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  1. For me the perfect wheel is quite simply A Solowheel Xtreme that will do 30kph, 30 miles range and not have a ridiculous price tag. It's so goddamn beautiful:
  2. I've taken some abuse on this forum in the past about how 'harsh' ive been towards The Uniwheel, and perhaps some of it is justified. But i guess part of my anger was frustration, because design wise it looked so sweet....and so much embodied your 'money no object' ideal (performance aside). I think the ultimate iteration of these wheels is something that is lightweight, modular, and with high capacity extremely-easily replaceable batteries. Plus it MUST be portable. As in awe as I genuinely am with eucs like the Gotway Monster....what is the point of them over a motorcycle/moped if you can't carry them around without being Schwarzenneger.
  3. Awesome. You won't be disappointed. Get it from Jason/Ewheels and I think he still throws in the handle for free. And yes, you DO want the handle. 👍
  4. For a while yes, I've had my V5f+ since last August. I actually 'downgraded' speed wise as my old Lhotz could do 30kph. But the beeping on that thing was so irritating above 22kph that I rarely went any faster. The V5f+ will comfortably do 25kph (assuming your weight isn't excessive etc etc). However I find the faster you can go....the more you will get used to that new top speed. Nearly a year later and I wish I could squeeze out an extra 5kph. But then that's just me. If you are happy to splash the extra cash, I'd go for the V8....yes it's heavier, but the built in handle and motor trigger mean it's surprisingly flexible when you need to transport it either small or large distances when not riding. Otherwise, the V5f+ is a damn fine wheel. And it's speed will probably be enough for you. It certainly 'feels' a big jump going from 20kph to 25kph. (25 to 30, not so much, but I would still love the option).
  5. Not only is this reply rude and condescending, it's also irrelevant. The wheel can't even reach 20mph. Secondly, you can technically get hurt at ANY speed if you fall off. Actually, you can get hurt slipping and falling as you fucking WALK. Forget eucs. So your entire take on this is pretty useless. The advice he's been given is sound. Tilt-back cant hurt the mechanics of the wheel, but it can startle/disrupt a rider if it happens suddenly and awkwardly. Pointing out there is still risk is totally useless. Of course there is. Statistically speaking driving a bloody car is one of the most dangerous things you can do. The constantly present risks with riding these things doesnt make the advice given by people here any less valid.
  6. Did you try what i suggested?
  7. Yep this seems to be the report a few are mentioning. Best hold out!
  8. yeah perfect, just checking! Some people start off with the tire either way too high or way too low, both of which can make things unnecessarily difficult. Keep at it! 👌👍
  9. Looking good! Whats your tire pressure at? Never underestimate how differences in the psi can totally affect your interaction with the wheel. Especially if you're a relative newbie. Defo worth investing in a proper track-pump with psi gauge (if you don't have one) 👍
  10. kingsong

    It definitely looks great - the actual width will certainly be interesting!
  11. kingsong

    It looks like Princess Leia 🤓
  12. I think the second hand market is obviously the way to go for you. If shipping/customs costs are going to be high then you can off-set that by saving money by buying second hand. Keep your eyes peeled on the private sales section of the forum. For 1st hand, have you tried They have a great reputation and wide selection of wheels. You could message them and see how much their shipping is etc. I've heard good things. One option, whether 1st hand or 2nd hand, is the IPS Lhotz. It was my first wheel and an excellent one.You might be able to find it for a great price.
  13. Max, can you control the beeping on your Lhotz? I heard someone say the newer iterations of the Lhotz/app allow that. I.e. can you change it from beeping at 23kph to something else??
  14. Have you tried deleting the app, resetting the wheel and then reinstalling the app? ps. If you're on android, after you reinstall the app, when you launch it and you're updating it, don't install the update over the old version. Instead, finish downloading the update, and once it's done, delete the original app. Now install the update by itself like it's a stand-alone app. It's worth a go - I had some app problems that were solved by doing this.
  15. One thing to add about the handle add-on for the v5f+, as well as being extremely useful it actually enhances the look of the wheel. It gives it a sort of high-end bicycle feel as it looks like something you'd find on the back of an expensive road bike. If you go for the v5f+ DEFINITELY get the handle. If you buy from Jason (wheelgo) I think he still throws it in for free along with a mudguard 👌👌
  16. I'd go for the V5f+. The V8 is faster, but significantly heavier. There's no wrong answer with either though. Both stunning wheels. If you want the v5f+, get it from Wheelgo whilst they still have stock left 👍 ps. If both of those are too expensive, the Ninebot E+ (available from Speedyfeet) is still a very fine wheel. pps. Welcome!
  17. Yep, these. I forgot about the battery meter. So much better than the inaccurate tiny flashing light on the Lhotz, which was pretty hard to see in bright conditions anyway.
  18. Wow, you've kept that in great condition. Mine looked like a horror movie when I sold it, although I had taken it through the trenches. That's a good deal for anyone out there! ☝️
  19. Well other than the handle, which you WILL use, there are a few other little refinements that make life easier: 1) The Trigger Switch. It's a trigger under the top of the wheel's built in handle that cuts off the motor. This is the big one. It's my single favourite thing - it means you can instantly pick up the wheel anytime you want without having to turn off the wheel, and without the wheel spinning like crazy. You'd be surprised how often you use this - navigating up train steps, lifting the wheel over things you can't ride or jump past etc etc 2) Built in light 3) Simple usb-style charger cable/socket. No more lining up pins etc, just a plug in style, double-way system. 4) Specially high-mounted pedals for sharp turning without scraping the floor 5) Advanced app for altering pedal angle, handle trigger, sounds, plus a full diagnostic service that checks the wheel for any problems/issues. These are all features that the new generation of wheels are starting to include, not just Inmotion. So it is in that sense that the Lhotz is a little outdated. It's a good wheel though, especially for a beginner. The Lhotz has a chunky 2.5inch tire which is more forgiving than the 'knife-edge' of other eucs.
  20. Wow! Where is this, Trey? When did you decide to open one? Looks fantastic.
  21. Top Speed...20kph?
  22. Will be in Paris end of May for a combo Roland Garros/EUC trip. Let me know if anyone will be around 👍👍
  23. No, your question was concerning weight ranges and weight requirements. You've.....written it yourself right there at the top of the page along with your current weight. Your 'frame' is obviously going to be about as relevant as your star sign, given that you control the wheel with just your feet and changes in your WEIGHT distribution. The range you can get out of the wheel will also be based on your weight - how much strain you're putting on the wheel to shift you, and the power requirements of that. Anyway. In answer to the question: it matters a lot. 🙄
  24. Have to re-iterate, again, how much I love this dark theme. So easy on the eyes, and gives the forum a pseudo-futuristic vibe that the slightly dated-looking light theme doesn't. I have defaulted to this for both my Mac and phone 👍
  25. Yep, this. Thats kinda what I wanted to say. That could actually be a surprisingly powerful motivator - instead of losing weight for health or vanity, lose it so you can buy and use your dream euc!