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  1. The 14c is among the best wheels,to learn on or otherwise.Enough said.
  2. Foxconn is a huge complex near Shenzhen that employs tens of thousands of people and makes all the Iphones to Apple's specs.And yes,Shenzhen is the electronics capital of the world.In the Huanqian Bay district of Shenzhen,there is an 8 story mall called S.E.G.(Shenzhen Electronics Group)that is a Geek's dream.Nothing but electronics.Every time I've been in Shenzhen,it is one of my favorite places to visit. China has over 1.6 billion and more than enough highly skilled workers.And you're right,Gotway is not a big company,but neither is Kingsong.In fact,when I visited both of their facilities last October,I was surprised just how similiar both places were,in size,layout,assembly areas etc.Both companies are also top wheel makers.It seems that Kingsong puts more emphasis on quality that Gotway does.Gotway is more innovative and seems to produce wheels more geared to customer wants,size,power etc. sometimes at the cost of quality.A situation easily remedied by little more quality control.
  3. "Out de Backe gas"
  4. The Chinese are capable of making world class machines(Foxconn and the Iphone)under the right conditions.A lot of it is simply their inexperience with Capitalism.Much akin to how "made in Japan" was a joke until the 70's when after years of visiting American companies and taking pictures,"every Jap has a camera",was the motto,the Japanese started to implement all they had learned and put Detroit in the hurt locker by making better cars.
  5. The connector itself was NOT the problem.The problem was the lack of solder originally used during factory assembly in 2 of the 3 wire connection points at the connector thus degrading over time to create enough heat to cause a fault under load,I.E. human error.All Gotway high power wheels:ACM,Monster,Msuper and the like using the MT style motor connectors should probably be recalled to have those connectors replaced before it happens to someone where it could be life threatening.
  6. It appeared as if 2 of the 3 soldering connections lacked enough solder to completely fill the space around the wire once it was inserted in the connector.The fault was not the connector design or the solder used but the lack of sufficient amounts of solder to insure a quality connection.A first rate wheel manufcturer such as Gotway should not be employing some PUNKASS BITCH to solder their connectors!
  7. You may be a PUNKASS,but at least you manned up.
  8. Good eye! I plan on going back inside tomorrow to fix the MacGyvered connections and at the same time I'll throw a grommet on the axle wires(have done it on other wheels) and it is a great way to fix the spring weakness.
  9. Since you're from the other side of the pond,does @Rehab1 get ale credits?
  10. But CRAPPY GOTWAY FACTORY SOLDERING sure can put a dent in Gotway's reputation! Hey Gotway:GET YOUR SOLDERING SH*T TOGETHER!
  11. As @Marty Backehas already mentioned in another post,I was out riding today with @Marty Backe and @noisycarlos in Whittier when my ACM failed while ascending a hill.Due to my mods to make it into the "world famous ACM2040",opening up the side panels to reveal the problem was relatively easy.As I suspected,it was a motor connector failure due to lousy soldering from the factory,not the connector itself. When I opened the side panel and felt the motor connector,It was warm and the wires popped out of the motor side of the connector all at once. From this pic it is plain as day as to the cause of the failure,CRAPPY GOTWAY FACTORY SOLDERING! The only repair tool I had to work with was a pocket knife,so I cut out the the connector and twisted and taped the wires together(MaGyvered it) so I could finish the ride. The funny thing is,the Magyvered connection is probably better than the original factory ones!
  12. There is a Star Trek Voyager episode called "Futures End" and Sarah Silverman plays a radio astronomer who works at the Griffith observatory and some of the filming was done there. I'll be there(without Sarah Silverman),although I may bring my phaser just in case.
  13. My visit was a spur of the moment thing and they put me on a couple different units so I don't think they were special or out of spec.
  14. The acm motor wires are stranded.
  15. The helmet I wore was contemporary U.S. military issue although there is a resemblance to the Nazi style WW2 issue.And I agree the Germans had the best helmets in WW2 which is why it was the chosen style for Darth Vader. Not sure what to make of that? IS YOU A PUNKASS BITCH?