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  1. @Scatcat thanks for the detailed instructions. I am secretly hoping that my wheel will work perfect and I will never need them, but more likely these will come in very handy. We shall see
  2. In fact I actually just got pulled over and given a ticket. Super upset , but I gotta say, I have a scary power of prediction...
  3. I don’t know why I didn’t get it right myself. I must have been stressed at work with the clients standing over my shoulder. a few days ago I would never think I’d buy this. I don’t quite know how to explain why. I guess I got tired of thinking of getting a new wheel and not finding a perfect one for the longest time ( not that this one is perfect ) and also I’ve always wanted an agile fast and light wheel with a decent battery and good motor power . My ks14c was great in many ways but lacking speed and power. This one seems to have both and with the fat on the sides design I’m thinking it should be fun to control ( more leverage) . So I guess I liked the looks of it too and was kinda looking for a KS14C experience but with stronger motor and faster. The original ks14c 800w motors were very strong . Then kingsong changed the motor factory and started installing much weaker ones and I couldn’t do on it what I had used to. Let’s see if I can get those good old times back. I can see I’m rambling. I didn’t sleep much last night and driving upstate right now so I better stop before I get pulled over
  4. Yes you are right, now I read it the same way. I guess thats an increase from the previous version?
  5. I try not to ride in the rain to avoid water ingress. Accasionally when I had no choice I would put a plastic bag over the wheel. Yes I will consider coating the electronics im not sure what he meant about the rotation. I didn’t think it was the shut off angle. Yes I am one of those people who wasn’t happy with gotways shut off at an angle close to horizon. I didn’t know about ebates.. I will look
  6. Ok I’ve found the history. This is what he said about waterproofing, I struggle to understand this : Waterproof, no problem, the first generation of balanced cars, almost no design waterproofing, no problem, so you don't have to worry. This is on V3 changes : The motor power output has been changed, and the suspended rotation is 63. The controller program made a slight adjustment, using more stable capacitance, chip. this is on the issue of the rubbing on the side of motor when riding on one foot: when a foot stand on the wheel, friction problem, I know, there are a small number of users encountered when using this kind of situation, only the proportion of the very few, I think, is when the wheels encountered fierce collision, screw loosening, some location to appear this kind of phenomenon. on the issue of cut outs he said it has been solved.
  7. Sure will do. The improvements weren’t that numerous as far as I remember. There was something with rotation improved and another one that seemed not so significant but I relied on the chat history which said it retains for 7 days but now cannot find a way to bring it up . The response to my question about waterproofing was the funniest ever. The way I understood it basically waterproofing doesn’t exist but I shouldn’t be worried about it) I need to find that history i am excited. Hoping this will be a great experience
  8. He told me in the chat but I’m not sure how to bring up the chat history. 1036wh. Blue the best color
  9. Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    I am sure Marty will test and provide a more comprehensive answer but I just wanted to note that yes v10 does feel more like a 18” wheel. But the feel is not only due to the fatter tire but more so due to the size/ dimensions and weight of the wheel and the points where the force is applied by the rider to control the turns. Thats what many refer to as the 18” feel when I rode it I switched from msuper to v10 and back and msuper still felt more like an 18” , v10 had a 18” -ish feel. Somewhere in between 16 and 18 inch. It’s hard for me to comment on absorbingbyhe shock from obstacles as I’m not sure how the tire pressures compared to be objective
  10. Ok. Despite all warnings from the fellow forumers and shunning my own voice of reason, I just pulled the trigger on a 1036wh gt16 from Ali lexpress Rockwheel store. i was told by the rep that I’m getting version 3 which has some improvements anyway I’ve paid, it’s done . The inner child has been given his candy.
  11. 18l presale specs

    I wish the manufacturers and / or distributors kept a database of customers who bought a wheel in the past ( at the very least the same brand wheel) and this data could be submitted to manufacturer, so that these people can receive wheels that are already unlocked to full speed, as such riders already have the experience. Distributors should push this procedure with the brands ( looking at you @Jason McNeil- if you there is one guy who can do it, it’s you! ) another unrelated idea is a reward program ( discounts) the manufacturer could launch to reward return customers which they could pass on thru their distributors ( again looking at you @Jason McNeil ). Distributors could potentially also amplify that by auditing their own reward points / discounts for loyalty return customers( this could maybe be co -sponsored by the brands) This would benefit everyone - create more business for the brands, distributors and provide relief for loyal customers.
  12. 18l presale specs

    If That mud guard is made of plastic it will break in a week from being bent and rested on when the wheel is parked / placed under seat in subway ev. Otherwise one will have to baby the wheel so as to never touch it.
  13. That’s great. Tilt back should always be mild in my opinion in terms or it’s rapidness. I do believe it should slowly raise up the pedals to a substantial angle if the rider is not reacting
  14. I am not aware of people riding thru tiltback on KS wheels, but i remember that KS issued many different versions of firmware in the past and changed the way tilt back kicks in many many times, some of the versions had a more aggressive , some more mild tiltback. And the tiltback mechanism /approach was changed a few times. It is possible that people were forcing thru mild tiltback. However, normally tiltback would still increase the pedal angle if you slowly continue to accelerate