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  1. Can you just use Google? It's superior. Put this in the search box at Google: whatever blah blah
  2. no words
  3. This is a good article on what's going on right now for anyone else following this thread:
  4. Watching BIP91:
  5. My current long-term HODL crypto pie (in terms of USD value for each crypto). I actually don't mind seeing bitcoin back down to the sub-1500 area to accumulate more. EDIT: I have just shifted about a third of my LTC back into BTC due to the likelihood of BIP91 locking in in the next few days.
  6. Check this old article out. I think it's plausibly related to the price action in the last few days. Quote: This also infers that, technically, exchanges today are thinly traded. If I wanted to buy $50m in Bitcoin, what would prevent me from shorting the market by with $2–5m, forcing the price down and then buying $50m in volume from OTC traders who have clients panicking? Market manipulation, although seemingly unlikely, is entirely plausible in a thinly traded market where large trades happen outside the exchange.
  7. At the request of @WARPed1701D with further support and recommendation by @Marty Backe @meepmeepmayer @KingSong69 and other mods, this section has been created.
  8. Um. Don't think so. Just don't overdo your rep-giving or just start counting.
  9. "Top Members" (group) is currently defined by any of the following four conditions: 1) Anyone in the top 20 for "reputation" in this list. 2) Anyone in this complete list (of 48 accounts) for "reputation" who has a Points/Content ratio of 1 or above. 3) Anyone in the monthly leaderboard. 4) Special cases that doesn't fall under the above three formulas (nobody yet at the time of this posting) Anyone who becomes a "Top Member" will remain a "Top Member" even if they no longer fit this formula in the future unless they get promoted or they get demoted for some serious rule violation (unlikely). If you spot someone who qualifies in #1, #2, or #3 who haven't been promoted to "Top Member" then please let me know so I can make the change. "Okay I get it but why are you doing this silly system and what are the perks?" This all started from trying to find a temporary solution for a problem detailed in this thread on my first and second post in the thread. Read full thread for full details.
  10. EDIT: This thread has become a wealth of information for beginners. Please check out all the other posts by the community within this thread too. Most of us who have been riding for quite some time don't give it much thought as it has been incorporated into our muscle memory and have become second nature. However, for a beginner, it is important to understand the physics behind balancing on a euc and to be actively aware of this until it becomes second nature and incorporated into one's muscle memory so that one doesn't even have to think about it anymore. When you ride a bicycle at LOW speeds (before gyroscopic forces take significant effect) you have to manually compensate by steering your front wheel left and right to avoid tipping over to any one side. Balancing on a euc at low speeds is a similar concept. If you are losing balance and falling (tipping) towards the left, then you have to steer or twist towards the left. If you are falling (tipping) towards the right, then you have to steer or twist towards the right. The magnitude of manual compensation decreases as the gyroscopic effect increases with speed. While on the topic of helping beginners, another tip is to loosely hold a luggage strap looped around the handle of the euc. This will increase your confidence as you no longer have to worry about damaging your unit, making loud tumbling noises, and/or hurting other people when you decide to step off in an emergency during your learning process. Note that this is absolutely NOT used to help you balance. The only downside to this is that one of your arms will not be free to flail to help you balance, however I believe the upside outweighs this downside. Be careful not to allow too much slack on the strap to hang too low as to let it get sucked into the wheel.
  11. LOL. This guy is awesome.
  12. Any comment on tezos?
  13. You know that quoting someone and then editing that quote so that it looks like they said something that they didn't isn't very good etiquette. But I'll let this one slide in the name of hunka-humor.
  14. I have three vives. Haven't used them much since the initial craze. Resolution must improve before it becomes more immersive. Anyways, I'm in Hong Kong so there's a latency issue with NA.
  15. Weren't there liquidations set off due to margin positions also? Or does GDAX not have margin trading? Regardless, I don't think super big market orders should be allowed to clear the entire book like that. If the order is so large, it should pause for like 15 seconds after a certain price movement limit (and have a new price limit after that) to give people a chance to put buy orders in. I mean who wouldn't want to buy ETH at 10 cents (or even at $100)? People need to be given time to put the buy orders in.
  16. Bought these at an electric unicycle shop in Shenzhen, China for 30 RMB each (about 5 USD). The wheel in the middle is the new Rockwheel 14".
  17. In case you're not aware, the flash crash on GDAX caused ETH to drop from over $300 down to 10 cents for a brief second.
  18. You spelled HODL wrong.
  19. I picked up some ANS/BTC at 0.0033 for kicks.
  20. Be careful tho, as they say "buy the rumor, sell the fact".
  21. So I got in on some BTC around the 2500 level a few days ago. I think I'm going to "HODL" them for a few years. Will keep accumulating on dips hereafter. I also got some LTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, for diversification as well as very tiny bit of IOTA "just in case".
  22. I just know it went up like crazy a day or two ago. "Antshares" sounds pretty awesome, they shouldn't rename it. Yeah unfortunately I can't read Chinese either but getting Jack Ma should give it some boost and legitimacy. Do you know what's special about it technically? Is it a superior coin?