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  1. Oh how I loved the song: Face down a** up, thats the way we like to ******** but I never thought something that good would ever happen because of them, much respect! I will undust that CD and listdn to some of those songs again tonight!
  2. I am not into series that much, but I enjoyed Mr. Robot a lot, the first season has a twist in it that made me rewatch the whole thing again.
  3. Lots of em... I mean, Aliens...
  4. I have this on my devices since some time around every 2 weeks, but I have not found anything reproducable to drill down on the root cause. At some point I have to log in again on whatever device. Its not that problematic to do, its just strange that it happens. I use the forum on 3 systems as well, windows 7 with FF, windows 8.1 with FF and android nougat with FF
  5. As someone from Switzerland I had to fill it out immediately
  6. Horrible people! Get yourself a Helmet and put a camera on it, if they see your cam they hopefully think twice. And the helmet is never wrong anyway.
  7. Just use a Samsung TV and they get a picture of you while you shop, way easier I just am surprised that they had more or less the same stuff that NSA got, so basically 2 Dept. doing the same for double the costs.
  8. The only two downsides I found compared to my old Oppo is indeed the speaker and the missing SD Card Slot. The Speaker isnt a big deal for me, I have a BT-headset and a Bose SoundLink MIni if needed. The SD slot as you mentioned is only really needed if you go below the 128 gig. I really liked the Nexus line because it was clean android without software I neither want nor can uninstall. But the Pixel Line is so overpriced right now, I didnt even want to take a closer look at them. So Samsung didnt get consideration from me as they are jampacked with additional BS nobody uses anyway or gets a better app from the Store. The fast charging feature is really nice, had the previous version on the oppo already (Oppo and Oneplus are made by the same people). Once I didnt sleep at home and didnt charge it overnight, got home in the morning to grab my stuff and take a shower before work so I plugged it in with like 30% went to freshen up and 15 minutes later I unplugged it and it was at 97% and ready for the day again. Cretty pool. Another small downside right now is the USB-C port. I dont have anything with USB-C yet, so all the little micro-usb gadgets I got like a usb-stick, a micro-mouse etc. wont work anymore or need an adapter. But that will change in the current year as more and more USB-C type gadgets come onto the market. Proper off screen buttons, in fact they are two led points with a sensor area around them, they arent even labeled. But they work totally fine. The hardware slider on the side for ring/do not disturb/silent is neat but it happened already that my pocket changed the position and it was on silent all of a sudden or worse it switched to ring during a meeting. I am sure all these features arent really a buy/dont buy reason so it eventually comes down to personal preference of the little features. If you want vendor support, you have to check if OnePlus provides that in Sweden, they dont for Switzerland, so if my phone ever breaks down, i either have to buy a new one or try to get warranty via Germany, that could be a big hassle. But in my experience with Oppo, I didnt ever need vendor support and the price was so low, I could buy a second device and still be cheaper if it would break.
  9. I only kind of like the music, but love their Videos!
  10. Same goes with that hydraulic press or hot glowing knife. Very Scientific! Much Wow! But yeah Samsung brings their burning Note back with a smaller battery it seems. But I think now nobody wants it anymore. I got 2 SIM active on my 3T, I currently use it for private and business, did about 5 phonecalls today (10min each) surfed and tested nextcloud on it all day and the battery is now sitting at 65% (removed the charger at 7am.) not bad in my books, but yeah the weekly charge of my 3310 is still sorely missed.
  11. if that battery catches on fire, it will probably cost you one or the other
  12. The one in my picture is a 1983 Giulietta with a swapped V6 from a GTV6. I wanted a one of a kind car, the Giulietta design of this generation wasnt well received (its the 80ties blocky style) and they never made a 6cyl to cater any sporty drivers. Mine should kind of look like this one when all the bodypanels are back (I havent decided on the color yet) In german there is a funny explanation: horsepower defines how fast you hit the wall, torque defines how far you take that wall with you.
  13. why not crowdfund it?
  14. I got myself the OnePlus 3T this January and I am very happy. Nougat Update, 128 Gig space, almost no bloatware, besides the usual Google-Crap. And for the price, its simply unbeatable. Former Phone was a Oppo Find 7 but the 4k screen was kind of over the top, the 1080p display is totally sufficient for everyday use. The Pixel Series is just a rip off, 900+€ for a mediocre phone, go home Google, you're drunk! Ah, and EDIT, the Fingerprint sensor is friggen superfast! (0.2 Seconds to unlock) I use a business iPhone and since I got the 3T the speed of the sensor on iDevices just annoys me.
  15. Some important person once said, there is no negative publicity. Its all what you make out of it. I dont like the unbox guy myself, but as @Jason McNeil said, its a jump point because his vid will be found by many more people that never came across a EUC before. And his vid has way more outreach than a similarly priced advertisement billboard somewhere in a City. Good idea Jason!