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  1. We could do the Arlington loop or part of it: About 17 - 18 mile according to the above link. I haven't done the full thing myself, but it certainly has some scenic parts especially the stretch along the Potomac. The ride should look very much like this (just pretend it's an EUC instead of a bike ): If we're all on board, then it's just a matter of scheduling.
  2. Yeah it's crazy how extensive the trails are. From Shirlington I've ridden past Potomac yards to the Mount Vernon trail next to the airport then from there head south to Old Town Alexandria or north towards the city. Another time I headed the other direction, turned onto the Custis trail and ended up in Ballston and did a bit of exploring around there. It would be great to get a group ride to try to do a loop on the NoVa trails. Who's down?
  3. I was Nineboting around there on Sunday, trying to head over to Potomac Yards but the trail was closed so I headed back and crossed the bridge over 395 and explored Parkfairfax for a bit. It's good to know there's other ewheelers in the same area. I, too, shall keep an eye out; it just needs to stop raining.
  4. Getting the itch! When's the next one?
  5. It's a bit like a graceful dance the way you wheel around with your suitcase trolley; I like that you are able to use it as a prop to keep yourself on the wheel while at a standstill. Have you ever had the suitcase hit a snag unexpectedly and if so did it pull you off balance?
  6. Don't do anything which could result in getting Ninebot, Inc. sued
  7. I noticed on the site: Latest Announcement: Latest news: Concise, Fashionable, Futuristic Self Blancing Unicycle K10 is coming! Patent Design! Possibly a ten inch King Song EUC? Anybody have the inside scoop?
  8. If I'm riding on unfamiliar ground or at speed, my tendency is to wear protective gear. If I'm going over well known terrain or at a more leisurely pace, I will go without.
  9. Really interested in this, especially at this price point. Seems safer than the ubiquitous hoverboards due to the bigger wheels and central steering post.
  10. Just a reminder for anybody who would care to join in for an informal learning get-together at Jones Point by Old Town Alexandria tomorrow at 1pm ?
  11. As luck might have it, I just picked one of these up. I wanted a small lightweight wheel for very short distances and this looked like it might do the job; the motor specs looked low but my purpose for this wheel was never for heavy duty tasks so I decided to take a chance. Unfortunately, I discovered that indeed the wheel is not sufficiently powered for my needs. I find that it wobbles back and forth precariously while I'm on it and I'm always nervous that I will overpower it to the point of shutoff. To be fair, the wheel was never intended for someone like me. I am a full size adult at just under six feet tall and weigh 190 lbs. (181cm, 88kg), and the wheel is targeted at kids. I am curious how some of my smaller female friends or how my nieces and nephew will fare on it. The wheel is solidly built. I can't fault it for its build quality. Actually I can't fault it for anything, really. It would be unfair for me to knock a product for failing to do something for which it was not designed. So I can say that if you are similar to me in size and weight, this wheel is not for you. If you are of a smaller stature, then it might suit your purpose but only for short distances; the battery is pretty small. In all, I would put this wheel in the "toy" category albeit a well built one. I think I will relegate mine for training smaller people or perhaps I will gift it to my niece and nephew.
  12. Knew I forgot something. 1pm; I edited the post to include this info.
  13. So I'm getting together with my sister and possibly one curious newbie friend at Jones Point this upcoming Sunday (18 Oct) at 1pm. Going to bring some cones and try to master some basics and learn some new tricks and maybe ride over the bridge to National Harbor. The more the merrier, so fellow ewheelers and other curious newbies are more than welcome to join in.
  14. How is the weight? Is it as light as it was advertised to be (9.6kg/20.46lbs)?
  15. I want to do a clinic this weekend or next. Focus on improving basic skills such as mounting and low speed maneuvering, as well as intermediate skills like riding backwards or on one leg. Maybe open it up to curious newbies who want to learn how to ride but don't have a wheel yet; this would depend on how willing people are to volunteer their wheels for this purpose. Jones Point by Old Town Alexandria under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is a very nice location for this; a ride over the bridge to National Harbor would be a fun followup activity. Anybody interested?