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  1. Can you just use Google? It's superior. Put this in the search box at Google: whatever blah blah
  2. no words
  3. This is a good article on what's going on right now for anyone else following this thread:
  4. Watching BIP91:
  5. My current long-term HODL crypto pie (in terms of USD value for each crypto). I actually don't mind seeing bitcoin back down to the sub-1500 area to accumulate more. EDIT: I have just shifted about a third of my LTC back into BTC due to the likelihood of BIP91 locking in in the next few days.
  6. Check this old article out. I think it's plausibly related to the price action in the last few days. Quote: This also infers that, technically, exchanges today are thinly traded. If I wanted to buy $50m in Bitcoin, what would prevent me from shorting the market by with $2–5m, forcing the price down and then buying $50m in volume from OTC traders who have clients panicking? Market manipulation, although seemingly unlikely, is entirely plausible in a thinly traded market where large trades happen outside the exchange.
  7. Um. Don't think so. Just don't overdo your rep-giving or just start counting.
  8. At the request of @WARPed1701D with further support and recommendation by @Marty Backe @meepmeepmayer @KingSong69 and other mods, this section has been created.
  9. LOL. This guy is awesome.
  10. Any comment on tezos?
  11. You know that quoting someone and then editing that quote so that it looks like they said something that they didn't isn't very good etiquette. But I'll let this one slide in the name of hunka-humor.
  12. I have three vives. Haven't used them much since the initial craze. Resolution must improve before it becomes more immersive. Anyways, I'm in Hong Kong so there's a latency issue with NA.