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  1. Wait. You have girlfriend?
  2. Wow! Great term! It is how I have lived my life.
  3. I see that @Jason McNeil at https://www.ewheels.com has KS16S available for pre-order. Apparently they are expected in stock early July. I preordered mine, and am excited about that.
  4. Leg muscles and other core balancing muscles firm up over time. I lost 20 pounds the first year I was riding. I was way out of shape before that. I still ride for exercise and recreation. If one is already in excellent shape, then I doubt one would get the benefit that I did.
  5. Live and learn. I doubt you are missing a compassion gene. Ms. KS16S knows what she is doing, as do I, as do you. She is having fun, as am I, as are you (I guess?) So would my now dead friend, my best friend BTW. Perhaps we should all lighten up. Maybe you didn't need to lighten up, but maybe I did. Good stuff.
  6. When I was a young man, in my twenties, I visited Hooters and thought the whole thing was pretty exploitive of women. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but rather I felt a bit guilty about it. I didn't return for decades because of that. About 2 years ago, I was routinely going to lunch with an old friend of mine who was objectively dying. I would take him out to lunch to cheer him up, and we would have a great time. Once I decided to take him to Hooters, because WTF. While there, I realized something important. It was the following. At Hooters, the waitresses treated my friend nicely. They paid attention to him. Nothing was ever going to happen. They were just kind to him. Going to Hooters is about as innocent as it gets. Just saying. I feel the same about the 'hands-on' treatment of the KS16S. Cheessy? Maybe. But actionable? Why? All pretty darned innocent..
  7. While there's many a slip 'twixt cup and the lip, I have reason to believe that there will soon* be a KS16S in route to my location. Really looking forward to that. *- sure, it depends on your definition of 'soon', but I have hope.
  8. I think you need to pay to get into the "champagne room" for that. Not certain.
  9. Hand on walkthrough of KS16S features.
  10. Moving is a huge upset I'm sure, but where I live is not like that.
  11. I agree, an extra fuse is mind boggling, an expectation created that you might need it, and terrible optics. Just terrible.
  12. Joke just writes itself, though I shall demure.
  13. @steve454 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYy8YpJtqaeNynFioAdmkwg/videos Electric Unicycles.eu are brilliant. I was going to say that they have 'dozens' of unboxing videos, but I am more apt to say they have hundreds. Interested in any EUC's from a European frame of reference? Knock yourself out. It never ends. What can I say? Good marketing is good marketing.
  14. Meh, just having a little fun.
  15. Thread police. Everybody run!