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  1. EDIT: This thread has become a wealth of information for beginners. Please check out all the other posts by the community within this thread too. Most of us who have been riding for quite some time don't give it much thought as it has been incorporated into our muscle memory and have become second nature. However, for a beginner, it is important to understand the physics behind balancing on a euc and to be actively aware of this until it becomes second nature and incorporated into one's muscle memory so that one doesn't even have to think about it anymore. When you ride a bicycle at LOW speeds (before gyroscopic forces take significant effect) you have to manually compensate by steering your front wheel left and right to avoid tipping over to any one side. Balancing on a euc at low speeds is a similar concept. If you are losing balance and falling (tipping) towards the left, then you have to steer or twist towards the left. If you are falling (tipping) towards the right, then you have to steer or twist towards the right. The magnitude of manual compensation decreases as the gyroscopic effect increases with speed. While on the topic of helping beginners, another tip is to loosely hold a luggage strap looped around the handle of the euc. This will increase your confidence as you no longer have to worry about damaging your unit, making loud tumbling noises, and/or hurting other people when you decide to step off in an emergency during your learning process. Note that this is absolutely NOT used to help you balance. The only downside to this is that one of your arms will not be free to flail to help you balance, however I believe the upside outweighs this downside. Be careful not to allow too much slack on the strap to hang too low as to let it get sucked into the wheel.
  2. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    @esaj now has the ability to take over both the complete administration and payment of the account in case I expire or are unable to respond in a prolonged manner. Okay now please don't kill me. Thanks. EDIT: @esaj would have to domain name change eventually though or grab it back upon expiry.
  3. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    Only if you change your last name to Unicyclist and your first name to Fat first.
  4. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    I'll just have to try not to die then. Or some solution may come from the post above.
  5. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    Let me ask Invision about "what happens if I die?". If I could pre-assign it to @esaj or something. EDIT: Support ticket sent. Will let you guys know.
  6. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    What would be the odds I happened to have EUCist as last name? I guess I could have had my name changed because I was such a fan. But no.
  7. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    Dude I last posted on the SAME DAY that you posted this (before you posted this). And yes they are collecting dust because it's banned in Hong Kong. And my Shenzhen apartment is at a bad location for euc riding and my car is forced to be parked 5 subway stations away. I bought a new apartment though where I can actually park my car at the same apartment parking lot so that I can "drive to a place where i can ride" more. We'll see. NOW CROSS ME OFF ON THE SHIT-LIST ELVIS THANKS.
  8. Post editing time limit has been revised to 15 minutes from the time of the posting. This is now in line with how most other forums operate. Previously it was set to "Unlimited". EDIT: The time limit has been revised to 2880 minutes (2 days). "Top Members" are now "Unlimited". See this post for more details.
  9. No those are "Members". After 30 days they automatically become "Full Members". But they have always had 5 minutes of editing time. But I just bumped that up to 15 minutes.
  10. Between "Full Members" and "Members" 98% are "Full Members" while 2% are "Members". And "Full Members" represent the vast majority of the active people on this forum besides "Top Members" of course.
  11. Changed from 2 days to 2 weeks for "Full Members". "Top Members" remain unlimited. Let's see how this goes for now. Thanks.
  12. DISCLOSURE The forum founder and moderators do not sell electric unicycles and are NOT affiliated with any electric unicycle related company nor receive compensation from any electric unicycle companies. We have zero-income from this. We want to keep this forum as neutral and unbiased as possible. RULES Be good to one another. Don’t insult anyone directly, including the staff. Don’t use hate speech of any kind, including (but not limited to) hate speech related to ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, religion, political inclination, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the moderation team. No pornography. Do not type your entire post or the entire topic title in ALL-CAPS. Capitalization of a few words for emphasis is okay (like I just did in the last sentence). ADVERTISING RULES All ads must go in the corresponding ad section of the forum. In the interest of our members, if you are going to advertise your electric unicycle store, company, or products it should be something that the vast majority of our members are very likely WANTING to see. Do not do this more than once a week and bumping your ads unnecessarily. Also make sure the ad is significantly different from your previous one. As a regular customer, discussing about euc shops in the non-ad sections is okay as long as you are not deliberately trying to "game the system" by shilling. For example, you should not keep praising and linking a shop in your replies or in topics pretending to be normal customer while you are actually financially associated to the shop. We can spot these things and you will achieve the opposite effect where your business loses reputation, your account being banned, or both. LANGUAGE English (and as "lingua franca") is the language used in this forum. If you cannot express what you want to say in English then use Google Translate first and paste the translated message into your topic or replies. This is better than having the majority of our members having to do it individually to read your message. Non-English language discussions are allowed in the "Local Group Meet Ups" section where there are threads specifically for different native languages of different countries or regions. Some tolerance will be allowed for Chinese euc manufacturers (if their English is weak) to type in Chinese if it helps facilitate problem solving with eucs. In these cases, we encourage other members to translate it back to English. NEW MEMBERS Your first few posts may be manually approved by the moderators before others can see them, to ensure they are appropriate. As this is a "global" forum we recommend that you include your country in your profile under "Location" ( not in your name ) to facilitate discussions that depend on geography. POSTING MEDIA This forum is hosted on a server where the total disk space cap is relatively low. Therefore every forum member's account also has a cap on total disk usage (you will eventually run out of space). For this reason it is encouraged that you put your large images on reliable external sites such as imgur.com (or equivalent) and embed it back into your posts. For imgur (you don't have to create an account), if you want to embed the photo into your post, make sure to use the "Direct Link" instead of the "Image Link" given by imgur. Needless to say, videos go to YouTube (or equivalent) and can be embedded back into your posts here. To "embed" all you have to do is copy and paste the link to the body of your post (wherever you want it) and hit enter. USING THE QUOTE FUNCTION When quoting a post that is very long (especially one with multiple media embeds) please trim away the parts of the quote that are irrelevant to your reply.
  13. The app used is GotWay3.4.1_English_edition.apk which is available in the files section of our Facebook Group linked from http://electricunicycle.org . Forgot to say that my name is John and please subscribe and thumbs up if you enjoy the videos in our channel.
  14. ACM now uses 12 MOSFETs instead of 6

    Other 6 is underneath the visible 6. Other 6 is underneath the visible 6.
  15. The thread you specified above was deleted (hidden) by the original thread author at 22:35 UTC on October 4th.
  16. Chat Box?

  17. On desktop you'll notice two new icons, a quote icon and an eye icon above your text entry box. You can also use bbcode to achieve the same thing (e.g. on mobile) using the following commands in SQUARE BRACKETS: quote /quote spoiler /spoiler When quoting someone's post in the forum you should continue to use the previous method by pressing the "Quote" link of that post.
  18. Has anybody Heard of this?

    He's been very passionate about designing eucs (for a long time) and he has live in China for quite some time for this specific purpose so I believe he should have all the contacts he needs. That said, I can't make any predictions on his ability to succeed on his "ambitious project" as I have not studied it.
  19. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Real deal in terms of what?
  20. Forum upgrade to commence in 5 minutes. Will be down for several minutes. EDIT: Upgrade completed.
  21. Forum version upgraded

    Both "Like" and "Upvote" adds exactly 1 to reputation. So it does not matter which one you use. It seems that I'm unable to disable the "Like" functionality. So I guess you can use "Like" when you really do LIKE the post while if something is important yet a terrible news you can use the "Upvote" instead?
  22. Forum version upgraded

    That would cause all embedded media (from external sites) in the forum to not show. There is a proxy workaround that I'm investigating.
  23. Forum version upgraded

    Guys. Let me know if you find anything that's broken or just terrible. I just noticed that there's no downvote anymore. Can probably fix that tho later. I originally upgraded because I thought it might fix the file download issue. Apparently it was unrelated. I have submitted a support ticket for that just now. Will keep you guys updated.
  24. Has anybody Heard of this?

    That's @Austin Marhold
  25. New GOTWAY WoManten4!

    Holy shit. I thought she was real from the youtube still preview and even the beginning part of the video where she does the "eye thing". The terminator motor sounds have to go tho, if that's even a technical possibility ever.