? Suuuure... Looks like a fun little bike to tool around on... Oh oh your wife is sending me to the doghouse...
  3. The mainboard appears quite streamlined, and it's interesting that they were able to go with one large electrolytic capacitor. In the photo Rehab1 posted, it would have been cooler (literally) if they were able to allow air to pass in through the shell opening, under the heatsink fin area and out through the back just like a channeled air tunnel. Maybe a slide to allow the control board to be inserted from the side might have allowed that. The electronics being on top would be isolated from any rain that enters. Too bad they didn't waterproof the board like others do. Even with it's shortcomings it's still a beaut of a wheel with some impressive specifications. Whether it will live up to users trials will be interesting to find out. So far @houseofjob and @captainwells haven't reported any failures or problems yet so that is looking good. I hope Rockwheel will succeed with this model, and I look forward to a much improved V2 model as I think they are on the right track with it's sleek looks and performance. They just need to hire on an experienced shell designer and tweak a few elements to take an awesome looking wheel to an outstanding, easily serviceable product! I wonder what were the control board failure issues after 100 km that the French reported were due to? If I were the head of Rockwheel, I'd listen to the criticism and make the changes people are talking about to make a super reliable wheel that goes faster than everyone else and is rock solid reliable. Why not just do it and capture the market? Coat that control board to make it waterproof! It can't cost that much more? Com'on! I think they have to move from "toy level" quality and design to a more professional level of quality and thoughtfulness. Gotway is making strides in that area but has a while to go. KingSong and InMotion already are quite advanced. Why not bring it up to Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki level of engineering rather than stay at V-tech, Hasbro, and Fisher Price build quality? People are willing to pay over $2000 for a wheel - why not deliver a product worthy of that price? Maybe the larger Chinese market just won't pay for high quality so we are stuck with what the lowest common denominator dictates. I guess it all boil down to cost and getting past that build it as cheap as possible mentality. I wonder when the Chinese will get to Japanese level design and standards? Also when is Japan making their own EUC? Forget about the Ecubs or whatever they are called. Maybe they see the market already saturated by the Chinese that they don't see the any profit starting something up? I would love to see a joint venture where Rockwheel pairs up with a company like Kawasaki to help tweak their design to end up with a product that dominates the field. Kawasaki already makes a Z125 pro for $3000. You don't see any Chinese-Japanese joint projects though for some reason.
  4. It has only 6 MOSFETs? I thought 12 was the current standard for most EUCs? Do the InMotion, IPS, and KingSong EUCs only use six? The design and paint looks fantastic. Too bad they couldn't fine tune it to be more waterproof with easier access to components? Form over function I guess. Can't we have both?
  5. Wow I thought that was like a sound effect that you added into the video! That is the coolest sounding wheel! I want me one! You are from the future Marty Backe! Don't come for me!
  6. Never under-estimate the abilities of a skilled electrician! I still wonder whether it could be inferior low temperature melting solder that is liquifying and allowing the wires to drop out. Do you have a variable temperature soldering iron? Maybe try melting the solder at different temperatures starting with a low setting first for like 30 seconds at a time and see if you can determine the melting point.
  7. Nice job with the new components! Hey with a new board do you need to run a calibration cycle on it first to make sure everything is leveled out?
  8. There's no better thrill than riding fully nood on one's EUC, that's for certain! On cold days though shrinkage and loss of limbs due to frost bite can be a concern.
  9. Spies! Spies I tell you! IPS has a mole in the KingSong organization! Or maybe just read part two of my working theory about the friends thing... Speculation is fun, but it's all guesswork. Who knows - maybe IPS is doing a joint venture with KingSong, and they wanted to demonstrate their new product to them to maybe collaborate on sharing tech and perhaps joining forces like Solowheel/InMotion. There can be power in synergy. Some companies can be techno marvels, but they lack the connections for mass marketing. IPS seems to be languishing with only one new model. Maybe seeing dropping sales, they are reaching out to a more successful company to see what a merger or joint venture can produce. Why doesn't someone just contact the people at KingSong and inquire about the truth?
  10. My working theory is that KingSong got a hold of an IPS i5, and they were stress testing it to see how it performs before releasing their own KingSong KS5 version with a nicer looking shell. What do they say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer? Each company probably has a few samples of competitors wheels on which they can reverse engineer, study, and borrow from. It's just the Chinese way. Or maybe the owners are good friends, and in a small community they might be showing off their new products to each other. Gotway and KingSong might be blood enemies (?), but that doesn't mean the IPS guys aren't buddies with KS? Just speculation, of course.
  11. Oh man that sucks, but glad to see that your sense of humour is intact! Did you check when you remounted your MOSFETS that everything was insulated properly? @esaj do you think accidentally shorting a MOSFET to the heatsink might explain the spark explosion and the subsequent control board not activating? Is there anyway to double check that there is no continuity between the heatsink and the MOSFETs?
  12. There's an old saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!" I wouldn't risk it considering the cost of these wheels without making sure the wiring is up to the task. If the new wheel has the separated wires that are thermally sleeved, maybe a short distance uphill ride while carefully monitoring on a logging app might be prudent to catch any unusually high readings. Meep's weight might not be similar to a roadrunner so we have to take that into consideration. I think seeing the actual hill will give everyone a better idea of what a Gotway killer can be given a certain rider weight. @Merrittous MonoWheel posted up some of his steep climbs on the Monster, but I think parts of the hill were too difficult in the end. Best to err on the safe side and check temperatures and current draws than be sorry!
  13. @meepmeepmayer if you ever get a chance, do you think you could post up some video of the hill that you were travelling on that created the wire melt down? I think it would be interesting to see from the bottom how steep the climb was. I wouldn't recommend repeating the climb on your new wheel though...
  14. Now we talkin'! So real, so real!
  15. That's what we in upper management call "Delegation of duties," meeper. You subliminally corrupt the minds of your fellow forum visitors to eventually take over these self-propagating tasks for you while you partake in other more essential duties like influencing people to add more smilies, purchasing more EUCs than they really need, baking fresh bread in your new breadmaker, and generally steering things in the direction that you want. Didn't you take Evil Emperor 101 back in university?