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  1. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    i dont have a gotway i have a kingsong 16s but its 67.2 as well.. and yea they will both charge it to 100% fine, but when i change the setting on the fast charger to 80% or 90% it will stop at about 73% and 77% respectively.. very odd how it knows when to stop at 100% but not at 90.. maybe it isnt calibrated correctly
  2. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    wondering if anybody who knows anything about this charger can tell me when i have it set to charge to 90% it turns off when my batter is only at 76-78% charge.. for 80% charge its slightly less like 74% on the app.. is there any way to adjust this?
  3. Speed limit on KS16S

    you must unlock the speed limit.. just go to speed limit decoding in the app, copy your vehicle serial number and then paste that here http://electricunicycle.org/kingsongunlocker/ under "ISN value" it will give you a code under "unlock code" copy that unlock code, go back into the app and paste the code into the code for authorization.. should be unlocked now, then go back into speed limit setup and movie up the ollie speed firstly, then set your speed limit alarms to something less than the ollie.. if you only want one speed limit alarm like i have mine set to, set the class 1 and class 2 to "0" and then move up the class 3 to anything you like, it will beep at you once you reach that speed.. ollie speed means the maximum speed that the uni will let you go before forcing you to slow down.. do not ever set that to 0 lol
  4. Swapping Pedals

    damn, hmm never thought of that.. that sucks because i really love the angled pedals they very rarely scrape over sharp turns, whereas on my ninebot i think ive shaven a few mm off the entire edge of both pedals haha
  5. Swapping Pedals

    I have noticed that after putting around 200 km on my new KS16S that my very large feet get cramps while on a long ride, mainly my toes but both the front and back of my feet are always over the pedals. I don't want to mod them because it won't look as nice, but i'm wondering if I could just swap them with a larger pair for example the Msuper V3 ones? From the pictures they appear to be very similar where they attach but not too keen on spending close to 100 dollars only to find they can't fit.. Does anyone know if that would work, or does someone happen to have the KS16 and another unicycle with larger pedals that could measure?
  6. haha ive let quite a few people ride mine, its funny to watch them try, and it makes me look even more cool doing it so effortlessly when they struggle to even put a foot on it.. but thats because my ninebot is a cheap beater that i plan to keep for just that purpose and as a backup. when my new wheel gets here i wont be letting random strangers jump on it
  7. Do you guys even walk now?

    if thats the case any random person you came across would be able to get on it and buzz around right away.. yet the complete opposite is true and a lot of people take days to even go a couple blocks
  8. Do you guys even walk now?

    my god.. ive only had my unicycle less than a month and i already have the exact same feeling.. i really hope its because im so used to gliding around 3x as fast and not because my legs are slowly morphing into a wheel xD
  9. Do you guys even walk now?

    farthest ive walked is probably one block since ive had mine.. thank god, i hate walking!
  10. How is your local authority reacting?

    dont know what the laws here are, but gone past dozens of cops in the last couple weeks and not a single one has batted an eye (no helmet, no lights daytime and late evening), on sidewalks and bike lanes.. then again everyone rides anything everywhere here lol have never seen anyone get stopped
  11. New Member

    one question i do have is going over curbs, even small sloped ones for sidewalks, i frequently nail the front of the cycle (part closest to the ground) even though i intentionally lean back while going over any curb.. it makes a really ugly noise... im not sure if the ninebot casing is just exceptionally low to the ground, or if my city just has high curbs lol.. i do have a dremel and am considering taking off a small portion at the front, but as i can see there is a return edge and removing it could have an effect on the integrity of the shell. anyone have any ideas? its not my tire either its inflated to near max
  12. New Member

    yea probably be a lot more than six months till the prices go down drastically... better chance that they would just have a new model by then and sell the remaining inventory haha.. yea thats always an option, see quite a few around with low mileage
  13. New Member

    what i may do is get the considerably cheaper kingsong for daily commuting and within the city, and then six months or so down the road, get a larger one with a much bigger battery like the msuper (hopefully price will go down by then haha) for very long distance/offroad trips for fun.. but for commuting, in and around the city, the 1200/840 should be plenty for me
  14. New Member

    yea i wouldnt get the gotway from ali if i decide to go for it, after you mentioned it i was doing some researching and found that to be the case with some of them.. wouldnt want to risk that
  15. New Member

    thats true.. all good points, im still weighing my options it depends on the model i decide on for example the KS16s i can get from alibaba for 450.00 US (shipping included on both) cheaper than from ewheels.. thats a 40% price jump, for me being in canada, the shipping is killer, whereas its probably free for most places in the US.. i mean unless the chance of the wheel failing from a factory defect is 40% or more, thats a huge gamble.. im guessing its way, way less