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  1. Knee pads

    For me, the knees are the most common euc related injury. Knee pads is a must. I got bursitis on both knees and a tear in one of the miniscus now due to euc accidents.
  2. New Kingsong's Control Board for Ks14C

    Bqttery indicator is not totally linear in relation to range but its close. Dont know your weight but 30km out of v5f+ is nice. I only get slightly more out of my 840wh ks, but of course im heavier. speed restrictions suck and quite honestly, i dont like the new motors. Hope KS are using different motors in their other models
  3. New Kingsong's Control Board for Ks14C

    Sorry, ive been away from the forum for a while. Yes i installed the new motor. I didnt get the new washers, i used the old ones, and the motor fits, seems to be the same size, but it makes some cracking sounds when riding, i dont like it, i liked the okd ones better. Whats the little board? You mean the bluetooth and the light buttons? Mine stopped working but i need to open up and see if i aligned the springs under the buttons correctly. Sometimes they get out of whack when you close the side cover.
  4. Total distance of your EUC

    That was about kingsong batteries
  5. Total distance of your EUC

    I havent had to replace the msuper batteries or motor yet)
  6. Total distance of your EUC

    I have kingsongs 14c and M super v3. Batteries are large capacity but had be replaced mostly for reasons other than deteriorated performance, even though i did notice a decrease in performance also. Motor is quite tough, but the axle is not. No i dont do jumps. Some axles are not designed strong enough to carry 100kg over long distances,
  7. Total distance of your EUC

    I have 3 wheels, and had ridden other wheels too, and i know I have thousands of kilometers on each to the total of something like 10,000km or so. I stopped counting a while ago and dont know any more., Hhowever i had to replace parts so many times that its hard to figure out the life span of the original parts. Motors and batteries were replaced as well as other parts. But i cant consider the mikeage at which the motors were replaced the wheel's expected life span either, as the motors would continue working if the axle didnt break. But should i have been lighter than 100kg the axle would have broken much later. So while i have an idea of how long thr wheel will last, it depends on many other factors. Id say that for a light person 4000km or more is attainable. Depends on the particular wheel model of course
  8. Another MSuper V3+ Wiring failure - Ug

    Everyone should pull on the wires at minimum, and better to resolder even if the wires are holding when pulling on them
  9. This also recently happened to another forum member. Exactly the same way it happened to me
  10. Man it worked great. I bought the big butt connectors, definetely an overkill considering th gauge of wire Gotway used for these motor connections. I soldered both ends and hvent had a problem since. Let hope i wont in the future either
  11. New Kingsong's Control Board for Ks14C

    Well, as the say, the plot thickens. Chances are you have the new type motor ( kingsong did away with the original type about half a year ago or maybe a bit earlier )but you may or may not have the new board. The new type motor that has the old , traditional motor wire connector will work with the old board, and the new type motor with the new connector will only connect to the new board. Also you may have a previous version of software, but aparently with speed restrictions. I like the pit bull comparison, very accurate.
  12. Mark, this has happened to me many times for several different reasons. Its a bit hard to troubleshoot remotely but i will list a coupke of things you can check 1. open the wheel on the charging side . The charging wire going from the charging port to the battery has a connector. Sometimes this connector loses its grip. Move boths parts of the connector around. Unplug it and plug back in and see if anything changes ( if the charger turns red, or the chargers fan kicks in). Also can help to clean the prongs of the connector and sligtly bend them just a little bit to make them fit into the reciprocal part better/ tighter 2. Sometimes, when the kingsong battery gets older it just stops charging, ir stops and starts after a while. This also manifests itself by real low voltage across charging contacts of the battery. Unplug the charger and check voltage across the 2 contacts of the batterys charge wire. If its about 3-5v, tpyou may have a problem. If its about 8-12v , it is ok. If voltage is like 3-4v, leave the charger plugged in for some 10-20 minutes and see if it just kicks in allof a sudden. 3. Measure the output voltage of both batteries ( i assume you have 2 ) , see if they are both 40 something voltas and let us know 4. Also check is the charge wires inside the wheel are connected to the prongs of the charge port emdpbedded in the plastic casing, they can get loose and disconnect
  13. New Kingsong's Control Board for Ks14C

    There is quite a few issues with this new equipment and firmware. you are very correct on the aggressive tiltback. Now, it happens not because the tiktback is sharp when exceeding a certain speed - this happens because of the stupid speed restrictions. I feel like the speed is restricted when the battery is around 60% , then restricted even more when lower down to about 20kmh at about 40% or less ( these numbers are not precise, they are very approximate). What happens is when one is accelerating, especially a heavy rider, there is a voltage drop, and when the voltage drops during high power demand, the wheel thinks that the battery level has dropped below a certain value and kick in a very aggressive tiltback because the speed restrictions kick in ! Unfortunately, to fix this will not be as easy as removing the speed restrictions - these restrictions, in my opinion, are warranted by the changes in the new hardware.. I am sorry to say but this is not a positive change at this time, for a number of reasons which i didnt fully describe here but i told kingsong directly about as early as about half a year ago. unfortunately we dont have much choice after the axle cracks, and we have to get the new type motor and the new control board. my advice to old board/ motor owners - hold on to it as long as you can before you have to change over to the new hardware and firmware.
  14. KingSong KS14D, First Look (eng sub)

    To me the volumes sound about the same from this video. If ks14d has about the same volume as ks16, then its not loud enough, because ks16 is not loud enough - its about half of the volume of ks14C. Of course my perception can be skewed as it is hard to compare e volumes from a recording
  15. KingSong KS14D, First Look (eng sub)

    From the disassembly video, speakers look quite small, smaller than in ks14c. How many watts are they? Chances are less than 5w each, and then will be quiter than ks14c. In my opinion, anything quieter than ks14c is not quite loud enough