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  1. Uniwheel full specs

    I'm surprised they didn't add 'invisibility' to the spec sheet. It's a unique feature of the Uniwheel.
  2. Uniwheel full specs

    Yeah but (according to them), this is now a full retail, shipping product. So any changes to code/app/hardware changes must obviously be in place by now. Again.....you would've thought there'd be SOMEONE who has bought one of these who can report back.....🤔
  3. Day 2 for a New Rider and some help needed

    You should come down to London sometime. The Serpentine road in Hyde park is great for practicing and hitting decent speed once you know what you're doing. Am just waiting for the weather to get past 7 celsius so I can get back out there lol
  4. Uniwheel full specs

    Yeah, I mean if you look at their website, you can SEE the gap in the specs section where they've removed the top speed bit I think it was 20kph or something but can't remember....it's been so long now lol.
  5. Uniwheel full specs

    Seems strange they don't even include the top speed. Also......has anyone seen/got a retail unit yet? ANYONE?
  6. Most (all?) of the tires that eucs use are from kids' bicycles. Hence the tire pressures are based upon a person's weight spread over two wheels. Also, I could be wrong about this, but you're more likely to get a puncture with a tire where the pressure is too low than too high. There's no reason why tire pressure would have any effect on orthopaedic issues, unless you were operating at real extremes, or were very old.
  7. The anticipation of a new wheel.

    Does anyone else love that new euc smell. I often hear people complaining about how they stink but personally I love that new rubber smell. I love it in bike shops too when I walk past a rack of new mountain bikes or whatever
  8. Greetings from Uniwheel Team

    Has anyone here got/are getting their hands on one? A proper paid for, shipped/shipping product?
  9. Unicycle stands are just guitar stands!

    will the 'basics one be suitable for a v5f+?
  10. New to Forum...never riden before...awaiting delivery

    oops.....sorry that was probably me making that size recommendation! I guess my hands are even smaller than I thought! The medium is a tight fit for me. I googled those flex meters.....they look pretty heavy duty 👍
  11. New to Forum...never riden before...awaiting delivery

    go for the Hired Hands......
  12. New to Forum...never riden before...awaiting delivery

    1) Welcome! 2) V8 is a fantastic wheel 3) You'll quickly find 53 is a fairly common age bracket for these things. They're expensive and younger people simply don't have the disposable cash for one (at least not alongside their fancy iPhone). I'm 33 and I'm probably one of the youngest on here. 4) Most important protection are the wrist pads/guards. Makes sure you get ones with shock/impact protection. NOT just wrist 'supports'. 5) It's a steep learning curve but that's half the fun. Make sure you buy a track pump if you don't already have one. The tire pressure will radically affect your learning experience. Between 40-47psi for a beginner. 6) Come down to London for the day, I'm usually in Hyde Park on most weekends, can give you some tips/direction. Congrats on your purchase! ps. The V8 is a beautiful machine. It'd be a shame if by the time you can ride well it looks like it's done two tours of Afghanistan. Pad the hell out of it!
  13. An open letter

    There's no question I think, in anyone's minds, that it does indeed look great. But the uniwheel seems to be the cosmic dictionary definition of 'too little too late.' £900 for these specs is ambitious, bordering on arrogance, bordering on delusion. Be awesome to be proved wrong though.
  14. Kingsong 14D - London, UK

    Mate a guy on the facebook official London page is interested. He just made a post. His name is Jamie Williams (07399578634). 👍