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  1. Glad you were able to narrow down the source of the fault. I was concerned you would ride like 20 km into some no cell service mountainous area and get stuck with a non-functioning wheel. I really wish they would move to a heavy duty automotive connector with vibration and waterproof connectors. Those little connectors are fine for computers that don't move, but for something this heavy moving at 40 kph over all sorts of bumps you really don't want to trust your safety to something like that if you can help it. I guess the silicon goop is supposed to be "good enough."
  2. Aw it's too bad that @Bryan Wells set his videos to private. He did some really good reviews, and he's a pretty tall rider. He might have sold his wheel too... maybe had a bad accident... or maybe DVT ? Still some good info in there... the seat didn't give him any troubles as far as I saw, but he did do a peddle mod.
  3. Epic soundtrack as well! Too bad no closeup footage through a bedroom window... wouldn't mind seeing what the inside looks like! Hey I found one more tracking device - it's called the Iota GPS tracker... I think it has a 12 block range, but if more nodes are present it extends it further. Quite a cool little device. Accuracy is to within 30 feet.
  4. I might be totally wrong, but I think that FTO may have modded his ride to add in that sound? He was mentioning trying to add some audio effects in the Disco RiDers chat room like when you were a kid and clipped a baseball card to the spokes of your bike...
  5. I think some places also rent satellite phones. If you search Google, you'll find a few. Maybe they are more commonly rented for people going on a sailing trip or a distant hike somewhere. Just don't let a dinosaur eat it.
  6. Nice aerial footage! Whoa I'd hate to shovel that driveway... man I'd be dead!
  7. Oh sorry, got too used to asking for that on the "Gynecology Forum." Ever since I got my gynecology degree printed up, I've been in hot demand amongst the ladies seeking free medical help. I specialize in "Is that just a mole on my boob, or is it cancer?" It's very rewarding to be able to offer altruistic, free medical assistance online, but of course I do need to see photos of the affected areas to help form a proper diagnosis. By the by, you still owe me a paycheque and one ACM16 on your tab.
  8. It could be possible that MicroWorks bought some Gotway wheels and reverse engineered their boards to produce their own product to the market. I always thought they produced boards and did customizations to them for other companies. They were selling some Gotway wheels on their website a while ago. With so many copycat companies in China it's difficult to tell the chicken from the egg.
  9. Maybe see if you can round up some helpers and do a grid search pattern including tree tops. One person can only cover so much ground, but with many pairs of eyes (especially kids!) you never know what a group can end up spotting. I'm still hoping you'll find it intact and working!
  10. Hmmm do you have any pre-existing medical conditions? Borderline diabetes? What medications are you currently taking? I think for a definitive diagnosis, we'll have to do a full blood workup, chem 10, full body CT, MRI, pap smear, and stool sample analysis stat. I've can't rule out Rhabdomyolysis at this juncture just yet... Don't be scared. Just wait until you get my bill.
  11. Vagovasal syncope related to dehydration, heat exhaustion and extreme exercise.
  12. Lactic acidosis. What? I watched a lot of "House MD." @jrkline - I'm just busting your um ball...istic donut dependencies. You and @Ando Melkonyan are real heroes to literally go that extra mile and climb that mountain to help out a fellow rider in distress. No disrepect intended.
  13. Nemo Resideo! Com'on. Seal Team Six? Lone Survivor? I can't be the only one watching these movies! Then again, sometimes when ya gotta go for a donut run, ya gotta go right? Donut calls... @Marty Backe I think your biggest mistake was to have placed this custom vinyl covering on your Monster... Not a good idea... not a good idea when riding with Jeff...
  14. It's maybe just my "inner boy scout" talking, but I like to be over-prepared for anything that the elements can throw at me. For my 50 minute rides, I carry the same pack as the guy on the left. No wonder why my Ninebot struggles to go fast... I also think it's a good idea not to leave anyone who's dehydrated and exhausted by themselves unless there is no choice or unless they are in good enough condition to fend for themselves. They could easily pass out, fall off a ledge, or get eaten by a bear. Don't you guys watch TV/movies???
  15. I wonder if staying put with the wheel and the front light flashing might have helped signal to the chopper your location. Also, carrying some matches to make a fire might have been helpful. Bear Grylls usually tries to make some smoke signals from dumping leaves onto a fire. It might have been better to try heading down to where the stream was to get some water as dehydration will have a huge impact on the body's functions. There are those water filter bottles that come in handy that help filter out giardia and cryptosporidium. Having an emergency call whistle might also be good to ward off bears and signal locations. I wonder if it would allow you to drink your own pee...