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  1. Wimbledon / Richmond / SW London UK

    Yeah...those guys never check the weather though - it's going to feel like about -5 on the weekend. plus 30mph wind gusts. Tomorrow's the last decent day for a while!
  2. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Is there anyone out there who is genuinely interested in hitting 40kph on a Rockwheel? Why not reduce your chances of death and instead go base-jumping with a supermarket carrier bag as your parachute.
  3. Wimbledon / Richmond / SW London UK

    Will be in Hyde Park tomorrow after work if anyone's around 👍 3.45/4pm onwards
  4. KS-14S or KS-16/S

    There's nothing specific in the UK law about them. Most police have either ignored me or been intrigued. There is one guy that's told me to leave the park before but he's apparently a wanker to everyone (skaters etc). To be honest I'm kind of hoping euc riders STOP writing letters to MPs etc because the more mainstream these things become, the easier it will be for the government, lazy as they are, to just ban them. Banning is a whole lot easier than creating and maintaining new legislation.
  5. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I even find the brief moments I carry my v5f+ to be irritating because of the weight. Then again I have the biceps of a 4yr old girl. *types 'steroids' into amazon search box*
  6. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I think I need to start visiting a gym. Anything heavier than 15kg and I fear my lil arms are going to come out of their sockets 😓
  7. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking...

    Love this anecdote:

    The only, and I really mean the ONLY thing stopping me from getting a Rockwheel are all the question marks with safety. Sort of the same with Gotway, but with Gotway it's more that I don't find them attractive. The GT16 is such a cool looking beast, especially the red/black combo. And yet the 'ratio' of owners to accidents seems disturbing.

    Can anyone actually work out what happens to him here? Doesn't look like a cut-off or hitting anything.. sort of like he just slips one foot back or something? Handle definitely suggests a v5/v5f....although I see more and more generic wheels that have 'borrowed' that handle design now.
  10. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    I assume worst case scenario is a replacement board, right? It's a hassle but yeah - always a good sober reminder that these things are half computer and with that comes the expected...............glitches. Look on the bright side: better the wheel fucks up the moment it turns on rather than when you're doing 30kph downhill with the wind in your sails 😉 On the subject of glitches....still my favourite computer glitch scene and also one of my favourite movie scenes ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂:
  11. Wimbledon / Richmond / SW London UK

    Will be in Hyde Park tomorrow on off-chance anyone is around 👍
  12. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    Wait, what?!
  13. V8 Charger Problem - Output Voltage Drop

    Fair enough. But have you seen any other inmotion wheels that don't do this? Could this maybe just be a software-type flaw with the v5f/v8 firmware? Because both chargers I've had have done this. Does the app show you're 100% charged when you connect it afterwards?
  14. V8 Charger Problem - Output Voltage Drop

    This could be a dumb question but.......isn't this normal? On my V5f+, which I've had two chargers for in the past, the light always goes green on the charger brick a good 15/20mins before the battery progress animation on the wheel finally stops.
  15. Paris, France in May

    I think you'd find it tough to find anywhere who will rent them out - especially without a French passport. Or if you did, I bet they would ask for a ludicrous amount of insurance deposit. I'm going to be their myself with my euc a week later for the French Open. Whether your wife and son are able to rent some or not, I would strongly recommend either way they do a Segway tour. It's a great way of seeing the city. I did one many years ago in Paris with my ex-girlfriend. But the second time I came to Paris when I booked the tour they agreed to let me use my euc! Admittedly I think my main motivation was just to show off. They were gobsmacked with it. Was a great day, I have a video of it somewhere. The company I used was Fat Tire Tours. 👌