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  1. May the "you think that's air you're breathing" be with you
  2. Been there, done that, but didnt have a EUC back then. Heat is definitely a issue on longer strolls. At night though, when you really want to be out and about, the LED show would be awesome In hindsight I also thought it would be a fun (but maybe not a good) idea. Just be aware the dust there (and you know it going for the 9th time) will get in everywhere, the IP55 Protection wont help a bit. The best that could happen is it still works and needs a thorough cleaning, worst, you got a bricked EUC that cant be repaired because of all the dust. I know of several people that lost 3000+$ cameras to the dust Charging could be another issue unless you have a generator going for a few hours every day. We brought a Golfcart with us and it was rather problematic to keep it fueled and running. Then there are some spots of playa dust where you suddenly sink in, not a problem on a bike, but it could be on one wheel. Another problemzone could be the speedlimit of 5mph and/or you might need to register it as a mutant vehicle beforehand. That was our Ride back in 2012
  3. That does not make it sound any better, upping the price for the exact same product by any amount of % will always be received badly. Innovate it and then people will consider the higher price. This way they will just look at other products.
  4. @jojo33Could I ask you to use ALL CAPS a little less? I like it to highlight words, but not to read entire texts. Also the Netiquette states that all caps is received as people yelling, and you are clearly not in this case Thx!
  5. @esaj Knights of Sidonia has more than two seasons? I saw the first season and it was awesome with a few plotholes, but I wasnt that appealed by the second season. Needless to say, my Laptop at home is called Tsugumori
  6. Hab die letzten Seiten nicht so verfolgt, hab das grad heute auf Heise entdeckt: http://dip21.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/18/131/1813157.pdf Zu langsam!
  7. http://bfy.tw/Cths couldnt help myself, sorry
  8. Just keep in mind, a UPS is not the same as a laptop battery. Its main reasons of existence are the aforementioned surge protection and they give your system critical time to shut down its OS in a controlled manner if there is a power outage. We are speaking of a few minutes of power usually, not more. A lot of people think they could game on during a blackout for a few hours and attach monitors, printers and all sorts of other Periphery onto it. Get a Laptop in that case. If the power grid in your area is generally stable, then you'll use the surge protection only in case of a thunderstorm and probably never ever really need a UPS. What are you running on your Desktop that you consider getting a UPS? Do you run Applications that use large Databases that keep their current data inside the PCs Ram?
  9. Oh how I loved the song: Face down a** up, thats the way we like to ******** but I never thought something that good would ever happen because of them, much respect! I will undust that CD and listdn to some of those songs again tonight!
  10. I am not into series that much, but I enjoyed Mr. Robot a lot, the first season has a twist in it that made me rewatch the whole thing again.
  11. Lots of em... I mean, Aliens...
  12. I have this on my devices since some time around every 2 weeks, but I have not found anything reproducable to drill down on the root cause. At some point I have to log in again on whatever device. Its not that problematic to do, its just strange that it happens. I use the forum on 3 systems as well, windows 7 with FF, windows 8.1 with FF and android nougat with FF
  13. As someone from Switzerland I had to fill it out immediately
  14. Horrible people! Get yourself a Helmet and put a camera on it, if they see your cam they hopefully think twice. And the helmet is never wrong anyway.
  15. Just use a Samsung TV and they get a picture of you while you shop, way easier I just am surprised that they had more or less the same stuff that NSA got, so basically 2 Dept. doing the same for double the costs.