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  1. EUC Halloween Fun!

    Haha, that’s actually one of my group members from our Halloween ride last year! It should be another good ride this year though!
  2. I have rode this Austin's wheel many times. It's definitely got balls for a 12 inch wheel. Very easy to control and very responsive and agile. The pedals being very high does help. I can't disclose certain features as Austin wants it keep secret for now. Its definitely different from all the EUCs out there currently. He is looking for investors or VCs if anyone knows any😁
  3. BEST PRICES!! GotWay Electric Unicycles 18in. Carbon Msuper V2 - $800 14in White MCM2s 520Wh - $500 KingSong Electric Unicycles All S series 16in. KS16S - $1280 14in. KS14S - $1020 All wheels $50 shipping to all 48 states (Continental United States) Sale ends tomorrow 9/5/2017 Buyer must contact me for a discount code! All sales are final!
  4. Ninebot Z series

    VPN should do the trick! The hard part is getting these EUCs here in the US since hoverboards messed everything up with the catching on fires issues!
  5. Ninebot Z series

    This is everything I found so far on it. Might have info you haven't seen yet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/621491334621039/permalink/1020654604704708/
  6. Shipment arriving soon, reserve yours today! All orders will receive a Tec-Toyz.com eat sleep roll shirt, while supplies last. Plus free shipping within the Continental United States (48 states).
  7. Used electric unicycles for sale Msuper V3 820Wh 12-mosfet PCB 294miles on wheel. No issues what so ever. If you want it with 820Wh battery pack $1150 If you want it with 680Wh battery pack $1050 ACM 6-Mosfet with upgraded V2 big pedals 1500mi exact on the wheel. Runs just as it did from day one. No issues. If you want it with 820Wh battery pack $900 If you want it with 680Wh battery pack $800 MCM4 High Speed version 680Wh 146miles on wheel Runs great, no issues. $700 MCM4 Mid Speed Version 340Wh 600miles on wheel Runs great, only issue is the led lights. They work well in the beginning, but get funky after warming up. If you don't really care about the lights, then this is an extremely good buy for a starter wheel. $300 Brand New Brand new MCM2s 520Wh Solid wheel for the first time wheeler! Last one in stock! Can't beat the price on this one! $400 Message me if interested. Shipping can be arranged for USA only.
  8. How hot should and MCM4 HS be running?

    Im usually riding between 18-21mph on my ACM. Temp after wheel is warmed up, ranges between 50-65 Celsius depending on how hard i am pushing it, inclines, etc. air temperatures in the bay area been anywhere from 34-55 Freinheight. I weigh about 145lb. So if your getting less then 60 Celsius and weigh more then me, i think you are doing fine. These GotWay PCBs are supposed to handle up to 80 Celsius. Warning is supposed to come in once it hits 70 Celsius.
  9. Speedyfeet MSuper 820 vs 1600wh comparison

    Ian needs to have a chat with his sales connection. That's really bad QC!! The milage he is getting doesn't seem right even at those conditions. Sounds kind of fishy to me... Im getting some good milage from my Msuper V3s+, all my customers are getting good milage as well. It's been high 40's and low 50's on our last group ride! We did 40 miles on our last ride. I still had 60%. I did do two short charges which added about 20%. But I was at 80% charge when we started our ride. There are many factors that play into how much milage you can get out of a charge. Main factors are riders weight, speed(max speed during whole ride/avg. speed), how much incline/degree of incline/distance of incline. To me, these three are the biggest factors as to why (or why not) you are getting the range per charge. Also, people need to check charging issues as well? Could be your charger is not working properly. And lastly, Battery pack. Make sure you got the right battery pack. It should be clearly marked on the battery pack. Msuper V3 has 2 - 410Wh battery packs for the V3 820Wh. 680Wh will have 2 - 340Wh packs. If you were told 850Wh battery for the Msuper V3 you just bought, that's false. It's 820Wh! Only Msuper V2 came in 850Wh. It's 2 -340Wh packs and 1 -170Wh pack.
  10. Gotway Msuper3 1600 WH range

    @logos122 Yes, you should keep it above 35psi. I usually inflate units to 40psi. Much easier for "New riders" to learn at 35-40psi. More advanced riders seem to ride at 40-50psi. Personally, I ride at 40-45psi. Ride gets pretty harsh when above 45psi. A lower psi is more forgiving on bump and dips in the road. But if you have your air too low, you can damage your wheel. Especially if you hop up crubs and drop off curbs. By the way, Nice webpage reference! Enjoy your ride! Stay safe!
  11. ACM pedal upgrade...

    Nice, Enjoy it!! It's much better then the MCM4 pedals that they originally had on the Version 1 ACM's. MCM4 and up can use any pedals. I would use ACM or Msuper pedal for those people that want to upgrade their ACM which came with MCM4 pedals.
  12. Cyber Monday Sale going on now at www.tec-toyz.com BEST PRICES in the USA! Free shipping to all 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska is extra. Sale ends on Tuesday 11/29/16 at 6pm pacific standard time. SALE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR UNITED STATES while supplies last...
  13. Earthquakes...

    Dang, @The Fat Unicyclist, you guys are getting hammered with aftershocks. Stay safe! Living on bed rock helps. Soft soil liquifies.
  14. Yes, it could very well be a charger issue too. I've had one bad charger in the past to a customer I sold a GotWay ACM to, it was under charging. I've heard that if you leave the charger plugged in after the light changes to green it still charges, most likely mA. But even mA can add up over a long time. This may be another reason why it's over charging pass the 67.2 volts. Also a reason why IPS says not to leave the charger plugged in after the light turns green for more then two hours.