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  1. Charging battery outside EUC

    Actually you could use the two packs for charging electronics as well. Most modern chargers for laptops, cell phones and other electronics accept voltage between 110V and 240V which you would fit in if you connected the two packs in series (84+84=168V) instead of parallel as they are in the unicycle. Also no need to worry about the chargers normally using AC instead of DC as they convert to DC anyway and the conversion circuit can accept DC current without any harm. So no additional HW except right connectors would be needed. However you should not really be ready to put your life in risk based on information from random person from internet as mishandling/shorting these batteries can have disastrous consequences. Having said that have a look at this video (Justin is known expert mainly on ebikes) so you at least have two sources. He is using batteries with much more advanced BMSs but same principle applies to our unicycle batteries:
  2. axle, have a look at my threads I posted about the change
  3. I did flip the axle upside down when I had a crack and it worked just fine. I did it just as a temporary solution before getting new axle so the pedals woudn't scrape the motor in the mean time. It was a gamble as the axle could have broke off entirely at any time after this but it didn't before I got a new one.
  4. It would kind of be practical for people in my city because in most of the city center balancing scooters are banned, but if I balanced manually I would most likely get a free pass.
  5. Any see this Rota Una before?

    I could not find a single video of him actually riding the thing on that webpage. He says it has weak motor...
  6. 18L Group Buy?

    Sign me up too pls
  7. Severe shaking on Kingsong KS16 at rest

    I would definitely check the whether the bolts holding the peddle arms are tight before doing anything else. Very dirty in the picture but hopefully you can see what I mean.
  8. WheelLog Android App

    I'm positive that it does. Look at this video I made to prove it. First I set it to 14 kmph on the tablet and once I turn on the app on the phone you can see it there too. Then I change it to 7 kmph and go back to tablet where it also changed. I turned the Bluetooth off when not connected to be sure the app doesn't get the updated value by listening in on the connection from the other device...
  9. WheelLog Android App

    When using wheel settings on Kingsong, why doesn't the app read the values that are set from the wheel? It does it for the riding mode as can be seen from the screen with all the info but discards that info in the setting so each says different thing. (btw it would be nice to unify the riding modes names across the app) Same with speed and others. If for example invalid speed is set (i.e. 31 for my KS14C) , it doesn't check and stays on the value that one wanted to set even though in reality the wheel reset to 25. Also it seems like turning the wheel off and on again messes up the avg riding as seen in the screenshot. You are getting darn close to making a perfect unicycle app (already by far the best for android)! Great skills! Thanks for the effort!
  10. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Actually the voltage sag that is more pronounced with bad batteries would cause higher currents running through the wires while using the same wattage and since it is current and not voltage heating the wires up it could actually in theory worsen the situation with overheating wires.
  11. So do I understand correctly, these connected two in series would be perfect fit for the higher voltage gotways and inmotions? 36v / 3,6v = 10 cells so two LiGos means 20 cells in series - same as the batteries in those wheels right?
  12. Barcelona, in Spanish

    Hola! Soy de la Republica Checa I voy a visitar Espana 8-22.7. And thats about as far as my Spanish goes. I just waned to ask whether you have any gathering planned for the period I will be in Spain. Most of the time I will be in Barcelona. Also is there someone or somewhere that I could cheaply rent EUC from? I cannot take mine as I am flying
  13. Successful axle change - KS14C

    There is some play (fraction of a millimeter) until you press it down firmly. So either it is not moving anymore because of friction or it is finally in the right spot IDK. Nothing worse than going down a curb on this motor. On the older one I have done half meter drops but since that one broke I calmed down a lot As you can see I already did change all of them once...
  14. Successful axle change - KS14C

    I tried to use the shims but found them pretty useless. Even when using them the cover realigned the axle during tightening of the screws- I assume this by the sounds it made.The covers are not aligned by the screws but by the rim that goes around the circumference of the cover. It only goes in the right positions when pressed to the outer hub so that's why it seems that it is the screws that align it but they are there really just to keep it all pressed together. So the bigger screw holes allow only for a angle shift which should not affect the axle at all. I tried to take a little video of what I mean but I'm not sure that you can see it. Basically I try to demonstrate that the cover stays in one position even without any screws at all. https://goo.gl/photos/RYUDr45ZcEiQ7RCK8
  15. Successful axle change - KS14C

    So I disassembled the motor again and there were some marks on the magnets as if from rubbing by the stator so I guess that's the cause for the once-per-revolution wobble. I tried to put on the original motor covers. Those I had marked the exact positions they were in before ever taking them off. It didn't help. It was actually slightly worse because of worse bearing that were on these covers. So I flipped the stator in the other direction against the outer rotor and that helped! Even with the new covers the once-per-revolution wobble is gone! Even though the wobble mentioned above is gone you are probably right. It still rides different in each direction. In backwards direction it actually feels better than the original (as far as I remember, no other KS14C around to verify). In forward direction there are some oscillations when there is a bump. I will leave as it is for now. It works and I'm kinda tired off messing with the motor and not riding the unicycle. But if I manage to get the same sensors that were there before (unlikely cannot find them anywhere) I will change them BTW Does anyone know whats the normal maximum free spin speed for the newer board and motor version of KS14C with full battery? Good that is works for you but as I said I have entirely different way the pedals holder attaches to the axle... It is much simpler way and if it isn't the actual cause of the axle breaks it seems to be better way as I had never had a problem with it getting loose. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions on the cause! As it is right now I call it great success and you can expect another project with the older motor during the summer.