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  1. Someone else did the very same thing and got his to work again on a Ninebot. Then again others have tried on different wheels and discovered other burnt out components preventing a simple fix. Let us know how your fix goes! I surprised myself that I remembered EUC Extreme posting this. That was quite some time ago.
  2. I hit some loose gravel taking a left turn from a pathway onto a dirt road. The lateral skid was unsettling, but I summoned my inner "Mini-EUC Extreme" and rode through it. It's just bad when you're not expecting it. Also the lurch that happens when you hit deep enough loose rocks is a bit alarming.
  3. Did you check the axle nuts? Any spare wheels in the collection?
  4. Ran into a family of deer (mom and two fawns) on the way out and the mom on the way back tonight. The one fawn stood and kept staring at me until I got super close. It's funny that it's the same look many people give me. These creatures are very curious about the wheel I think as I don't register as something familiar.
  5. If you can post some photos of the board, maybe that will help. Double check that the power button connector is seated into the right spot on the control board. Maybe you have something connected to the calibration jumper.
  6. Sorry to hear that your wheel cut out. Hopefully you will be a group two rider and don some protective gear. Did you brake very hard? How much do you weigh and was this on a downhill? I wonder if you might have accidentally created a very large current spike triggering the BMS to shut down the battery pack.
  7. I'd be hesitant to ride that Monster wheel if it's starting to act up. It could be a sign of a MOSFET on it's way out or something else not quite right. Exploring unknown territory with a heavy wheel might be asking for trouble! I don't know if Marty could carry a Monster back like you did with his ACM. Have you figured out what the problem is?
  8. Don't over-think it. I was just breaking down the various turning options down to their component parts. Often it can be a combination of techniques that achieve the same result. The easiest for gradual turns is just turning your upper body at the waist in the direction you want. Somehow that must shift your centre of balance to that side. Adding in the change in foot pressure turns even more. Adding an entire body lean forwards and to the side adds to that. Do whatever works for you as that's the beauty of it - you have options.
  9. Well KS16S, ACM16, GT16 v2 are on the list. I don't know if going to an 18" wheel like an MSuper would be an idea or not. I'm not in a huge rush to upgrade as the ol' Ninebot is still chugging along so I may as well get my money's worth out of it. I'm also still eyeing some RX8's as I still like the idea of cruising around in one, but the 16 mpg fuel economy isn't thrilling me. The EUC makers seem to be cranking new models out all the time so I could just wait for the next ride to come along. I'm slowly getting used to holding the rabbit. Gotta support the haunches and grab the upper body. The rabbit is very chill so that helps!
  10. I believe has been very helpful with KingSong customers. Maybe she can also lend a hand.
  11. Sometimes it's not always about reliability nor speed, Mr. ACM Rehabilimechanic, but.... oh who am I kidding? It IS all about speed and reliability! Okay okay I got me a sucky wheel that doesn't go that fast but looks good! It's time to upgrade!!!
  12. Sometimes a bunny is just a bunny, meepsters. We're over-run by waskally wabbits here it's crazy. All over the city there's tons of wild hares running around plus there's people releasing domestic ones outdoors! This one was found in the backyard. It's not always about speed Mr. Nocturnal Roadrunner, but sometimes style takes precedence. Take for example this Jaguar E-type. It's not the fastest car by today's standards, but it certainly holds its own quite well. Close up shot:
  13. Looky what I got yesterday! It is so tiny but very tame. Just a lil fluffball! Gosh it's hard to hold onto though... don't want to squish it or have it jump off you while walking. It eats that Timothy hay stuff there. Very fun to watch! Haven't decided on a name yet. Was thinking of "Hasenpfeffer," but that might be too cruel and unusual.
  14. That's fantastic! Yeah it must help to have good quality tweezers. I got a set of tweezers, but they flex and aren't very good. I had no luck resoldering a small IC after hot-air removing it. It would accidentally fly off half the time, or I couldn't see the proper orientation (pin 1 or 6? Hmmm ) that I got frustrated and gave up. How you liking the el cheapo Chinese re-work station? I see you still have the mini-vacuum tube on it. Mine doesn't have that.
  15. Hey have you thought of trying to contact that group of riders down there to see if you can join a group ride? I think they are called the Wheelies.