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  1. I'm in for 29 July if weather agrees. What's a good time? Shall we start (and end) in Georgetown?
  2. The US is very car-centric. I think it has to do with the US entering the modern era with vast distances between population centers. They say that In Europe 100 miles in considered far, while in the US 100 years is considered old.
  3. @Tishawn Fahie has been riding alongside a big crew of Boosted boarders and other eboarders on his MSuper V3 in NYC and posting videos each week showcasing their runs through the city. I wouldn't be surprised if their circles intersect one of these days. If anyone can demonstrate the full capabilities of a performance ewheel such as the MSuper, Tishawn definitely can.
  4. I am a weak man. Last night, temptation proved to be my undoing and I OPENED THE BOX. In my possession is a brand new basic black ACMs+, sporting 1600wh 84v batteries. ACM, ACM burning bright In the suburbs of the night What immortal foot or guy Dare ride thy fearful symmetry? I have joined Team Gotway. Soon I shall be sneering imperiously at those with lesser machines while riding with mild fear and anxiety from the insane speed and possibility of a cutout. First impression - what a fat, heavy, little piggy of an ewheel. I shall call it THE WARTHOG.
  5. Anybody want to propose a date for trying this out? Would love to give it a go.
  6. In late summer 2015 I saw a Ninebot rider passing through the National Mall in DC who seemed to be a commuter, and on another day later that summer I passed someone riding an Airwheel twin-wheel EUC in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Can't say I encountered anybody in 2016. This year near Chinatown in DC, I saw a rider on an older box and circle style EUC such as an Airwheel X8 but I couldn't tell from the distance. Finally, near Georgetown I was riding with another EUCer on this forum and passed a couple of riders on KS16's (I think) going in the opposite direction; I was distracted on my phone and it didn't register to me that they were EUC riders until they were well behind me and I could only catch the barest glance at their wheels. For other rideables, I always see the Segway tourists of course. This year I did see a non-tourist Segway rider, someone riding a Segway-like device such as a Ninebot PTR, I also saw one Segway/Ninebot mini pro on the National Mall ridden by a kid, a commuter riding an electric kick scooter in the bike lanes, and about five different Boosted Board riders on separate occasions.
  7. Oh I want to. It's calling me like the sirens beckoning Odysseus and I'm asking this forum to tie me to the mast and plug my ears I'm inclined to agree with your assessment. It's just Gotway's handling of this situation that has me second guessing any of their claims.
  8. But your ACM never had the oscillation problem, only your MSuper. So my fear is that the motor or some other component might be problematic in this "bad" batch instead of the just the control board and firmware. If a fixed control board pairs with a known working ACM (such as yours was prior to frying the components) then of course it's going to work. But if it turns out that a bad hall sensor connection is the issue on this batch, a fixed control board isn't going to help. I know Gotway claims the issue is only in the firmware, but I don't know that they've supplied definitive proof. If they had shown that they could replicate the problem and then make the problem disappear with the new firmware, I could more readily accept their fix. Unfortunately I don't think they've shown that. Still, the fact that you're once-problematic MSuper now, after applying the fix, seems to be problem free after many miles of riding in mixed terrain does indicate that perhaps it was a firmware issue after all. So if someone has put the same amount of miles on their "fixed" ACM which was part of this batch and those miles were problem free, I would feel much better about opening that box.
  9. My wheel was purchased through @Jason McNeil so while I do trust that he has applied Gotway's fix, I still don't fully trust that Gotway's solution truly fixes the problem. If anybody has ridden one of Jason's ACMs to the extent that you have ridden your fixed MSuper, it would go a long way towards alleviating my concerns.
  10. Have any of the latest batch of ACMs+ wheels been ridden extensively? The batch with 1705 motor codes which received the supposed firmware fix? I know a number of people that received MSupers have tested theirs successfully but what about the ACMs? I received one today in a mix up and I'm debating whether to keep it or wait for restocking of the KS16S that I had switched my order to after learning about this oscillation debacle. If I can get assurance that the ACM truly is free of the problem then I just might keep it, though Gotway is still on shaky ground in my book. With the box just sitting there begging to be gleefully opened, my judgement might be impaired. I feel like I've been making out with a woman I've just met and we're both ready to go but I don't have any condoms (Life pro tip, if a strange woman agrees to unprotected sex, it's probably not a good idea. This pro tip probably doesn't apply to my EUC situation. Probably.)
  11. From my understanding, the app will be geolocked depending on the serial number of the wheel when you try to connect. If the serial number is from a wheel that was not intended for the North American market, the app will not work with that wheel if it detects your location to be within North America.
  12. I'm curious as to how Inmotion thought this would be a good move. What was their reason for agreeing to this? How long are the terms of this agreement? Is it only their unicycles that are affected? Will their V3 units still be available under the Inmotion brand? Their scooters?
  13. Well the v8 is sold out at "SOLD OUT. Inmotion V8 & V5F will be rebranded as Solowheel, the V8 will be known as the ‘Glide 3’ at a 50%+ higher price." Head on over to Solowheel Seattle, and we can see the "Glide 3" now available for the low low price of $1595. Ugh. This wheel is now overpriced. Way overpriced considering the 480wh battery. The V5F (not +, 340wh only) is now the "Glide 2" at $999, and there's also a "Glide 2 Lite" which looks to be a slightly beefed up V5 with a 450w motor vs 350w and with a 160wh battery that is "FAA carry-on and checked approved". I'm feeling slightly angry at this. What were once highly recommendable wheels are now priced out of the running, at least here in the USA. SMH, as the kids say today.
  14. Whether your skilz be mad or sad, all riderz are welcome
  15. It's gonna be a tad warm this weekend but that don't bother us with the constant breeze we feel when riding! Let's try to get a big group this weekend, let's say Saturday 11am at the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop. We can buzz the sightseers around the National Mall and make the Segway tourists jealous of our much cooler rides. WHO'S IN?