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  1. Hi @meepmeepmayer, your wheel should burnt the mosfets, not the problem of cables. Since the end of November, 2016, we changed the cable connectors. There are only some Msuper V3 1600wh models has such problems. ACM 1300wh/1600wh and Monster were began to make after we changed the new connectors. I enclosed the pictures of both connectors. We use cold pressing technology to avoid the cables slip off again when the high tempreture melted the tin solders. Your wheel should be burn the mosfets as you keep climbing the moutains, the high temperature make the mosfets burn. Please check it with your seller to change the mainboard.
  2. Tips to regester iOS APP. Please choose your country, not choose China, or you cannot regist it.
  3. Finally the problem has been solved. Hurray!
  4. Please send me email, I will try to solve the problem. Or contact me via facebook messenger: Linnea Lin GotWay , Thanks!
  5. Yes, just the same in shell, but other spec. are not the same, expecially mainboard.
  6. I checked the bank slip and found that the bank address is in Beijing, our bank account is not in Beijing. So it should have something mistakes. Please check it with sales. @9Bit1
  7. @9Bot1 Have you ever checked it with me? I never received any email or any message from you to ask me to check the payment till now. Here we would like to say sorry again for @Tilmann for the unpleasure deal last time. But I would say something for this deal here. Normally we use MTCN NO. and total amount to picked up US dollors transfer from Western Union. But I don't know why that bank transfer US dollors into RMB and enter it to our boss's account directly. So we checked it many times and not found the related payment. Then we double checked with Tilmann and check with our bank and finally found the problem and arrange ship out the wheel to Tilmann at the first time we confirm the payment. And sorry again for bring such unpleasure experience for Tilmann. @9Bot 1, if you really did the payment, please confirm it with specific sales, he/she should help to track the payment and confirm it for you. Thanks!
  8. GotWay Monster seat is available now. It is not standard accessory, should be purchased in extral.
  9. It is made by our factory and will be launched recently.
  10. Dear All, GotWay new Android APP is ready now. It fit to MCM4, ACM, Msuper V3 and Monster. Please try to download it from the following link on facebook group. (file is too big to be uploaded here). Please email me if you found any bugs. Thanks! Best Regards, Linnea
  11. Dear all, GotWay Monster is ready to be made now, contact local distributors to get it. Any question, feel free to send me email: Thanks! Best Regards, Linnea
  12. GotWay Msuper V3 has change the original black color to another black color which is similar to ACM shell. It will not easy to get scratch.