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  1. The following people received Day 3 rewards: @freetheoranges @ramma @Paddylaz @bTomLotus @RobValley This "incentive program" has ended.
  2. The main reason for changing it was to prevent people from logging in with one platform (say PC) without an account, and then logging in via another platform (say Mobile) and end up having two different accounts with the same name before "claiming" either accounts. This happened to @Tilmann hence why I changed it.
  3. The following people received Day 2 rewards: @ramma @freetheoranges @Paddylaz @RobValley @dalewalker @Berus @Hunka Hunka Burning Love
  4. The following people received Day 1 rewards: @freetheoranges @Hunka Hunka Burning Love @RobValley @Tilmann @dalewalker @ramma @Rehab1 PS. @esaj and I were active but we're staff so we don't count.
  5. @Rehab1 ok you got it to work (we chatted in Discord). Just curious, was uninstalling and reinstalling the iOS app what did the trick?
  6. Hmm. Maybe try uninstall and reinstall the app?
  7. That's not the registration screen though. That's the login screen for when you already have an account. In any case you can just click the link below to go straight in without needing to sign in or register. You can "claim" your account later.
  8. I actually removed the requirement for registering (a few hours ago right after @Hunka Hunka Burning Love registered) although it still doesn't explain why @Rehab1 couldn't register if he chooses to.
  9. Update: This "incentive program" has ended. As an incentive to "get the ball rolling" on our new Discord channel I will find a random time in the next 24 hours to credit everyone who is online at that moment (easier to idle on desktop of course) in the Discord euc channel (you don't even have to talk) with 10 forum reputation points. Update: I will credit those who have chat more than 5 lines of non-spam meaningful conversation at any point in the 24 hour period as well. In order to receive the reward you must have a username or nickname that matches your forum name. To change your nickname (if it's different from your Discord account name) while in our Discord euc channel type /nick [your-forum-name]. Please note that nicknames are channel-specific and it doesn't affect your name in any other channels you might be on. This reward thing will repeat every day for several days or until "the ball is rolling" (whichever first) and this will stop. Please note that only forum members that already have at least 10 existing reputation points can be rewarded. If you're under 10 points, then points might be given by discretion. Click this link to get started: What the heck is Discord?
  10. Perfect addition for @Hunka Hunka Burning Love , @Rehab1 , and other self-proclaimed thread-derailers.
  11. What is Discord? It was originally meant for gamers and real-time voice-chat however it has become very useful for everything else and for text chat purposes as well. For our purposes it's basically "IRC for the 21st century" (as @esaj put it) for euc discussion. It's a real-time group text chat that is "cloud-based" so that you can log on anytime and still see the message history on what you missed while you were offline. The @mention system works wonderfully and the private messaging system works great too. Just click the link at the top to get started. Be aware that, like anything new, it takes time to get the ball rolling with activity. Be the early-adopter and "roll the ball" (I mean wheel). Thanks to @freetheoranges for suggesting to set up a Discord channel for this forum.
  12. I assume he meant "good or use" which also doesn't make sense but makes more sense than "goo dor use"
  13. This whole forum is mainly for eucs ("single wheel scooter" better known as "electric unicycle"). You will find a wealth of information by just browsing all the posts yourself.
  14. Okay now that it's been a while I think more 14c owners might have a 14d. Any more feedback on this topic?