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  1. Tried with Freeman A4H and it behaves the same. With small constant tilt it slowly accelerates and when put into neutral position it keeps the speed or sometimes slowly decelerates but that might be because it wasn't leveled precisely to neutral. The bigger angle the faster acceleration.
  2. I have been using the latest firmware since it came out and the only issue I have is that since update WheeLog app doesn't connect on its own. I have to first connect trough the official app and only then WheelLog connects. No issues with riding.
  3. There is normal speed tiltback (not as violent) on my ks14c that occurs at the speed set in app or sooner (around 25km/h) on lower battery and then there is this violent tiltback that happens while there is some non standard behavior for example too rapid acceleration or these kind of bumps. I guess it is based on current?
  4. I also have ks14c but with bigger 680Wh battery and I had to upgrade the board to the new one (old one didn't have the violent tiltback). First time the titlaback happened to me I also almost fell but since then I got used to it and it actually saved me few times. It is especially useful when there are hidden bumps caused by tree roots growing under the pavement. If you go on these at speed without knowing they tend to throw you forward but this violent tiltback always managed to put the euc in front of me me in position ready to break and thus caught me nicely..
  5. I did change my hall sensors. I fried the originals so there was no way to compare but I pretty much bought the first bipolar latching hall sensors I could get. Till today it works witout any issues.
  6. I'm using the international variant of galaxy S6 and I have also tried it on Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and it doesn't work properly either. Before there was no problem on several different phones from different manufacturers.
  7. I have similar issue with KS14C (newer board) after upgrade to 1.25. Wheelog connects but doesn't show any data unless I connect with the KS app. Before upgrade it worked like charm.
  8. Coudnt you control this esc with arduino with gyro/accelerometer? Similar to how the commands are sent from remote control from e-skateboards which I think this esc is meant for?
  9. Could you use something like this,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_433_10136_10137_10138_10060_10062_10056_10055_10054_302_10059_10099_10103_10102_10096_10052_10053_10050_10107_10051_10106_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_10037_10078_10079_10077_10073_10070_10122_10123_10126_10124-10050,searchweb201603_3,afswitch_1,ppcSwitch_5,single_sort_0_price_asc&btsid=7fc78db4-805f-4291-a405-a9e623299ea3&algo_expid=0ea5d305-03c1-45fd-8f75-e1162e8f9006-0&algo_pvid=0ea5d305-03c1-45fd-8f75-e1162e8f9006 for the motor control?
  10. Ok, so it seems that the buttons from old board really don't work with the new one. Not my fault after all. Tina was telling that I must have broken them...
  11. From the PDF it seems they are changing the the battery configuration from daisy-chaining to paralel. I know there were big discussions about this on the forum but I don't know whether there was consensus about what is better? Did KS give any info about why they are changing this?
  12. When installing the new motor did you do it yourself? With the new motor I didn't get new washers and the old ones didn't fit so I had to install the motor without them. Tina said it doesn't matter but IDK. Did you get new washers? Also the little board with the buttons is not working very well. Even though the display works the buttons don't. I'm not sure if I broke something or if it isn't compatible. Are you also using the old one? Is it working?
  13. So I had this board for almost two months now and I have ridden 522 km on it according to the app. Before I had board from December 2015. I had to switch because of cracked motor axle - the new motor only works with the new board. The ride is much stiffer now and in the slow speeds it feels a bit jittery. Also the sound is a bit different. There is less of that high pitched sound but generally more noise. Speed seems to be about the same as long as one has more than 50% battery. After that you can only go 25km/h which is biggest drawback compared to the old board. I am experienced rider I can judge the safe speed by myself now and would like to be able to do that. With the 680wh battery there is plenty of juice left even bellow 50%. On the other hand there some nice features too. Now the lights can be turned off and on from the app and can blink instead of just being on. The connection to the bluetooth receiver for music is easier. But requires to have the voice warnings turned on for some reason. That is made worse by the fact that the memory for the setting is not saved reliably, same goes for the light settings. One thing that kind of scared me at least the first few times is aggressive tilt-back. It happens during fast acceleration. The wheel really kicks in front of you. First time i really believed I'm going down.
  14. But are you not reading the current at AC 110V? Thats not the current that goes to your unicycle but since you have high voltage euc and low voltage country the difference isnt that big
  15. I think I found the Chao Yeng tire on aliexpress.,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10061_10062_10056_10055_10037_10054_10059_10032_10099_10078_10079_10077_10073_10100_10096_10070_10052_423_10050_424_10051,searchweb201603_9&btsid=d32ea4c9-f03f-46ab-98e6-160db71e1738&aff_platform=link-c-tool&sk=uR7uBY3Rz%3A&cpt=1479743861752&af=DPlnKr2ATnM&afref=&cn&cv=90001&dp=wNyx83MDEM&aff_trace_key=c01645e36b0046f0b1f7d8b709b64302-1479743861752-01654-uR7uBY3Rz