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  1. Ugo, wheeling from Brest to Paris, this time !
  2. Thank you @da_tonifor your feed-back ! The tire of the wheel seems to have been changed (and improved...?) if compared with earlier pictures. Do you know if the color of the wheel is in the mass of its plastic, or if it is just a painting.coating ? And in the last case, what is the color of the plastic itself?
  3. BMS is not only for equilibration between cells during charge, but (I think that it...) prevents against over overcharging (with charger, or going downhill already fully charged) and dangerous undercharging while riding till the end of the battery, no ?
  4. Thank you for reporting those minors improvements !
  5. Interesting too... Can you list them ?
  6. Not so much real wheels...but many tests of these few ones, yes !
  7. For skepticals about the RW "original' trolley (I am...), the InMotion one looks like a good (?) alternative !
  8. The reason of the success of this model is its price, for a standard (= good) GW quality. Gotway makes very good wheels since a long time, now, and in the same time, can progress so much here and there*, so I am very optimist for them (and quietly happy with mine)! (*) robustness of chassis, axle, p├ędals, etc. for heaviest pilots, plasic quality/durability, software conception and distribution, internet website, etc...
  9. Well done, you picked a Gotway MCM3 v2, the last original version of this interesting wheel, and with no additional sticker tending to suggest that it is an other thing...
  10. Other french shops have some models too for testing, and the independant french forum is very active for reporting that !;)
  11. What means the two values for the max load?
  12. Not a western potential buyer, I add a "like" for a french parisian one But may be the useless speed is not convertible in usable torque !
  13. @EUC Extreme so, can i conclude that only one small generator as yours cannot charge two wheels in the same time...?
  14. @zlymex Thank you! I had such a (little) external battery last year, and I have used exactly this way some monthes with my MSuper2 680, before mounting it inside
  15. This is very interesting... How do you use those backpack battery? Just on demand, or always connected? Via the standard charging socket of the wheel, or via a custom specialized circuit? etc... But may be this needs a new thread!