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  1. couldn't have said it any better - I guess other manufacturers put these limitations in for a reason...smh..
  2. dude wow.. I'm glad your ok... I feel like taking my review of this down..... This is not cool at all.....I'm literarily telling people to go buy this nonsense... I still ride mine everyday.. I don't have problems.. The terrain you ride on is a dream.. You should see the roads I have to deal with yet this happens.... Thank you for alerting everyone...
  3. "Thanatos" --- I love it!!! Trust me after awhile you will get use to it!!! Oh trust me - One thing about our hobby - falling comes with the territory.... YOLO! haha!! I Love it!
  4. looks like me overtime i purchase a new wheel...lmaoo
  5. I've seen others do it but I've never used any protective padding at all.
  6. I honestly believe this was the best advice giving... Its literally a switch in the brain.... You have to trick your brain.....
  7. Right on man! My wife is hooked.. At time we ride together to work. I love it. I agree the ride is more fun with another person! haha!!
  8. I don't think purchasing a Gotway was ever an issue. Like them other manufacturers are in the business of making money.... I'm sure it was rather easy to get the device. What people are complaining about is their lack of service or the design quality of their products after the fact! I don't have any issues with mine but there is a fair share of people who have.
  9. It looks like your getting the hang of it there...
  10. Dude congrats !! Well done. Soon enough it's all your going to want to do.. Then it s going backwards and jumping off curbs then it's going backwards back to forwards while keeping your foot on the peddle.. then it's pivoting!! Good stuff!
  11. Well this is great news!! Hopefully it will trickle down everywhere else..
  12. That is great to hear! It's basically the same thing's I'm wearing for protection as well besides my motorcycle jacket haha!! Be safe man.. Please keep us posted on the cause..
  13. I'm with you @Marty Backe - while you guys are at it just... Don't buy a car.... matter fact cancel your next flight....even better.. cellphones are exploding... don't buy any more of those either.. There's nothing wrong with being cautions... but to think everything off the assembly line is perfectly fine is just craziness! I should be the last person talking but wear protection!
  14. I really hate reading about these situations.. I ride crazy around the city on these things. I was just telling the guys on the FB group for NY If I die riding I would rather because I got hit by a car and ran over.. not because of a lose wire. It's insane to think a company like "insert eu maker here" would release anything without proper testing, but at the same time people need to realize... These things can fail at any given moment... Do you know how many things can go wrong in an eu... Even cars can go bad at any moment thats why theres an mandatory inspection / maintenance test every year. It would be stupid to believe just Gotways are unsafe... Frankly ALL WHEELS ARE UNSAFE.... Just yesterday there was a dude telling me how his V8 just shutoff on him for no reason.... During my Ninebot days - I can't tell you how much times it dropped me off..... my friends air wheel (don't remember the model) drop me off like a bad habit for no reason or for some reason who knows... Again I'm not condoning the BS from getaway.. but you would be a fool to think every other wheel but "GOTWAY" is safe. We are all taking a chance here by getting on these un regulated devices.. Thank GOD the op was wearing protection.... To me Gotway is the best wheel available with some defects... No product ever released came out without some flawed device's in their line-up. What I don't like about GOTWAY is how their handling the situation.. Release a how to fix our flawed product is BS!!!