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  1. So Chris have you had no tire scrape whatsoever? Is this down to a diversity in the tire types that various v8 stocks are shipping with? Eager to upgrade from my v5f+ but this stuff is bothering me.
  2. What is this V8 tire scrape everyone keeps talking about? It's scraping against the inner shell(s)?
  3. Cheers mate! Always good to proceed with caution when asking anyone (even guys) that question..... Looking to trade in my v5f+ for the v8. I'm aware there will realistically be a small to moderate range sacrifice. I'm a skinny 69kg but have still become far too accustomed to the luxurious range on my wheel. A trade down is not ideal but I neeeeeed that extra 5kph 😍
  4. can I ask how much you weigh?
  5. Not a meet-up, hence why I'm putting it here, but would've thought all UK (and perhaps some European) riders would be interested to know about Eurostar's direct new train service from London/Amsterdam, which is coming later this year. Obviously up till now, due to flight restrictions, if you wanted to use your euc abroad, your only real option was Paris on the Eurostar (unless you include extra travelling or driving to your itinerary). Paris is great, but it's awesome we have a new option now......Vondelpark would be a perfect place for some wheeling! ps. I also highly recommend 'Eurostar Snap' if anyone hasn't used it. £25 each way is a fucking bargain. That's cheaper than going to many places in England!
  6. In England, where people are a little more emotionally-retarded and stand-offish, the overwhelming question I get more than any other is (in an attempt at casual): 'what are those called?' When I tell them, they give me a laid-back 'oh right, ok' and then walk off. Obviously they're going home to do a full youtube/google/twitter investigation 😅
  7. So it's about 30c here at the moment. I'm well aware of the dangers for eucs when it's too cold, but what are the operating limits like in the 'heat.'? I've put heat in quotation marks as perhaps for some people here 30c isn't that hot. Nervous about taking the v5f+ out, especially up hill after hearing Marty's horror story. For us pasty souls here in the UK 30c and we're fucking melting.
  8. Still convinced it's something algorithmic (is that an adjective?) It comes on too suddenly, and too pronounced to be any of the previous peoples' suggestions (tiredness, planetary alignment, demonic possession, Putin, etc etc). Something related to a combination of battery level and perhaps how hard/dynamically you're pushing the wheel (intense starts & stops for instance). Maybe it's a deliberate oscillation to stall you while the voltage drops to safer levels or something. Who knows. Could be Putin though. I will have a Priest bless my wheel just to rule out any foul play....
  9. Do you hold down the handle-trigger as you do it in the app, or do you just rest the wheel untouched on it's back/fender and then initiate it? Will give it a go when I get back home......will try to find a nice flat surface.
  10. Will be in the park if anyone's around 👍
  11. WHat's the difference between 'reset to default' and self-adjustment? By self-adjustment do you mean the pedal angle? I've tried that car/'lay wheel on its side' thing, whatever that is, but it doesn't seem to work. I shouldn't be tinkering but you got me curious now lol
  12. First hand, you're not going to find much with that budget. Although the second-hand section of the forum sometimes delivers a bargain. Ewheels (Jason) are a great store in the US. You could get a v5f+ like mine for $675....but that's a 14inch wheel which is not ideal if as you say you're mostly going to be off-road. I'd recommend the V8 which is $999. It's a lot I know, but the expense of this hobby is worth it for the pleasure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Three things need to be known: 1) Where are you based? 2) What is your weight? 3) What is your budget?