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  1. Is there any way to tell if your wheel has a 'bad cell(s)' without opening it all up?? Ps. Im constantly impressed by the electrical knowledge of some of the people on this forum! Way over my head!
  2. Cool. I keep looking at the v8 but some people are suggesting the range is worse than the v5f+.....and for me the range on the v5f+ is just right. Any less and I'd be out of the nice 'comfort zone' when on big sessions at high speed. May plunge for it anyway or......wait for a future model too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. You upgrading, @houseofjob?
  4. Me, every time you post some physics defying clip to the forum:
  5. Yeah. I've got a pet theory that the Hoverboards have done irreversible damage to the euc 'PR.' When people say 'Segway', (at least in Europe), they are comparing the euc to those bloody boards, not the actual mop-with-handles Segway that George Bush fell off. I think the general mediocrity of those 'boards has perhaps slightly damaged the rep of the technology in general. If they had never existed, and eucs had come out of nowhere as the next evolution after the proper might be bigger by now. Still time I guess.
  6. Awareness is picking up though.....fairly rapidly! If you've never even seen one but you're here having found this forum.......that's a good sign. It's still extremely early days anyway. I can tell it's picking up simply by what I hear people say to each other when I ride past: It used to be: "wow, what the fuck is that!" (I still get these from time to time, to be fair) Then it went to: "Oh look that's a Segway thing!" (people starting to identify the technology) Then it went to: "That's a ninebot!" (it wasn't, but the important thing here is awareness has increased to them being able to name-drop a specific brand). To be honest there's a small part of me that doesn't want it to pick-up as I like the uniqueness and exclusivity of it. It's an earnt skill and I like the idea of a small, non-mainstream collective. Despite that though I do want people like Ian, Jason and everyone else who sells them to do as well as they can, so it's all good 👍
  7. Obviously it depends on the size of the shoe (there are some crazy small and/or large-footed people out there) and the particular euc but....... I find a solid general rule is to have about a 1/3 (or JUST under) of your shoe hanging over the front of the peddles.
  8. Anything new on the Uniwheel? Try not to be too loquacious, now.
  9. As you may or may not have noticed, the pedals (I assume due to the different materials and how that affects colour reproduction) are a slightly different white to the body. To anyone with OCD, including myself, it's a little bit of an eye-sore, however I've found an unlikely (and slightly silly) "correction" (excuse the pun) for this: My pedals were looking pretty scraped, and I was too lazy to buy/look for white paint. So instead I used Tipp-Ex (I think in America you call it Whiteout). I've found, for reasons unknown, that the specific white this produces looks identical to the shell of the wheel when applied to the pedals. It means every time I cover the scrapes on the pedals they start to match the rest of the wheel much so you could theoretically just buy a load of it and use it as actual paint.....if you cared. 👍 Ps. I fully accept that this may well be the lamest post in forum history 😝
  10. One anecdote: at the beginning of Jan last year, I was on my (then) IPS Lhotz in Hyde Park. It wasn't that busy, and I was just doing my own thing, practicing super tight circles/one leg etc etc in the roller skate area by the end of the lake. Out of the blue, and for the first time ever (and since), a girl on an euc (Airwheel) appears out of nowhere. She's struggling massively, using the strap and tugging on it thinking it's an official part of how to ride. She wasn't able to get more than a couple of metres each time without falling off. Naturally, I rode over to her as any of us would do if another rider appeared in an enclosed area like that, said hi and tried to give her a few tips. She was totally rude and stand-offish and didn't seem interested in listening to me. Almost like she was embarrassed/frustrated she couldn't do it straight away but simultaneously annoyed I was trying to help. So I rode back over to where I was. She ended up giving up after 15 more minutes and I never saw her again. I think she thought I was guilty of what the feminists call......"MANSPLAINING"
  11. I always tell them straight away about the learning be honest most seem (as I did back in the day) almost more impressed that there's a steep learning learning a skill, or musical instrument. In terms of being put off, and in danger of sounding mysogynistic, it's usually women I find whose interest quickly wanes when they see how hard it is. The boys/men I've given a go to just seem more enamoured and impressed with the challenge. Just my two cents.
  12. On the contrary, it looked so perfectly curved I felt the need to ask in case it was some new version of the v5f with an LED side strip!
  13. What have you got above the pedals that tape/padding? (on the v5f)
  14. Thanks for explaining the concept of colours to me. ......seriously?