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  1. Problem with the app

    I think you have to enter the serial no of the wheel to 'prove' you are the owner. I have a new phone and haven't done this so I get the same message. Ps. there aren't any firmware updates anyway 👍
  2. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    Your other option of course is seeing what Inmotion release next to replace the V8. Given the Solowheel takeover however, you can bet whatever it is will be bloody expensive
  3. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    I have a v5f+......probably going to trade up to a Kingsong 14s next. I'd recommend that, unless you are only interested in 16inchers. Gotway's seem to simply have far too many QC and electrical issues right now and probably for the foreseeable future. The stress seems to outweigh the enjoyment with them. Although admittedly I've only ridden one once.
  4. KS14S Speed Throttling

    How heavy is it Marty? Looks like my next wheel 😍
  5. Cool. what does it say roughly? Sorry my French is terrible.
  6. We definitely need a rain-backup-plan. Somewhere central with plug sokets and alcohol....and not necessarily in that order.
  7. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    Trick riding is definitely an entirely different category for costs........so different it's almost like a different hobby. I've had two eucs (Lhotz and now v5f+).....ride them all the time, and fast, but on-road mostly and no tricks. I've never had a puncture and other than superficial scratches and one replacement charger, the worst I've had is a current 6inch crack on the right shell from a drunken ride a while back. Now that I've written this post of course, the karma gods will decree I'm 'due' some reversal of fortune 😂
  8. If you're booking Eurostar, book it on Eurostar Snap (snap.eurostar.com). I've used it many times and it's awesome. Much cheaper than booking an actual train time. The only catch is you can only select 'morning' or 'afternoon' on whatever day you want and you only find out the precise train time 48hrs in advance. I'm going to go for instance on Friday 'afternoon.' So I'll find out my specific train time on the Wednesday. Sometimes the tickets are as cheap as £20.
  9. They do look cool. Especially the Inboard one. I remember one zooming past my in Hyde Park. Made my v5f+ look pretty stupid, speed wise! However the big deal breaker for me is the need for a remote control. That ruins the minimalist nature of it. The whole fun of the euc is the concentration of the manoeuvres in just your weight distribution all over that single wheel. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk/reviews/commentary on the Gotway Moonwalk as that doesn't need a controller. Has anyone used one/heard of any problems etc?
  10. I'll be there Friday to Monday I think..........Let's hope the weather isn't terrible We'll have to all exchange phone details etc nearer the time or something.
  11. Off-topic but was that you Stefan I saw riding past Hyde Park on Friday? Whoever it was they looked suited and booted lol
  12. Wiggly

    One more thing, it can sometimes happen if your feet are positioned improperly, too. Assuming you have 'normal' sized feet (i.e. nothing freaky! :........you want the top 1/3rd or 1/4 of your foot sticking off the front end of each pedal.
  13. Wiggly

    Happens when your legs get tired. And if you're a new rider, this will happen EARLY (regardless of how muscular/young your legs are). It's a 'muscle memory' tolerance sort of a thing. Still happens to me even today, though infrequently. At first like you I put it down to a problem with the wheel....but when it happens if you slow down and then completely relax your legs for a few seconds you realise it's them, not the wheel.

    I've been waiting for someone to provide another 14s review/tryout! Awesome.
  15. Yeah I want to come see everyone for a BIT, but not for the whole thing. Partly because of language barrier but partly because I want to go explore etc. I'd like to test my v5f on some of the steep cobbly hills around Montmartre as well as the obligatory Eiffel Tower/champs de mars flybys. Ok well keep me updated on your plans, be good to meet you!