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  1. andress

    Onewheel with Gotway MCM4 Control board

    Nice! Did you find compatible motor? How? Or did you reprogram the board?
  2. andress

    bent pedal - KS14c

    If you can't make your dealer fix it for you, you can try yourself as I did:
  3. Unfortunately this map is not updated there is now even more areas where everything self-balancing is banned. Motorized scooters seem to be tolerated.
  4. It is true for the city centre. Segways are banned and the law is written in a way that also bans any other self-balancing vehicles. However the ban is mostly not enforced while riding a unicycle. Most of the riders from Prague ride in the center without much problem. You can also ride outside of the city centre where they are not banned.
  5. andress

    My Conversion of an ACM to an ACM2

    I'm not saying that that's case but the spill could have been caused by the axle breaking... That's what happened to me. I was riding, crossing the street and when going up on a slight bump of the sidewalk the axle broke. That resulted in a fall, cracked shell (similar to yours), burned board and zero damage to me as I was able to run it off...
  6. andress

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I actually wrote them already yesterday and this is what I got back: Dobry den. Planujeme jak V10, tak i V10F. Ceny 34.990 (V10) ; 42.990 (V10F). Dostupnost pocitame od cervna 2018. Hezky den! So over 2000 USD for V10F
  7. andress

    EUC Rebuild Contest

    125 is my guess. Didn't count just hope that z3n missed a few
  8. andress

    Charging battery outside EUC

    Actually you could use the two packs for charging electronics as well. Most modern chargers for laptops, cell phones and other electronics accept voltage between 110V and 240V which you would fit in if you connected the two packs in series (84+84=168V) instead of parallel as they are in the unicycle. Also no need to worry about the chargers normally using AC instead of DC as they convert to DC anyway and the conversion circuit can accept DC current without any harm. So no additional HW except right connectors would be needed. However you should not really be ready to put your life in risk based on information from random person from internet as mishandling/shorting these batteries can have disastrous consequences. Having said that have a look at this video (Justin is known expert mainly on ebikes) so you at least have two sources. He is using batteries with much more advanced BMSs but same principle applies to our unicycle batteries:
  9. axle, have a look at my threads I posted about the change
  10. I did flip the axle upside down when I had a crack and it worked just fine. I did it just as a temporary solution before getting new axle so the pedals woudn't scrape the motor in the mean time. It was a gamble as the axle could have broke off entirely at any time after this but it didn't before I got a new one.
  11. It would kind of be practical for people in my city because in most of the city center balancing scooters are banned, but if I balanced manually I would most likely get a free pass.
  12. andress

    Any see this Rota Una before?

    I could not find a single video of him actually riding the thing on that webpage. He says it has weak motor...
  13. andress

    18L Group Buy?

    Sign me up too pls
  14. andress

    Severe shaking on Kingsong KS16 at rest

    I would definitely check the whether the bolts holding the peddle arms are tight before doing anything else. Very dirty in the picture but hopefully you can see what I mean.
  15. andress

    WheelLog Android App

    I'm positive that it does. Look at this video I made to prove it. First I set it to 14 kmph on the tablet and once I turn on the app on the phone you can see it there too. Then I change it to 7 kmph and go back to tablet where it also changed. I turned the Bluetooth off when not connected to be sure the app doesn't get the updated value by listening in on the connection from the other device...