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  1. one question i do have is going over curbs, even small sloped ones for sidewalks, i frequently nail the front of the cycle (part closest to the ground) even though i intentionally lean back while going over any curb.. it makes a really ugly noise... im not sure if the ninebot casing is just exceptionally low to the ground, or if my city just has high curbs lol.. i do have a dremel and am considering taking off a small portion at the front, but as i can see there is a return edge and removing it could have an effect on the integrity of the shell. anyone have any ideas? its not my tire either its inflated to near max
  2. yea probably be a lot more than six months till the prices go down drastically... better chance that they would just have a new model by then and sell the remaining inventory haha.. yea thats always an option, see quite a few around with low mileage
  3. what i may do is get the considerably cheaper kingsong for daily commuting and within the city, and then six months or so down the road, get a larger one with a much bigger battery like the msuper (hopefully price will go down by then haha) for very long distance/offroad trips for fun.. but for commuting, in and around the city, the 1200/840 should be plenty for me
  4. yea i wouldnt get the gotway from ali if i decide to go for it, after you mentioned it i was doing some researching and found that to be the case with some of them.. wouldnt want to risk that
  5. thats true.. all good points, im still weighing my options it depends on the model i decide on for example the KS16s i can get from alibaba for 450.00 US (shipping included on both) cheaper than from ewheels.. thats a 40% price jump, for me being in canada, the shipping is killer, whereas its probably free for most places in the US.. i mean unless the chance of the wheel failing from a factory defect is 40% or more, thats a huge gamble.. im guessing its way, way less
  6. never bought a warranty in my life and never regretted not doing so.. shipping would cost an arm and a leg from canada for me anyways and it would probably just be cheaper to buy a new part if something went wrong (rather than the initial 200 dollars more, plus the shipping there and back if any issues).. but for me, i dont see it as a necessity, a good thing to have yes.. i also have a 50 dollar ali coupon. if i was in the US and the price difference was 100 or less, sure, but spending 200+ more for the same thing on the off chance of a defect seems futile, unless my budget was much higher
  7. Hmmmm good point.. thats true, can never be too safe
  8. For reference i'm on an island, and the next city is over 60 km from me so no wheel could get there and back likely (not that I would anyways, it's a two lane highway with no sidewalks) so im not sure if spending the extra 320 for the next up ACM 1300Wh battery would be worth it to me seeing as unless for the intentions of draining it, I would never use it up anyways.. but like I said i'll think about it until Monday
  9. I think my verdict is the KS16s 1200/840.. it is 100 cheaper than the ACM plus built in trolley handle that looks good, battery is slightly larger (and large enough to very easily get me to anywhere in my city and back twice by my calculations), although the motor is 300W less, but to be fair I reckon I will never go top speed unless i'm in full gear on a huge open field and I think 1200W is way more than enough power for someone of my size.. If the ACM was the exact same price and included the handle I would go for it, but for 100 less (200 including the handle) for a better looking IMO wheel, think i'll go for that. You guys provide some good information though and I have until Monday to pull the trigger on a new purchase but thats where i'm currently leaning.
  10. hmmm, if I was rich I would for sure, but they are like 200 US more on there than on ali..
  11. Nice! I've watched your videos on youtube Marty, and the comparisons
  12. i was looking at kingsongs before i actually got the ninebot but the price deterred me, but now that you mention it I just checked on aliexpress and theyre actually cheaper than the ACM's... hmmm another contender ill have to research this one some more it looks very promising
  13. I have actually decided to cancel my order for the V8 and spend the extra couple hundred bucks to future proof myself a bit more.. It is between the Gotway ACM or MSuper, both 1600 watt models, I am leaning towards the ACM right now because in my city most of the sidewalks are pretty small, or crowded especially near downtown or malls and the 16" I think would be more maneuverable in these situations, plus the 18" may be too big for me (120 lbs).. I do like the look of it better, and the built in trolley handle but those arent as important.
  14. Okay these videos and comments have convinced me to get some safety gear.. don't want to end up in the hospital >.>
  15. Yes actually I got one from an Ebay store in Quebec, was the only one I could find in North America and very glad I did because paying crazy shipping/import fees and waiting a month or more sucks lol... Good point, haven't taken a hardware malfunction or something like that into consideration.. which I suspect could be even worse because you would have even less warning