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  1. I think the arrow on the tire points in the direction of rotation. So, since you are looking at the arrow when it is at the bottom of the device, you should ride the device in the opposite direction of the arrow. I checked my KS16S and indeed the arrow (at bottom of device) is pointing towards the rear.
  2. @Kimosabi I received my brand new KingSong KS16S on Monday, and it is a very fine machine indeed! I don't know if this is relevant to your worry that the 16S will 'cut out' faster... but regarding range on the battery: Yesterday I started out with 100% battery, rode 17.75 miles and fairly aggressively. Spend some hard time riding on grass and off-road, too. I managed to milk the battery down to 65%. My riding weight is around 170 lbs.
  3. I saw one guy riding this electric unicycle once. Once. I'm on my third year riding, and have been seen by plenty of people. I've stopped and explained the thing to many seemingly interested folks. Best I can figure, unicycles are for weird folks who probably should be juggling. In people's eyes, I mean. Most people, because of the circus I mean, when they think of someone riding a unicycle, they associate it with also juggling. They think you should juggle, since you are unicycling. For myself, I have sunk so far into nerdsville, that they don't seem nerdy to me at all.
  4. RayRay, speaking of heat, once you learn to ride you can take a breeze with you where ever you go.
  5. I experienced the same. I will wait to see if they bring the server back up and allow us to keep using the same old app. First time in over 2 years that this has happened. I had actually forgotten that one *must* log in before one can use the app.
  6. I do the same in any situation that might seem ambiguous. It really helps. (Well, except for the part about traveling diagonally across a crowded 4-way stop. That I don't do.)
  7. Recently made a EUC purchase - so recently I haven't even received it yet. Looked far and wide. Looked at the landscape and squinted to help see it correctly. Decided on KingSong because of just this thing, which is readily see-able. Gotway, not now, maybe some day, but not now. For heaven's sake, not now. No.
  8. Cautious, I am, since the first over-lean on inferior AirWheel. Makes an impression! But yes, you are completely correct!
  9. Today I reached the 3000 mile mark on my NB1 E+. Zero cut-outs, zero over-leans.
  10. Very strange thing about us humans, is that we worry less about the huge digger, than we do about being in front of these guys. Me too, for sure.
  11. Wait. You have girlfriend?
  12. Wow! Great term! It is how I have lived my life.
  13. I see that @Jason McNeil at https://www.ewheels.com has KS16S available for pre-order. Apparently they are expected in stock early July. I preordered mine, and am excited about that.
  14. Leg muscles and other core balancing muscles firm up over time. I lost 20 pounds the first year I was riding. I was way out of shape before that. I still ride for exercise and recreation. If one is already in excellent shape, then I doubt one would get the benefit that I did.
  15. Live and learn. I doubt you are missing a compassion gene. Ms. KS16S knows what she is doing, as do I, as do you. She is having fun, as am I, as are you (I guess?) So would my now dead friend, my best friend BTW. Perhaps we should all lighten up. Maybe you didn't need to lighten up, but maybe I did. Good stuff.