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  1. Yeah it's a good deal but I think Ill wait a few weeks for speedyfeet's stock.....need that time anyway to decide whether I can justify the splurge. My iPhone 5 is too small and sluggish for me now so it's a choice between a new wheel or a new phone 🤔
  2. Help a Newbie Decide and Get Going!

    You don't mention top speed in your preference list, so I assume it's not too important to you. Speed is the only reason I can think for choosing a Gotway. If someone suggests Gotway over other brands....it seems to be me more often than not it's someone who has a financial relationship with them. The vast majority of cut-outs/problems reported on this forum seem to be from Gotway wheels. The top/most reliable sellers are Jason (ewheels) and Ian (speedyfeet). This ISN'T a phone - you may need spare parts/repair in the future. So look for the best overall 'investment' rather than just the cheapest bargain price you can find. Go with Kingsong, Inmotion or (if you REALLY don't care about speed) Ninebot.
  3. I met some of them when I was riding my v5f+ in the park the other day. We did a circuit around the park. Nice people. The speed of the boards was very impressive. The thing that was a dealbreaker for me was the remote controls as well as how generally unwieldly they are (i.e. no way to easily mount/dismount pavements etc and those tiny wheels aren't versatile for rough roads/offroad). Portability/carrying is also an obvious issue. The range of the ones I saw wasn't nearly as good as my wheel but still they seemed like a lot of fun once you master them. 👍
  4. Magnetic pedals for KS14D/S - invisible modification

    Is this necessarily such a good idea? I'm not sure how much you can adjust it on a KS, but on my Inmotion V5f+ I purposely screw the pedals extra extra tight. As tight as they will go. Although it makes it a little bit stiffer in bringing up/down, it means that if/when the wheel falls on it's side (as it always obviously will if it's still functioning), the pedals will take the brunt off the impact/shock. If you have the pedals so loose, every time the wheel falls on it's side, the whole chassis is dispelling the energy of the collision with the ground. I mean obviously if you pad/protect your wheel then all that is irrelevant I guess. But anyway....
  5. On a semi-unrelated note, does anyone have any idea just how useful/effective the Inmotion 'Diagnose' scan is? I always make it part of my v5f+ 'pre-flight' check along with tire pressure and scv correction.........although as someone with zero electrical/sensory knowledge, I'm intrigued as to whether this is indeed thorough or more of a basic placebo scan that is only ever going to pick up trivial things like communication problems between phone and wheel.
  6. KS18 & 14d are great wheels, I know the guy who is selling the 14d. It's faster than mine and has a more powerful motor but range is slightly lower. At 130kg, especially if you're also going to have a bag/gear etc, you might find most of these wheels lacking in the power you want, but certainly multiple steps up from the Airwheel. If @Ajss_1 is still selling the 14d, I'd definitely go with that for the money. But you won't be getting anywhere near the advertised range of 40km 👍 For the record there's a chance I'm going to be selling my wheel too in a few weeks, so you've got that as a possible option as well
  7. Purshase recommondation for beginner

    He certainly loves sentences starting with 'I"...........
  8. Weren't you on the verge of moving to the UK at one point? If not, great! The longer I remain here the more disillusioned I become with this depressing country
  9. Yeah I mean I'll take the chance regardless. If it's the 2.125, so be it. There are some very reputable sellers in Europe but I play things safe: Ian or Jason only when it's this kinda money.
  10. Need that kill trigger though. Once you're used to it, there's no going back. And I just don't like the KS designs.....to me its like android to Inmotion's apple. I think I'll sell my v5f+ and go for the V8. Should keep me content for a year or two.
  11. Yeah it's not just the kill switch, it's also even smaller things like the slickness of the app and the simplicity of the battery indicator. I'm not enamoured by lights on wheels, so I don't like the idea of having to look at the side of a KS for example to check the charge. Yeah I have the v5f+, which has worked flawlessly. Inmotion really haven't put a step wrong. Wonderful machine. It's just that 25kph is beginning to become irritating. Just a LITTLE more speed and it would be perfect. I was all set to reluctantly move to Kingsong for my next wheel as I thought I had missed the boat on the V8. But this new announcement of a final stock coming in for Speedyfeet has peaked my interest - other than Jason I think Ian (speedyfeet) is the only other person I feel 100% confident ordering from. So I'm tempted. Will give it some thought.......
  12. Yeah I just watched the speedy review. He encounters it himself but only after he's been through some mud. I'm not massively keen on going back up to a 16inch but I love the Inmotion ecosystem too much. Plus the other little refinements that simply aren't present on other wheels.
  13. So at the risk of being accused of laziness, I'm fully aware I could perhaps do my own research on this through the many, many posts on this issue. But I'd quite like to hear what the very latest is - if there IS any 'latest' information/consensus. Speedyfeet are going to be getting some v8 stock in a few weeks time, and I'm wondering whether or not to take the plunge or switch ecosystems to KS. So.....was their any remedy on Inmotion's side before the solo wheel merger? If not, does wheel scrape go away with time/when tire is <55psi? Does it in anyway affect performance other than the not-very-nice sound? Cheers guys.

    I got more of a 'last ride before I die' vibe. Like it was bad news from the doctor but I'm not 'going quietly into the night' 😂😂😂😂😂
  15. Greetings from Uniwheel Team

    I still remember their arrogant response when we all first started to suspect this was never coming. It was something along the lines of "this forum is only one of many mediums we operate on" or something etc etc etc. Well ok.........except........your OWN FUCKING WEBSITE has zero updates and it's the year 2017 now. And yet they have the balls to keep the pre-order section alive and well. Consummate bullshitters.