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  1. Well ive done it several troubles!
  2. Unless they've changed anything since march last year...they genuinely don't care... Was there a time that they did? I took my old Lhotz through then, and that even LOOKS like a f****** bomb 😀
  3. Eurostar! Here in the Uk we have 'Eurostar snap,', so you can get a return ticket for £50. That's cheaper these days than going to the north of England! 👌
  4. I'm going to Paris middle of next month too, so I'll take some time and do a 'reconaissance' for cool possible areas/places in town.
  5. Looking to get away for a day or two. Figured I might take my wheel so anyone have any recommendations of a good place to take it, and a good fun place in general? Considered Brighton.....but open to suggestions. Anywhere in England! Just need to get the hell out of London....... (Early or mid August.....dates still unsure)
  6. Theres an english speaking section/thread somewhere on one of the french forums. Ill try and find it and post there too. Itll be so much fun. Throw in a decent lunch and a drink or two and it could be an awesome day. Id love to test my wheel up the steep roads around montmartre as well as the usual tourist points. Should make some awesome video to. 👌
  7. On a completely random note, I met someone in the park the other day with a Solowheel Xtreme. First time I've ever seen one of these unicorns in the wild. I had a go and have to say.....the ride was terrible. Extremely soft to the extent that you feel you're about to faceplant whenever you go forward. I felt like a beginner again trying to acclimitize straight from my V5f+. Beautiful wheel but not impressed at all (and that's before you find out the speed and price.......)
  8. Most v5f+ users have it on -3, not 3....have a full experiment of the different options. Looking good though! Ps. Your accent, have aussie half english?
  9. Hey guys, So I've been wanting to do this for as long as I've had an EUC.....which I think is roughly the same amount of time that Paris have had this. Every year the whole of central Paris is completely shut down to all vehicles for one day, leaving it a bicycle/skateboarder/ paradise. This year it falls on October 1st. I've been meaning to do this for so long, so I think this year I'm going to book a two day jaunt there, as I love Paris in general too. I know it's early days, but let me know if anyone would be hypothetically interested in this! Could be an awesome 1/2 day trip, with some great footage zooming up and down the Champs-Elysee and/or slaloming between the feet of the Eiffel Tower! Paddy
  10. Awesome, well will contact you nearer the time!
  11. No worries, I'll obviously do another post nearer the time but........yeah, should be awesome. They've got a couple of youtube videos on what this day was like in previous years, but all the ones I've seen are when it was limited to just a few arrondissements (sectors/areas) of central Paris. This year it's the WHOLE of central Paris.
  12. With the exception of tricks, this is almost universally the last thing people learn to be able to do 100% of the time. I.e. faultless mounting, unaided by person or pillar. I knew I was getting 'good' (at least by my standards) when I could effortlessly mount even with a couple of beers in my system. Before that, there was a LONG period where I could ride perfectly well, but needed something to hold onto for that initial mount. Sounds like you're having fun!
  13. Congrats! Remember to keep your wheel around 40-45 when learning. It makes the learning process significantly quicker. Of course you could always test for scrape by briefly turning it up to 50-57, but it makes riding. very hard in the early days. Enjoy!
  14. Welcome! Where are you from? The addiction will only get stronger 😊
  15. Your son's weight is absolutely fine for a V8. The only relevance of a person's weight concerning eucs (and yes, this is a 'delicate' topic) is whether or not the rider is too heavy for the wheel to sustain them. As far as speed is concerned, don't forget that all but the fastest eucs are easily overtaken by a kid on a bicycle. Assuming your son rides (or has ridden) a bicycle before, he's gone WELL OVER 30kph plenty of times. The priority should be a reliable wheel from a reliable seller. The other 'delicate' topic of course, is age. Many people on this forum are 'mature,' and this is THE biggest factor in how potentially serious a crash is, if it happens. Your son is 14. He's just about indestructible. Pad him up well and he'll be fine. If you don't mind the extra expense, get the V8.
  16. But what I mean is, when you had your stock tire - did the scraping only occur above 50psi?
  17. So do you get no scrape/rub at day, 49-50 psi??
  18. Sweet, i have been waiting for a review/first look at this 👌
  19. Lol I bet you padded the hell out of yourself for this particular test-run. Congrats, glad all's ok now!
  20. Hey guys, I experienced for the second time, a phenomenon. When I was at 3 bars of battery yesterday (just about to drop down to 2, I think) I got a sort of 'wobble' sensation. It's from left-to-right. I've had this sensation only once before, a long time ago. Can't remember if that too occurred at low battery. Is this a feature or an issue? I only suggest the possibility of it being some sort of safety feature because it comes on in a very consistent, controlled way. Has anyone else had this? You can still ride it, but you find yourself lowering your speed as it feels quite unnerving. Cheers! Paddy.
  21. Anyone a big fan of the genre? I've always loved them but have become a bit disillusioned about the recent (last ten years or so) move to the cheap, 'jump-scare' genre. I.e. cheaply made clones that basically use quiet bits followed by sudden loud moments to illicit cheap feelings of 'fear', rather than well-developed 'dread' that more sophisticated movies from the past managed to generate. (e.g. Omen, Exorcist). Two recent ones that I've been extremely impressed with have been The Babadook and It Follows. Highly recommended.
  22. Don't put anything past those idiots. They're STILL selling their 17kph wheel for $2,295!
  23. we expect full pics.....esp the new tire!
  24. Doing a wheel tomorrow (Monday 26th).....probably around 6 onwards. 👍
  25. Loved 'Busan! The Wailing is the scariest asian movie I've seen. South Korean cinema is my favourite new addiction.....haven't seen any other horror though. Have you seen Oldboy and I Saw The Devil? Brutal but spectacular thrillers. Korean cinema is the future!