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  1. You mean that your willing to color outside the lines,shame on you! of course if you get into trouble,you can always just explain that you're a Canadian.And if that does'nt work,there is always the "bot excuse".
  2. I think someone needs to go to his safe space and ponder alittle.
  3. Remember,working with EUC batteries is fun!
  4. Dude,quit being a snowflake.There are way too many of them in this nanny state already.If @Marty Backe wants to "push it" a little,that's his business.There are not enough local EUC riders to really concern most cops.And if they do start to notice,they will issue the outlaw EUC riders such as myself or that troublemaker @Marty Backe a citation.Case closed.
  5. I'm surprised that they allow places like the Tilted Kilt here in the "Peoples' Republic of California".It must be a classic example of "Male Privelage".Shame on @The Fat Unicyclist for patronizing an establishment that exploits women in such a demeaning fashion. @Marty Backe needs to organize a group ride encompassing all the local TK's so we can shed a light on this terrible injustice! At the end of our one wheeled "Snowflake Crusade 2017",we can all stop for suds at the local Hooters.
  6. Good job! Especially from an electrical engineer. As an electrical contractor, All too often I've had run-ins with engineers who never actually have any field experience and yet they want to tell you how to do your job from a book perspective. A good engineer always does some field work.If you ever want some part time work,let me know.
  7. I checked the angle with the phone app (21.2) degree incline.Before I ride the wheel again I'm going to do an inspection of the motor wiring.I may also ride up the same street without the side cover on,or only held in place with a couple of screws so I can easily remove it at the top of the street and get and infrared pic of the interior to see just how hot the motor wiring etc. is getting.
  8. Took the new 2400wh Monster out for the Saturday morning "garage sale" ride.Did a total of 23 miles on all paved surfaces.Near the end of my ride,I went to the top of a local street that goes up to the base of the foothills above where I live.It was about 3 miles to the top of the road and goes from a 5% grade up to about 20% at the top.When I got about 500ft short of the very top,the Monster hit the 79C temp and went into the "Gotway" overheat mode where it beeps and slowly rocks back and forth until it gets down to 78C.I guess even 2 internal cooling fans have their limits.
  9. I think I actually hit 20mph once on mine but I can't remember because I'm dead!
  10. That should work fine.Even if the end of the valvestem is touching the rim,there is usually enough play to pull it back enough to get that on there.I Slime all my wheels,everything from the m10 to the Monster and 8 others(Kahuna is a solid tire)and I can always get that valvestem tool on any wheel.
  11. If it is a "mans wheel",why did it throw you off in the bushes? what does your wheel know that we don't???
  12. You are afraid to race me with it after you already "Ben Hurred" me with it?
  13. I'm pretty sure the Monster is faster.I think the KS18s might do 25MPH and the Monster close to 30MPH.Now the only question is,which Monster is faster,red or blue?Hey @Marty Backe ,wanna race?
  14. I wouldn't worry about the Monster.I did a group ride with @Jason McNeil last weekend when he was riding Marty BrokeBacke's Monster and he had no problems.Although he did ride it backwards the whole time,the wheel was backward,not Jason.Maybe he knows something we don't.I also ordered a Monster from Jason and it arrives today.Enjoy your new Monster.It's a great wheel and the fastest wheel on the planet.