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  1. Has anybody Heard of this?

    He's been very passionate about designing eucs (for a long time) and he has live in China for quite some time for this specific purpose so I believe he should have all the contacts he needs. That said, I can't make any predictions on his ability to succeed on his "ambitious project" as I have not studied it.
  2. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Real deal in terms of what?
  3. On desktop you'll notice two new icons, a quote icon and an eye icon above your text entry box. You can also use bbcode to achieve the same thing (e.g. on mobile) using the following commands in SQUARE BRACKETS: quote /quote spoiler /spoiler When quoting someone's post in the forum you should continue to use the previous method by pressing the "Quote" link of that post.
  4. Forum version upgraded

    Both "Like" and "Upvote" adds exactly 1 to reputation. So it does not matter which one you use. It seems that I'm unable to disable the "Like" functionality. So I guess you can use "Like" when you really do LIKE the post while if something is important yet a terrible news you can use the "Upvote" instead?
  5. Forum version upgraded

    That would cause all embedded media (from external sites) in the forum to not show. There is a proxy workaround that I'm investigating.
  6. Forum version upgraded

    Guys. Let me know if you find anything that's broken or just terrible. I just noticed that there's no downvote anymore. Can probably fix that tho later. I originally upgraded because I thought it might fix the file download issue. Apparently it was unrelated. I have submitted a support ticket for that just now. Will keep you guys updated.
  7. Has anybody Heard of this?

    That's @Austin Marhold
  8. Forum upgrade to commence in 5 minutes. Will be down for several minutes. EDIT: Upgrade completed.
  9. New GOTWAY WoManten4!

    Holy shit. I thought she was real from the youtube still preview and even the beginning part of the video where she does the "eye thing". The terminator motor sounds have to go tho, if that's even a technical possibility ever.
  10. Cryptocurrency

    Antshares (NEO) on the move.
  11. Cryptocurrency

    Plus the $200 free BCC so $3500 PS. Bittrex traded as high as $1,470 for BCC but nobody outside of Bittrex could transfer BCC in to sell at the time.
  12. Cryptocurrency

    Bitfinex just decided today to support BCC going into the hard fork but calling it BCH (bitch). https://www.bitfinex.com/posts/212
  13. Cryptocurrency

    My updated HODL pie.
  14. Cryptocurrency

    Anyone with BTC make sure to withdraw them out of your exchange wallets to your personal wallets prior to Aug 1 due to the BCC UAHF. Failure to do so means you are throwing away a non-zero value coin (currently BCC futures are trading at 375 USD). Many Chinese, Japanese, and Korean exchanges support BCC but most western exchanges do not aside from Kraken (please double-check first if you intend to leave BTC there). https://www.bitcoincash.org/ https://www.viabtc.com/quot/realtime?currency=cny&dest=bcc&chart=simple
  15. Can you just use Google? It's superior. Put this in the search box at Google: site:forum.electricunicycle.org whatever blah blah