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  1. Do you know something what happen about this

    Maybe with the larger battery packs there's less of an influence from colder temperatures? My Ninebot with the 320 wh battery goes about 16-17 km averaging 20 kph over the trip of flats, hills, bumpy sidewalks, and some downhills with my 167 lb weight.. After that, 10 km range remains, but you can hit the low power speed limiter which slows the wheel down to somewhere about 10 kph which is super annoying but safe. You really don't want to go 10 km at 10 kph, believe you me! At 5°C the drop is quite noticeable on my battery pack, but I managed to get home before the limp mode engaged. Even at 12°C you have to factor in the windchill. Dressing up warmly helps, but your face still gets cold similar to skiing downhill. If you can wear a hoodie under your helmet that helps. I wasn't kidding about the scarf. Below 4-5 celcius I have no urge to go riding outside even if the road conditions are dry and snowfree! But that's just me - I see hardy people jogging and cycling around in winter so maybe it's not too bad?
  2. Best place to buy Mten3?

    Hasn't the recall been taken care of? People had their affected wheels fixed before shipping out. Mten3 sounds like a solid choice if you ask @Marty Backe. IPS I5 would be your next best bet or that weird little two wheeled Solowheel thingy.
  3. Do you know something what happen about this

    I am everywhere and nowhere. Currently I have escaped my captors in Bangkok and returned to chilly Calgary, Alberta. Home of the Stampede, Flames hockey team, and bad weather.

    Seeing those three wheeled taxis and the Jollibee he rode by, I'm guessing that GT16 was being ridden in the Phillipines rather than China? Don't you watch "The Amazing Race?"
  5. Do you know something what happen about this

    Just kill me now - there's snow forecast tonight! Keep on rubbin' it in Marty! I might have to get me a snowmobile suit it feels like winter already. I definitely gotta move somewhere warmer. I did manage to get a ride in. The sweat pants under my work pants really helped along with a T-shirt, hoodie pullover, and fall motorcycle jacket. Fingers still froze as the Hillbilly full finger wrist guards let cool air in from the backside... also should have worn that scarf! Battery was also not so happy as it went down to 10 km remaining faster than normal. Bot temp was 33°C at the end of my ride.
  6. Do you know something what happen about this

    That's because you live in sunny California! It's 6°C here with a spritz of rain currently. I rode a couple days ago on a windy 12°C evening, and I froze my hands and eardrums leading to a dull headache from the windchill. I was thinking of riding tonight, but I have to find a scarf, thermal undies, and warmer jacket! Here the weather changes on a dime. That's why some of us are a bit cautious about rain. That plus it just makes sense or they wouldn't bother weatherproofing cars and motorcycle for the LA market. Puddles and pools happen! Don't jinx yourself now and find out what happens to your favorite Mten3 too close to the water! People were questioning why I wear a helmet and safety gear while riding on a Ninebot... it's better safe than sorry!
  7. Do you know something what happen about this

    These are vehicles that travel at pretty high speeds outside so they should be weatherproofed against the elements. Who can predict when a rainstorm suddenly occurs when riding or a splash from a puddle happens? IPS control boards are entirely enclosed in a metal container, and we rarely hear about IPS failures. I think it would be trivial to do what IPS has been doing for years to completely enclose the control boards. The GT16 is almost there with the large heatsink and cooling fins underneath the board, but if they took it one step further and incorporated a top cover with a gasket seal (think Tupperware container made of aluminum) that would remove all worries about water ingress. Or use some 3M conformal waterproof spray over the electronics at least. Incorporate waterproof connectors everywhere like the auto and motorcycle industry and seal up the hub motor covers with a waterproof gasket or simple silicone seal. Seal up the battery packs (think waterproof bag that some cameras use), and these wheels should be able to handle almost anything they encounter (maybe even a dip in the lake a la @Rehab1)!
  8. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    When doing those back and forth reversals, use caution not to do them too much as that may stress out the MOSFETs. Some people have reported in the past blowing out a component doing that too aggressively. I haven't heard any problems recently so maybe with the better cooling advancements it's not an issue any more? I wonder if the sound produced could be some of the copper coils shifting position slightly as the magnetic force direction changes. It would be interesting to see a Wheelog chart of the current and voltage changes that occur with the short pendulum movements.
  9. Does anyone know someone who quit riding the EUC?

    Welcome back @Pingouin! You should take in some of those group rides that @Hansolo posts videos about. Looks like fun!
  10. Does anyone know someone who quit riding the EUC?

    I think @Pingouin got mugged too often and may have quit? Or he said he was quitting I think. A bunch of people have come and gone. Difficult to say what happened to them.

    When is Gotway going to add in some high quality speakers into their wheels? I still love these riding sound effects. Maybe the "Jaws" theme on repeat would be cool...
  12. Has anybody Heard of this?

    You definitely have a good point, but I think we all were a little bit wreckless and carefree at one point (or several) in our youth so I won't judge the man by his soldering skills in one photo or how he presents himself on a webpage too much. It looks like he soldered on some quick connectors so the motor wires could be removed easily? In any case I'd write it off as just an early experimental testing board photo. Maybe it's just my wishful thinking that there might be something to this Pulse Glider. I do seem to be grasping at straws here to back my first impressions up. Maybe he is more a conceptual guy who has good contacts in the industry to help him design what he is looking for. I know it's best to protect design elements so it's maybe it's all supposed to be kept hush hush, but still, if one is seeking serious backing and Kickstarter money, you really need a bit more proof to go on? Some proof of concept graphs, motor testing results, stuff like that I would think?
  13. Would you buy an EUC that could go 100kmh?

    Isn't it simply amazing that we are even discussing this? Riding balanced on a single wheel moving at high speeds? How is this even possible? Just try taking a baseball bat and balance it on your palm so it stands straight up. Now try running as fast as you can forwards while still keeping it in balance. Stop and go and vary your speed now and then and run over small bumps. See how fast you can make it without it falling... For those nitpickers, okay fine, add two side walls so the bat doesn't fall side to side and just concentrate on preventing it from falling forwards and backwards...
  14. Two axis self-balancing Electric Unicycle?

    That's a neat self-balancing stick. Just a theoretical question after watching this video again, what would happen if another rotating weight spinning in the same direction were to be placed on the other end. Would that increase the rate of the gyroscopic precession? Would the "bar bell" feel lighter allowing it to be picked up easier in the middle of the bar? It still boggles my mind to see him able to pick up the bar by the end and over his head if the weight remains constant since he could barely lift the weight near the wheel. Regarding dbfrese's idea, that would be a neat safety feature to be able to dampen a faceplant or stop it entirely, but I think it would counteract the rider's ability to control the speed and braking as the forward and backward forces would be dampened by the safety gyro?