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  1. Yeah it's awesome. The difference, as far as I can tell, between the 'night mode' and 'high contrast mode' in accessibility settings, is that night mode will dim images too in certain light conditions, whereas high contrast keeps images as they are. In terms of desktops/laptops, youtube and twitter also have dark modes which are SO much better if a regular user.
  2. You'll be ok. God is standing by you in this, your darkest hour.
  3. Also anyone with a Samsung phone (and the latest Samsung browser software) can activate the night mode (and also the 'high-contrast' mode) in settings.
  4. Mten3 London

    anywhere decent in Bristol to ride?
  5. Mten3 London

    I'm no entrepreneur, but I get the general impression (Jason, Ian and others seem to support this) that the Chinese business attitude is.....to put it politely.......'cavalier.' They need to be sort of stimulated into action even for things that can only HELP their profit margins. It's weird. A cultural enigma - perhaps like Americans and their guns.
  6. Mten3 London

    Was announced on the 'Official London Electric Unicycle Club' facebook page. Not a Gotway fan personally, but if you are perhaps there'll be some killer bargains to be had as they (presumably) try and shift their remaining stock. So might be worth keeping an eye on their products page I suppose.
  7. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Well I suppose it depends on how you use your wheel. I don't use mine for commuting, just in the park. So I do lots of slaloming through and around the skater cones, lots of super tight turning on the spot etc etc. On my Lhotz it would not only scrape but occasionally fully 'catch' the ground especially if there was an imperfection/bump. with my Inmotion there's zero danger of that. Having said that, I still scrape the pedals up like hell when resting the wheel on the road or some newbie has a go so yeah.... there's no escaping the scrape unless they're covered.
  8. Mten3 London

    Yorkshire Airwheels is closing down, so I think your only option left would be Speedyfeet...that obviously would involve a train trip up north. It's good that you want to try one though - I'm not sure it would be wise to buy a 10inch wheel without seeing/giving one a go first! What wheel are you coming from? I have a v5f+ you're welcome to try out which is a 14inch. I've never used or even seen a 10incher before. There is of course, ONE OTHER OPTION if your heart is set on an mten3: you could buy a £50 return ticket to Paris using Eurostar Snap (snap.eurostar.com). I know that sounds crazy but that's how much a train ticket up north is too these days anyway. So it's the same money. Plus Paris would be a more enjoyable day trip than Gloucestershire! Plenty of euc shops in Paris where I'm sure they'd let you try any wheel you wanted - e.g. http://gyroroue-shop.fr
  9. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    AND the high pedal height of the v5f+/v8. It's hard to go back to anything lower once you're used to that.
  10. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    If any of you haven't watched Westworld yet, a) you're crazy b)perfect time to do so before season 2 comes out in April 👍
  11. Solowheel Brush

    Question is, do we really WANT to make learning to ride any easier? I thought this rite of passage was essential for the feeling of accomplishment and earning a place in our little club 😛
  12. Age Thread

    It's money, quite simply. The sort of young crowd this would appeal to don't have this kind of disposable cash. And if they do, It's usually spent instead on that new phone or holidays. It's the same with the electric skateboard crowd that I've talked to recently. Very few under 30. As for the rollerblader/skater crowd....they're broke by definition! Lol they wouldn't be taken seriously by their peers if they had money 😂
  13. Has Elon Musk uncovered a UFO?

    it's one of the first stage boosters returning back to earth I think.
  14. Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    is it true Barcelona and/or Denmark have outlawed eucs? or did I just imagine reading that somewhere on this forum?
  15. Amsterdam / Eurostar

    I was talking about this last year, but after many delays it's finally happened. As of April there will be a direct Eurostar train LONDON--->AMSTERDAM. Brussels too. Should be super convenient for any eucers who for obvious reasons can't fly. Definitely would love to take my wheel for a spin round Vondelpark.
  16. Wind

    So we talk all the time about hills/surfaces/rain etc, but does anyone else find that wind is the ultimate 'kryptonite' for eucs? I guess it's obvious really, given the physics of it all. I find myself religiously checking my weather app when I'm thinking of taking my v5f to the park, for instance. Anything above 13-15mph.... I just don't bother.
  17. Paris 19-21st

    Will be in Paris 19th-21st.... Long shot but anyone potentially likely to be around?
  18. An open letter

    ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. An open letter

    do you know someone who has one? Do we have independent, confirmation this is indeed 'shipping?' Obviously it 'exists' but I'm specifically referring to the notion of an 'active' retail shipping product that people are receiving and experiencing.
  20. An open letter

    Until we get a non-paid up shill/uniwheel employee doing a proper autopsy on a delivered retail model, I'm still putting this in Loch Ness Monster territory.
  21. An open letter

    and existed 😏
  22. Your best advice?

    The strap is not your friend.
  23. Police Tighten the Noose in London

    I wouldn't worry too much.....was this guy by any chance overweight and bald/balding? All the time I've been in H.P, I've only ever been stopped twice and both times was this guy. He has something personal against them. Every other officer (including vans that pass me) never seem to give a damn. Although I haven't ridden since Christmas. ps. I don't think he has the power to confiscate your personal property. Asking (ordering) you to leave the park is the best he can do.
  24. Getting close(r)

    The instruction manual for the Inmotion v5f+ is HILARIOUS. is China the least politically correct place in the world?