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  1. Electric Unicycle's BMS problem and solution

    well, since this is the only help i will ever get, hobby16 is out of the map. i decided to shunt p- to b-, and i tested the wheel, it seems that its working, however, when i started to charge it, the red light on the charger turns on, and after some time, is stays green, in other words, is charged, and then blinks red, and then green, and it keeps doing it. they blink until i remove it from the wall :/ . Here a pic of the board, before the shunt
  2. Hi guys, I just had a great idea, but it's all theorical so i was hoping for your opinion in order to acctually make it real. The objetive of the eucs, is so take us as far as possible saving most $ possible, but the main idea behind the project is more km's. with that being said, i was wondering if it would be possible to have two batteries on the unicycle, but they only work one at the time, one is powering the unicycle and the other is charging with a solar panel, when the first battery runs out of juice, we turn the switch to the other battery and the solar panel charge the first battery while the second powers the unicycle, seems quite "easy" and "possible" to me, please tell me what do you think. main problems, solar panel size? voltage since we may need the original charger always on board? weight, all this adds extra weight? uglyness? ahah Not enough time to charge batteries?

    ahaha por aqui o pessoal pára todo a olhar, até já tive carros da policia a andar ao meu lado a ver, bem devagarinho, eu uso o meu para ir para o trabalho
  4. Electric Unicycle's BMS problem and solution

    is this a better view of the board? is it enough? This are all the mosfets on the board, buth the numbers above them are really anoying m16, m17, m18 and m19

    olá, eu nem sei meu modelo, tem fotos dele aqui https://www.dropbox.com/sc/pojxzn8w8r8rf8u/AAA4yFZ42153mH_DT1UeTPmba acho que é um tg-t3. Vivo no Porto, e nasci cá, aqui em portugal ainda nao vi ninguem, daí criar este grupo, estes eucs , sao caros, e ainda sao novidade por aqui, Eu tambem apesar de portugues carrego brasil no coração, o meu melhor amigo deixou Portugal, para viver com a familia em Campinas

    Boas caros amigos, Abri este topíco na espectativa de que mais alguém Português ou Brasileiro esteja registado aqui. Caso comentem, por favor identifiquem a vossa área, e modelo. e sejam bem vindos Cumprimentos, Carlos Rodrigues
  7. Electric Unicycle's BMS problem and solution

    no one ? I have my unit oppened awaiting for this answer, please someone ..............
  8. Electric Unicycle's BMS problem and solution

    Hi, before all, let me congratulate you all for the amazing job, i already fell 2 or 3 times of my unicycle, at this moment i prefer ride on him catching fire than having him throw me away like a stone, -.-, i was almost breaking my unicycle with a hammer when i saw this post, i´m not sure if its the same problem because, once it happens it doesnt turn on anymore, only when i get home and charge it, and since i have some daughts regarding this i decided to post them here, hoping you guys can help me. 1- what is my model -.-'? Pictures Here 2- Is the shunt in my picture correct, or should i shunt the 3rd one? 3-I noticed over the mosfets it says "M19", instead of "Q1" or "T1", like i saw on some pictures, is that a problem? Thanks a lot for the help, and have a safe ride